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Summer Love

By Skunkaholic

”On a hot summers night,

Would you offer your throat,

To the wolf with the red roses?”


“You Took the Words Right Out of my Mouth.”, 1977

Tina slipped the cassette into the little tape deck which sat on her vanity desk. Pressing down the play button she gazed at her reflection in the large mirror. Her black fur was shiny and perfectly arranged, as was the white stripe which ran between her eyes and down her muzzle. There was an acceptable amount of cleavage showing through the wispy lace of her strapless, peach colored teddy. She stuck her tongue out, making a silly face, and playing to the mirror for a moment. The soft tones of Traci Ulman's “They Don't Know” floated out of her tape deck. Tina energetically sang along as best as she could between strokes of applying her lipstick.

“And I don't listen to the guy's who say, that you're bad for me and I should turn you away.” She sang, losing herself in the song. “Cause they don't know about us. They've never heard of love.” As Tina finished the chorus she made a kiss towards the mirror, her own little bit of vanity.

“I don't see why you like this song so much.” came a deep, sultry voice from the door. Tina looked over at her roommate Lisa. Lisa was a beautiful vixen with the typical deep red fur, black “gloves”, and a white patch over her breasts and tummy, the latter was now on open display below her Baby-T which read “Yes, they are real.”. A shirt Tina and several other friends had made up for Lisa as a joke, because that was invariably the first thing anyone wondered upon seeing her. Now most vixens are well endowed in the breast department but Lisa takes this to the extreme. Hers were enough to give even other vixens an inferiority complex. So understandably Tina hated her own breasts immensely, when the two roommates stood side by side it was like apples and grapefruits, by comparison. What was an attractive young skunk to do.

“I feel it represents my relationship with Stoan very well, thank you.” Tina replied to Lisa's original statement.

“I can think of something else which suits it better.” Lisa commented leaning against the door frame.

“And what's that?”

“”Poison” by Alice Cooper.” was the reply. It wasn't the kind of music Tina listened to but she knew the song from her roommates more eclectic collection of CD's. It was about someone in love with someone else who was bad for them and as the song went, “I wanna' kiss you, but your lips are venomous, Poison.” Tina stuck her tongue out again, this time at her roommate.

“I'm not kidding Tina,” Lisa said suddenly becoming very serious. “I don't like him, something about him just scares me. I mean, what do you know about him?”

“I know enough.” While they talked had finished putting on her make up and was slipping on the blue silk dress she had picked out for their date. “Could you get this for me?” She called over her shoulder trying to change the subject.

Lisa came around behind her and buttoned up the back of her dress. “Like what?” Lisa pried, returning to the topic at hand. “Where does he work?”

“I don't know? I don't think he does, actually.”

“Wonderful choice in boyfriends, I've been with unemployed men before. They hang around as long as they can keep getting enough money to cheat on you behind your back, with your slut, bitch, ho, roommate.” By now Lisa was growling under her breath, and her fists were clenched at her side.

“Lisa, not all guys are like that. Oh by the way, I was talking to Shideigh the other day.”

“Who?” Lisa asked, looking puzzled now, instead of angry. She had a tendency to do that. She got mad, until something took her attention away for a moment, then the incident was forgotten again.

“Shideigh, you know, twin sister of said lupine roommate.” Lisa grunted a slight 'yeah'. “Apparently she dumped him after she caught him doing the same thing with some squirrel.”

“Serves the sleaze ball right.”

“Anyways,” Tina said fixing the green velvet choker Stoan had given her around her neck, he always said it brought out her eyes. “Stoan isn't like that, I mean even if he doesn't work, his family must be rich or something, I mean we can afford to go to ' The Flowering Peach' for dinner.”

“Jeez, you can either have dinner there or buy groceries for a week.”

“Only the way you eat.” Tina teased, as she slipped on her three inch heels dyed to match her dress. Now it was Lisa who stuck out her tongue. Lisa was still struggling to control the eating habits she had picked up trying to stay thin for her ex-boyfriend.

Lisa gently placed her hand on her roommates shoulder, “Tina, just promise me you'll be careful, okay.”

“All right, “ the skunk conceded, and the two embraced in a hug which burned with the warmth of friendship. The doorbell rang causing both women to jump, and then they burst into a fit of giggles over being so easily startled. “That'll be Stoan. Don't wait up, I might stay at his place for the night.”

“All right,” Lisa sighed. Tina went to the door as the doorbell rang again Taking a deep breath she straightened her dress and opened the door.

Standing there on the porch of the two bedroom house Tina's grandmother had left her was Stoan. He was 6' 8” of he-wolf, His build was that of a construction worker, with the face of a movie star. He wore a dark brown suit, which made a nice contrast to his flawlessly groomed silver fur, and in his hand he carried a dozen long-stem red roses, which he gracefully handed to Tina.

“Why, thank you, Stoan.” She leaned to kiss him and nuzzled against his cheek. “Here, let me put these in some water before we go out.”

