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Image: threedemons.jpg   518x700 148431 bytes 2008.02.19

Collaboration with Crystal

Collaboration done with Crystal S. Bowers, coloring an really good picture she drew featuring her character Natasha with AyCee's and Seel's characters too.\r\n\r\n"Arbok Cobra" (c) C. "AyCee" Cullen -\r\n"Natasha" and lineart (c) Crystal S. Bowers -\r\n"Seel" (c) E. "Seel" Kaiser -\r\n"skifi" + Colorwork (c) V. "skifi" Patiņo

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Image: to_rule_them_all.jpg   573x800 182706 bytes 2004.05.11

Well, because Magnus rules.... ;) Who can deny it? \r\n\r\n...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGS...!!! ^_____^ *BEARhugs* \r\n\r\n...If I weren't buried with work at the hospital, well, I would have tried something better than this... x__X; but I didn't want to be late with so special day...., and timezones were against me.... ^^; I'm glad you had a great party last saturday, now go and enjoy this new year! =3 *kicks* You will never have sixteen again! \r\n\r\n\r\nPS: About the pose, it seems I have taken another artistic model..... This is the kind of pose Andrew Dickman draws, and I like how stilized it looks like.... ^^ \r\n\r\nPS2: Yep, Magz is going to kill me.... o__O; I have drawn her again without clothes.... *runs for his life*\r\n\r\n"Mags" (c) Amanda "Magnus" Kadatz -

Image: toma_jeroma_pastillas_de_goma.jpg   700x503 140861 bytes 2003.06.19

I'm specially happy about this picture. I wanted to apply Ryuu Majin's advices about cel shading, taking Chalo's great piccies *worships him* as style reference. Besides, lately I have been "abusing" of photographic backgrounds, and this is to prove myself I can still draw nice ones... ^^\r\n\r\nReal soccer magazines used for pose reference, trying to draw them "manga-style". Curved perspective fully inspired by 0r0ch1 (Thanks!). Kokiteno is in the piccie because he's very kind, and, lol, he can't see this piccie just now... XD\r\n\r\nLol, doesn't it look like an anime screenshoot? XD *proud*\r\n\r\nKokiteno (c) Kokiteno -\r\nOrochi (c) Orochi -\r\nCurr, Koldo & skifi (c) skifi

Image: toro_salvaje.jpg   800x716 187673 bytes 2003.04.29

This was only a doodle I drew on Easter Holidays, but since Miriel asked, I have coloured it... It's Feral / Tribal skifi, in his natural territory... I know there are a lot of mistakes in the pose, but I feel proud about how the whole pic look like... \r\n\r\ninked line-art, coloured with the computer, and a little collage of edited photographs for the background... ^^\r\n\r\nBy the way, if you feel curious, the text says something like this:\r\n\r\n"...Listen to the roar of a wild bull,\r\nwith his hooves marking the land.\r\nHe lives free, but always watching\r\nthe territory conquered with anger..."\r\n\r\nskifi (c) skifi

Image: un_momento_de_intimidad-VCL.jpg   800x545 155385 bytes 2003.05.04

Yeah, Curr can be romantic too... hey, he has a bunny heart, after all... He knew Frasquita some weeks ago, when Chrystine/Teiris introduced her to him, and I think they look like a nice cute couple... ^^ ...and I guess my little blue friend can be really sweet sometimes...\r\n\r\nPencil drawn, inked, scanned, and then coloured with the computer. Clouds are photography based, but drawn too... ^^ \r\n\r\nFrasquita (c) Teiris -\r\nCurr (c) skifi

Image: Vanessa_Helsing.jpg   626x700 129352 bytes 2005.07.21

Commission for Lady Jeboah ;3 Seelster drew the cool lineart, and I added the colors (as we usually do, lol, we are kinda symbiotic lately) =3\r\n\r\n*would like to see Vanessa in a frontal view* XD\r\n\r\n"Vanessa Helsing" character design (c) copyright Jenn "Lady Jeboah" Osiecki -\r\nLineart (c) 2005 Elizabeth "Seel" Kaiser -\r\nColoring (c) 2005 Vicente "skifi" Patiņo

