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Image: escuela_de_calor.jpg   600x800 151111 bytes 2004.05.16

Birthday Gift for Sheila.... but 2 months later.... XD *hungs head in shame*\r\n\r\nWell, after the comic she drew featuring Mafer, her and me, I just wanted to draw the fearsome threesome in a groupshoot... ^____^ And Sheila even looks like a girl, yay for me! XD *does a happy dance*\r\n\r\nSheila T.K. (C) Sheila T.K. -\r\nMafer (c) Mafer -\r\nskifi (c) Vicente "skifi" Patiño

Image: esunjersey.jpg   646x700 211435 bytes 2006.01.13

So crazy I can't even write a proper description.... XD *dies*\r\n\r\nDrawing by Kei, inspired in a certain real life event, changed into Sage Kings theme, and kinda a bday gift for me, all blended... X3 I laughed so much, I couldn't help it, I have added some colors... XD\r\n\r\n*wonders if this consumes non-anthro space* o___O;\r\n\r\nLineart (c) Eva "Kei" Figueroa -\r\nColors (c) Vicente "skifi" Patiño

Image: excuses.jpg   900x675 309561 bytes 2007.09.14


Drawn by Kai's request after uploading a journal entry at deviantART, related to how to be spanish is not an excuse...\r\n\r\nSo.... no excuses.\r\n\r\n\r\nFrom left to right:\r\n\r\nInuki - Blitz - 0r0ch1 - skifi - Kai - Curr - AyCee - Seel\r\n\r\nAll characters are (c) their respective owners\r\nSince this is an spoof of a real advertising, it's supposed to look like the real one. Credits to the Original concept by Nike, Inc

Tags: skifi seel inuki blitz 0r0ch1 kai curr aycee no excuses furry proud   [Comment]
Image: F1.jpg   800x600 178805 bytes 2004.09.20

Mwahahaha.... This is AlphaLeo's fault! ;) He has incited me to do this since he's actually finishing an awesome picture about an APU, and since I'm a real disaster when drawing any kind of machine, I felt tempted to take the challenge, LOL! Last time I drew an F1 car was in a piccie for Magz, and my drawing abilities were so calamitous then, this is my rematch.... XD \r\n\r\nFacts: Drawn fully with the computer, no paper or pencils involved (Yeah, that's so rare from me)^^; A photograph was used as a reference for the car. The original R24 design, and Renault F1 Team logo are both (c) Renault Inc. \r\n\r\n(Mwahaha, now that Trulli left the Renault Team, and Montagny is Alonso's team-mate, I guess they need another tester driver... What if I send them an application? X3 LOL!)

Image: falafels.jpg   600x285 85627 bytes 2005.12.24

I went with Seel to eat some falafels this week there in Washington DC. I had never tried them before, so I wanted to be creative.... and this is what happened...... XD Yeah, true events, believe me....\r\n\r\nScanned and colored from the Almighty Week Sketchbook of Doom, where we both doodled and sketched thingies during the free time, and random facts happening to us both during the week.... X3 Yikes, this is better to remember them than a photograph! XD\r\n\r\nLineart by Seel (, Colors by the one typing this... ;D

Image: FearsomeTrio.jpg   900x567 178305 bytes 2006.08.15

This was the deal: AC, Seel & I were going to attend Otakon 2006 together, and that was a 3-days-lasting convention, so.... we all were going to draw badges for the whole group, and then switch them daily, to use a new set every new convention day ^^ First day, we used my badges, second day the ones designed by Seel, and AC's were for the sunday...\r\n\r\nAnd here is my set XD As Seel did, finished some hours before the deadline, lmao ^____^ We're such a disaster......\r\n\r\nI will trick them to do it again next year ;3 I promise

Image: fishing.jpg   733x800 187273 bytes 2006.08.21

A nice drawing by Tanuki, featuring his dragonelf character Kaeliff (Kael) at the age of 16 y.o. ^___^ I liked the original image a lot, and when I asked him if I could try my colors with it, he was nice enough to give me the proper permission, something I'm really happy about because I'm pretty proud of the final result ;3\r\n\r\nAnd, in my modest opinion, the lil pelican is priceless X3\r\n\r\n"Kaeliff" and Lineart (c) copyright 2006 "Tanuki" -\r\nColorowork (c) copyright 2006 vicente "skifi" patiño

