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Image: currtree600.jpg   600x806 115845 bytes 2008.07.05

Back to the light

...and skifi was raised from the dead.... :o\r\n\r\nWhen I first tried digital art, I got used to bright, cheerful, saturated tones, glowing colors. And they looked nice. For some strange reason, since one or two years ago, my colorworks became dark, grey.... boring :[ Shame on me.\r\n\r\nA few people made me realize it (thanks to AC and Seel for the criticism) and now I'm going to try an U-turn. It's not like.... changing everything, but at least coming back to the origins :]\r\n\r\nSo, even if my colorworks will keep being crappy and sloppy, at least they will be bright and cheerful again!\r\n\r\nThat's why I have usen a commission done by the amazing and talented Petite-Emi featuring Curr: Nothing better to add some vibrant colors than our favourite blue slave-boy! :3 Kudos to her!

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Image: 2m1000.jpg   665x1000 492597 bytes 2008.05.03


The city of Madrid had been under the occupation of Napoleon's army since March 23, 1808. On the 2nd May a crowd began to gather in front of the Royal Palace in Madrid. Those gathered entered the palace grounds, and General Murat sent a battalion of grenadiers from the Imperial Guard to the palace along with artillery detachments. The latter opened fire on the assembled crowd, and the rebellion began to spread to other parts of the city.\r\n\r\nOn the same 2nd May, in the nearby town of Móstoles, the arrival of the news of the repression prompted Juan Pérez Villamil, to encourage the mayors of the town, Andrés Torrejón and Simón Hernández, to sign a declaration of war calling all the Spaniards against the invaders.\r\n\r\nIndependence War had started.

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Image: tug.jpg   800x605 145035 bytes 2008.05.02


Don't blame me, I just liked the picture too much =)\r\n\r\nAnd if it looks so bright, it's because the game colors are also bright, so nyah XD;;;\r\n\r\nYou know how, when you play the final battle, you need to grab Bowser by his tail and then throw him away, right? It seems Hida still needs to train a bit more, lol.\r\n\r\n\r\nLines by E."Seel" Kaiser\r\ncolors by V."skifi" Patiño\r\ngame concept by Nintendo, Inc.

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Image: mirinda645.jpg   511x645 121229 bytes 2008.04.23

This is a collaboration I feel specially proud about =) You know what happens when somebody you admire since many years ago, somebody you take as a model and also somebody you wish to meet someday, teams up with you to work together in a picture ^___^\r\n\r\nJake Myler is an artist I watch since 2003. I admire his drawings and comics, and also the way his style has evolved. I know he has not free time at all, so that's why I want to thank him again for this :3\r\n\r\nI just hope my colorwork doesn't ruin his awesome lineart ^^; I have gone with specially bright colors since that's just the opposite I'm used to see in his gallery, because he usually goes with pale tones, pastel and watercolors.... \r\n\r\nLineart (c) Jake Myler -\r\nCharacter and colorwork (c) V."skifi" Patiño

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Image: conejo700.jpg   700x629 128413 bytes 2008.04.20


And even another collaboration with Rick Griffin, from a picture he drew on a sketchbook he auctioned. There were some cool poses there, and since I like a lot his style, I'm happy to have got permission to color some of them ^______^\r\n\r\nIt's your fault, Rick, you lure me to do this! XD;;\r\n\r\nPS: If you're wondering, that's Juan Carlos I Park, at Campo de las Naciones, Madrid :] So he's a spanish bunny. Did you know "Spain" comes from "Hispania", meaning "land of bunnies"? :D lol\r\n\r\nCharacter + Lineart (c) Rick Griffin -\r\nColorwork (c) V."Skifi" Patiño

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Image: triorresplandor.jpg   656x900 304646 bytes 2008.01.24

