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Image: Gesticulating_Apocalyptically.jpg   860x567 92810 bytes 2007.04.02

Gesticulating Apocalypically

Fuck the dark things in your path; even if you have to die for it. \r\n\r\nPSP7, and a lot of time on the airbrush O.o Character is kinda a smaller version of Sketch.\r\n\r\n2006-2007 ~sketchmind\r\n\r\n

Image: helpme.jpg   407x587 55139 bytes 2007.04.02

Help Me

Sketch trying to work with fire but not destroy the leaf. Symbolic to "Am I the god? Or does this fire carve me for it's use?" \r\n\r\n2006-2007 ~sketchmind

Image: Feathered_Dogs.jpg   722x632 136300 bytes 2007.04.02

Feathered Dogs

This was for a contest started by Zie a while back on DA.\r\nFeatures non anthro versions of Sketch and Zie amazed by feathers falling. Like a huge bird asploded eh?\r\n\r\nPSP7, a fair amount of time.\r\n\r\nZie character Zie \r\nImage and "Sketch" 2006- ~sketchmind

Image: Sketch_-_Kizik_of_the_leaves.jpg   491x645 49755 bytes 2007.04.02

Sketch - Kizik of the Leaves

A Canaan Dog character, "Sketch". Pretty much -my- character until the final one evolves. He represents being a dreamer and listener, always accompanied by leaves. Same stuff, clicky pencil and PSP7.\r\n\r\n2007 ~sketchmind

Image: DS_-_Triah_of_the_Snow.jpg   449x664 75935 bytes 2007.04.02

DS - Triah of the Snow

My arctic fox character named D.S. Using some light crazy snow magickz. Less of a dreamer and more of a 'cold' cynic. Freehand line work and PSP7. 2007 ~sketchmind

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