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Image: Scw.jpg   364x504 55502 bytes 2000.11.22

it's just me. i finally made it to vcl. how about that! :)\r\n\n

Image: Scw4anchella.jpg   497x726 81596 bytes 2002.10.19

this is my part of an art exchange with angela cosenzo! her artwork is (1) far better than anything i could draw ^.^ and (2) reminds me so much of what my kat and i share. yay anchella!

Image: scw_2002.jpg   522x617 77601 bytes 2002.01.05

the last part of my 2001 wasn't so hot. but 2002 has started off really great! kat ellis has been here just about all week and i've been happier than i can remember! if only he could stay forever *sigh* ^_^ (oh and btw go see\r\nthe lord of the rings, it's really good!)\r\n

Image: Scw_abe.jpg   566x711 102010 bytes 2001.05.27

i could hardly believe it when i got a request from one of the greatest artists on vcl or anywhere else! chris goodwin likes my art? wow! :) i was so very honored! this is my version of his character abe! now go look at his art.. the work of a *real* artist! ^_^

Image: Scw_and_katl_watching_godzilla.jpg   510x499 69011 bytes 2000.12.09

one of the things my cuddle cat and i do when we're together :)\n

Image: scw_ceagle.gif   536x412 12059 bytes 2002.12.01

a very nice avian friend by the name of c eagle! i tend to do wings in a kind of stylized way and it worked very well in this pic! ^.^

Image: scw_count.jpg   509x533 44089 bytes 2005.01.09

even if one can't count all the stars in the sky -\r\n\r\nevery so often, it's still nice to try. ^.^\r\n

Image: scw_ein_wolf.gif   444x574 11562 bytes 2003.06.10

there is a good artist who has posted art on my kat's comic\r\nforum page! his name is ein wolf and he is nice! he gets a\r\nhug. :)\r\n\r\n\r\n

Image: scw_graduate.gif   521x620 54412 bytes 2003.06.10

this is about how i feel right now! after all the trouble \r\nand delays and lost paperwork and my own personal problems,\r\ni have my a.a. degree! it is an important milestone in my\r\nlife, and i am thoroughly overjoyed to have finally made it!\r\n

Image: Scw_hes_here.gif   515x632 14157 bytes 2000.12.17

he's here!! my cuddle cat is visiting with me over the holidays!! ^___________^\r\n\n

Image: Scw_itax.gif   347x448 6732 bytes 2001.03.31

yay! computer working again! :) here's a pic of itax i drew for him when he asked if i knew what he looked like! i know what his character looks like but i didn't do so good on his guessing game! <:)

Image: scw_itchy.gif   346x584 14222 bytes 2003.03.18

this wasn't from our weekend, but one of the little things i draw for my kat. even though we now live together, we still send each other pics via email. we're weird. ^.^ the only other ones who see these are on a little yahoogroup for our little circle of friends. (waves to gene and catwhiskers, who are the moderators! i love your new vcl stuff!)

Image: Scw_karma.jpg   560x692 107997 bytes 2000.11.30

hello to you too karma! one of the most fantastic and truly neat artists i've ever had the honor to be friends with! :)\r\n\n

Image: scw_kitten.gif   555x445 28007 bytes 2006.05.02

catswhisker's glad? i'm relieved beyond words! ^.^

Image: scw_kitten2.gif   504x917 37287 bytes 2006.06.11

ooh... but, while gene and catswhisker are having fun, what is their son up to? o.o

Image: scw_laya_is_big.gif   602x605 17405 bytes 2003.06.10

ein wolf did a very enthusiastic picture of a character \r\nnamed laya. she's a big girl. i'm a little mouse. i think\r\nwe would get along very well! ^.^ \r\n

Image: Scw_lizard.jpg   424x655 68134 bytes 2001.05.01

this is just a little image i did for super dave kelly who draws the equally super webcomic living in greytown! lizard and lizzie are my favorite characters of his :)

Image: Scw_not_that_kind.gif   465x573 10546 bytes 2001.05.01

this sprang out of one of those conversations between someone who knows little or nothing about furries! no you can't plug me into your mac, no you can't click on me, and the pointer on your screen won't do a thing when i move, i told him! what a nut ^_^

Image: scw_official.jpg   384x604 57794 bytes 2002.12.01

to tell the truth, it's been official for some time... but we waited to spring it on our families at thanksgiving! happy mousie... ^_______^

Image: scw_oralquiz.gif   324x617 9989 bytes 2003.03.18

one of our weekend images! it stems from when i told my kat how the afterglow of the intense climax felt a little like being high... he chuckled and asked what i was smoking. i said "domestic. domestic feline." ^.^

Image: Scw_piggyback.gif   335x394 7369 bytes 2001.02.20

my cuddle cat can carry me like this all day! :)

Image: scw_pink_fairy_lotus.gif   380x520 11215 bytes 2002.07.30

color version of a pic i did for pink fairy lotus who has turned out to be a really neat friend! ^.^

Image: Scw_relica.jpg   517x745 79104 bytes 2001.05.27

here is another request i received! relica is copyright amy but the design of the character is my own :)

Image: scw_shower.gif   459x558 16334 bytes 2002.10.01

my cuddle cat and i are living together now and it is wonderful! the place we're living in has some quirks - the hot water heater works when it feels like it so one of us tests the shower first and if there's hot water the other jumps in! of course we could always test it at the sink first but what's the fun in that? ^.^ \r\n\r\n(i have fifteen bonsai kitties left? how cute!)

Image: Scw_special.jpg   301x446 48488 bytes 2000.12.25

something very special happened for me this christmas ^_^\n

Image: scw_stars.gif   479x395 12272 bytes 2003.03.18

we stayed at the home of some new friends of ours for part of this last weekend, and we all got to sit around and draw! this is inspired by something that's happened a couple of times now... it has felt sooo fantastic making love in this position (sitting up) i have actually seen stars! really! \r\n\r\nkat owns me... ^.^ \r\n

Image: scw_stilldrawin.gif   525x441 13414 bytes 2002.10.19

something rather curious (not weird, just curious)... for all the time my kat and i lived far away from each other, we used to send little images to each other back and forth in email. now we have been living together for more than a month, and now we don't have to email them to each other. but, curiously, about a week ago we started doing it again! even though we can *see* what each other is drawing! even though our computers are in the same room and connected to the same phone line!! we actually still send emails to each other. with pics attached. curious. o.o

Image: scw_swap.gif   617x526 23129 bytes 2003.01.29

itax had such a cute image of he and i as little furs! i dunno if carrots are a good swap for cheese but i'm more than willing to try! (cheese... yuck!)

Image: Scw_tigers.jpg   580x460 80893 bytes 2001.01.31

just a cute tiger couple enjoying the sunshine :)\r\n

Image: scw_tuneful.gif   539x408 31805 bytes 2004.03.09

what i really need is to get my flute fixed! it's the same one i had in high school, it's quite worn. the seals in the plates need replacing. \r\n\r\nit's an old friend by now, though! i'll never get rid of it. ^.^\r\n

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