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Image: Aluring_Green_Dragonn.jpg   885x810 246712 bytes 2010.11.22

Alluring Green

Another male character, this time fully expressing himself :). Tried to do a bit more detailed background...I think it turned out okay. I've already got the sketchwork done for another male character in a similar...situation, but overall, I'm more inclined to draw female anthros instead.

Tags: dragon furry anthro male nude naked  
Image: Aqua_Angry.jpg   738x900 153509 bytes 2010.10.04

Aqua is Angry

Aqua is angry...and I really don't know why ;)

Tags: anthro dragon female girl dragoness blue aqua underwear pink  
Image: Beach.jpg   850x680 102193 bytes 2010.09.11

Beach dragon 1

A simple drawing of a blue dragon. Added a cheap background on this one. Still experimenting with photoshop and trying to gauge proper anatomy.

Tags: dragon dragoness girl female beach swim suite bikini  
Image: Blue_Dragon_Bikinii.jpg   800x800 157469 bytes 2010.11.02

Blue Dragon Bikini

I like the stripe pattern on dragons. Also like the color combination between the purplish pink set against the light blue body coloration. This is my favorite drawing thus far, and it's interesting to note the original dragon design I worked with and where my drawings continue to progress. So far, I'm pleased in the direction the art is taking. I like bright colors and the simple, sort of cartoony look of cleanly colorized art. I like the idea of being at the beach as well, so maybe my next picture will be an extension of this setting.

Tags: anthro furry dragon dragoness beach blue swimsuit bikini sand  
Image: Burner_Dragoness.jpg   1000x624 115890 bytes 2010.09.21

Partially Nude Orange Dragoness

And now for something a bit naughtier...Still holding to one layer of shadow, this time going with a softer feel on the shading. No background on this one (didn't feel like putting in the time to get that done...maybe next time).

Tags: dragon dragoness girl female anthro nude naked orange provocative  
Image: Cute_Friendss.jpg   900x513 122456 bytes 2011.01.02

Cute Friends

Just two female dragons. Didn't feel like doing much with the background, but I think the characters turned out good.

Tags: anthro dragon dragoness female girl cute  
Image: Dragon_In_Bedd.jpg   990x787 203042 bytes 2011.02.25

Dragon In Bed

I really like the way this one turned out. Definitely my favorite drawing thus far (for reasons I'm sure you can tell). I really like the orange skin, yellow belly, and pink spots coloration... :)

Tags: anthro dragon dragoness girl female nude naked orange pink hot bed  
Image: DragonTeasee.jpg   753x840 165122 bytes 2011.02.08

Dragon Tease

She's such a tease :p

Tags: anthro furry dragon dragoness girl female green tease  
Image: First_Dragon.jpg   572x1050 88881 bytes 2010.09.11

First Dragon

First attempt at drawing an anthro dragon in CS4. Will work more on anatomy and coloration in later pictures. The single layer of shadow is simple but overall I like the coloring style I'm working on.

Tags: dragon orange anthro  
Image: Kate_Red_Blurr.jpg   1020x810 162022 bytes 2010.10.26

Kate Red Blur

Kate the red dragoness as viewed from the side, her naughty side! Simple background present...maybe I'll work up enough time to fit something a bit more detailed in to later drawings. Is it just me, or can backgrounds be sometimes boring to work on? ;)

Tags: anthro dragon dragoness female girl kate nude naked red  
Image: Kneeling.jpg   650x850 92716 bytes 2010.09.11

Dragon kneeling

Again, trying to gauge proper anatomy and hone my art for future drawings. Tried a different pose here. It turned out okay I guess.

Tags: dragon dragoness girl female anthro kneeling  
Image: Orange_Dragoness.jpg   980x910 120915 bytes 2010.09.11

Dragoness sitting

Experimenting with adding soft shade to the shadows. May jump back and forth between a soft shade and sharp shade depending on how I feel about the image. This time added a dark layer and light layer to the shadows.

Tags: dragon dragoness girl female anthro sitting  
Image: Paradisee.jpg   1000x654 195397 bytes 2011.04.05


My first female lombax drawing. Spent more time on the coloring and the shading than my previous work. From this point forward I'll try to draw some nice backgrounds on my work. I hope people find my revamped artwork focusing on lombaxes most pleasing :3

Tags: lombax female girl anthro furry paradise naked nude tropical  
Image: Purple_Dragoness.jpg   690x840 72119 bytes 2010.09.15

purple dragoness

Another quick piece of work done. Proportions on this drawing look better versus my previous attempts at attempting to make something look half-way decent.

Tags: dragon dragoness girl female purple underwear anthro  
Image: Rachel_Green_Dragoness.jpg   1275x780 180494 bytes 2010.09.28

Rachel Green Dragon

Quick upper level sketch of a dragoness wearing nothing above the waist. Soft shadows used.

Tags: dragon dragoness girl female anthro topless green breasts  
Image: Spottyy.jpg   750x900 180327 bytes 2011.01.25


Kind of an awkward crouching pose, but I like the way the coloration (especially the spot pattern) turned out.

Tags: anthro dragon dragoness female girl nude naked spotty spot  
Image: Stephany_Sharpr.jpg   840x825 148553 bytes 2010.10.12

Stephany Sharp

Here's a different variation on my dragon's that I hope to improve on. The background is simple but I feel effective. It took a while to add the extra stripes, but I like the way the drawing turned out in the end :).

Tags: Anthro Dragon Dragoness Female Girl Stephany Cut  
Image: Take_My_Hand_Triceraa.jpg   685x850 197216 bytes 2010.12.10

Take My Hand Tricera

Another naughty male, this one of a dino (I don't know why, but I do like tricera anthros a lot and think there should be more of them around these parts, aka, deviantart :3 ). I hate to dissappoint all those who have liked my recent male art ;), but I'm getting back to female dragons soon, so watch for more anthro goodness coming up :)

Tags: anthro furry dino dinosaur tricera triceratops male nude naked  
Image: triceragotbackm.jpg   643x780 109635 bytes 2010.10.18

Tricera Got Back

My first attempt at drawing a dinosaur. I really like triceratops anthros so perhaps I may draw more in the future. I like the way the pose turned out. Again, the background is simple but I find it effective. I also like the way the spots and little touches helped to add extra detail, especially the yellow colored underside ;). He's also got that kind of naughty smirk, as if to say "you know what I want."

Tags: anthro furry dino dinosaur tricera triceratops ass butt back green smirk nude  
Image: volleyball_dragonn.jpg   786x724 190609 bytes 2010.11.12

Volleyball Dragon

Another beach scene with a nice looking dragoness who's in the mood to play a few games...

Tags: anthro dragon dragoness female girl volley ball beach bikini swimsuit orange  
Image: Workoutt.jpg   826x900 181686 bytes 2011.03.16


Simple shading done here. Tried a different style with the line art, think it turned out good.

Tags: anthro dragon furry dragoness workout  

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