Lycanthropes: First Kill.


Prologue: Diary

            October 2003.  It’s been nearly four months since the Yokely incident, the incident that I could never forget, the incident that changed my life, and the incident that lost my humanity forever.  The Incident that made me…a lycanthrope.

            My family knows nothing of the truth about what happened back then or what I had become.  All they know that I was injured in a bus crash while traveling home along with other students and teachers.  The truth is, that was a stunt posed as a cover up of what actually happened to us students and the teachers at Yokely.

            Since then we had made an oath not to tell anyone about the truth of what happened at Yokely and the existence of lycanthropes.   For nineteen of us, we must not reveal our beast side to anyone but those who was involved at Yokely.

            Why did we do this?  The reason was simple it was for our own protection.  If some authorities crap found out the truth and the existence of lycanthropes, we could put our lives in great danger.  If the press found out, they would kill us with words.

For those who are puzzling what a lycanthrope is, it is basically another name for werewolves.  We are the type of werewolf with more wolf-like appearance (unlike those in Hollywood film that makes werewolves look too much human like).  We walk on digitgrade legs (Toe walking) and our sizes are usually between seven to eight foot high.  We have a typical wolf like bushy tail.  Our hands however retain the shape of human hands, but have paw pads and fur on our hands.  This helps us to grip on some things.

At daylight we are in our human form, at night we could force ourselves to change into werewolves.  Unlike some Hollywood crap we don’t just change at full moon, we could change at any nights even if there is no moon in the night sky.  However at full moon, we are forced to change, no matter, even against our will.

In our human forms, are hearing and sense of smell is very good as well as our strengths and sight.  These are some abilities from werewolf form, which we can be maintained in our human form.

My progress of getting the use of being a werewolf is going alright, even though my first few transformations was slow and painful at first, but after several transformations, I manage to half my time to transform into my wolf form and gradually making it becoming less painful. 

Usually I stay indoors when I practice, but on some nights I’d travel to the nearby woods, usually in my wolf form, to meet my watchers, Fu-Young (Who is also a werewolf like me), and Dr Claire Wright (A scientist who monitors my health).  Also Fu-Young teaches me some skills about being a werewolf that could be useful later on.

Other than this werewolf wolf crap, a lot of things happen in the last three to four months.   My friends, Stuart and Chi-Wai has now gone to universities after getting extremely good grades in A-level.  Stuart has gone to Loughborough University to study Further in Physics, while Chi-Wai somehow manages to get into (Wait for it!) Oxford University (That Lucky Bastard!) to study Biology and Chemistry. 

Meanwhile for me, despite getting a top grade in Electronics was turned down by the universities due to the “poor Physics grade”.  So I ended up staying in the boring County of Lincolnshire and went to Lincoln College to study HND Electronic Engineering.  I still live in Metheringham village with my family, as I only have to travel ten miles by car to get there.  Usually I stay in an accommodation for a night or two (depending on whether or not I have homework) as I have got electronics back to back on Wednesdays and Thursdays before going back home, unless I have a lot of homework to do, then I would stay for an extra night to get it over and done with.

Tim however, flunked his A-levels badly.  He never really told anyone about it until about few weeks ago, he suffered depression for a while until got accepted by Lincoln college to not only retake one of his subjects, but also to study computer Graphics.  I often see him working a lot on the computers in open access areas doing his coursework.  But despite this, Tim has still got his sense of humor and does throw in a lot of jokes and insults from time to time (especially those sick minded jokes).

Despite us all are working away from each other, we do get together from time to time, and talk about what have we been during over the period of time since we last met.   Mainly going around to Lincoln and going to Pubs and getting ourselves hammered before going back our universities or college and getting on with our work.

Everything seems to be running quite smoothly until…that very week in October, that very week that was become the worst chapter of my life.


Chapter 1.

            Today it was Thursday, 2nd of October, the day of my brother’s Birthday.  I had just finished a day’s work at the college.  It was autumn and the cold weather had finally arrived.  Even though I was wearing a coat, I could still feel the bite of the cold breeze.  It was one of those sorts of days that I wished that I could transform into my werewolf form in daylight so my winter coat fur would keep me nice and warm.

I was walking down along the busy high street, heading towards the railway station with Tim, who was wearing his Ferrari Jacket and cap, and two of my new friends Michael and Jamul who I had met at the college.

 Michael is large and fairly chubby, who would flatten anyone who insulted about his weight (he already flattened Tim against the wall in college after he called Michael a “Fat Twat”).  He was wearing a thick red jumper and large brown trousers, hold up by his large belly, which swings left to right as he walks. 

Jamul is a good friend; he’s been through as much as I had from being bullied at the early years of secondary school.  Since he went into college, the “Sincil Bank Gang” heavily picked him on just because the colour of his skin (Yes he is black).  I already helped him out a few times by warning him dangers and getting him out of trouble of what the Sincil bank Gang was going to do to him from overhearing them in my electronics lesson.  Jamul had put his hands in his thick, black and white coat pocket to keep him warm.  He dresses like a typical black street kid, cool jacket and torn jeans.  He’s a sort of ‘Dude’ who listens to a lot of street, garage and R’n’B music.

