Best Friends

    It wasn't just a day like any other. Not at all. In fact, it was a day of days. A day to mark the beginning of something new and quite exquisite in my life. It started when I was at school waiting for the last bell to ring so I could finally go home for the summer. Excitement was churning up in me, as the day reached it's final moments.

    It's not that I don't like high school; it's just that it becomes very redundant after such a long period of time, and three months of doing nothing sounded like just what I needed to replenish myself. Though I had no idea what I was going to do to celebrate the beginning of summer, I still eagerly awaited its arrival so I could start making plans with all my friends. I thought maybe we'd all go see a movie or have a big sleepover or something. I just knew that whatever we did, it would be great. It always was.

    The sound of the bell broke my thoughts and I leapt out of my chair towards the door. I was the first one out, as always, and I raced to my locker to grab the rest of my things. As I opened the metal door, my best friend Lioksi, who's locker was right next to mine, met me as he normally did.

    "Hey, Prykorm," he said, teasing me by using my full name.

    I sighed and looked at him, playfully insisting, "You know I can't stand that name."

    "It's a good name for a raccoon," he persisted. "It just has a raccoony sound to it. It's better than 'Pry.' That's for sure," he said, teasing some more. "Hey, guess what."

    "What?" I asked, getting my books.

    "My parents are gone for the week. I've got the house to myself!" The fox's tail began to wag.


    "Yeah! I'm gonna have you and Jilen and Ruusk and Yuni over for a few days to stay!" He looked around a bit to make sure no one was listening, and then whispered to me with a smile on his muzzle, "And I've got this porn tape my parents had in their closet. It's really cool."

    I felt my heart flutter and my sheath thicken at those words. I had never seen any porn in my life, and this was really a treat for me, so I responded with an enthusiastic, "Awesome! What time!?"

    "Everyone's coming around 7:00," he said as he turned to leave. "See ya there!"

    Proceeding home, I pictured in my mind what the scenario would be. The five of us would be sitting in the living room eating pizza and talking and laughing as the furres on the TV yiffed away. "It's gonna be great," I said to myself, smiling. After the usual ten-minute walk, I arrived home.

    After spending most of the day trying to convince my parents to let me go (of course, keeping a lid on the porn video), I took a nice, long shower and decided to head over to Lioksi's a few minutes early. It was unfortunate that his house was too far to walk. I had to resort to my parents taking me, and, when we arrived, they practically searched the house for drugs or beer. I had always stayed away from those things and I knew Lioksi did too, so I wasn't alarmed about that. I was, however, worried that they might find the tape and take me home and give me the lecture on sex and perversion. Luckily, they found nothing and we said our good-bys. They drove off, leaving Lioksi and I sighing with relief.

    "Where was it?" I asked, plopping down onto the couch.

    He reached underneath the couch and pulled out the small black videotape, tossing it onto the coffee table. "If I'd have known your parents were going to search the place, I'd have hidden it somewhere else," he said, plopping down to my right.

    "Yeah… sorry about that…" I looked at the clock on the wall. It read 7:12. "Where is everyone?"

    "Oh, yeah… bad news… Ruusk has the flu or something, Yuni's mother is in the hospital and he's there with her, and Jilen left this afternoon to go on vacation with his parents. You and I are it."

    "Damn," I muttered, feigning disappointment. The fox had no idea at the time, but I was actually quite pleased that we were alone. I had always had affection for Lioksi, something else he wasn't aware of.

    "Yeah. It sucks… Are you hungry yet?"

    I shook my head. "No."

    "Yeah, me neither…" Lioksi looked down at the table and grabbed the porno tape. "Ya wanna watch it?"

    "Sure," I said, reclining a bit. "Pop it in."

    The fox quickly rose from his seat, inserted the tape, and plopped back down. We were both a bit startled when the screen immediately displayed two male wolves having their way with a vixen.

    I laughed a bit and joked, "Isn't there supposed to be a corny storyline before they start goin' at it?"

    "Not on this one. It's just a sequence of hardcore yiffing."

    "Cool," I said, beginning to feel my sheath thicken.

    As we watched the two wolves, one plunging his shaft into the vixen, the other being sucked at her other end; my loins became increasingly uncomfortable as my cock grew. I looked over at Lioksi, who seemed to be having the same problem, and shifted myself as covertly as possible. I continued to watch, but the bulge in my pants had grown and I could no longer stand the cramped feeling of pressure between my legs.

    "Damn…" I muttered, looking down and shifting myself again.

