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Image: dynamic_duo_games.jpg   750x606 204079 bytes 2005.02.13

Yep, it happens sometimes, whenever Seel draw a picture I fall in love with, I can't help to color it as soon as possible... ^^; Yikes, I'd need more free time... *sighs*\r\n\r\nWell, the piccie states things clearly, so I don't need to comment it... XD *giggles* ...As you have surely noticed, I'm back again to cel-shading (it's not going to last, but still...) and I feel specially proud about how it looks like applied to this amusing drawing... ;3 *winks at Seelster*\r\n\r\nPS: A bigger, 1024x768 wallpaper size, more detailed & better quality, can be found at if you're interested.... ^___^\r\n\r\n"Seel" & Lineart (c) Elizabeth "Seel" Kaiser -\r\n"skifi" & coloring (c) Vicente "skifi" Patiño

Image: skeef_big_movie.jpg   561x800 168519 bytes 2004.11.23

....When was last time I drew a movie poster parody? And a group picture? ;3\r\n\r\nLol, here we are Jax, Seel, Kayiko, 0r0, Curr and me.... ^___^ Lol, I wanted to fit the original "Winnie the Pooh" style at maximum, so yeah, it's cute instead anatomically correct, yeah, it's simple plain coloring, and yeah, the shading make them look like dolls or stuffed animals... but, haha, that's what I wanted, right? ;3 *wanted to cel-shade this, but it didn't work*\r\n\r\nAt your local movie theater soon! XD\r\n\r\nAll characters are (c) copyright and the intellectual property of their respective owners (you can go to to check their links)\r\n"Piglet's BIG Movie" (c) Disney Inc.

Image: Dynamic_Duo_Comic.jpg   716x1000 245814 bytes 2004.10.29

...alternative version done by request... ;3\r\n\r\nWhoa, with a brighter background, it's easier to notice all the details! o___O; You can even see the fur shading now, lol! ^^ Why do I usually like the alternative/rejected versions more than the official ones lately? \r\n\r\nCredits: Don't you already know? ;3 *points at the picture itself*

Image: Dynamic_Duo.jpg   574x790 195346 bytes 2004.10.28

Mwahahaha, so, after so many collaborations, here are the ones to blame together.... ^^; Both Seel and skeef teaming up again! XD *makes a pose*\r\n\r\nYikes, I know I still need to practise more this kind of colorings, I'm too used with cel-shading But, oh, well, I like how it looks like, and, hehe, to work with Seely's lineart is always great... ^____^ ...and easy! XD What do you think, could this work as an advertisement for our collabs? X3\r\n\r\nComments and criticisms are welcome, as usual... ;3\r\n\r\nLineart (c) Elizabet "Seel" Kaiser -\r\nColors (c) Vicente "skifi" Patiño, a.k.a. the bully guy..... XD

Image: soccer_facts_02.jpg   576x800 235659 bytes 2004.10.24

Yikes, a second issue...! o____O; How could this happen...!? *faints*\r\n\r\nHahaha, some more tips about soccer (o futbol, segun se diga), and this time we have two guest starrings, just to not get tired of the chibi bully guy.... ;3 ...So thanks to Teiris & Mags for their help.... ^____^ *glomps*\r\n\r\nBlame me and my comic-ish crapyness! XD\r\n\r\n"Teiris" (c) Chrystine "Teiris" Shelton -\r\n"Magz" (c) Amanda "Magnus" Kadatz -\r\n"skifi" & Artwork (c) Vic "skeef" Patiño.... X3

Image: soccer_facts_01.jpg   577x800 220899 bytes 2004.10.24

...Mwahahaha, I felt like doodling this evening, so nyah! XD Yay for crapiness!\r\n\r\nYep, I just read a little stip Wataru Yoshizume drew explaining some facts about tennis, and, haha, I got inspired to do the same with futbol, football, soccer, or however you want to call it.... ^____^ And I know the anatomy sucks, but it was a long time without drawing chibi skeef comics, so.... ;3