Image: fortrolighet.jpg   566x600 99757 bytes 2003.03.20

A picture inspired in a Furcadian screenshot. A nice moment while I was friendly talking with Miriel... *BEARhugs her* You are unique and original, Mir! ^^\r\n\r\nMiriel (c) Miriel -\r\nCurr (c) skifi

Image: frappuccinos.jpg   634x900 212010 bytes 2007.06.17


Photograph taken when Inuki visited me in Spain last january ^___^ I know she asked me to not show any of those photos if they feature her because she's really shy, but I think this one is really cute ^^\r\n\r\nWe were walking around the Palacio Real (Royal Palace) of Madrid, the official residence of the King of Spain.... we got a bit tired and since I love frappuccinos to the bites, we bought a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino Blended Crème for me, and a Frappuccino Blended Mango Citrus for her ^^\r\n\r\nWe wanted to get a photograph together for the album, so then we sat in front of the palace and asked a japanese tourist to take this photograph.... I think it's nice and tender, so that's the reason I wanted to share you both..... :3 *beams*

Tags: skifi skeef vicente patino inuki julesan ikuni madrid spain palace   [Comment]
Image: Fruit_Wars.jpg   424x800 165924 bytes 2003.07.05

Some time ago, I drew a little sketch about a Star Wars parody, but I never finished it... Now I have re-drawn it, and it looks a bit different, but the spirit is the same... ^^ All these people are my CP friends, yeah! =D\r\n\r\nStarluck (c) Starluck -\r\nVerteiron (c) Verteiron -\r\nHans (C) Tlouey -\r\nLeks Bronks (c) Leks Bronks -\r\nMagz (c) Magnus -\r\nVega (C) O. "Vega" Tan ^^ *BEARhugs*\r\nskifi (c) skifi

Image: furrybabies.jpg   800x600 236492 bytes 2004.03.07

Group picture of some friends... Yay for us, baby ones! XD\r\n\r\n(check for a high-quality 1024-768 version) ;3\r\n\r\nCredits: \r\n\r\nProportions inspired in Nestle's baby food blue bear mascot.\r\nFeaturing Leks Bronks, Ryuu Majin, Reppy, Sheila T.K., Aun n.61, Magnus, Starluck, Chalo, skifi, Zar, Alpha Leo, Teiris, Kamicheetah, Seel Dingo and Curr. I would add all their homepage URLs, but the picture description is size-limited) o_O;

Image: furrydragon.jpg   592x800 170142 bytes 2007.06.15

Furry Dragon

Lineart by Amuth Alexiel I got the permission to color :3 He is an amazing artist, still not well-known here in the furry fandom, but I bet his awesome skills will lure a lot of watchers to his gallery in no time ^^\r\n\r\nBTW, even if you already know this.... Smoking seriously harms you and others around you, so avoid lung cancer and don't do it unless you're a real furry dragon, lol XD Got it?\r\n\r\nCredits:\r\nLineart (c) 2007 Amuth Alexiel -\r\nColorwork (c) 2007 V."Skifi" Patiño

Tags: skifi skeef vicente patino amutz alexiel dragon smoking   [Comment]
Image: futbol.gif   518x600 101017 bytes 2003.07.17

Line art drawn by the all-mighty Miriel *kneels and worships his artistic goddess* ^^ She was so awesomely nice to allow me to colour this picture of Curr and she when the blue bunny was having some holidays there in Norway during January 2003... Can you notice how different tastes they have...? ^^\r\n\r\nMiriel and line-art (c) Miriel *adds incense to her altar* -\r\nCurr and colouring (c) skifi

Image: futbol.jpg   418x550 88982 bytes 2002.12.14

This picture was done the Twelfth of October, the main holiday of my country (Oct 12th is like the Fourth of July in USA). I wanted to draw something to celebrate it, and I chose the National Football (soccer) Team clothing, very popular in my country... I like it so much, I wanted this image to be the first one in my new VCL gallery... ^___^ *beams*\r\n\r\nSkifi (c) skifi