We walked down to the train station together, going pass some of the shops, which is in the old Victorian buildings that hardly changed over the past century.  It had only taken us half-an-hour to get to the station and we waited at the cafe for our train to arrive.  We sat in the far corner next to the window so we could see the train arriving.

I looked up at one of the two TV screens at the top corner of the room just above the canteen.  One screen was of but the other was showing the train times, written is white letters on black background.   Unfortunately for Tim and me our train is going to be late as the letters read, “Delayed” next to Sleaford, the train we get on to get back home to Metheringham.  The second time this week it had been late

“Late again?” I moaned at the screen

Tim pulled out his Car magazine out of his bag  “What do you expect? Rail services can’t run on time, even if they are going save it self.”

“The new rail network is just as bad that old one, we can’t really do anything about” Said Jamul.

I brought one of the chairs that were on the other table to the left of us to our table for me to sit on.  “I hope its not too late, because I’m going out tonight”

Michael sat up from his chair “Oh yeah” He remembered, “You’re going to that Bar and Restaurant place in Dunston Fen for your brother’s birthday”

“Aye, He’s seventeen today” I said

Tim looked up and closed his magazine and leaving his finger in between so he doesn’t loose his page “I hope you remembered to get his birthday card” He pointed at me.

To make sure that I have got Daniel’s birthday card, I’ve checked my front pocket of my bag, and then pulled out a sealed envelope addressed directly to Daniel “Yeah I’ve remembered” I waved the card at Tim before putting it back in my bag.

“Have you got a present for him?”

“Nah, I just give him a fiver, so he can buy what he wants for his birthday” I replied, shaking my head and zipping up my bag.  “Knowing him, he’ll probably put it towards to buy another squash racket”

“Another one?” Jamul exclaimed “How many squash rackets does your little brother have”

I placed my bag on the floor “He has about eleven” I answered

“Eleven!” He echoed “Why does he need that many?”

“Hey don’t forget that my brother is the Lincolnshire, East Anglia and East Midlands champion, he uses his rackets quite a lot and they looses performance within a few months of usage” I explained.

Jamul looked surprised as he never knew that my brother was that good in squash. My brother Daniel has been playing squash majorly for three years, constantly dominating squash in our local squash leagues.  He then went on to compete in various competitions mainly along the east of England.  My brother has been tipped that the England team could even select him within a few years.  That’s providing he keeps on going than he is.

I have to admit, I do get a little jealous, because all of the attention he gets from everyone in the village and all the money my parents spent on him, just so he can make his dreams come true of becoming a world class squash player.  While I have to stick with my academic studies at college.

“How much prize money did he get?” asked Michael


“He said how much Prized money has Daniel won?” Tim repeated what Michael said.

I looked up at the ceiling trying to remember the prize money he’s won from each competition and adding them up to get the total prize money “I think he’s won £2500 altogether”

            Both Jamul and Michael went wide eyed about it, however Tim hardly reacted about what I have just said about the prize money as he was too engrossed reading his magazine.

            “Jesus Man” Jamul Gasps “What does he spend all that”

            I smiled at both Jamul and Michael “Well lets see, he spend it on an MP3 players, new PC, computer games, Squash equipment…”

            “And the lists goes on” Tim interjected into our conversation. “It’s a shame that he’s not saving some money to get driving lessons” Tim then looked directly at me “And you know how much it cost you for your driving lessons”

            I rubbed the back of my head “Yeah, that did cost a lot, I was lucky to get two jobs to pay for my lessons, without it interfering with my school work”

            Michael leaned back on his chair “How much did that cost you?”

            “Seven hundred bloody quid”

            “What a Rip-off!” Michael shouted

I nodded “It would have been six hundred and eighty if it wasn’t cancelled and passed first time”

Michael huffed “Still a fucking rip off”

“Yeah well at least I’m now qualified to drive, and lowered my insurance from taking Pass Plus,” I pointed out.

While we are still having a conversation, I manage to pick up a sound of the train running on our side of the line.  This is our train; I could tell by the sound being a little higher pitched, as the train is usually empty before we get in. 

I got up from my seat and put my bag on holding on a single strap on my right shoulder.

“Hey! Where are you going?” Michael asked

I pushed my seat back under our table “Our train is here” I answered.

Jamul laughed a little and turned around to face the window where the tracks are, “What Train? I don’t see any train here”

            We all looked at the platform, and after several seconds, we could see a lot of people stating to move towards the edge of the platform, a sign that the train is just about to arrive on the platform.

            “Well, our train is here now” Tim Smiled cheekily at Jamul

            Jamul’s jaw dropped “How the hell did you know? Are you some kind of psychic?”

            I laughed at Jamul’s comments “Hell no! I knew, because I could hear it coming”

            Tim elbowed me hard   reminding me not to go over the top with my were-side abilities.  Both Jamul and Michael looked at me oddly that I could here things better than what they can.

            “I think we better get on the train before it leaves” Said Tim “We’ll see you on Tuesday”

            “Yeah, see you both on Tuesday” Said Michael.







Chapter 2.