Image: tanuki_rejected.jpg   675x800 183937 bytes 2004.10.12

Well, this is the "rejected version" of the piccie I have just uploaded ( ^^; I usually try some different colorings and backgrounds, then I choose the one I like more, and the other ones go to the trash bin... =3 \r\n\r\nWhat has happened with this one? o__O Well, I don't like it as much as the "official" version, but... it has something that made me save it... Some kind of lure catching my eyes and making me stare at it... Maybe it's because I used a hardcore shading instead the usual, maybe the unusual highlighting... so, although I chose the "usual coloring" for the final version, I didn't want to delete this one...\r\n\r\nCharacter (c) Tanuki; Lineart (c) Seel; Colors (c) skifi

Image: skifi20k.jpg   800x600 197436 bytes 2004.08.29

Lol, I know this is DevArt related, and this is the VCL gallery, but.... XD looks so funny, I couldn't help it! XD XD XD \r\n\r\nYay for pissed-off skeef! ^_____^;

Image: acb112.jpg   579x800 154376 bytes 2004.08.19

Well, the Olympic Spirit is everywhere, so this is my little contribution! ^____^ Hahaha, whenever I draw something sport-related, Curr is the featured character.... ^^ If you are wondering why, well, not only he's the one really into sports... in fact, he looks kinda sexy with athletic outfits... XD XD XD\r\n\r\nFacts: Hand-made pencil drawing and inking. Then scanned and colored with Paint Shop Pro 7.04. And yes, if you are wondering about the hair, well, I'm trying to be more detailed with the lineart... ;)\r\n\r\nOh, and the ACB logo is (c) Asociación de Clubs de Baloncesto ^__^\r\n\r\nPS: Yep, it looks different, I know... That's because this is a lame try to check if I can color pictures in a computer different than mine... o___O; *points at his Live Journal entry today*

Image: 0r0_bunch.jpg   614x830 258616 bytes 2004.08.14

All the Pocket Furries! XD ...0r0ch1 drew this and he was so nice to let me add some colors... ^___^ So, you know, if you like the picture, it's surely due to his amazing lineart, and if you think it's horrible, or find something wrong, then blame me because it will surely be my mistake... ^^; *sweatdrops*\r\n\r\nPS: Haha, it seems I'm trying to practise coloring more than drawing lately.... XD Thanks again for the permission, bunni! \r\n\r\nAll characters are (c) copyright, and the intellectual property, of their respective owners: To see the link to them all, please go here: (because the 800 characters limit doesn't allow me to link them here...) ^^;

Image: spiderbull.jpg   631x600 158080 bytes 2004.07.06

Spider-Bull...!!!! Yeaaaah...!!! XD\r\n\r\nDid you know I like to draw movie poster parodies? ^___^ LOL, another more for the collection! XD\r\n\r\nOn finest theathres across Spain..... X3 Soon in DVD!

Image: profile.jpg   600x600 116828 bytes 2004.06.06

This is the first time I have drawn a picture specifically to use it as my ID there at DevArt ( instead re-cycling an old one.... =) Don't ask me why, but I'm really happy with it, so I thought it was good enough to place it here at VCL too.... ^_____^ *beams*

Image: curr-sheet-big-b.jpg   725x1000 237520 bytes 2004.06.01

*EDITED G-RATED VERSION* (suitable for kittens) ;3\r\n\r\nName: Curr Bunny (from "Curro", the short form of Francisco in southern Spain)\r\n\r\nCurr is a slave bunny guy... blue fur all around his body except blueish white on his muzzle, ears, chest, belly, and the inner part of armpits and thights... His middle-long hair is dark blue, usually messed but clean. Green deep eyes, dark orange nose, and a frontal rodent tooth coming out behind his upper lip. \r\nHis most usual clothes are just a couple of brown leather belts placed on his both arms, and another leather collar with a small chain around his neck. An earring in his right ear. These few things are a must for Curr: He feels like they are his own skin. Maybe he's really nude only with them, but Curr would not be curr without that outfit