Image: give_me_your_tired.jpg   549x600 156692 bytes 2006.07.22

It's really annoying when it's past 4am at night and you can't stop creating new pictures... :>\r\n\r\nHow could I, if I love to team-up with Seel so much? Even for quickies like this.... 83\r\n\r\nCredits:\r\nLineart (c) Copyright 2006 Elizabeth "Seel" Kaiser\r\n"skifi" character and colorwork (c) copyright 2006 Vicente "skifi" Patiño\r\nPoem by Emma Lazarus

Image: good_morning.jpg   700x578 148972 bytes 2005.05.05

...the remake of a picture by PsychedelicMind doesn't even reach the original picture quality, but I felt like drawing the scene featuring skeef and Curr It doesn't pretend to be a high quality piccie, just to make you smile... o___O;\r\n\r\n*goes to try something with a bit more work*\r\n\r\nOriginal picture, where both the idea and poses were taken from, (c) 2004 PsychedelicMind ( Go check her gallery now! :3

Image: growl.jpg   800x592 122459 bytes 2003.02.21

...just because Miriel asked... This is me in a dragon costume... Now I only need to learn how to say "Groar" instead "Moo"... XD\r\n\r\nskifi (c) Skifi

Image: hasta_la_victoria_siempre_800_600.png   800x600 50718 bytes 2005.05.19

...I just felt like changing my wallpaper, so I did this one... kinda fits my mood now.... o____O; For some reason, after finishing it, I thought it deserves to be uploaded, so nyah...\r\n\r\nOriginal lineart (c) copyright erika "starluck" Rogers -\r\nEdited, modified and colored by Vicente "skifi" Patiño.\r\n"Hasta la Victoria Siempre" is a quote by Ernesto "Che" Guevara

Image: hatching.jpg   800x628 193937 bytes 2006.03.05

Pokémon Project, Issue 2 \r\n\r\n...This could be a beggining of a very good friendship... ;3 *winks*\r\n\r\nCredits:\r\nLineart & Characters (c) E. "Seel" Kaiser -\r\nColors & Background (c) V. "skifi" Patiño\r\nBlastoise & Pokémon (c) Nintendo, Inc

Image: hexadragon.jpg   624x800 189472 bytes 2004.11.08

Take this as our first real commissioned collaboration ever... ^___^ Ksilebo bought Seel a DevArt Prints account, and we did this piccie back for free.... \r\n\r\nYeah, Seel used her almighty talent to draw the lineart, and I just gave it a try with colors... ^^; It needed to look realistic, and nothing can be further away from my usual comic-ish style, so, you know, if you like the piccie, bless Seel for it, and if you find something wrong, or a mistake, or you just dislike the piccie, then it's surely my fault..... ;)\r\n\r\nLineart (c) Elizabeth "Seel" Kaiser -\r\nColors (c) Vicente "skifi" Patiño\r\nFirey Background borrowed from Interplay's "Sacrifice" game ^^

Image: hoof_and_tail.jpg   800x691 205980 bytes 2006.09.12

Extra-quick collab: Rick Griffin and I were talking about a work we did together two days ago, and he mentioned how much he liked hooves, and I replied saying I love fluffy tails... so he just sketched this in a hurry and I added my colors in the same evening... and here it is XD *blushes for cuteness attack* \r\n\r\nWow, most detailed jeans I have ever made! o___O; *blinks*\r\n\r\n\r\nCredits:\r\n"Rick Griffin" character + lineart (c) copyright 2006 Rick Griffin - \r\n"skifi" character + colorwork (c) copyright 2006 Vicente "skifi" Patiño

Image: ibl112.jpg   600x800 165037 bytes 2005.10.03

One of thousand sketches I doodle randomly and get usually forgotten then end their days into the trashcan.... I told Ryuu yesterday some of them feature him, and just because that I have inked and colored this one, even if it was done some months ago.... :3\r\n\r\nCan you believe it? Ryuu playing sports, and it's not SOCCER!!! XD\r\n\r\n"Ryuu Majin" is the intellectual property of Ryuu Majin\r\nThe IBL logo is (c) copyright 2005 Indonesian Basketball League\r\nArtwork (c) Vicente "skifi" Patiño