Heroes 2008

Aaaand.... after a long time, I can say it again: I have tried my best and I feel proud of it. I have spent like... 3 weeks working with this, and I think it's one of my best colorworks so far ^^\r\n\r\nSo... Seel drew this in my sketchbook during my latest stay at her place, and I really liked her lineart. I'm still on my way to learn how to use PaintShop Pro XI, so it took some time... Different tools, different options.... but aiming for the same result!\r\n\r\nThen, you know.... if you like the pic, the lineart Seel drew made it amazing... if you dislike the pic, my colors surely messed it so blame me for that ^^;\r\n\r\nCredits:\r\n"Rotty" (c) G."Rotty" Adams -\r\n"Seel" + Lineart (c) E."Seel" Kaiser -\r\n"skifi" + Colorwork (c) V."skifi" Patiño

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Image: dingodile.jpg   621x900 190062 bytes 2007.12.28

Yes, still trying to practise a bit more with my new program.... o___O;; PSP IX is soooo different from PSP 7, I don't even know how to do my usual tricks... \r\n\r\nSo that's why I'm still unable to color the way I like to, argh! x3;;; *cusses*\r\n\r\nWell, this is a new (and failed) attempt, again using Seel Kaiser's lineart: Her character as Dingodile. To fit the spirit, the background is an edited free wallpaper by Naughty Dog, the original game creator studio. \r\n\r\nAnd yeah, if you're still wondering, I love to team up with Seel. We started like.... more than 3 years ago, go figure! x3

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Image: MyFavDingo.jpg   900x668 158025 bytes 2007.04.14

I don't want to be alone any more...

...and you can count on me.

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Image: objection.jpg   600x478 101176 bytes 2007.03.31


Are you thinking what I'm thinking?\r\n\r\nOBJECTION! XD\r\n\r\n\r\nI don't think this is "strictly" fanart, since I didn't draw a copyrighted character, but if you think the outfit and the neck tie need credits, to ensure VCL's safety, then here you have it ;) "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney" is (c) copyright Capcom co., LTD

Tags: skifi skeef bull objection phoenix wright ace attorney  
Image: lovehurts.jpg   600x892 205542 bytes 2007.02.05

Love Hurts

First attempt to enterVOID art jams ^^;;

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Image: bdaygift.jpg   575x800 203354 bytes 2007.01.07

Birthday Gift

Birthday gift for myself... XD Go me! \r\n\r\n\r\nCredits to Jax the Bat since I took the pose from a picture he drew for Magnus in 2003 (3

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Image: oogabooga.jpg   658x900 191159 bytes 2006.12.14


This is the way I used to color looooong time ago o__O;; ...I really wonder if somebody remembers it\r\n\r\n\r\n...It's curious how, trying to do something as good as some others do it, you sometimes leave your own style away.... And do things better but you don't feel like they're yours anymore... and when you come back to what you enjoy and like, you feel proud of your art, even if it doesn't look as fancy or cool as others around.... 83\r\n\r\n\r\nAmazing lineart by Seel (, admired artist and loved friend: if you need to congratulate somebody for this picture, that's her ;3\r\nBut, also, if you find any kind of mistake, or something is wrong, you can blame me, since it will be surely my fault ^^ really

Tags: skifi skeef vicente patino elizabeth kaiser seel dingo   [Comment]
Image: siekfriedstrikesback.jpg   700x702 201760 bytes 2006.10.24

Yep, he does! XD Mwahahahahaha...!!!\r\n\r\nSiekfried has a great style with his drawings, and I had the pleassure to color one of his pictures not so long ago... Now I had the chance to do it again, and I tried my best... It's easier when you know the character a bit more, I just hope I didn't make mistakes with the color references, and also hope to have the oportunity to collaborate together again! ^^\r\n\r\n"siekfried" & Lineart (c) copyright Daniel "siekfried" Bonilla -\r\nColorwork (c) copyright 2006 Vicente "skifi" Patiño

Image: artesian.jpg   606x1000 219074 bytes 2006.09.21

Arteisan was created and drawn by Kitt (, a kind and nice person, an amazing artist, and a great friend I met more than 3 years ago when I just started drawing anthropomorphic creatures. Looking at this picture you can realize how clean and detailed the lineart was, and now much I enjoyed adding some colors to it :3\r\n\r\nDue to technical problems with my comp, I didn't use my traditional double-shading here, so it's a bit flat and simple, but, well, I tried my best with my available tools... ^^; *hangs head in shame* Better luck next time....

