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Image: bully_versus_bunny.jpg   600x336 71246 bytes 2003.05.11

Just something I did cropping the latest picture I have coloured... and even if it was just for fun, i someway like how it looks like... X)\r\n\r\nCurr & skifi (c) skifi

Image: un_momento_de_intimidad-VCL.jpg   800x545 155385 bytes 2003.05.04

Yeah, Curr can be romantic too... hey, he has a bunny heart, after all... He knew Frasquita some weeks ago, when Chrystine/Teiris introduced her to him, and I think they look like a nice cute couple... ^^ ...and I guess my little blue friend can be really sweet sometimes...\r\n\r\nPencil drawn, inked, scanned, and then coloured with the computer. Clouds are photography based, but drawn too... ^^ \r\n\r\nFrasquita (c) Teiris -\r\nCurr (c) skifi

Image: toro_salvaje.jpg   800x716 187673 bytes 2003.04.29

This was only a doodle I drew on Easter Holidays, but since Miriel asked, I have coloured it... It's Feral / Tribal skifi, in his natural territory... I know there are a lot of mistakes in the pose, but I feel proud about how the whole pic look like... \r\n\r\ninked line-art, coloured with the computer, and a little collage of edited photographs for the background... ^^\r\n\r\nBy the way, if you feel curious, the text says something like this:\r\n\r\n"...Listen to the roar of a wild bull,\r\nwith his hooves marking the land.\r\nHe lives free, but always watching\r\nthe territory conquered with anger..."\r\n\r\nskifi (c) skifi

Image: curr_playero.jpg   418x600 105565 bytes 2003.04.25

So here is Curr, during our Easter Holidays at Matalascaņas Beach... I'm still not sure about what is he staring at, but I think I don't want to know... X)\r\n\r\nYikes, why does he always look more sexy than me in the piccies...? x_X\r\n\r\nInked line-art, coloured by computer, and a photographic background.\r\n\r\nCurr (c) skifi

Image: 00r.jpg   577x1000 140121 bytes 2003.04.10

(a bit bigger than the allowed 800 pixels, but the details...) oO; *sweatdrops*\r\n\r\nA gift for RyuuMajin... ^^ Not only because I admire him since I saw his comics in VCL the first time... it's specially because, once I have "talked" with him a bit in, he's one of the most friendly persons I have met there... ^^ I hope you'll like it, Neko-neko! ;D \r\n\r\n...and thanks again for letting me to draw your fursona, it has been really funny to draw, and, besides, I think this is one of the best "movie-posters" I have even drawn! ^^ *beams*\r\n\r\nCredits:\r\nRyuu Majin (c) RyuuMajin/Neko-neko -\r\nskifi (c) skifi

Image: cowmobile.jpg   800x564 143897 bytes 2003.04.10

My gift for my great buddy Leks Bronks: A CowMobile... ^^ Maybe he doesn't look very happy at first sight, but I hope he will like the gift, even more now that he has a driving license... ;) *crosses fingers* Happy Birthday, Leksy! ^__^\r\n\r\nLeks Bronks (c) Leks Bronks -\r\nskifi & Curr (c) skifi

Image: pique.jpg   800x637 178513 bytes 2003.03.30

Gift-art for Orochi, because he's really nice, very friendly, because his art is amazing and I love it, and because I feel really thanked... ^^ *nodsnods* And even if beating him with StreetFighter or SuperSmashBross will be a hard battle... I'm going to enjoy it! XD *crosses fingers*\r\n\r\n\r\nOrochi (c) Orochi -\r\nCurr (c) Skifi

Image: agosto.jpg   1000x722 229220 bytes 2003.03.28

This is my contribution for the Crystal Palace Calendar Project we are going to sell in CafePress ( I have drawn August, and I wanted to show how a typical CP summer holidays are... ^^ ...and I was experimenting with new ways to colour and shade the piccies, so it took me forever! oO Special credits to Orochi ( for his help practising bunny anthro anatomy... ^^ *bows*\r\n\r\nBy the way, I know it's 1000 pixels lenght, but I guess it's detailed enough to be a bit bigger than the standard, in addition to be a group picture... If the administrators think I should delete it, I'll do it and I'll upload it again in a smaller size... ;)\r\n\r\nLol, you lucky bunny... XD\r\n\r\n\r\nCredits:\r\nStarluck and Evil (c) Erika "Starluck" Rogers -\r\nMiriel (c) Miriel -\r\nReppy (c) Reppy-\r\nLeks Bronks (c) Leksbronks -

Image: fortrolighet.jpg   566x600 99757 bytes 2003.03.20

A picture inspired in a Furcadian screenshot. A nice moment while I was friendly talking with Miriel... *BEARhugs her* You are unique and original, Mir! ^^\r\n\r\nMiriel (c) Miriel -\r\nCurr (c) skifi

Image: leksvert-vclversion.jpg   586x491 91785 bytes 2003.03.16

What could happen if Leks Bronks and Verteiron would play to a video-game...? XD This picture was inspired by a posting the purple drienen tiurat made in the Crystal Palace, and I used David Ramirez comics as a reference too *laughs*\r\n\r\nLeks Bronks (c) Leks Bronks -\r\nVerteiron (c) John "Verteiron" Rogers -\r\nClothes design (c) CAPCOM (from Street Fighter game)\r\nart (c) skifi

Image: reppycollab-c.jpg   700x484 104974 bytes 2003.03.16

I drew the ink lines of this picture, and Reppy coloured it with her great and mighty colours and shading abilities... ^_^ *bows to the deep-sea dragon* We both did this little collaboration as a gift for Magnus (check her great VCL gallery, you!), to cheer her up and make her feel better after a little incident she had, just because she's a great friend of us... ^___^\r\n\r\n*BEARhugs* Magz\r\n\r\nReppy and colouring (c) Reppy -\r\nskifi and line art (c) skifi

