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Image: 6-00.gif   500x360 59836 bytes 2004.05.23

...a personal project without deadline to color it... I doodled it while talking with Reppy and Magz yesterday night... I have drawn a lot of serious pictures lately, with characters almost "posing" for the photo.... but not a casual snapshot in a long time... so I wanted to try one, to see if I was able to...\r\n\r\n...I just love to spend time with friends....

Image: adosados01bw.gif   500x350 34495 bytes 2003.10.29

Adosados 01 - (Sketch)\r\n\r\nLineart of my current project... ^^ It will be a group piccie with some artist and friend I have met around the web... Trying to draw them in a SuperDeformed look, but keeping my own style... XD\r\n\r\n"Verteiron" (character), "Starluck", "Snape Doll", "Evil" and "Zizzi" are the intellectual property of Erika "Starluck" Rogers -

Image: adosados02bw.gif   500x350 42655 bytes 2003.10.29

Adosados 02 - (Sketch)\r\n\r\nSecond line-art sketch of the series... and my favourite one by far... I know they don't look as scary or dangerous as they are in all their illustrations, but, hey, the best thing about drawing is that you can take reality and change it at your wish... XD\r\n\r\n"Magnus" is the intellectual property of Amanda "Magnus" K. -\r\n"Jax" is the intellectual property of Jax -\r\n"Tuna Taco" must be miiiiiiiine.... XD XD XD

Image: adosados03bw.gif   500x350 26842 bytes 2003.10.29

Adosados 03 - (sketch)\r\n\r\n...Third one... I know Oz is not having a good week, so I guessed that Kami would be the perfect person... Errr... I mean, the perfect cheetah to try to make him feel better... Even if she seems to have strange ways to do it...! XD\r\n\r\n"0r0ch1" is the intellectual property of Oscar "Orochi" Martinez -\r\n"Kamicheetah" is the intellectual property of Aja "Kamicheetah" Williams -

Image: adosados04bw.gif   500x350 24219 bytes 2003.10.29

Adosados 04 - (Sketch)\r\n\r\nFourth sketch, this time featuring a couple used to be in interesting situations around some oekaki boards... XD *cough* XD ... I know they look crappy, but I was not used to draw them, so it's only a matter of practise, next time they'll be better drawn... *sweatdrops*\r\n\r\n"Fel" is the intellectual property of Fel -\r\n"GreenMonkey" is the intellectual property of GreenMonkey -

Image: adosados05bw.gif   350x500 28126 bytes 2003.10.29

Adosados 05 - (Sketch)\r\n\r\ better don't ask... XD XD XD\r\n\r\n"Teiris" is the intellectual property of Chrystine "Teiris" Seldon -\r\n"skifi" is just a bully guy... XD *points to himself*

Image: adosados06bw.gif   500x350 26655 bytes 2003.10.29

Adosados 06 - (Sketch)\r\n\r\nSixth sketch is about two great artist I admire and try to learn from... ^__^ I still don't know Alpha Leo personally, but I'm proud to be Ryuu's friend, and his wise advices are always a great support and an unlimited source of knowledge... if he doesn't kill me for this piccie! XD \r\n\r\n"Alpha Leo" is the intellectual property of Raymond "AlphaLeo" Yap -\r\n"Ryuu Majin" is the intellectual property of Ryuu Majin -

Image: adosados07bw.gif   350x500 23592 bytes 2003.10.29

Adosados 07 - (Sketch)\r\n\r\n...Whoa... o__O; I wanted to draw Curr with a cute look, but he looks too sweet even for this group piccie.... *blinks* Who would believe how perverted he is looking at this piccie? oO;\r\n\r\n"Curr" is the intellectual property of skeef ^^;;\r\n"Evil Thadeus Maurice Pink" is the intellectual property of Erika "Starluck" Rogers - (even if Curr is trying to kidnap him forever.... X)

Image: adosados08bw.gif   500x350 25571 bytes 2003.10.29

Adosados 08 - (Sketch)\r\n\r\nSo peacefully and calmed... so nice pose.... =3 Awww* Even if it's an sketch, I think I love this piccie the way it is now... ^^ It's not easy to draw Reppy's tail, but it doesn't look too bad here... And I missed to draw Vega so much.... ^___^\r\n\r\n"Reppy" is the intellectual property of Reppy -\r\n"Vega" is the intellectual property of O. "Vega" Tan - cloudsofpraise [at] (fix the unspam thing) ;D