Image: you_better_beg.jpg   804x1200 327687 bytes 2006.08.27

Amazing drawing by J.Axer. I fell in love with his art when I first saw this in Seel's favourites, and I couldn't help it, I needed to try something special with it.... ^^ Special Thanks for the artist because of the collaboration and his permission, I was honoured he let me do it.\r\n\r\ here it is. For Seel. To show her how much she means for me in the only way I have to express it.... (3\r\n\r\n"Seel" is the intellectual property of Elizabeth "Seel" Kaiser -\r\nLineart (c) copyright 2006 jay Axer -\r\nColorwork (c) Copyright 2006 Vicente "skifi" Patiño

Image: KO_colored.jpg   510x800 112650 bytes 2006.08.01

Today I woke up before Seel did, and while she was still sleeping, I got bored and wanted to color something.... Two days ago he had shown me a picture she drew last week and I liked it a lot. It was supposed to be monochrome with only a tad of colors, but I felt like giving it a try with PaintShop Pro and here it comes.... ^^;\r\n\r\nStill, I like her version more than this, but since she's going to upload it to her gallery anyway, you'll be able to compare them both and find out which one you like more also, OK? 83\r\n\r\n...and, now, just open wide!!! >:3\r\n\r\n"Seel" & lineart (c) E. "Seel" Kaiser -\r\ncolorwork (c) Vicente "skifi" Patino

Image: boyzaplenty_skifi.jpg   580x800 178269 bytes 2006.06.05

What can happen when 0r0ch1 and skeef team up the day of the beast? XD Mwahahaha, this doesn't beat our latest collaboration but was sooooo funny to color.... (3 *raises eyebrow*\r\n\r\nDa Sexy Beasts of Doom:\r\nVermillion+skifi+0r0ch1+Karan+Trent\r\n...our ladies are welcome to join us X3\r\n\r\nPS: 0r0 wanted the pic a lil more... serious.. ;3 Like a professional photograph, and he got another version! Should I upload it here also?\r\n\r\nCredits:\r\n"Vermilion" (c) James "Verm" O'Rear -\r\n"Karan" (c) Dennis "Karan" Höhne -\r\n"Trent" (c) Matthew "Trent" Burt -\r\n"0r0ch1" and the lineart (c) 2006 Oscar A."0r0chi" Mtz Nvr -\r\n"skifi" and the colorwork is (c) 2006 Vicente "skifi" Patiño

Image: Zarate_the_werewolf_wicht.jpg   582x900 202404 bytes 2006.05.16

Collaboration with Siekfried, an awesome artist I met online who amazes me whenever he uploads a new drawing, because he keeps improving and improving his style so fast it's hard to believe it. ^^\r\n\r\nI would like to thank him for the chance to color one of his artworks, I have tried my best since it meant a challenge because of the special source of light, and even if I know there are a lot of mistakes and even more things I could have done better, I have enjoyed the process a lot, and like how it finally looks. 83\r\n\r\nDo you know the feeling when you finish a picture and feel specially proud about it? ^^ I feel it now.\r\n\r\n"Zarate", "Siekfried" and the lineart are (c) copyright 2006 David "Siekfried" Bonilla -\r\nLineart (c) copyright 2006 Vicente "skifi" Patiño

Image: sketchy_seel.jpg   458x800 92492 bytes 2006.03.20

And another drawing by Rick I couldn't help but color.... ;3 Hahaha, I better stop, or I will color them all... the temptation is soooo strong..... XD But it's his fault, those avatar pictures are really well done, with cool poses, and he did a great work featuring their unique and original features.... ^___^ *envies his skills* XD\r\n\r\n*wonders if this will surprise Seel or not* oO;\r\n\r\nLineart (c) Rick Griffin -\r\nCharacter (c) Elizabeth "Seel" Kaiser -\r\nColorwork (c) Vicente "skifi" Patiño