            The train was a shabby old train with seats falling apart, tables full of graffiti, and a boarded up window from when someone put a brick through the window the other week.  These was some of the cataloged of problems that the British Rail services had.  Even with new ownership, there were still some problems that needed attention.

            Tim and me sat down on the chairs with tables on, opposite to each other with our bags on the table.  I slumped on the seat, annoyed with myself for opening my big mouth about what I could hear, that they can’t.  Because of what I am, I’ve got far better hearing and able to pick up higher frequencies for what any human can.

            “Hey Adam” Said Tim, grabbing my attention.  I looked up at him and could see that his facial expression shown that he about to be serious on something…For once “I think you where showing off a bit too much about your werewolf abilities back then” Said Tim.

            “Aye, I think I’ve got carried away,” I said, resting my head on my hand, supported by my arm.

            Tim had taken off his cap.  He than flattened his hair that was messed up from wearing that cap.  “You got to be careful for what you are doing Adam” Tim placed his red cap on top of his bag.  “You see, one of these days, someone will think that you’re something else”

            I’ve put my hand down and straightened myself up “Yeah, I know Tim, but its not easy trying to hold back the wolf side of me, especially when its six days until the next full moon”

            Tim huffed and shook his head “You need to try and hold it back as much as you can, not letting it get to you”

            I looked down at my hands “Yeah but sometimes it feels like my body wants to shift, it wants to change even when it’s against my will and not at full moon”

            “It’s probably due to stress with all that college work.  So I think you need to rest and relax a bit more” Tim suggested, “Remember, that stress can trigger of your transformation” He pointed out.

            I haven’t forgotten about Fu-Young’s warning about stress and transformations. He warned me not to loose my temper or over work myself at nights otherwise I could ending up transforming at the wrong place at the wrong time.  So I have to remain cool and calm as much as I can.

 However at daylight I don’t have to worry as much, especially that I could only transform into a werewolf at nights due to something about the UV light that makes the Virus less active or something like that.

Tim got his train pass out of his pocket ready for it to be checked by the train Guard “Oh I just remembered something” Tim spoke out “Dr Wright wanted to know how many times you transformed last month, other than the nights of the full moon.  But since you will be out tonight, I’ll go and tell her”

            “Right” I nodded at Tim “Tell her that I’ve only transformed four times in the last month, on the nights other than the full moon”

            “Four times?” Tim Echoed “You mean you only forced yourself to change four times in a month?”

            “Only four” I repeated,

            Tim scratched his head before putting his cap back on, by the look on his face, he doesn’t seem happy that I hardly forced myself to transform in the last month “Why are you are very reluctant to transform into a werewolf?” He asked, “Nathan and them lot transform into a werewolf at least three or four times a week, and that excludes the full moon nights”

            I shook my head “It’s just to risky.  I don’t want my parents being mad at me for locking myself in my bedroom just so I could transform into a werewolf.”

            Tim sat up from his chair “Why don’t you transform yourself when they are asleep?”

            “I can’t, because I make a loud noise when I transform, and I don’t want them to be woke up by it and get suspicious of what I’m doing”

Tim sighed and shook his head “I know it’s hard for you to find a right time, but you need to try so you can get the use of your werewolf side”

Tim had a quick look around watching out for nosey people before he continued “Why don’t you go out this Saturday and say to your parents that you are staying at my house for a night.  Then you can transform yourself into your wolf form and spend all night getting use to it.  It will be a perfect time to practice your transformations without them knowing.  Besides, Fu-Young will be about in Metheringham, and he might give you something to do to help you to get used to your wolf form”

I leaned forward from my seat.  “I usually do transform on Saturday nights, Sunday mornings anyway, when I have to meet Claire and Fu-Young for a regular blood tests.  It’s also the time where my brother and my parents are out because of the various tournaments that my brother is entering.”

Tim slumped back into his seat and unzipped his bag “I just give up on you.” He said pulling his car magazine out of his bag.  He then opened it to the pages where he had placed the paper between them to save the page, and began to read it.

I sighed with annoyance, “Tim, I know I should have been practicing, getting the use of transformation pains and being in my werewolf form, but I rather trying to get on with my ‘Normal’ life as much as I can.  I admit that I only transform because I either have been force to by the full moon or that I have to meet Claire and Fu-Young in my wolf form”

Tim looked up from his magazine “What’s the point? You are a werewolf! How can you have a ‘Normal’ life? Since what happened at four months ago, none of us had a ‘Normal’ life, even I hadn’t had a decent normal life, and I’m still human.”

I look down to the table and sighed, shaking my head “Even though I’m a werewolf, I still try and have normal life, even though I do change at full moon.  I try my best not to let it to get in my way.  I’ll just live with it.”

We both fell silent for a brief period; Tim just opened the page of his magazine where he left off and started reading it again “You need to be careful Adam” Tim spoke out “You never know, things could still happen.  Especially to you and the others.  I had a bad feeling that something is going to come up and make you and the others realize that you all could be in great danger”

I rose my eyebrow at Tim “What do you mean?” I asked

Once again Tim looked up from his magazine “I don’t know, it’s just the feeling that has bothering me for ages”

We both fell silent as the train headed of towards the Metheringham station.



