Furry Dipping

    "The girls aren‘t here yet," I said, baffled.

    "Yeah, I can see that, Lorn" said my cynical lupine friend.
    The two of us, agitated and confused, gazed about the vast, empty pond. The hot wind of summer coerced the water and the surrounding forest into a dance of prehistoric beauty. We stood in our shorts, the blazing noon sun casting its heat over us, as we gave up the search for any signs of the females.
    "Shit, man… I thought we had 'em," I said, moping and kicking the dry sand. "I don't get it. I keep hearing all this stuff about how the ladies love bucks. 'There's something about a buck that the girls can't resist.' That‘s what my dad says all the time!"
    "Quit your bitching," said the irritated wolf.
    Now, Kelin is normally not the kind of wolf to so quickly overlook something so discouraging as the absence of a female, so his remark angered and perplexed me. I looked to him with a confused expression. "Quit my bitching?" I figured I'd let him have it. "Okay, Kelin. I'll quit my bitching… just as soon as you tell me who we‘re going to go furry dipping with now. The girls were the main attraction, incase you forgot!"
    He simply chuckled as a smirk crept over his muzzle. "You can't seriously believe that bucks are lady-killers. Not when I'm the one here with the knot," he said, glaring at me while pointing at his crotch.
    Even though he had made an excellent point, I still retaliated with a playful shove. "It can't be that big…"
    "Wanna see it?" he said with a mischievous grin and a raised eyebrow.
    My heart leapt into my throat at his comment. "Dude, that's sick! Hell no!"
    "Suit yourself." He shrugged and turned back towards the pond.
     Had he been serious? Had I said "yes," would he really have shown me his knot? I shook off the thoughts and assumed he was only joking, despite the look of sincerity that still hung on his muzzle. After a few brief moments of taking in the cool breeze, I backed a few steps away and sat myself on the white sand, contemplating what our next actions would be. A few minutes passed by with nothing but silence between the wolf and myself. The only sound that accompanied us was the wind combing its way through the treetops and the soft lapping of the miniature waves against the shore of the pond. I gave up my inner quest to escape boredom, and decided to break the silence as Kelin simply stood with his yellow eyes shut, enjoying the sweet motions of the air.
    I looked up at him as I broke him out of his concentration with my words. "So what're we gonna do now? The girls aren't gonna show."
    He opened his eyes and turned his head slightly in my direction. He seemed to think for a moment. "Well, I don't know about you," he said, turning and approaching the clear water. "But I'm going to go furry dipping just like we planned. I didn‘t come here for the girls, you know." At that, he dove in, resurfaced, removed his shorts underwater with a swift motion, and tossed them back onto shore, leaving me there with nothing but those shorts and confusion as my company.
    'I didn't come here for the girls'… Exactly what had he meant by that? Too many thoughts were rushing through my head at once, so I suppose I took it for granted that he was talking about the water. It seemed likely to me at the time. After all, it was quite a hot day. Or perhaps I was being deliberately naive. Whatever the cause, I decided he had been referring to the pond. I simply wouldn't allow myself to believe anything else. I remained seated and looked on as he surfaced for air before diving back down into the water. As the ripples of his motion spread through the pond, I argued with myself over what to do. I certainly didn't want to go home and deal with my battling parents or my damn sister, nor did I want to have to drag Kelin out of the water to drive us home. Yet… I didn't want to sit here and singe my fur off in the sunlight. I didn't often have the opportunity to go places anyway, being unable to afford a vehicle of my own.
    I was broken out of my prison of thoughts as Kelin surfaced once more and shouted from halfway across the pond, "You coming in, or what?"
    Granted, I wanted to get out of the searing heat, but I didn't expect to be stripping down with no females to be seen, not to mention swimming naked alone with another male. Though, swimming with my shorts on while Kelin swam naked would be a bit awkward, not so much as joining him in the nude, mind you. However, I knew the wolf all too well. If I entered the cool water with my shorts on, I would probably be pelted with jokes about insecurity and small appendages, especially with a furre that possessed such a blessing as a knot.
    "C'mon, chill out," he called. "What's the big deal?"
    The choice seemed obvious. I nodded to him as I stood from the sand, brushing a few grains off of my posterior. As he watched, I slowly waded into the cool pond until my waist was completely submerged. I tugged at my shorts, trying to draw out the removal of my only garment of clothing. He just floated and watched me with those piercing golden eyes. Concluding that he wasn't going to be satisfied until he made sure I was coming in, I pulled them off of me, shivering slightly as I felt the water rush over my bare groin. I tossed my trunks aside with Kelin's.
    I slowly began to advance and drench the rest of my body in the cool, clear water, Kelin's eyes still fixed upon me. As soon as my head was the only thing left unhidden by the pond, Kelin submerged himself once again into the water below, disappearing from my sight. I simply walked along the bottom, keeping my head above the water and basking in its caress over my fur. I could not deny the sweet feeling of being naked, but when Kelin did not return to the surface for quite some time, I began having doubts about what I was doing. What was Kelin doing underwater so long? Is he just staring at my crotch under there? I began to flush at such thoughts, and I could no longer wait for an answer. I closed my eyes, drew in a quick breath, and ducked under. The pond engulfed my head and I heard the familiar sound of water surround my ears. I opened my eyes, and I would've breathed a sigh of relief were I not underwater. Not only was Kelin facing away from me, but he was also on the complete opposite side of the pond. I watched curiously as he was about to surface and, when he did, I swam across the deeper end of the pond toward him and followed suit. I rose halfway out of the water, and the wind was like ice on my exposed chest.