Image: vaqueros_final.jpg   707x1000 287157 bytes 2008.02.18


Another collaboration I have done this month, teaming up with Diman, and featuring our both main characters, Tokami and skifi. Full view is advised, but to give us feedback is even more recommended, lol xD;;\r\n\r\nI'm still amazed at Diman's art... he can draw in sooo many styles, and be so variegated, it's almost incredible. This is the third time we have worked together, and may be the best one in my opinion.... let's see what do you all think: Feed us with your opinions and constructive criticism, it's the main key to find out what's wrong if we want to do it better next time! ^_____^\r\n\r\n\r\nLineart (c) 2007 A. "Diman" Santos\r\nColorwork (c) 2008 V. "skifi" Patiņo\r\n\r\nSpecial thanks to Seel because he helped me to choose some colors

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Image: victoria.jpg   640x728 178102 bytes 2006.09.26

Don't laugh at me, I'm currently computerless.... ;o;\r\n\r\ it's all hand-made, except the credits and the sunburst effect. Prismacolors are hard to blend (or I still don't know how to do it properly), but for a second try with them, I can't complain. I guess I'm closer to VOID step by step.... oO;

Image: VOIDprofile.jpg   800x580 190498 bytes 2007.01.31

skifi wars IV: A new hope

Well, last profile for the bully guy was done in 2004, I think it's time enough to upload a new one :3

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Image: washingtoniosaurus.jpg   600x265 70173 bytes 2005.12.25

Well, it sounds like that for me..... X3 *sweatdrops* I just said that after seeing a "The Washingtonian" newspaper on the street, then Seel shapeshifted..... XD \r\n\r\nFrom the AWSoD, again, Lineart by Seel (, and quick colors by me ;3

Image: weneedattention.jpg   682x900 204378 bytes 2007.03.31

We need attention

We are single, we are free, but we are also alone...\r\n\r\nWe need attention... ^^\r\n\r\n\r\nCredits:\r\n"El Diman" owns the lineart and the dim demon. It's a pleassure to collaborate with him, he has a soft, smooth drawing style, but also knows how to add a tad of mischievousness to the pictures. His gallery is a must-see, so take a look now...\r\n"skifi" owns the colorwork and the bully guy. Tried the "only one layer" coloring technique Jay Axer does, so that's why this one looks different. Also, was unable to draw water properly, so, being as lazy as he is, went for Neoikeia's rendered water pattern, a wonderful one she did some time ago free for use if giving the proper credits *worships her*

Tags: skifi skeef dim demon diman neoikeia bull pool shorts boys  
Image: West_Park.gif   745x550 84069 bytes 2004.04.15

I know, I know, lame and crappy again... but... they are so easy and funny to draw..... ^___^;;\r\n\r\nThis time featuring the deviant side of the town, Zar, Kami, Alpha Leo, Ryuu and Eerin..... don't they look like the bad guys? ... XD\r\n\r\nCharacters (c) their respective owners\r\n"South Park" and the background (c) Comedy Central\r\nArt (c) Vicente "skifi" Patiņo

Image: WHHHHEEEEEEE.jpg   577x900 174428 bytes 2007.01.17


Lineart and character (c) 2006 E."Seel" Kaiser -\r\nColorwork (c) 2007 V."skifi" Patiņo

Tags: skifi skeef vicente patino elizabeth kaiser seel dingo parachute   [Comment]
Image: why_not_pants.jpg   622x900 184163 bytes 2006.09.09

Another collaboration with Rick Griffin, this time featuring us both messing around ^^\r\n\r\nHehehe, it's quite funny to color his sketchy drawings, it's a bit hard to make the digital colors fit the pencil outlines, but if it works the picture looks pretty interesting, and I like that effect in the final product ^____^ Besides, Rick has an unique and original style I like a lot, and I hope we'll collaborate again in the future ^^ Enjoy!\r\n\r\nPS1: What is he doing with my shirt there? o___O;\r\nPS2: I'm afraid to ask what's that poking me on the neck.... X3 Ack!\r\n\r\nCredits:\r\n"Rick Griffin" character & lineart (c) copyright 2006 Rick Griffin -\r\n"skifi" character & colorwork (c) copyright 2006 vicente "skifi" Patiņo