Image: adosados09bw.gif   500x350 29931 bytes 2003.10.29

Adosados 09 - (Sketch)\r\n\r\nI know Leks barely looks like our usual Leks... but it's sooooo cute, and it's so "Bronksy's happy spirit"... ^^ This comes directly from the pencil sketch, and I didn't want to fix it with the inks... unproportioned or not, I love how he looks like... And it seems that rekeep does, too! XD\r\n\r\n"rekeep" and "Leks Bronks" are the intellectual property of Leks Bronks -

Image: adosados10bw.gif   500x350 32016 bytes 2003.10.29

Adosados 10 - (Sketch)\r\n\r\nProportioned or not, I love how Domi (omiD since some weeks ago) looks there... ^___^ It seems he still need to learn a bit about being gentle with his female artists partners, but since Kat is not able to get angry, I guess this will be OK... ^^;;\r\n\r\nYep, I think they both are a good artistic couple... ^^\r\n\r\n"omiD" is the intellectual property of "cinimoD" -\r\n"Kat" is the intellectual property of Kat -

Image: adosados11bw.gif   350x500 26628 bytes 2003.10.29

Adosados 11 - (Sketch)\r\n\r\nI must recognize that Zarry is pretty courageous... Not many people would jump over a dangerous (and hungry) velocirraptor... o__O;;\r\n\r\nAnd I know, Zarry doesn't look like Zarry, but, hey, it would have been easier to just copy her faces... I just wanted to skifi-ize her... X) *whistles*\r\n\r\n"Zarry" is the intellectual property of Zarry -\r\n"Eerin" is the intellectual property of Irene -

Image: adosados12bw.gif   500x350 33937 bytes 2003.10.29

Adosados 12 - (Sketch)\r\n\r\n...and last but not least... XD Coming directly from El Salvador and Mejico... Great artist and more-than-friendly guys... I don't know if they have even tried to draw together, but that would rock all kind of socks, I bet... XD\r\n\r\n"Chalo" is the intellectual property of Chalo -\r\n"Kokiteno" is the intellectual property of Kokiteno -\r\n\r\n\r\n...I wonder if I'll be able to colour the twelve piccies.... oO;

Image: calendar-bw.gif   600x433 43664 bytes 2003.03.23

The inked-line art of the image I'm working with, for the CP calendar project... Lol, if you think Curr looks better than usual, that's because I have been practising with anthro anatomy, using 0r0ch1's pictures as a reference, so thanks for it, bunni! ^^\r\n\r\nCredits: \r\nStarluck & Evil (c) Erika "Starluck" Rogers - \r\nReppy (c) Reppy - \r\nMiriel (c) Miriel - \r\nLeks Bronks (c) Leks Bronks - \r\nskifi, Curr and Art (c) skifi

Image: curritopiscinas-bw.gif   410x600 30301 bytes 2003.04.13

After so many group pictures, I wanted to draw a single character, to practise details... so here is Curr, in a beach pose... Hehe, I feel very happy with this inking... ^^\r\n\r\nCurr (c) skifi

Image: deportes.gif   800x487 161924 bytes 2002.12.26

These are some of my Crystal Palace pals... For some reason, I know I'll never have the time to colour and finish this picture, but I like it enough to place it in the gallery, and, who knows, maybe in some future day... ^___^; *sweatdrops* \r\n\r\nPeople in the drawing (up to down, left to right): \r\nStarluck (c) Erika "Starluck" Rogers - \r\nMagnus (c) A. "Magnus" Kadatz - \r\nHans (c) Wolfgang Tlouey - \r\nMiriel (c) Miriel - \r\nReppy (c) Reppy - \r\nLeksBronks & Luminglas (c) LeksBronks - \r\nskifi & Curr (c) Skifi \r\nAmethyst (c) Amethyst -

Image: dream.jpg   600x434 126402 bytes 2002.12.14

I know, it looks strange... sketchy, blurry, quick, pencil lined... but it is finished, really...\r\n\r\nIs related to a strange dream I had some time ago, so I wanted to draw it as a dream image... not defined, not clear, with weird points of view... unreal. I wanted that style in this pic, pretty different from my usual one...\r\n\r\nPS: no erasers has been used here XP\r\n\r\nSkifi (c) skifi

Image: guesswho.gif   500x363 69602 bytes 2004.02.29

This was for a little game... X3 I asked people to try to guess who was who in this sketchy picture... The contestant replying with more right guessings would win a free request drawn by me (lol, really crappy prize, but it's what I can offer...) \r\n\r\nThe contest was over the day I submitted the finished coloured picture, with the character's names in the credits and copyrights. This game was played both at the Crystal Palace and at Deviant Art at the same time, so guessings in any of these places were be accepted. \r\n\r\n(so the credits and copyrights are a secret yet. Check the coloured version to see them!)