    "Heh, I know. This is good stuff," Lioksi said, acknowledging my bulge and shifting himself as well.

    "Yeah." I shifted again. On an impulse, I looked at him and said, "My pants are hurting my cock. Would you mind if I took them off? It's not like it's a big deal. I mean we both have one…"

    Surprising me, he responded, "Yeah, I'm taking mine off, too."

    At that, Lioksi proceeded to unzip his shorts and pull them off along with his boxers, revealing his erect, unsheathed, malehood. Slightly mesmerized by the new sight of my best friend's penis, I unzipped my own pants and slowly slid them off. My own throbbing cock slipped out, much to my relief. I tossed my pants aside and leaned back, returning my attention to the events on the TV. As the eroticism continued, I frequently caught myself taking fleeting looks at Lioksi's pink member. Before long, I noticed him stealing glances at mine as well. Then, without warning, Lioksi spoke up.

    "Damn… Do you want to paw off with me? This stuff is just too much…"

    My heart skipped a beat at his question. I was completely speechless. It was as if he wanted to indulge me in my own fantasy.

    "If you don't want to, it's okay," he said. "But do you mind if I do it?"

    "No, no," I said, taking a leap. "I'll… I'll do it with you…"

    Lioksi made the first move, grasping himself and stroking slowly. I watched him for a few seconds and then went to work on my own shaft. While my paw was pumping, I couldn't focus on what was going on in the video. All I could do was watch Lioksi stroke himself out of the corner of my eye. Oddly, once again, I found him discreetly peeking at me as well. Glancing back at the TV, I noticed that the two male wolves were now sitting beside each other - much like my best friend and I were sitting - pawing each other off. Lioksi and I stopped masturbating and glimpsed at one another.

    "You want to?" he asked, first eyeing me, then my slickened penis. After a few seconds of hesitation, he interrupted my thoughts. "It'll feel really good… Just look a them," he said, gesturing at the two wolves on TV, who were obviously in blissful orgasm. After a few more moments of consideration, I decided to let things flow.

    "Sure… but let's go one at a time," I suggested.

    Lioksi's ears stood on end. "Why?"

    "It'll last longer that way," I reasoned.

    Nodding, he agreed. "So, who goes first?"

    I thought for a moment. "Wanna flip a coin?"

    "Okay." Lioksi reached over the side of the couch for his pants and, as he did, I caught a peep of his pink tailhole, submerging me in strange lust. He retrieved a quarter and asked, "Okay. Heads, I paw you off, tails, you paw me off?" I nodded a quick confirmation and he flipped the coin in the air. I filled with anticipation as I waited for it to land. It finally hit the floor with a petite chime, and we looked over to find that I would be first to be released.

    "Looks like you're first," he said with a flirtatious grin. "Ready?"

    "Hold on," I said. I pulled off my shirt to avoid soiling it, as did he. "Okay," I said and leaned back to let Lioksi go to work. I looked on as he reached over and his paw crept around my swollen shaft, luring shudders from me. He immediately began stroking at a medium pace. I relaxed into his touch as the fur of his paw rubbed against the bare skin of my most sensitive area. I drew in a slow deep breath as my elation manifested. Suddenly, Lioksi's free paw snaked its way down the inside of my thighs and underneath my furry sack, massaging it and teasing the sensitivity there. I watched as a slow stream of precum eased out of the tip of my member and down onto Lioksi's paw. He took this as an indication and quickened the pace of his pawing, drawing more fluid from me and increasing my pleasure.

    I had a feeling I wasn't going to last much longer under his paw; especially with the way he was stroking a claw around my tailhole. Every so often, he would slip a claw or a finger inside and smile when I gasped. Increasing his pace and using my own precum as a lubricant, he asked, "How's it feel?"

    Mustering up the ability to speak, I responded, "Awesome. Don't quit."

    He smiled and increased the speed of his pawing yet again. I watched his paw slide up and down my cock. As I felt the distant tingling of orgasm approach, my breathing became quick and heavy. I gripped the cushions on the couch with one paw, and Lioksi's chestfur with another. I started thrusting slowly into his paw, slight moans escaping my muzzle. He pawed furiously as I began my climax. Soon after the waves of ecstasy washed over me, I saw ropes of thick semen being pumped into his paw. I thrusted harder as my orgasm captured me. My cum spouted relentlessly from the tip of my shaft, saturating Lioksi's paw. I moaned louder as my best friend finished pawing me off. My orgasm ebbing away, I calmed and ceased my thrusting. The last of my juices oozed from my penis and onto the fox's black paw. Lioksi stopped his stroking and both his paws left my body as I released his chest from my grip.

