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Image: seelhearts.jpg   800x754 191979 bytes 2008.01.14

Dingo Hearts

So... I needed to lure my friend Stoney to do a certain project together, and I thought to color her most recent deviation could work as a bribe.... =D\r\n\r\nSo this is her lineart featuring Seel... Would you buy this game? ;3\r\n\r\nCharacter (c) E."Seel" Kaiser -\r\nLineart (c) Stoney -\r\nColorwork (c) V."skifi" Patiño\r\nKingdom Hearts design (c) Square Enix Co, Ltd.

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Image: seelsprite.gif   20x25 1063 bytes 2005.03.14

Well, as said before, after seeing Rotekatze's ( game sprites at L.J, I felt like trying something similar, so after getting his permission, I just did a five sprites set, and here is the third one... Seelster! ^___^ She's just back from the hospital, and I wanted to add her to the game... Get well soon, buddy, I missed you! ^___^ *pounces*\r\n\r\nAnd, yeah, as I said, not only a pastime, since I plan to use them all in another project... FEAR...!!! XD\r\n\r\nSeel (c) E. "Seel" Kaiser (, don't touch!

Image: seelster.jpg   651x700 181468 bytes 2005.02.03

(Related to; she was the one drawing the lineart, not me)\r\n\r\n...Sorry, Seel, I couldn't help it.... ^^;\r\n\r\n"Seel" character and lineart (c) Elizabeth "Seel" Kaiser - \r\nColors (c) Vicente "skifi" Patiño\r\n

Image: sevilla-800.jpg   800x573 194917 bytes 2003.05.30

*laughs* Well, just after the "serious" DDR picture, I sketched this one, with the three people I knew they had drawn a DDR picture too... I don't know why, but I liked the doodle, and I have inked and coloured it... ^^ \r\n\r\nHey, Magz, don't take this in the wrong way, right? *BEARhugs* ^^\r\n\r\nCredits:\r\nMagnus (c) A. Magnus Kadatz -\r\nbunni (c) 0r0ch1 -\r\nCurr & skifi (c) skifi\r\nDDR (c) Konami\r\n"Sevilla tiene un color especial (c) Los del Río

Image: shadow_queen.jpg   910x693 225810 bytes 2006.05.20

With Seel & skifi as your favourite Dynamic Duo, teaming up again with lineart and colorwork respectively, here you have "Kreepy: Shadow Queen", the game! ^^ If you liked "King of Furries", you will surely enjoy this, lmao! XD \r\n\r\n*loves to collaborate with his dingo buddy* ^^\r\n\r\nCredits:\r\n"0r0ch1" (c) Oscar A. "0r0ch1" Mtz Nvr / "Greg" (c) Greg / "Xanithe" (c) Tim "Xanithe" Emeritz / "Seel" & "Kreepy" (c) E."Seel" Kaiser / "skifi" (c) Vicente "skifi" Patiño / "Rina" (c) Rina / "AC" (c) Arbok Cobra / Lineart (c) copyright 2006 Elizabeth "Seel" Kaiser / Colorwork (c) copyright 2006 Vicente "skifi" Patiño / "Okage: Shadow King", "Playstation" and the "PS" Family logo are (c) 2006 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc, All Rights Reserved

Image: skeef-doll.gif   72x104 6867 bytes 2003.07.20

Done with Shaina's doll base models ( Thanks for sharing, Shaina! ^___^

Image: sketchy_0r0ch1.jpg   518x800 110240 bytes 2006.03.28

...and I colored this one also because I felt like it.... 83 \r\n\r\n...and because 0r0 is a hot sexy bunny... and he loves it! XD\r\n\r\nLineart featuring 0r0 ( by Rick Griffin ( and his amazing drawing skills.... ;3 Quick colors by your friendly neighbour skeef 8D

Image: sketchy_eddie.jpg   638x800 111983 bytes 2006.04.01

If I really need to tell you she is Eddie, that's because you haven't checked her amazing style taking a look at her gallery.... what are you waiting for, guys? >:3\r\n\r\nAnother one taken from Rick's "out of nowhere" sketch series I felt tempted to color.... Hot to resist his cool style drawing characters like this one? ;3 Awww... I have so much to learn yet....\r\n\r\nCredits:\r\nLineart (c) Copyright 2006 Rick Griffin\r\n"Eddie" (c) 2006 Eddie "GatorFox" Gator\r\nColorwork (c) Copyright 2006 vicente "skifi" Patiño\r\nDo not copy or redistribute without permission, or Eddie will throw a box of Dr.Pepper cans at your head. And she is a good shot.