“What ever you want, makes me happy, you know that.” He replied, as the two stepped into the house. As Tina reached up to the high shelf to retrieve a vase Stoan's paws crept around her waist, pulling him to her. “You look incredible tonight, Tina.” He whispered in her ear.

“Thank you Stoan, you look wonderful too.”

As Tina filled the vase from the tap Stoan detached his hands and poked his head into the living room, “Good evening Miss Lisa, how are you?”

Lisa felt herself shiver, it was as though someone had just sucked all the heat out of the room. She rubbed her arms both for heat and from nervousness, as she responded with a simple ' fine'. Tina walked around by Stoan's head and took the tip of his ear into her mouth, nipping it playfully to get his attention. The wolf's tail wagged happily behind him batting against Tina's as he turned his attention back to her. “You're ready to go my dear?” Tina nodded yes so Stoan walked to the door as Tina waved good-by to her vulpine roommate.

“After you.” Stoan gestured, inviting Tina into his apartment. The beautiful skunk accepted his invitation and stepped inside the darkened apartment. Stoan closed the door and secured the bolts before flicking on the light. The two bedroom apartment was lavishly furnished, fine carpets, quality furniture and artwork everywhere. As she stepped into the main hall a painting on the wall caught Tina's eye. It was a painting of her sitting in a bar surrounded by furs of all types, socializing. She was certain she never looked as good as the painting showed, but it was very flattering.

“I call it, ' Diamond in the Rough'. “ Stoan said, his head right over her shoulder, his voice warm and comforting. When he spoke Tina felt as though she could wrap herself in it's warmth like a blanket.

“This is the bar where we first met, isn't it?” She asked in awe of the work.

“Yes, I remember when I first laid eyes on you. It was as though everyone else had suddenly left the room. They all ceased to exist, I ceased to exist, there was only you. The goddess in the corner.”

Tina could feel the burning in her cheeks and the tips of her ears at his praise. She turned to face him and stretched up pressing her muzzle to his. She slid her tongue into his muzzle as they held each others bodies close. Tina could feel herself being drawn up into his muzzle. Not just her tongue but her whole body, her spirit. For a moment she was sure she felt her feet leave the floor. She began to lose track of where her muzzle ended and his began. The two souls began to meld into one. She could feel his heart pounding within his chest. It felt like a drum and it called to her, she could feel her own heart matching it's rhythm, beating at the same moment. She breathed through her nose as the two refused to separate their muzzles, her nostrils were filled with his scent. So strong and manly, but not unpleasant, it was like nothing Tina had ever smelt before, and she found it intoxicating. Tina could feel a tingling start in her toes, and spread up her legs. It flowed over her body, from her legs to her abdomen, then over her breasts, and down her arms. Her whole body tingled with delight and anticipation.

Neither of them was really sure how long the had been standing there, when they slowly separated. Their tongues seeking out their own mouth and their muzzles sliding gently apart. As Tina looked up to gaze into Stoan's eyes, she couldn't help but giggle. “What is it, my dear?” Stoan asked. Tina couldn't help herself as her giggle turned into a light chuckle. As they had kissed her lipstick had brushed off and smeared itself all over the end of Stoan's muzzle. Stoan went to the bathroom to examine himself in a mirror to discover the source of her amusement. When he saw himself, Stoan couldn't help but laugh, he did look silly. Tina strolled into the living room and sat down upon the couch. She gazed around at all the artwork on the walls, there must be a dozen paintings, and drawings, just in the living room and kitchen. While she was still admiring the collection Stoan returned, having cleaned himself. “Did you draw all these?” Tina breathed, amazed at this unknown talent of her boyfriend.

“Yes, do you like them?” Stoan asked lovingly, obviously seeking the admiration of the woman he cared for.

“They're wonderful . . . just like you. Is this what you do for a living?”

“Yes, I sell my paintings, and I draw portraits, that is why I'm always so busy during the day.”

“Wow,” She gasped, Tina had imagined that he had some source of income, but she had no idea of the talent which he possessed. “I was wondering how my favorite wolfey, could afford to take little old me to The Flowering Peach, and then dancing so gracefully.”

“Yes, well . . .” He stuttered for a moment. “If you like them so, Why don't you pick one. Any one you want and It's yours.”

“Oh Stoan, really?” He nodded, smilingly lovingly. The skunk could feel the warmth of his smile upon her fur, it was like basking in the warm sun on a summer day. She looked around at all the paintings before choosing a self portrait Stoan had done, of himself dressed in an Early Victorian style nobleman's clothes, a cane with a silver wolf's head handle in his paws. It was exquisite, Tina was sure she could see the love in his eyes. “This one, please.” She mumbled shyly.

“If that is the one you wish, than that is the one you shall have.” he decreed placing his hand upon her shoulder, feeling the silken fur and soft flesh underneath his paw. “The fact that you like my paintings, justifies this career more than any bauble it has allowed me to buy.”

