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I am also adding as of 06/06/2000 a picture comissioned by me, couritsy of Dutch, check out his most awesome art at http://www.skunked.com/dutch/index.html The picture is of Duke and Racheal, two of the main characters from the Tails of Life series. If I get any more pictures of characters from my stories I’ll post them here too. If you want to draw a char just let me know.


Scorched Earth Saga

theymet: Colleen is taken by slavers, just when things seem their worst a mysterious man rescues her, can they escape the slavers and their high tech devices or is Colleen doomed to a life of servitude. But who is her mysterious hero and what is he hiding? Heavy sexual innuendo light violence, not for young kittens, teenagers perhaps.

nature: In progress. Sequel to theymet, not necessary for enjoying hellwar. Outline will be posted once story is added.

hellwar: Daravin and Colleen come upon a book which tells a bloody story of the past. Warning: extreme violence, blood and guts, light sexual innuendo.

Tails of Life

reachout: The first story of my PF and his friends. A story about unrequited love, sibling ties and racial prejudice. Duke’s would be love of his life is visibly upset, and he sets out to find out why, can he live with the answer once he finds out? The language is more than TV or radio can broadcast, not for kittens.

outsider: After a friend of Duke’s and fellow furry is the target of a hate crime, Leeroy sets out to gain vengeance for all furries. A strange new friend comes on the scene to a mixed reception, and can anyone stop Leeroy before he gets himself killed? The language in this story is pretty gritty, not for kittens.

nightdreams: By some coincidence, or psychic connection Duke, Ray, and Leeroy all experience nightmares the same night, two looking backwards, and one ahead. But how accurate can the glimpse into the future be? This story gives some insight into the histories of three of the series’ main characters. Language is as always a little on the vulgar side.

One Shots

babewood: My werewolf story. A man is stranded in the middle of nowhere and decides to follow the sound of voices through the forest looking for help. The language is tame, but heavy violence is implied. The only story to my credit right now without a skunk in it in some capacity.

Summerlv: Tina has planned a rendezvous with her mysterious boyfriend, but her roommate isn’t sure about him. Is Tina getting in over her head? Fit for kittens but not sure if they’d get much from it.


Unnamed series

steamlock: Torm has fantasized about his classmate Lex for years, is it possible that Lex feels the same way? This question is emphatically answered one night in the gym, or is it? M/M.

aftermath: The sequel to steamlock, Torm’s life starts a downhill slide following his forced coming out. However in the depths of despair he learns who his real friends are. Meanwhile Lex continues to meditate on the nature of his feelings for Torm, and he too meets a new friend. M/M.

livelost: The sequel to aftermath. Torm starting to put his life together while struggling with depression. He starts to rebuild his friendship with Lex but how will this go over with the fox’s dominant new masters? M/M/M-NC-BD-SM-Watersports.

Strikeline - Michelle’s new life

Justice: Ben and Mark are attacked by an anonymous group of people, but for what reason. They hunt down some members of the group looking for answers, and a young woman must choose between life and death. No sex, but there will be in later installments.

Lovetoy: Michelle is introduced to her new owners, much to her dismay. Can a Member of a violent anti-gay street gang adapt to being the sex toy of another woman. Michelle also learns what happens when you cross a skunk. F/F-NC-BD.

solesurv: Michelle begins to see the gentler side of her mistress, as she realizes that if she is going to escape she better do it soon before she grows too fond of the place if not the people around her, but how will Cecilia react to her attempt? F/F-NC-BD.

lesson4: Charlene needs someting to snap her out of hrer depression about being dumped, and Cecilia blieves she knows the cure. Michelle also has one more lesson to learn before her basic training is complete, but can she bring herself to actually do it? F/F/F-NC-BD-Anal.

poolp: Cecilia takes Michelle on an outing, and some steamy action crops up. Michelle is forced for the first time to service her mistress in the presense of a third party. M/F-F/F-NC-BD-Public.

pricepay: Michelle has been a bad girl and now she must accept her punishment. But how far will Cecilia go to teach her a lesson, and what effect is Michelle’s stay with Cecilia having on her mind, and emotions? F/F-NC-BD-SM.

blodsoul: Coming Soon. Karl is hired to kill a brutally efficient assasin from the future, who will stop at nothing to complete her contract on killing him. Is he biting off more than he can chew, and what will he do when she takes Cecilia hostage?

One Shots

violate: Set in the Scorched Earth world but not part of Scorched Earth Saga. Carson is caught fishing illegally, and decides to flirt with the conservation officer, remember people this is a bad idea no matter what happens in the story. M/F-outdoors.