    As I leaned into the couch, he began cleaning his paw, licking it free of my seed. "Tasty," he said. I was too incapacitated to respond. Panting and basking in a warm afterglow, I closed my eyes to rest a bit.

    "Hey, don't fall asleep," Lioksi objected. "It's your turn now."

    I smiled, my eyes remaining shut. "Hang on… Gimme a sec…"

    Suddenly, I felt the couch shift and the pressure of another muzzle press against mine, and then leave. My eyes shot open in time to see Lioksi lean back into his seat. Shocked at first, I didn't know what to say or how to respond. I could feel the insides of my ears blushing as I struggled to hold back a grin. I leaned over to return the kiss, but ended up indulging myself in a fantasy that had finally come true. We opened our muzzles as they met and entwined ourselves in passion. I knew Lioksi had always had a certain longing for me. We were best friends after all.

    After parting, I immediately lowered my muzzle onto his glistening cock, giving it a few slow licks, and then engulfing it completely. Grasping the base of his malehood, I took in as much as I could as his tip bumped the back of my throat. I heard him gasp as I gripped his fuzzy sack and massaged it. I quickly began bobbing my muzzle up and down his cock, stroking it with my tongue.

    "Oh, yeah…" he said with a moan. I felt a paw grasp the back of my head. Lioksi returned my efforts with gentle massaging of my neck and scritching behind my ears. I smiled to myself at his manipulation. As I continued sucking, the paw stopped rubbing my head and began pressing my muzzle downward onto his cock in time to my sucking. He didn't press hard, but it was enough to arouse me and make me suck even harder. The warm, muscular organ slid easily in and out of my muzzle as he groaned. Deciding to break the routine and attempting to be a tad adventurous, I lifted my muzzle against the force of his paw and began suckling the tip of his cock. My right paw quickly grasped his shaft and stroked the exposed meat as Lioksi shuddered and moaned, "Oh, Gods!"

    I persisted my suckling motions on his tip only for a few seconds more before the whole of it was shoved back into my muzzle by a thrust from his hips. Holding my head and thrusting himself into my face, I hardly had to work. I merely sucked as my best friend fucked my muzzle. I soon tasted precum on my stroking tongue. On yet another adventurous impulse, my left paw snaked its way down to Lioksi's tailhole. I tickled the sensitive fur around the opening before carefully inserting a claw, then a finger, then two, and then three. "Oh Gods… I can't last much longer, Pry…"

    Driving my fingers into his hole, I sped up the rhythm of my sucking, beyond what his paws were applying. I matched the speed of my buried fingers to the bobbing of my head, and Lioksi went crazy. He thrusted down onto my fingers and up into my muzzle, he squeezed my ears, and he moaned and writhed as I fucked him with my paw and as his pink meat fucked my muzzle. Just imagining what pleasure he must've been feeling aroused me beyond what I could handle. My right paw quickly wrapped around my own raging erection and stroked it madly. It was a matter of mere seconds before I moaned around Lioksi's penis and blew globs of spooge onto the couch. He must've seen because shortly after my pleasure wore off, I felt his muscles tighten inside his tailhole, his body tense, and he thrusted into my muzzle like a toy, shooting hot jets of vulpine semen into it. His cock quickly filled me with more than I could hold and his love trickled out down his meat. Being my adventurous self, I swallowed all the cum he shot out of his rod. I had never tasted semen before and I was surprised to find that, other than a bit of saltiness, it had little taste to it, and wasn't at all unpleasant.

    Soon, Lioksi's orgasm diminished and I lifted my muzzle off him and licked him clean of all the juice I had missed. Breathing hard and leaning back onto the couch, Lioksi looked at me with contented eyes and a warm smile that I had never seen on him before.

    "That felt so good," he said with a smile. "Thank you."

    "You're definitely welcome," I said grinning. "I'm always glad to help out a friend."

    "I never thought one of my friends would do this kinda stuff with me, though."

    "Well, we're best friends," I said, stroking his sheath once. "Best friends do things for each other. Besides, I've always wanted to see you naked."

    He smiled back and leaned in to kiss me. I scritched his white chest as he relaxed back into his seat. "You know what I need, now? A nice, warm shower…"

    Smiling, I asked, "Mind if I join?"

    He smiled back. "Not at all… Not at all."


    © Aamplythikheyes