The two gazed into each others eyes again for a moment before Stoan broke the silence. “Here, allow me to give you the grand tour. . . That is if you will do me the honor.” Tina again was astounded by his manners, you just didn't find nearly as many polite people these days as there used to be. Tina took his arm as he gestured around the room they were in with his free hand. “This of course is the living room and kitchen.” From there he showed her the bathroom, and then led Tina to the first bedroom. “This here is my studio, where I do all my drawing and painting.” Having explained what was on the other side of the door Stoan opened it revealing the room beyond. There were paintings leaning 4 or 5 thick against every available piece of wall, and every flat surface was buried beneath folders full of preliminary sketches. In the center of the room was a drawing board with a sheet draped over it. As they stepped into the studio Tina could feel the emotion which had left it's residual traces in this area. It was truly overwhelming to the skunk who had never seen anything involved with the artistic process.

“Who's that?” Tina asked pointing to a painting in the one corner, a painting of a beautiful wolfette, with deep brown fur, mottled white in parts and black in a few others.

“My sister, Martha.” Stoan sighed,”She died in an accident about two years ago.”

“I'm sorry.” Tina sympathized, She turned again to survey the room again and her hand brushed the covered drawing board. What was under it? Tina grabbed the edge of the sheet in her paw and looked over at Stoan, “May I?” she asked, practically begging.

The wolf smiled broadly and nodded his approval. “I just finished yesterday.” He explained. The sheet slid gently down off the drawing board and there on it's surface was truly, one of the finest drawings Tina had ever seen. It was her, draped in angelic robes with the stereotypical harp and halo. The detail in which it was rendered was breathtaking, Tina could swear that she could see herself breathing, her chest rising and falling gently. This drawing, like all of Stoan's renderings of her, Tina found far more flattering than the reality, but that just made her love the art even more.

“It's gorgeous.” She gasped, “I can't believe that is me. It almost looks too good to be me.”

“Nothing could ever be too beautiful to be you, Tina.” Stoan complimented, putting his arm around her shoulders as they inspected the piece. “But I'm glad that you feel I've done you justice with this piece.”

“Done me justice, You've done more than that, You've impro . . .” Tina was cut off by a single clawed wolf finger pressed gently to her lips.

“Hush now,” He scolded gently. “I will not hear of you or anyone else, taking anything away from your beauty.”

“All right, Stoan.” She conceded, “I guess a little glamorous indulgence is healthy in art.”

“Let's just leave it at that shall we. Now if you don't mind, this piece must be exhausted from being on display so soon after it's birth, we should let it rest.” As Stoan recovered the drawing, Tina just stared sideways at him not understanding what he was saying. Noting her expression Stoan explained, “There comes a time during the creation process, when a piece of this magnitude, ceases to be simply a drawing and takes on a life force, entirely of it's own. That life force is no less real than that of you or I.”

“All right, so maybe he's a little eccentric.” Tina thought to herself, “He's handsome, He's talented, He's rich, and he thinks the world of me. I could definitely do a LOT worse.”

Continuing the tour Stoan led Tina to the final room on the tour, the bedroom. The bed was a gorgeous carved wooden frame featuring a pack of wolves running beneath the moon on the headboard, and Owls for the four bedposts. For the umpteenth time since entering into his apartment Tina once again found her breath taken away. Stoan chuckled briefly, “It was a trade by a friend of mine. He carved this for me and I did a portrait of him and his wife after their honeymoon.”

This was all coming together and having an incredible effect on Tina, she wanted Stoan and she wanted him now. She practically knocked him over embracing him tightly and kissing him with all the passion she was feeling. After a moment she separated from his muzzle long enough to gasp out, “Take me . . . Now.”

Stoan guided Tina down onto the bed, and took her paw in his, “Tina, are you sure you want this. I know this will be your first time, and I don't want to do anything to pressure you if you aren't ready.” His voice was filled with more tenderness and compassion than Tina had ever heard from a single person in her whole life, and this made her want him more.

“I know, and I want my first time to be with you, I want it to be tonight.”

“Well then, who am I to argue with a beautiful woman.” Stoan smirked

As they snuggled afterwards lying beneath the black satin sheets Tina drifted in and out of consciousness. He had been everything she had imagined and so much more. He had been passionate, but at the same time gentle and caring, taking care in her pleasure more than his own. As she drifted to sleep, her tail wrapped around his waist and her head resting next to his, the last thing she felt was him gently nuzzling at her neck, kissing it softly. She didn't feel it as his pointed fangs pierced through her flesh and sought out a vein. Stoan felt the familiar taste of blood, coppery and sweeter than the finest honey. He drank deeply of her life, before retracting his fangs. He had to be careful not to drink too much, he was not used to drinking less than a fatal amount, but he had to keep her alive. He had to feed two more times before things would be complete. He would not kill this one by accident the same way he had killed off Martha. Stoan reminded himself to act ashamed in the morning for the “nip mark” he had left on her neck, which would be covered, oh so conveniently by the choker he had given to her for exactly this reason, and besides, it really did bring out her eyes.