Image: skifi_void_1.jpg   591x800 208048 bytes 2006.07.10

First try with the profile design to join VOID with my character skifi. Seel and 0r0 are actual fighters there, and Curr will send his application soon also. \r\n\r\nQuite a long time without uploading a drawing fully done by me. Let's keep going on... oO;\r\n\r\nCREDITS:\r\n"Seel" is the intellectual property of Elizabeth "Seel" Kaiser -\r\n"Orochi" is the intellectual property of Oscar A. "0r0ch1" Mtz Nvr -\r\n"skifi", "Curr" and the whole artwork are (c) copyright 2006 Vicente "skifi" Patiño

Image: skifibladewind900.jpg   900x764 282004 bytes 2008.03.27

Bladewind: Unleashed

Cooley is an awesome and talented artist because of her wonderful drawings, character designs, and digital style. Bladewind, her most famous design, is an amazing creation, and a challenge to work with (something I was hoping to do!)\r\n\r\nI feel lucky to have had the chance to lure her to work together with this: She has drawn a really unusual image of Bladewind this time, showing her most confident side, a private and intimate situation maybe involving some she could feel even when she always keeps her shields up: I guess that's why she looks tender, affective and also like really caring for skifi, but still feeling wary.\r\n\r\n"Bladewind" character + lineart (c) G.Cooley -\r\n"skifi" character + colorwork (c) V"skifi" Patiño\r\nBackground image =

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Image: skificurrdolls.gif   447x182 38884 bytes 2002.12.16

These are skifi and Curr dolls, made with Starluck's doll base models. As usual, Starluck's big legs style is really cute!\r\n\r\nskifi & Curr (c) skifi\r\nbase models (c) Erika "Starluck" Rogers -

Image: skifimirielcurr.jpg   678x600 170360 bytes 2002.12.25

A collaboration with Miriel (a.k.a. raviegurl). She did an awesome pencil drawing of me and Curr, with her chibi-form "having the power", and I have coloured it. All the credits should be for her, since she's really awesome! (In fact, she's my Artistic Goddess, that's the reason I'm so happy doing a collaboration with her... ^^\r\n\r\nBy the way, Curr is still wondering why Mir drew him with barmaiden clothes... XD XD XD\r\n\r\nMiriel & drawing art (c) Miriel -\r\nskifi, Curr & colouring art (c) skifi

Image: skifisport.jpg   592x801 146108 bytes 2007.03.11


DarkDoomer's fault ;3\r\n\r\nSome colors added to DarkDoomer's WIP... I can't wait to see the final version with the original design.... over the street >:3 FEAR his amazing art!!\r\n\r\nWhile that happens, I just played with a classic background ^^;; Boring like that, I am... \r\n\r\nLineArt (c) 2007 Darkdoomer -\r\nCharacter + Colorwork (c) 2007 V."skifi" Patiño

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Image: skifisprite.gif   20x25 1033 bytes 2005.03.14

After seeing Rotekatze's ( game sprites featuring his Pokemon RPG characters, I felt like trying something similar, so after asking him if he would mind, I just did a five sprites set, and here is the first one... I know it doesn't look like the bully guy at all, but it's not easy to do such a thing in so tiny space... ;)\r\n\r\nYeah, just a pastime, but I plan to use them all in another project... FEAR...!!! XD

Image: Smurfs.jpg   700x498 135801 bytes 2005.07.04

...You know... sometimes, you think you have lost something forever, and then you suddenly find it.... ;3\r\n\r\n\r\nPS: If you can't recognize 0r0ch1 there, my fault, not only this comes from a crappy sketch done late at night yesterday; in fact I have colored it while posting the previous piccie.... XD Credits are on the image, but let me say I saw some "furry" smurfs drawn by Kamicheetah some time ago, so credits for her too because that memory inspired me to draw this :3