Image: icecream.jpg   800x696 160210 bytes 2006.12.04


;o;\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nCredits:\r\n"Seel" character & Lineart (c) copyright 2006 Elizabeth "Seel" Kaiser - \r\n"Xanithe" character (c) copyright 2006 Tim Emeritz - \r\n"skifi", "curr" and the colorwork (c) skifi\r\n

Tags: skifi skeef vicente patino tim emeritz xanithe curr seel dingo elizabeth kaiser   [Comment]
Image: injustayear.jpg   834x600 177147 bytes 2004.08.21

...How could this happen in almost a year? o___O;\r\n\r\n...I was just making a new hard drive back-up, burning all the old piccies I did in a CD-R, when I realized something: How much my drawing stile has changed since last summer.... o__O *blinks*\r\n\r\nWhoa, is this real or am I just dreaming....!? o___O; *pinches his arm* When did this happen?

Image: inky_skifi_colored.jpg   500x500 120312 bytes 2005.05.14

Starluck drew a wonderful inky skeef, and I couldn't help to color it a bit... ^____^\r\n\r\nLineart (c) Erika "starluck" Rogers -\r\nColors (c) Vicente "skifi" Patiño

Image: Irvasuke.jpg   584x800 144207 bytes 2003.10.04

My half of an art trade with Irvine. It's the first time I draw Irvasuke, so I hope I didn't do something wrong.... ^__^\r\n\r\n\r\nIrvasuke (c) Irvine -

Image: jennaserena.jpg   800x600 175746 bytes 2007.05.28

Jenna & Serena

Original sketch by Rick Griffin, featuring his characters Jenna Pikanne & Serena Vulpos. \r\n\r\nYeah, still trying to find out why different sources of light, and dark shades, are something I'm not able to do well.... u_u;;\r\n\r\nI guess I need to keep practising....\r\n\r\n"Jenna Pikanne", "Serena Vulpos" and the lineart (c) Copyright 2007 Rick Griffin -\r\nColorwork (c) Copyright 2007 v."Skifi" Patiño

Tags: skifi skeef rick griffin rickgriffin vicente patino jenna pikanne serena vulpos   [Comment]
Image: Jichkiom.jpg   563x800 194839 bytes 2006.03.20

When Seelster drew this picture, I fell in love with it... :3 I wanted to color it so badly..... I tried to get a bigger version of the lineart, to be able to work with a detailed file, but since it was not possible, and I couldn't wait to start.... I finally did it with the shrinked picture stored in her gallery... I hope it doesn't dissapoint you! XD\r\n\r\nWhoa, I'm not used to work with so detailed backgrounds...! o___O; *still thinks it looks crappy*\r\n\r\nLineart & character (c) Elizabeth "Seel" Kaiser -\r\nColorwork (c) Vicente "skifi" Patiño

Image: juniper.jpg   595x800 127159 bytes 2007.02.18


Colored version of ...because she said so ;3\r\n\r\nAtomicStoney's art + skifi's crap. xD Enjoy

Tags: skifi skeef vicente patino stoney jones atomicstoney juniper ransomdracalis  
Image: kai.jpg   701x900 186449 bytes 2007.05.29

Kai, the fox shark

Commission for Kai. She hired Seel and me to draw her new furry character in two pictures, and this is the first one =3\r\n\r\n...and, to let you know, my first try ever about coloring a shark XD Lol, I hope I didn't mess things too much!\r\n\r\nIf you go to Kai's page, and take a look at her photographs, you will realize how she somehow looks like her character... at least, the face expression! ^^ (no offence, of course, but the eyes are so similar....) 83\r\n\r\nCharacter by P."Kashiita" Naranjo\r\nDesign concept & Lineart (c) E."Seel" Kaiser\r\nColorwork (c) V."skifi" Patiño

Tags: skifi skeef seel dingo kaiser kashiita fox shark   [Comment]

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