Image: sketchy_skifi.jpg   491x800 98991 bytes 2006.03.20

Rick was nice enough to add my character to the artists avatar series he drew.... *pounces him* XD I was really surprised because when I saw skifi was in the middle of so many awesome people, I felt all flattered.... ^____^ \r\n\r\nI like a lot how the drawing looks like: the pose, the style.... and the overall picture. I liked it so much, I asked Rick if I could try my crappy colors with it, and he was nice, kind and friendly enough to give me his permission for this quick collaboration... :3\r\n\r\n(...I did it in the same color style I did sketchy Curr collab with Seel some months ago, btw)\r\n\r\nLineart (c) Rick Griffin -\r\nCharacter & colorwork (c) Vicente "skifi" Patiño

Image: 60Klimpio.jpg   700x778 159403 bytes 2006.01.19

Even if I drew this picture to thank my watchers in another gallery I submit pictores to, I wanted to upload it here too because I like how it looks so far... :3 This is in part Seel's fault, because of her advice about detailed and thin lines, so blame her for it! XD\r\n\r\nAnd, yeah, that's what I usually use to ink my sketches ;3

Image: too_small.jpg   754x1000 238781 bytes 2005.12.31

...I wanted to end this wonderful year with a special picture... I was in love with this drawing since I first saw the lineart, and once I had the permission to work with it, I have tried my best with the colors, detailing them, taking more time than usual... (a whole week, in fact). And now I think the result is worth the effort...\r\n\r\n Seel drew this, and it was special for her... with an added personal meaning... I just hope she likes my version of it as much as I do. It has been wonderful to work together this year, and my wish for 2K6 is to be able to team up with her again: I hope she's still not tired about me! (D *pounces her, grabs her arm and doesn't let her escape*\r\n\r\nCharacter & Lineart (c) "Seel" Kaiser -\r\nColorwork (c) Vicente "skifi" Patiño

Image: azahiel.jpg   702x800 191874 bytes 2005.10.01

Yay, it's finally finished! X3\r\n\r\nHere is Azah... I suddenly decided to draw him yesterday, so here it is, without needing any other reason.... XD ....I know he didn't want this, he will think this is anything but giftart, and he'll surely think also I have some hidden reason for this, but, well, that's because he doesn't know me well enough.... \r\n\r\nAnd, to boot, I love how it looks like.... ^____^ If I were only able to color all my piccies like this one..... XD\r\n\r\n"Azahiel" (c) Mateusz "Azahiel" Lopacinski -\r\nArtwork (c) Vicente "skifi" Patiño

Image: KOF2005.jpg   844x1200 328528 bytes 2005.09.04

King of Furries 2005: Wanna play? ;3\r\n\r\nLineart by 0r0ch1 & colors by skeef (me) XD ....A whole week spent with this drawing, but somehow I think it was worth the effort..... :3 Even if it has been hard to adapt my coloring stile to 0r0's lineart! *pounces the bunny* XD\r\n\r\nAll characters are (c) their respective owners (check for the links)\r\n"KOF" original game, and all logos (c) their owners too... ;3\r\n\r\nPS: I hope Ch'marr doesn't mind the size... it's kinda big to prevent details vanishing.... ^^; *sweatdrops*\r\nPS2: Since I colored this in really huge size, to add a lot of details before shrinking it to this size, try to wonder who's going to print a whole poster with this to hang on his room..... X3

Image: tortilla.jpg   586x1200 295720 bytes 2005.08.20

Spanish Potato Omelette: 6 average size potatoes, 4 eggs, half so onion, olive oil, salt.\r\n\r\nXD\r\n\r\n...from an "Only in Spain" T-shirts design.... :3 ....Can I comment how much do I love this drawing? ^^ *hearts*