Image: splash.jpg   800x600 207138 bytes 2004.06.23

Yeah, from left to right, Mir, skeef, Mags and Reppy, the insane residents of an oasis located at ^____^ This is the beta-version of the next splash image for the website... I still need to decide the background color, and to add each one of our sites' names at the bottom, then to split the image in four pieces, and then to create an image map to link the four subdomains.... o___O; I'll find how to do all that stuff in a google search... ^^; *sweatdrops* \r\n\r\nYep, and Mir is our new neighbour, so welcome her properly! *glomps*\r\n \r\nPS: Just for the credits thingie: Mags' pose is strongly inspired in Andrew Dickman's "Shirtless Andre" picture *worships his awesome art*

Image: stoney.jpg   600x800 201197 bytes 2004.07.04

What can I say? Stoney was so nice to give me permission to draw her, so here is my doodle! ^____^ Don't ask me why, I just thought about graffiti when I grabbed the pe1ncil.... =3 ...And I know she doesn't look as cartoony as she usually does, but I guess I have skifi-zed her, lol...! XD\r\n\r\nPS: To help me with the poses, I took "CCS Artbook" and "Marmalade Boy Artbook" as references.... ;)\r\n\r\n"Stoney" (c) Copyright Adrienne "StoneRabbit" T. -\r\n"skifi" & Artwork (c) Copyright 2004 Vicente "skifi" Patiño

Image: striking_back.jpg   529x700 147995 bytes 2005.07.04

Enough said... ;3

Image: subway.jpg   800x541 193742 bytes 2006.06.18

21/Dec/2005: Xanithe, Seel and I went to Union Station Food Court to eat something... I had never been in a food court before, and I must say it was interesting.... not to mention the new flavours I was able to taste there.... XD Can you realize how amusing is to spend some time with this couple? Even in such a normal situation, there were always crazy subjects to talk about.... ;3\r\n\r\nAgain, from the A.W.S.O.D. ^^ Who knows when all the drawings and doodles there will be ready to be seen online.... ;3\r\n\r\nCredits:\r\n"Xanithe" is the intellectual property of Tim "Xanithe" Emeritz -\r\n"Seel" character & lineart (c) copyright 2005 Elizabeth "Seel" Kaiser -\r\n"skifi" & Colorwork (c) copyright 2006 Vicente "skifi" Patiño

Image: suchadrag800.jpg   800x619 114164 bytes 2008.04.19

Such a Drag

Sketch by Rick Griffin I wanted to draw. Not in a too complicated way, because it was for the fun, but Rick's style makes it always easy ^^\r\n\r\nAnd yes, as he says in the original sketch, skeef is such a drag..... ( :D\r\n\r\n"Rick Griffin" + Lineart (c) Rick Griffin -\r\n"skifi" + Colorwork (c) V."skifi" Patiño

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Image: supakat_in_a_box.jpg   600x800 192665 bytes 2004.05.12

....This is for Supakat, because she won the little "guess who" game I did two months ago =) I'm really sorry for the delay, but, lol, better late than never.... Besides, I really like how it looks, so I think the picture was worth the time I spent with it.... ;)\r\n\r\nThis is male Supakat in a box.... =3 I drew her as a male since, lol, you all know, I'm a real disaster when drawing female bodies... (except Mags, for some strange reason) XD and I wanted this gift look great.... ...and he's in a box, well, just because I laughed a lot with the idea.... ^^\r\n\r\nSo here you have...! =D I hope I didn't mess too much your character, Melissa! ^______^\r\n\r\n"Supakat" (c) Melissa "Supakat" Reynolds -\r\nArt (c) copyright 2004 Vicente "skifi" Patiño

Image: tanuki.jpg   668x800 185667 bytes 2004.10.11

Seel did an art-trade to draw Tanuki's character, and, well, I liked it so much I asked Seely if I could add some colors to the lineart.... =3 She was so nice to allow me, and Tanuki was so friendly to send me the color reference, so double yay! XD\r\n\r\nDon't ask me why, but this one has needed more time than the usual.... ^^; So many details... I know all the textures and patterns, and even the color details have been lost after shrinking the picture to this size (I worked with an image bigger than 3000 pixels), but, well.... ^____^;\r\n\r\nCongratulate Tanuki ( for the character design, and Seel ( for the awesome lineart (what an action pose!) X3 and don't forget to blame me if you find something wrong with the piccie! ^^