Image: deportes.jpg   1000x609 274535 bytes 2003.02.24

A group pic of some CPers... *BEARhugs his friends*\r\n\r\nI know it's big, more than the 800 pixels limit, and the compression detector says I should recompress it due to that, but I think a smaller picture would lose a lot of line-art details, and since it's a group pic, I guess the Administrators could allow it being a bit bigger than the usual... Anyway, I have recompressed it with the best ratio I have been able to do, but because of the picture has a lot of red colours, this is the JPEG compression rate who doesn't destroy it completely... ^___^ Of course, if the VCL gods think I should erase it, I'll do.\r\n\r\nCredits:\r\nStarluck (c) Erika "Starluck" Rogers -\r\nMagnus (c) Amanda "Magnus" Kadatz -\r\nHans (c) Tlouey -\r\nMiriel (c) Miriel -\r\nReppy (c) Reppy -\r\nAmethyst (c) Amethyst -\r\nLuminglas and Leks Bronks (c) Leks Bronks -\r\nskifi, Curr and Art (c) skifi

Image: mancha.jpg   607x800 155881 bytes 2003.02.21

"En un lugar de La Mancha de cuyo nombre no quiero acordarme..."\r\n\r\nInspired in a Spanish Postal Service stamp, and in some stuff we talked in the Crystal Palace, I drew this picture, and I have noticed I need to practise with PSP a lot after six weeks without using it! XD\r\n\r\nSkifi & Curr (c) skifi

Image: growl.jpg   800x592 122459 bytes 2003.02.21

...just because Miriel asked... This is me in a dragon costume... Now I only need to learn how to say "Groar" instead "Moo"... XD\r\n\r\nskifi (c) Skifi

Image: ai-movieposter.jpg   542x801 86125 bytes 2003.02.18

Harharhar...!! XD Oh, long time since last time I uploaded a pic! I hope I'm not breaking VCL policy rules... oO *sweatdrops*\r\n\r\nAnother "furry" movie poster for the collection. It's (if you haven't noticed it yet) strongly inspired by Steven Spielberg's "Artificial Intelligence" movie, and is a little gift to LeksBronks... ^^ (Well, I enjoyed a lot drawing it, but I'm not going to tell him that!) XD\r\n\r\nLeksBronks and his characters are (c) LeksBronks -\r\nArt (c) Skifi

Image: skifimirielcurr.jpg   678x600 170360 bytes 2002.12.25

A collaboration with Miriel (a.k.a. raviegurl). She did an awesome pencil drawing of me and Curr, with her chibi-form "having the power", and I have coloured it. All the credits should be for her, since she's really awesome! (In fact, she's my Artistic Goddess, that's the reason I'm so happy doing a collaboration with her... ^^\r\n\r\nBy the way, Curr is still wondering why Mir drew him with barmaiden clothes... XD XD XD\r\n\r\nMiriel & drawing art (c) Miriel -\r\nskifi, Curr & colouring art (c) skifi

Image: skificurrdolls.gif   447x182 38884 bytes 2002.12.16

These are skifi and Curr dolls, made with Starluck's doll base models. As usual, Starluck's big legs style is really cute!\r\n\r\nskifi & Curr (c) skifi\r\nbase models (c) Erika "Starluck" Rogers -

Image: yun.jpg   492x636 153854 bytes 2002.12.15

This is Yun, a "cooking" themed portrait I did for my Crystal Palace friend Eraeria. I specially like the cat there... ^___^\r\n\r\nYun (c) Eraeria

Image: thankyouverymuch.jpg   541x750 182874 bytes 2002.12.15

Last Halloween, some Crystal Palace friends and me did a comic collaboration for the "Neopian Times" (, and I wanted to thank them all with this little picture, as a gift for their help and friendship. They are, Magnus (the red weredragon), me (the brown bull), Miriel (purple weredragoness) and Starluck (the insane taur). I hope we'll do another one for Christmas!\r\n\r\nMagnus (c) Magnus\r\nSkifi (c) skifi\r\nMiriel (c) Miriel\r\nStarluck (c) Erika "Starluck" Rogers

Image: purpledanger.jpg   550x477 116779 bytes 2002.12.14

LoL! That uber-beautiful purple were-dragoness is Miriel, my good friend from the Crystal Palace, trying to decide if she's going to use her "Super Cute PowerPuff Wand" against me or not... She's in love with Spyro, but I always try it again and again... ^^\r\n\r\nThis is a try to improve my "flat-anime" colouring style; skifi's (the bull) pose was taken from "Slayers" Anime ArtBook, and I addapted it for a bull antho. I think the pic looks good, and the faces make me laugh each time I see it... ^^\r\n\r\nMiriel (c) Miriel -\r\nSkifi (c) skifi

Image: kat-fly.jpg   464x550 103067 bytes 2002.12.14

This is one of my first experiments with PaintShopPro... A "fly" themed portrait I drew for my Crystal Palace friend Moonsun Mystere ( I'm very happy with it, and I really think it's one of my favourite computer-coloured drawings so far... ^^\r\n\r\nKat (c) Moonsun Mystere

Image: futbol.jpg   418x550 88982 bytes 2002.12.14

This picture was done the Twelfth of October, the main holiday of my country (Oct 12th is like the Fourth of July in USA). I wanted to draw something to celebrate it, and I chose the National Football (soccer) Team clothing, very popular in my country... I like it so much, I wanted this image to be the first one in my new VCL gallery... ^___^ *beams*\r\n\r\nSkifi (c) skifi

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