Chapter 3.

            It’s late in the evening, and already its dark outside.  I went to have a dinner at the White Horse bar and restaurant with my family to celebrate my brother’s birthday, who just turned seventeen.   I dressed up quite smartly for it, wearing my burgundy Shirt and black trousers and polished black shoes. 

            We all enjoyed our dinner especially the lasagna I had with the chips.  My parents just had steak Gammon and Chips with theirs while Amy (my stepsister) and my brother Daniel had the same as what I had.

            As it was Daniel’s Birthday, the Landlord of this bar and restaurant gave him a chocolate cake with a candle on top.  My brother decided not to eat the cake until we got home, so he wrapped it up in kitchen roll and gave it to mum to look after it.

We are now walking towards the car that was parked along the top bank, around 600 yards from where we were.

“Thank you for taking me out on my birthday” Daniel politely said.

“No problem” Said John our stepfather “it’s your birthday you should be thankful”

“It was nice for the Landlord to give Daniel a birthday cake” Said Amy

“Yeah, he even put the candle on it” I said

“I quite like him, he’s got good humor” Said mum, lighting her cigarette

“Aye” I agreed, “I liked his jokes about David Beckham and George Bush”

            Daniel looked up slightly and clicked his fingers “Oh how did it go again? I can’t remember how it goes”

            “Why don’t you ask him?” Said a voice that sounded similar what I heard somewhere before.  It sounded so similar, it like I known that person before. I turned around to see where the voice was coming from.

            “What the Fuck!” Daniel shouted, as I was hit hard and fell to the ground, grazing my hand.

            I looked up to see what is going on, but I kept getting knock down by someone who I couldn’t see.   I could here my family screaming in fright and pain.  I’ve been kicked several times in the back before I got picked up and been hold back.

            To my horror I couldn’t believe what I saw.   Eight winged creatures; half of them look like werewolves but with wings while the others was a sort of different species of werecat, one jaguar, two lions and a cheetah all had wings on their back. 

Together, they are ripping my stepfather apart, tearing limbs, ripping skin and sickly pulling out the organs out just for the fun off it.  I couldn’t bear to watch, I closed my eyes and turned away.  All I could here is my Mum screaming, Amy pleading for help and vicious snarls, growls and bone crunching.  For some reason I could not hear Daniel, I’m not sure whether or not he’s been killed.

I felt rage building up, I wanted to transform to help them, but I was scared, I scared what if they all where still alive and see me as a werewolf.  I just couldn’t do it; I’m not sure what to do.  I could hardly move because I was being hold back by someone.

Then every thing seemed to have stopped, all I heard it both Amy and Mum crying.  But that’s a good sign.   It tells me that they are still alive.  I slowly opened my eyes to see what had just happened. 

But when I opened my eyes a saw a white werewolf, standing right in front me.  He picked me up by my hair and made me look directly at his face.  To my shock, I just recognized who it was.  It was Vang, the bastard who attacked me back at Yokely and infected me with a virus that makes me a werewolf.  But he seems a little different.  He had grown some black, bat-like wings on his back, slightly folded back, as they are currently not being used.

“Well, well, look who it is” He recognized me “It’s been four months since I last saw you”

I tried to struggle myself free, using as much as my strength as I can.  But as I’m in my human form, it was useless against the were-creatures in their Beast form; they just punched me in my back, which forced me to the ground.

Vang laughed, “I’m surprised you didn’t transform yourself to stop me” He picks up me stepfathers head and shown it right in front of me “Your hesitance had result in tragedy for your father” He thrown the head which rolled across me floor.

 “Adam, What’s he talking about?” I heard Mum’s voice, which was shaky because she was in a state of shock.

Vang tuned towards her, snarling loudly.  I could see both Amy and Mum both are being hold back by two werewolves who doesn’t have wings on them.  Both Amy and Mum are on their knees with their hands tied behind their backs and knives across the neck.  One of the werewolves is the one I recognized easily.  He’s the one that tried to hijack the bus, only to be stopped my friends who are also became werewolves themselves.

Vang knelt down and went very close to Mum “Did I tell you to speak?” He grabbed my Mums throat and started to choke her “DID I TELL YOU TO SPEAK!” His voice rose and mum replied by shaking her head.

That really pissed me off and I manage to get back to my feet and tried to force myself towards Vang “Leave her alone!” I shouted at him “She hasn’t really done anything to you!”

Vang turned around, still holding my mum’s neck “Oh, but you have, and I want to make you suffer!”

Still holding onto my mum’s neck with his left arm, he grabbed my mums face with his right hand and twisted her head hard.  I heard a loud snap as he breaks her neck and then ripping the entire head of her body.

“MUM!” I roared loudly as Vang threw her Lifeless body onto the ground. I tried shaking Vang’s Werewolves off of me

Vang just laughed, “What’s the matter? You lost you mummy?”

I roared angrily as the rage was brewing inside me.  I wanted to kill him for what he did.  I was shaking left to right trying to force my way towards him.