Image: tarzan.jpg   650x800 172887 bytes 2004.08.24

Seel is hosting a contest, and this is my entry.... ^___^ The theme was her character, and since I always think about her as a lively and energetic (plus nice, friendly, and kinda spicy) ;) person, I wanted to add some action to the piccie. Blame me for the crappy result, but I'm too used to static "standing there" poses... ^^;\r\n\r\nAnyway, here you have! ^^ Take is as a little thank you for letting me to get to know you... XD

Image: thankyouverymuch.jpg   541x750 182874 bytes 2002.12.15

Last Halloween, some Crystal Palace friends and me did a comic collaboration for the "Neopian Times" (, and I wanted to thank them all with this little picture, as a gift for their help and friendship. They are, Magnus (the red weredragon), me (the brown bull), Miriel (purple weredragoness) and Starluck (the insane taur). I hope we'll do another one for Christmas!\r\n\r\nMagnus (c) Magnus\r\nSkifi (c) skifi\r\nMiriel (c) Miriel\r\nStarluck (c) Erika "Starluck" Rogers

Image: The_Bully_Card.jpg   267x600 83639 bytes 2004.08.09

I was just playing with old pictures and Paint Shop Pro when this idea came to my mind... ^^ Blame my crappy facsimil of a CCS Clow Card, but I like how it looks.... XD\r\n\r\n*wonders what kind of magic this card gives you* o___O;\r\n\r\nCredits:\r\nCard Captor Sakura (c) Copyright Clamp\r\n"skifi" character and artwork (c) Vicente "skifi" Patiño (yup, me!)

Image: The_Bunny_Card.jpg   267x600 87246 bytes 2004.08.09

"The Bunny" Clow Card.... =3\r\n\r\nI know Curr bunny too much, so my advice is to not use this card, this magic can be too mischievous.... cutevil, but mischievous... XD XD XD LOL! Be prepared for the slave attack! XD\r\n\r\nCredits:\r\n\r\nCard Captor Sakura (c) Copyright Clamp \r\n"Curr" character and artwork (c) Vicente "skifi" Patiño (yup, me again!)\r\n

Image: The_Dragon_Card.jpg   267x600 86810 bytes 2004.08.09

...And the Third Card of the row... surely, the most powerful... a card to rule them all.... o___O; *sweatdrops*\r\n\r\nLOL, I wonder what could think the other Clow Card Captors about this.... XD *scares them waving the Magz Card in front of them*\r\n\r\nCredits:\r\n\r\nCard Captor Sakura (c) Copyright Clamp \r\n"Magnus" (c) Amanda "Magnus" Kadatz -\r\nArtwork (c) Vicente "skifi" Patiño (yup, me too!)

Image: the_furry_bunch.jpg   800x600 214562 bytes 2005.05.01

"...Here's the story of a lovely lady \r\nWho was bringing up three very lovely girls..." \r\n\r\n.... XD\r\n\r\n"Reppy" (c) Reppy -\r\n"Stoney" (c) Stoney -\r\n"0r0" (c) 0r0ch1 -\r\n"Magz" (c) Magnus -\r\n"Seelster" (c) Seel -\r\n"Curr" (c) skifi\r\n"Kami" (c) Kamicheetah -\r\n"Cheso" (c) Jesonite -\r\n"skifi" (c) skifi\r\n"The Brady Bunch" (c) copyright Paramount Television, all rights reserved ;3

Image: the_legend_of_0r0.jpg   600x407 113867 bytes 2006.07.21

...I just played "Ocarina of Time" again this evening.... 83 ....Inspiration is like this, attacking in a sudden XD\r\n\r\n"0r0ch1" is the intellectual property of Oscar "0r0ch1" Martinez Navarro, searching for Princess AC in Bowser's castle :3\r\nLineart done by Elizabeth "Seel" Kaiser (I bet she doesn't remember when) XD\r\n"The Legend of Zelda" (c) copyright Nintendo, Inc

Image: thepowerfurrgirls.jpg   540x800 177759 bytes 2004.01.08

Isn't doodling funny? XD Yay! So many time without drawing a movie poster..... Yeah..!! ^______^ Fear the EEEEEEEVIL skeef...!!! >X3\r\n\r\nSheila T.K. (c) Sheila T.K.\r\nKamicheetah (c) Aja "Kamicheetah" Williams\r\nTeiris (c) Chrystine "Teiris" Shelton\r\nskifi (c) su seguro servidor.... ;)\r\n\r\n...and "The Powerpuff Girls" are (c) copyright 2003 Cartoon Network.

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