Image: world_cup.jpg   700x506 152583 bytes 2003.06.15

Some Crystal Palace and Deviant Art friends, in a little group shot... ^___^ Can you say I like soccer? XD\r\n\r\nCredits:\r\nKokiteno (c) Kokiteno -\r\nHans (c) Wolfgang Tlouey -\r\nRyuu Majin (c) Ryuu Majin -\r\nskifi (c) skifi\r\nVerteiron (c) Verteiron -\r\nChalo (c) Chalosan -

Image: x-treme.jpg   390x600 102854 bytes 2005.12.25

\r\n\r\n"Seel" is the original character of Elizabeth "Seel" Kaiser (\r\nArtwork by Vicente "skifi" Patiņo, me XD\r\nPose strongly inspired in Maxi, Puleva's mascot.

Image: xanithe.jpg   541x700 156275 bytes 2004.12.01

...because a good friend asked me to color this, and her wishes are commands for me... ^__^ *glomps 'n 'hearts* \r\n\r\nYeah, he's Xanithe, Drawn by Seel in her cool style... ^^ ...I was asked to keep the coloring simple, so that's what I did, I hope it's not too simple, however... ^^;;; *sweatdrops* You know the golden rule: If you like the piece, then throw your compliments to Seel because her drawings are just beautiful, and if you dislike it, then throw me your rotten tomatoes, because it's surely my fault.... ;3\r\n\r\nXanithe (c) Tim "Xanithe" Emeritz\r\nLineart (c) 2004 Elizabeth "Seel" Kaiser\r\nColors (c) 2004 Vicente "skifi" Patiņo

Image: yahoo.jpg   525x700 167096 bytes 2004.04.13

My half of the trade with Blue... This picture doesn't reach her amazing skills with the awesome picture she drew of us both, but I think it looks funny.... XD\r\n\r\nPose inspired in a photograph from a clothing shop catalog... so since we have not really clothes there, I guess I can't say I copied the picture.... XD Just the poses compositon.... ^^\r\n\r\nBlue (c) Siobhan "little blue wolf" McFarlane -\r\nskifi (c) Vicente "skifi" Patiņo, a.k.a. me.... =3

Image: yakeo.jpg   557x800 164661 bytes 2005.05.03

Commission for Yakeo :3 This has needed a lot of edits and corrections, but, hehehe, it's finally done... You know, the customer is always right ;) \r\n\r\nSeel & skeef strike back! :D Yeah! \r\n\r\nCredits: \r\nlineart (c) E. "Seel" Kaiser -\r\ncolors (c) V. "skifi" Patiņo ;3 \r\n

Image: yourtechnicalsupport.jpg   900x607 218108 bytes 2007.08.31

Your Technical Support

Again, a commission for Kai. She hired Seel and me to draw her new furry character in two pictures, and this is the second one... Kinda showing how her actual job is, I hope! \r\n\r\nNow, to the other pending collabs and commissions! XD Weeeeee\r\n\r\n*hyperactive mood = ON*\r\n\r\nCREDITS:\r\n"Kei" character (c) P."Kai" Naranjo -\r\nDesign and lineart (c) E."Seel" Kaiser\r\nColorwork (c) V."skifi" Patiņo

Tags: seel kaiser vicente patino skifi kashiita fox shark mac technical support   [Comment]
Image: yun.jpg   492x636 153854 bytes 2002.12.15

This is Yun, a "cooking" themed portrait I did for my Crystal Palace friend Eraeria. I specially like the cat there... ^___^\r\n\r\nYun (c) Eraeria

Image: zarry-doll.gif   64x108 28711 bytes 2003.07.29

Using Shaina's doll base models again, this is a gift for Zarry... just because she is... she is... well, she's just she... ^__^ <3 <3 <3\r\n\r\nShaina's base models at\r\nZarry's art at

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