Image: happiness.jpg   512x710 135471 bytes 2002.12.19

Some time ago, my friend Reppy (from the Crystal Palace) felt a bit sad, and I drew this little picture for her, trying to make her feel better... *BEARhugs* I really like how it looks like, in fact, and I should practise this "smooth" shading way a bit more...\r\n\r\nCredits: The pose was inspired in "Marmalade Boy" ArtBook, and the male dragon character was randomly created\r\n\r\nReppy (c) Reppy -\r\nArt (c) skifi

Image: luna.jpg   436x600 112511 bytes 2002.12.14

I drew this while listening "El Toro y La Luna" (Bull and the Moon)song, by Amalia Rodrigues, trying to beat my "Shadows fear"... \r\n\r\nSkifi (c) skifi

Image: pegasus.jpg   512x710 142391 bytes 2002.12.19

This is a portrait request I did for Pegasus, a friend from the Crystal Palace... ^__^ It's "Roof Dancer" themed, and I'm glad to know she liked it a lot, even if it was one of my first tries with equine anthros!\r\n\r\nPegasus (c) Pegasus\r\nArt (c) skifi

Image: reppycollab-bw.jpg   700x484 108948 bytes 2003.03.16

This is the line-art I did for Magnus' giftie... It's a collaboration Reppy and I did to cheer up our favourite red weredragon, and Reppy coloured it after, with her great CG style I really admire... ^_^ *bows to the amazing deep-sea dragon shading skills*\r\n\r\nReppy (c) Reppy -\r\nskifi (c) skifi

Image: ss1-7-bw.gif   600x435 50898 bytes 2003.04.22

Holiday doodle 1/7, a.k.a. "Amor de Primavera"\r\n\r\nFirst image of my Easter Holiday doodles: A piccie of Curr and Frasquita, knowing each one better... I think they both seem to be a nice couple... ^^ ...If she can handle him, lol! XD\r\n\r\nProbability of colouring it: 80%\r\n\r\nCredits:\r\nCurr (c) skifi\r\nFrasquita (c) Teiris -

Image: ss5-7-bw.gif   427x600 52952 bytes 2003.04.22

Holiday doodle 5/7, a.k.a. "El Equipo A"\r\n\r\nLol, when I started to draw this one, I didn't think the "back against back" pose was going to be so hard to draw with a taur character! XD *pokes Starluck* Here they are, the Crystal Palace admin team! ^^\r\n\r\nPS: Starluck is not a furry character, so I'm spending a 50% of my "5% off-topic quote" with this image too... ^^;\r\n\r\nCredits:\r\nStarluck (c) Erika "Starluck" Rogers -\r\nVerteiron (c) Verteiron -

Image: ss6-7-bw.gif   427x563 43344 bytes 2003.04.22

Holiday doodle 6/7, a.k.a. "Bajo del Mar"\r\n\r\nI know, Reppy looks really bad here... I just can't draw her whole body since she changed her look... xX; I have used an anime book for reference with mermaid bodies, but it doesn't fit her at all... I guess I'll need to re-draw her body and tail, it looks more a fish than a water dragon... *hungs head in shame*\r\n\r\nProbability of being coloured: 60%\r\n\r\nCredits:\r\nReppy - (c) Reppy -\r\nskifi (c) skifi

Image: ss7-7-bw.gif   427x570 49321 bytes 2003.04.22

Holiday doodle 7/7, a.k.a. "Toro salvaje"\r\n\r\nYeah, Wild and Feral me... XD I started drawing a tribal collar and some earrings, but all those jewelery suddely came... ^^; I like this pic a lot... maybe the pose is not 100% correct, but, hey, I don't mind... ^^\r\n\r\nProbabilities of being coloured: 99% ;D\r\n\r\nskifi(c) skifi

Image: yana.jpg   453x700 137678 bytes 2002.12.19

One day, I entered the Crystal Palace, and I noticed Bronksy posting alone in the board... I don't know why, but that was one of those "I feel inspired" moments, and I drew a fast sketch about it... lately, that day, I added some shadows and lines, and I posted it for him... I know we two look a bit "big headed", but it makes the pic a bit more funny, right? XD\r\n\r\nLeksBronks (c) LeksBronks -\r\nSkifi (c) skifi

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