Image: a_double_alliance.jpg   565x800 149973 bytes 2005.07.14

(let's use non-anthro quota) ;3 *winks at Ch'marr*\r\n\r\nCollaboration with A-un... I couldn't help to give this a try with colors ;)\r\n\r\nI first tried to fully color it in my own style, but it didn't fit the lineart... too hard celshading for a nice-cute picture... o___O; Then, I tried to copy A-un's coloring technique, and the picture looked better, but I didn't want to just plagiarize him and deleted it again... so, finally, I tried my best to blend both styles... His soft smooth technique and my cel-shading+reflections... X3 I really like how it looks like, because I think the coloring fits the original picture spirit, and because I took it as a challenge, and it was successful... ^^ *beams* \r\n\r\nCharacters & Lineart (c) A-un no.61 -\r\nColors (c) Vicente "skifi" Patiño

Image: WildBull.jpg   661x750 209259 bytes 2005.07.10

Collaboration with Seelster.... How many of them have we done already? XD *glomps her* Hahahaha, FEAR US BOTH!!!\r\n\r\nFeaturing Adele, Cawfee, Xanithe, Seelster herself, Rina, 0r0, Zeroxtb (?) and a certain bully guy hidden somewhere.... ;3\r\n\r\nYeah, don't try to find an uber-detailed coloring, neither one of those dark hard-shaded images I do from time to time... it's just a cheerful piccie and I wanted to keep it light and clear, so sue me for that.... XD\r\n\r\nCredits:\r\nLineart (c) 2005 Elizabeth "Seel" Kaiser -\r\nColors (c) 2005 Vicente "skifi" Patiño ;3\r\nCharacters (c) Their respective owners (links at

Image: biohazard.jpg   572x800 175486 bytes 2005.05.17

I'm really sorry, Emma... -__- I never meant to hurt you, sometimes I'm a little walking disaster, and I should have shut my trap... I know you have no reasons to forgive me, but I have colored this for you... I hope you like it...\r\n\r\n*hangs head in shame, and leaves*\r\n\r\nCredits:\r\n"Skully" is the intellectual property of Emma Basford -\r\nLineart (c) Elizabeth "Seel" Kaiser -\r\nBackground image (c) Capcom\r\nSpecial thanks a lot to A-un no.61 because his picture "Renaissance of a Wolf" encouraged me to try some more special effects with character-background interaction.

Image: curr_sketch.jpg   324x800 86718 bytes 2005.05.02

Yeah, sometimes you don't full detail a picture because you like how the sketch looks like, sometimes you don't color and shade a piccie carefully because you like how the rough color strokes look like... ;3 ...This time Seel and I did a quick collab, but that doesn't mean we didn't care for it... we just did a sketchy collab, so don't blame us for the lack of details, for the messy pencil lines, or because of the crappy highlights... we enjoyed it, and it's enough, don't you think? ;D \r\n\r\nSeel drew this sketch as a prize for her contest, and I couldn't help to give it colors, hahaha XD FEAR the bully guy when he feels inspired! ;3~~\r\n \r\nCredits: Curr Bunny by E. "Seel" Kaiser ( & Vicente "skifi" Patiño ... ;3 \r\n

Image: Miyo2.jpg   632x800 170281 bytes 2005.02.24

Collaboration with Seel, if you were wondering.... ;3 Her lineart, my colors... \r\n\r\nFeaturing Zap Bat's character Miyo in both Morphic & NonMorphic forms... ^^ Even if it can look like done with my usual cel-shading, nope, I have used a pretty different coloring technique than my usual style, so I'll be more than happy to know what do you think about it... Would you mind to help me with your oppinion, if you feel like e-mailing me about it? ;) \r\n\r\nHehehe, Seel and I are becoming a pretty stable team, lol Yay for us! XD \r\n\r\n"Miyo" is the intellectual property of Zap Bat - \r\nLineart (c) 2005 Elizabeth "Seel" Kaiser -\r\nColors (c) 2005 Vicente "skifi" Patiño

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