    After shivering and wiping my eyes, I saw the wolf frantically scampering to get out of the water. He turned toward me; his lower half still submerged, and yelled, "There‘s a snake in the pond!" An upsurge of panic invaded my fear of exposure, being deathly afraid of snakes. I quickly followed him and leapt out of the pond, standing next to my nude friend. We both looked out at the rippling water as I searched for the snake. When there was no sign of it, I suddenly realized that rocks and swampy brush - a perfect haven for the snake, enclosed this end of the pond. Of course, as the adrenaline wore off, I began feeling quite exposed, especially with the wind brushing against my sensitive areas.
    "We can‘t get to our shorts," he said. Even though I wanted to deny it, he spoke the truth. The only way back to our shorts was to swim back across the pond, a feat that neither of us wanted to attempt. He looked over at me and chuckled a bit before sitting on a nearby stone. Hesitating for a moment, I sat to the wolf‘s left, a reasonable measure of air separating us. I leaned forward, using my arms to attempt to cover my crotch. Kelin was not so modest. With his paws behind his neck, he leaned back onto the rock and relaxed himself. "We‘ll just have to wait until it goes away, I guess," he said, closing his eyes. Of course, he was right. It was too dangerous to go back into the water for a while, at least until the snake moved on.
    As I watched the pond, I found myself distracted by Kelin's sheath, made prominent by his laying position. In fact, I actually found myself staring at it. I had to admit that the wolf was quite gifted. Even without the knot, his sheath had surprising girth that I had only dreamed of being gifted with. …Wait a minute… What the hell am I doing? I realized that I had been gazing at my friend's crotch for longer than I could remember. I'm just… comparing sizes… I forced myself to return my gaze to the pond. Looking out over the glimmering water, I thought to myself once more. This might be my only opportunity to see what I'm missing… What's the big deal, anyway? I know him well enough… I had to see his knot. I looked over his body, slowly working my eyes up his drying fur to his sleeping face. "Kelin?" I reached out and shook his left elbow. His eyes shot open. He looked at me, blinking wildly, trying to rid himself of sleep.
    I hesitated for a moment, blushing visibly. What do I say? How do I ask him? I thought of what might happen if he really had been joking with me about showing his knot. But he seemed serious enough, so I decided to be straightforward with the question. I drew in a deep breath and asked, "Can I see your knot?" My heart fluttered at my own question. It felt like it was going to explode in my chest. Before he even reacted, I had a feeling I was going to regret asking that. However, he surprised me. He smirked at me and said, "Couldn‘t resist, could you?" He brought his right paw out from underneath his head and immediately began working his cock through his sheath.
    I couldn't even comprehend what I was seeing and, even if I could, I wouldn't believe it. My lupine friend was masturbating in my presence! My heart tugged at my chest while I watched. As I saw his penis emerge from its home, my own equipment began to stir. Before I realized what I was doing, my two paws were vigorously massaging my crotch. Thankfully, Kelin, who was losing himself in his own pleasure as he pawed off, didn't seem to notice.
    My eyes remained locked on the wolf's crotch as I saw the base of his red cock begin to thicken. His paw descended to it and began attending to his growing knot, squeezing it and stroking it. Half of me expected him to stop and point it out to me after his knot had reached its full size, but my friend simply pawed himself off, eyes shut tight, with an expression of infinite ecstasy on his face. At this point, I didn't care about keeping my feelings from him. Just live a little! Touch him! I leaned over and removed his paws from his crotch, startling him into opening his eyes and exclaiming, "What the hell?"
    The only answer I gave him was my left paw underneath his balls, and my right paw wrapping around his girth. He gasped at my grip, and I responded simply by stroking him madly. I didn't even offer him so much as eye contact. My gaze was fixed on the red meat that I had wanted for so long. A few small grunts escaped his muzzle as I assisted him. At that moment, I took it upon myself to make this day a full one. I opened my muzzle, leaned down, and sucked his cock into it.
    "Oh, yeah," I heard him utter. Immediately, I began suckling and slurping on his rod as my left paw tickled his fuzzy sack. I let my tongue run wild around his cock within the warm confines of my muzzle. Suddenly, I felt his paw around my own shaft as he began to return the favor. I groaned out from around his meat as he began stroking my exposed buckhood. Every hair on his paw was stimulating my member and drawing gasps and moans from my carnal side. I responded to this gesture with a few squeezes to his knot, eliciting all sorts of noises from my companion. I continued to stroke my tongue along his length as he pawed me off. I noted a few light thrusts of his and began sucking harder than I ever thought possible. I brought my wanting muzzle down as far as his knot would allow before craning my neck until all that was left in my face was the very tip of his member, only to repeat the process again and again. Frenzied by lust, I, myself, began to thrust my cock into his paw as it pumped around me.
    All this came to an abrupt end as Kelin suddenly moaned and fired warm shots of wolven semen into the back of my throat. I resisted the urges to swallow and instead allowed my sweet prize to pool inside my muzzle, savoring the taste of my friend's orgasm, even as it faded away. Just as I gulped down his cum, I felt my own climax surprise me. My cock convulsed and emptied the contents of my balls over and over as I removed his penis from my face, strings of sperm lingering between the two. I vigorously thrust into his paw and I let the bliss of orgasm consume me. My cum only enticed me as it lubricated the tunnel that he created for me to fuck. I watched globs of glistening semen land on his face and chest as the flame burned through my every inch. Before I knew it, the wonderful feeling had faded and left me lying backwards and panting heavily.
    Kelin's paw disappeared from my member as he began cleansing himself of my seed. I followed his example and wiped the remains of his juice off my muzzle. We both calmed down and bathed in the sweet afterglow. For the longest time, the two of us sat beside each other, not exchanging a word, staring at the sky. Finally, I smirked and broke the silence.
    "There was no snake was there?"
    He returned my smile. "Nope."


    © Aamplythikheyes