All in the sudden, my anger had reached its point.  My pain and anger over the loss of my parents triggered off my transformation.   I felt my body was burning and I felt pains all over my body.  Eventually I really did started changing, Hair started to grow all over my body; I could feel my muscles expanding and my face slowly forming into a wolf-like appearance.  My shirt was torn off my body because of the my expanding size, shape changing transformation and only the two lower sleeves of the shirt are still on me, dangling down off my wrists. Then I felt a sharp pain on my lower back and then and I heard a tare in my trousers as bushy tail busted through.

“Oh my god!” I heard Amy shouted who could not believe what she was seeing.

My trousers were torn because of my expanding size, and my black shoes were totally destroyed as my feet was forming hind leg.  My hands formed into a paw like features, growing paw pads on them, they where still in the human style shape, but just has paw pads and fur on them.  Eventually I finished transforming and I roared into the night sky.

I managed to shake off both of the werewolves that was holding me and went straight towards Vang.  I tackled him to the ground and started to throw punches at him, smacking him right on the side of his muzzle.  Vang then grabbed me and rolled over on top and started throwing punches of his own.

His punches are hard and I felt a lot of pain on the side of my face.  He then picked me up and thrown me of the bank with great heights.  It seemed forever before I actually hit the ground hard and rolled for a short distance before hitting the Wall of the building and lay on the ground slightly winded and bruised with pains on my sides. 

“Adam!” Amy cried as she tried to shake of the werewolves herself, wanting to help me.

            As I lay on the floor, I rolled onto the front; I then stuck my arm out reaching out for my stepsister “Amy!” I called for her.

            Vang turned towards the two werewolves that was holding Amy “Put her in the van and let’s head off back to our hide out” he ordered them.

            They both nodded in reply and then started dragging Amy towards the blue van that was parked next to our white car.

            “Adam! Help Me!” She pleaded as she struggled to get free

            “AMY!” I called for her again and started to climb back up the bank four legged.

Vang grabbed hold of that winged jaguar, “Christian, you stay here, and give him a good beating, once you sorted him out go straight back here”

“Yes boss” he replied and he immediately responded and jumped down the bank.

Christian stuck his arm out and whacked me across the neck, knocking me back down the bank.  Christian followed me down and landed on top of me.  He got his claws out and slashed me with his right hand claws on my left arm.   I wailed in pain as I grabbed my arm where the open wound is.  I could feel the blood pouring onto my right hand that was covering the wound.  

            The winged jaguar wasn’t finished as he slashed me again with his claws, but this time across my right side of my face.  As he went to slash me across the face again I grabbed his arm with both of my hands.  I then pulled him hard, downwards.  My wolf instincts kicked in and immediately snapped at him and bit his face.

            Christian got off me, grabbing his face that was heavily cut and bitten by my strong jaws.   I heard an engine noise coming from the top of the bank.  It was the blue van and its about to set up.  Realizing that the Van started to move off, I got myself up and dashed up the bank chasing the Van hoping I’ll get it in time.

            But it was too late.  The van had just sped away, heading out into the countryside and slowly disappearing into the horizon.  I fell onto my hands and knees in despair that I had failed to save Amy from Vang.

            “AMY!” I cried loudly.  I smashed my right hand onto the gravel floor, angry with myself that I couldn’t save her or my parents and I’m not sure what they did to my brother.

            I couldn’t hold back my tears, because so much pain had brought to me over the loss of my parents and the kidnapping of Amy.  Sadness over the loss of family slowly turned to anger. I felt rage of anger slowly burning up inside me; I wanted to release my anger and frustration.  I want to have my vengeance on those who did this.

            I stood up and clenched my fist, before tilting my head back looking at the sky, I then howled loudly and viciously making sure that they can hear my anger and the warning to them that I’ll be after them.



Chapter 4.

            After I had finished howling at the night sky, I slowly turned around to face Christian, one of Vang’s siblings who stood there, snarling at me with his face covered in blood and his right eye was severally damaged from when I bit him in the face.

            His back was arched up slightly forcing himself to lean slightly forward.  He flapped his wings only once to blow some dust of the ground towards me.  He then stretched out with his arms almost wide apart and roared into the night sky and slowly went back to his beastly arch position and growling loudly at me, provoking an attack.

            I snarled back at him and went on all fours ready to launch an attack.  I was so angry and so full of rage that all I wanted to do is to take my frustration on him, for helping Vang to kill may parents and kidnapping my step sister.  I wanted blood shed, I wanted torture, I wanted revenge.

             After several seconds staring at each other, provoking attacks with growls, snarls and trying to psych each other out.  We both raised our tails at the same time and that triggered of a major reaction.  We both ran towards each other and slammed into each other, locking our arms together.  Pushing hard trying to get a fighting advantage.  We slowly moved around positioning ourselves to try and push one of us of the bank.

            Because of his shear bulk of size, he manages to take advantage of it and slowly pushed me towards the edge of the bank.  I manage to force him back towards the middle of the bank by snapping my jaws directly in front of his face just a hairline away from biting his muzzle.

