Fuzzy Logic

    As my blank gaze idly wandered about the bland, gray, walls, pondering what newfound purpose my lupine eyes might find, I began to realize the thick mist of cold and inevitable boredom that had consumed my concentration. The faceless sounds and smells, which I supposed – with growing uncertainty – that I had once noticed, had abandoned me to my discontent long ago. From the deafening silence, the one definite audible beacon of life was no more than the droning, monotonous resonance of the bear's throat. With discreet, yet violent, tugs, I ravenously stroked my headfur in vain attempts to drown out the extremities of the psychotically vexing discord. My idle gaze rapidly altered into an icy glare as my emotions left me and all that stayed behind was bitter contempt for him and the malignant annoyance he constantly and so innocently unleashed upon my aching ears.

    Upon additional and futile efforts to relieve myself of the disturbingly tedious voice, I desperately searched the cluttered depths of my exhausted mind for various ways to rid my existence of what my obtuse classmates illogically deemed a "speech." Following my failure was darkness, a morbid fog that drowned my thoughts in sinister desires. My eyes remained calmly on his form as my heart was submerged in shadows. Every molecule in my body begged me to drench this inarticulate fool in his own blood. His shifting throat implored me with all its miserable existence to rip it from its home. Release from this torment, supplementary to his death, lie just beneath the expanses of his pale skin, and my single intention was to ravenously extract it by any means necessary.
    I slowly arose to my feet from my trivial place among the other prisoners of this pathetic system. Scores of inquisitive faces turned to meet mine as my eyes slipped into fathomless malice. I would be a mindless prisoner no longer. Only a few steps had I plunged into freedom, yet this pitiful morsel remained indescribably glorious. My newly vigorous spirit hungered for more, voracious impulses sending my body calmly toward my understandably confused objective. With each footstep, my soul burned with more seething excitement. The flood of delicious adrenaline rampaged within me as I took one final step toward the bear.
    Ignoring foolish orders from my superficial authority figure, my paw, furious with desire, quickly found its way to the mass of flesh within his neck that had been so inconceivably maddening. The imbecile attempted to pull away from my grasp, but his pathetic squirming only fueled my lust for death. My eyes gleamed with the desire to remove his ability to vex me any further. Putting fourth every ounce of blazing energy I possessed, I gripped his damnable throat and crushed the vulnerable organ. My claws ripped their way through flesh with an infinitely gratifying burst. The pleasing sounds of the incompetent fool choking on his own throat and the melodious screams of my classmates filled my ears. The sweet smell of blood flooded my nostrils. I craved more. With a furious tug, I tore his throat from his bleeding neck, sending torrents of red fluid streaming into the air. While the pandemonium unfolded within the classroom, I looked down upon the gurgling idiot and smirked as his lifeforce dissipated.
    What a simple thing it is to have control over life…


    © Aamplythikheyes