Image: skifi-sheet-big.jpg   720x1000 215340 bytes 2004.05.31

Well, the bully guy has changed and evolved a lot since its creation around summer 2002, and so has changed and evolved my drawing style.... ^^ Sometimes it's a problem for me when people ask for details and colors in order to draw him because I need to write a description and to find reference pictures as a reference....\r\n\r\nSo, when Magz first posted hers some months ago, I decided I would draw my own one also.... and, delayed as usual, here it is.... =3 There are surely a lot of things I just forgot, but... lol, I like how it looks like.... XD Some day I should place skeef's first piccies and latest ones to find the changes.... ^^;\r\n\r\nLol, and now I guess I should draw Curr's one.... but I think it won't be suitable for minors.... XD

Image: the_lord_of_the_pineapples_ttf.jpg   700x637 207399 bytes 2004.05.22

...The second part of "The Lord of the Pineapples" trilogy Magz started a year ago.... ^___^ Today is the time for "The Two Fruits". If I were you, I would check the full view to admire the picture in all its glory... and if you really like it, there is a bigger version here: \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nFeaturing Leks, Hans, skeef, Magnus, Alpha Leo & A-un.... Don't we look like a great fellowship? \r\n\r\nYep, it was a long time since my last movie poster.... And yep, I love how this one looks like.... Yay for this new shading style!\r\n\r\n(Sorry for the slightly big file: It's a group shoot and I hope the admins don't mind...) o_O; *stares at Ch'marr with puppy eyes*

Image: cheso.jpg   600x800 145282 bytes 2004.05.16

Delayed birthday gift for Cheso... *glomps* Only two monts later, lol!\r\n\r\nLet me tell you something about this picture: I liked it a lot in the pencil sketch stage, I just loved the plain lineart, and I'm really really proud of the finished coloring.... ^________^ This is, by far, my favourite picture of all the ones I have drawn in 2004... and I hope you all think the same... XD I think I'm going to print it in a mini poster for my room wall, and if I weren't so lazy and the background weren't so lame, it would be almost purrrrfect.... ^____ *pets the little piccie* Yeah, I'm uber happy, so sue me! =D\r\n\r\nFeliz No-Cumpleaños, Jeso! ^^; Siento el retraso! X3\r\n\r\n"Cheso" (c) Jesus "Jesonite" Bautista -\r\n"skifi" (c) Vicente "skifi" Patiño

Image: chilena.jpg   585x800 199507 bytes 2004.04.05

After my latest submission, I felt so guilty I needed to finish a picture featuring a happy Curr.... So I grabbed this sketch I doodled yesterday, and colored it. I spent all the evening with this one, trying to add as many details as possible, and after looking at the final product, I must say I like it a lot \r\n\r\nDrawn and inked with traditional media, then scanned and colored with Paint Shop Pro 7.04 - No photographic backgrounds this time, all done with the compy. \r\n\r\nFAQ 1: Yep, that's Spain Soccer Team outfit... in fact, the one used in France 1998 World Cup \r\nFAQ 2: If you noticed the old Adidas logo in the ball, that's because I have drawn the "Tango" ball, as a little rendition since it was the ball used in Spain 1982 World Cup ... ^___^

Image: jau.jpg   581x800 210335 bytes 2004.02.22

My VERY first picture done with Adobe Photoshop (CS version) instead my loved Paint Shop Pro 7.04.... I think the colouring looks pretty different, I guess I need to explore Photoshop tools before creating something more ellaborated, but I like how this first experiment looks like =3\r\n\r\nDrawn as a request by RyoOhki (, this picture features Kokiteno and me, as two native americans from old times (indios del viejo oeste, que diría yo) X3 ...Yikes, I need to work a bit more with sitting poses! o___O;\r\n\r\n"Kokiteno" (c) Kokiteno -\r\n"skifi" (c) the one posting this image ^^;

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