            The winged-Jaguar then broke free his left arm and slashed on the right side of my face and across my muzzle, just narrowly missing my right eye.   I pushed him away hard and placed my right hand across my cheeks where the wound was and moved back away from him and had a quick look at my hand to see how much I was bleeding on my face.  By the looks of the blood on my hand it wasn’t really that bad, but the pain on the side of my face had totally pissed me off more.

            Suddenly as I looked up to see Christian, he threw a strong right punch on the left side of my muzzle and then swung his left hand with claws out and slashed my upper right arm. 

I retaliate by landing a strong left swing on his muzzle.  On Impact I’m sure I heard a crack like something has broken.  He roared in pain and then swung his right arm scratching my face before throwing another left punch that knocked me onto the ground retaliation from breaking his muzzle.  I could taste the blood in my mouth as my gum and lip as cut open by that punch. 

While I was on the ground Christian started kicking me viciously at my stomach, I felt a lot of pains across my ribs and stomach, and every kick he have he, I wailed in pain.  He was continuously kicking my and starting to work hard on my ribs.  He then gave me a one big boot, which forced me to roll onto my back. 

My entire body was in pain.  I couldn’t take much more of this beating, he beaten me up so much I wanted to retaliate for what he had done.   Christian then started stamping me on the chest.

“You’re pathetic” He snarled at me and then stamped hard on my stomach.

I curled holding across my stomach in pain.  He started kicking me again but this time he works on trying to cripple my back.  I started to get angry and frustrated that I couldn’t get back up and fight back. The more he kicked me, the more I became angry and full of rage.

Suddenly I reached to breaking point.  As the winged Jaguar went to kick me again, I turned quickly and grabbed his foot.  Without even thinking I just immediately bit his hind leg with my jaws and manage to take a chunk of skin of his.

“AAAHHHH! YOU BASTARD!” He shouted in pain as he slowly stumbled away from me, grabbing hold of his heavily wounded ankle.

This finally gave me chance to take my revenge.  I slowly picked myself up, I then tilt me head back, looking up at the skies.  I clenched my fists are and then howled viciously loudly at the night sky releasing my roaring rage. 

I looked back down to see that winged jaguar, still holding his injured hind leg.  I decided to take the advantage.  I went on all fours with my back arched, growling at the winged jaguar, which wasn’t paying an attention to me that I’m about to launch an attack.  As he turned around to look, I charge at him and then pounced on him clamping my jaws on his neck at bringing him to the ground.  I grabbed the end of his muzzle with my hand trying to expose his neck more to choke him out.  He struggled helplessly trying to push me off him punching and trying to kick me of.  I could hear him chocking loudly trying to catch some air, but slowly I was sucking the life out of him.

As I kept his head and body on the ground, I tightened my jaws around his neck until I hear that fatal cracking sound of his neck, which almost made his body completely lifeless.   I then pulled his neck hard ripping off his throat, and blood started to pump out of his neck and spayed out onto my face, chest and hands. 

His body shook violently as he went into a state of shock, loosing a lot of blood.  I then rip his chest open, which sprayed more blood all over me.  This time it got my trousers soaking it in blood.  I then dive my face into a large open cut wound and started eating the skin of his chest trying to reach the vital organs of his body. 

As I dug deep into his chest, I felt something that kept on pressing down onto my nose of the muzzle, I’ve move my head back to see what it is.  I snarled loudly licking blood off around my mouth. I then had a good look to see what kept on pressing on my nose.  To my excitement I knew exactly what it was.  It was the heart, still bobbing up and down pumping the blood out of the body that sprayed everywhere.

My wolf instincts drove me to want to have it and take it for my prize for victory.  I then open my jaws and launched straight back in grabbing the heart and pulling it spewing out one more blast of blood before completely removing it out of its body.  With the heart in my mouth I stood up and started to eat it, chewing it down to smaller chunks.  I then tilted my head back slightly to swallow the heart.  I then looked up back at the skies and gave out a victory howl. 

I then looked down at the lifeless body of a winged Jaguar, growling at it.  I then picked the body up, holding it up above my head dripping blood over me, before throwing it off the bank and it splashed into the water.  I then gave out another howl but this time more vicious, a lot louder and lasted longer.  The Howls echoed all the way around the countryside awaking birds that lay hidden in wheat fields.

Slowly I relaxed a little.  Panting with slight exhaustion.  I felt blood poured down my left arm.  I couldn’t help but to raise my left hand and to look at it.  My fur was discoloured because of the blood.  Instead of being grey and white in colour, it was stained in red.   Blood dripped of my fingertips and claws.  It then hit me of what I had done.  I had my first kill.  At the time I felt emotionless.  I felt nothing for what I had done.  I felt empty and soulless.  For some reason everything in my mind just went blank.

My ears twitched as I could manage to pick up minute sounds of sirens.  I tuned around towards where the sirens was coming from.  In the far distance just past the T-junction I could see a few flashing blue lights was heading toward the White Horse bar and restaurant.  By the looks of it someone must have contacted the emergency service.  In some aspects it is a good sign that it could mean that my brother is still alive.  However looking back at the remains of our parents, how on earth is he going to explain it to the police? 

I looked back at the flashing lights where the police cars were now becoming more visible.  I looked down on myself, covered in blood and torn clothing.  Other than my tail that created a hole in me back of my trousers, my trousers leg was torn apart from the transformation. 

After looking down at my self, I must get out of here.  The police must not see me like this.  They must not know the existence of werewolves.  So I ran into the fields going away from the road where the police cars are on and head back towards my home village of Metheringham.



Chapter 5.

            After three miles of walking, I manage to reach the outskirts of Metheringham and headed into Blankney woods.  It is one of a few places that I could only go for now as I’m still in my wolf form.  I won’t be able to change back until morning, and that’s seven hours away.  I had to remain hidden away from humans until daybreak.  Unfortunately when the adrenalin fades out of my system, I felt pains from where I had been slashed and kicked.  I was limping heavily because my knee was hurting that much

            Just thinking about what had happen back then had just started to sink in me.  My parents had been murdered, my stepsister had been adducted and I’ve just killed someone, the two major things that laying hard on mind.  I just couldn’t believe what had happened.

I looked at my hands, which was still dripping with blood “What is happening to me? Why this has to happen to me?” I whispered to myself and fell to my hands and knees and started crying.  Tears rolled down my blooded wolf face, realizing that I’m in a very bad situation.  My parents had been killed, Amy has been kidnapped and I retaliated in a monstrous way.

I not just crying over the loss of my parents, I’m also crying because I’ve killed someone.  In my life I’ve never really been a violent person, I never had a guts to kill anyone even if they are my worst enemies.  But since I’ve became a werewolf, four months ago, something inside me had changed me dramatically that I didn’t really notice until that night. 

I looked at my right hand, which was still dripping with blood “What is happening to me? Why this has to happen to me? What had I done?” I whispered to myself and more tears and blood had dripped onto floor leaving a dark patch on the muddy ground.

Still on my knees, I sat up and once again and looked at both of my bloody hands.  Shaking in shock and fear and starting panting and becoming hyperventilated. “I’m sorry Mum,” I whispered apologizing to my dead mum about what had happened.  I blamed myself for it.  I wished I’d told them what had truly happened at Yokely and that I’ve become a werewolf.  It will then not make me hesitate to transform and save them.

“Bladewolf is that you?” Someone called me using my Were-name.  I turned around to see who it was.

It was a grey and white werewolf wearing yellow trousers carrying a spear.  It was Fu-Young in his wolf form, as he too is a werewolf.  He is mostly white in colour especially around his hands and feet and around his face. His arms, head, and back were grey in colour, which goes all the way down his forehead and cuts off just before his muzzle.  Fu-Young wears yellow trousers joggings that is big and stretchy enough that it can’t be torn to pieces by the transformation.

Fu-Young straightens up and step back a little shock about my face was cut and blooded “Bladewolf what the hell happened to you?” He asked in great concerned.

I didn’t reply to his question.  I just turn away from him and looked back at my blooded hands.  The only sentence I said is “Why me?”

Fu-Young walk around to see how much of a mess I was “Have you been scrapping?” He asked

I nodded gently in reply “They’d killed my parents, and I’d killed one of them”

Fu-Young’s ears flop down slightly after I’ve told him in short, the two main events that happened back at Dunston Fen.  He began to realize how much I’m suffering.  He knelt down to look at me face to face.

“Who killed them?” He asked, placing his spear on the ground.

I looked up at Fu-Young and clenched my fists “Vang and several others of his” I slammed my fists on the floor and went back on my hands and knees and started crying again “They killed my parents and took away my stepsister” I cried.

“Those bastards” He swore and shook his head “Are you sure it was them?”

I nodded “I’m positive” I confirmed

Fu-Young stood up and went beside me on my left “I’d better take you in, Its not safe here.” He said.

I looked up at Fu-Young who stuck his arm out offering help.  After wiping away some tears and blood, I grabbed his arm and he help me back up onto my feet.  I then gently wrapped me left arm around the back of his neck to get some support, as my left knee is currently not in its best of shape.

We started to heading towards the east of the woods.  Fu-young were holding on to me as I limped about.  He turned around you looked at my blooded face.  “We better clean you up once we get to the caravan” he said grabbing hold of my left wrist that was hanging over his neck.


Chapter 6.

We walked for several minutes being very cautious making sure that humans or Vang’s men don’t see us.   We manage to make it to the caravan, which is near the edge of the woods away from footpaths and roads.   The caravan was large but it’s…err, well basically, a shit hole.  The caravan was covered mainly in green mold as well as some yellowy brown stains.   All the windows were boarded up and the tires were flat and hanging of the rim of the tires.  It was really a sort a place that no one would live in, not even tramps.  Luckily there is some electricity running into the caravan as Night Breaker manage to dig up the electricity line and connect it to the caravan.  However, for Dr Claire Wright, and Fu-Young, it’s the perfect place for them to stay in where they can’t be tracked down for Vang (Well its more or less pointless now since he tracked me down).

Fu-young knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” Claire Shouted from inside the Caravan

“It’s me! Fu-young!” He replied

Then we heard a click, the sound that the door has been unlocked, Fu-Young pushed it open helped me to get into the caravan, because of our size, we had to duck so the don’t bang our heads on the top.

Claire was standing beside the door wearing blue jeans and red and black chequered shirt like a western cowgirl.  She looked at me in deep shock over the massive injuries and the amount of blood that was on me. “What happened?” She asked, placing her hand over her mouth.

Fu-Young looked at Claire “Bladewolf been attacked” He replied and dragged me slightly as I limped my way into one of the three bedrooms where this one I’m going in has been converted into a medical room with a proper hospital table.

Claire followed us in “By who?” she asked.

“Vang and his clan” I replied in slight pain as I went to lay down on the bed, grabbing hold my right arm, that was still bleeding from when I got scratched from the fight.

“What? He’s here in this village?”

“Was” Fu-Young corrected her.

I sat up slightly from the bed “They’d killed my parents and kidnapped my sister!” I said and lay back down on my bed as I started to feel more pain around my body as I slowly loose my adrenalin.

“Oh my god” she said in shock and put both hands on her face.  She couldn’t believe herself what about happened to me.

Fu-Young went to one of the cupboards next to the boarded up window and pulled out a small hand size box containing bandages.  He had taken out one roll of bandage and places the box on the side table below the window.  He then gave the bandage to Claire who started wrapping it around my right arm.

Fu-Young watched over us “Man you look a right mess” he said, “Tell me what exactly happened back there”

Just as Claire finished putting on the bandaged I sat up from the table and turned to face Dr Clare Wright and Fu-Young, I clutched by left arm across my bruised stomach.  I sighed a little and then told them what happened “We were on our back to the car after celebrating my brothers birthday, but that was until Vang and his clan came and killed both of my parents”

I then looked down at the floor started crying, “He killed my mum right in front of my eyes ripping her head of like a bully ripping a rag doll”

Claire once again placed her hands over her mouth “I can’t believe he did that!” she said a looked pale about it.

I nodded in agreement before I continued on “After he did that, I just completely lost it, and force myself to change into a werewolf to attack him for what he did, and to rescue Amy before she suffered the same fate”

Fu-Young Sat up with his ears turned and flattens and growled at me “You mean you transformed in front of your sister!” he snarled

“I had no choice,” I said

Fu-young clenched his fist and slammed it on the table “You Idiot! You not suppose to expose your werewolf form to humans! You could put our lives in danger!”

Claire grabbed his arm “Fu-Young! Stop that!” she shouted at him “Adam’s been through a hard time, his parents been killed and his own life was in danger, what could he do? Do nothing and allow both he and his sister to be killed? Besides you’re not forgetting that Vang was also in his wolf form and exposing himself to them”

Fu-Young snarled and slouched down onto the chair, whispering to himself “Darn that bastard” he said.

I carried on with the story “Unfortunately I failed to rescue Amy, but for some reason they didn’t kill her, instead they took her away in a van and got away.   Only one of them stayed behind, only to try and give me a good beating”

I pause for a short time and clenched both of my fists “I then retaliate and started a fight on him exchanging blows”

I looked down and open my hands, looking at the stained blood on them “Then I killed him…I snapped his neck…ripped his chest…and…ate his heart”

Claire put her hand over her mouth again shocked about what happened and that I killed someone, “You mean you actually killed someone?”

I put my hands on the table and look down onto the floor and sighed, “I didn’t realize what I’ve actually done at first.  When I killed him, I just felt nothing and emotionless it didn’t really hit me until I reached Blankney, realizing that I made myself into a monster”

Fu-Young straighten up “By the sounds it you went into rage”

I looked up at Fu-Young “Rage?” I said as I was a little puzzled by what he had said.

 “Rage happens to werewolves when they get very angry, stress or frustrated” Fu-Young explained “In your case Bladewolf, You lost your loved ones from a brutal attack, which triggered of your Rage.” Fu-Young stood up from his chair “When a werewolf is in rage they become a lot more aggressive and have a killer instinct, they become stronger, faster and more agile.  Sometimes they don’t even remember who they are or had a conscious to think twice.  Werewolf rages won’t stop until they either returned to human form, or made a kill like what you did”

I looked back at my hands in shock “You mean I actually lost control of myself?”

Fu-Young nodded “If you put it that way, yes”

 “Shit” I sore and slammed my fists on the table, angry and frustrated with myself for bringing myself down into the rage.  I am now concerned about what will happen to me if I do get in my rages again? What if I ended up killing my friends?

“Adam, there something I like to ask you” Clair interjected and I looked up at her with my ears facing toward the front. “What happened to your brother? Where was he in the attack?” she said changing the subject.

Claire had just reminded me. What did happen to my brother? Where did he go during the attack?  All I remember was that I was knocked onto the ground for a while, and when I got back up and he was gone.

“I’m not sure” I replied shacking my head “He disappeared during the attack, I assumed that he was the one that called the police”

“What! The Police are involved” Fu-Young exclaimed

“Yes” I confirmed “I seen the police vehicles heading towards the White horse pub.

“Shit” He swore and paced up and down the room for a short while before stopping at the corner of the room to face me “What about the dead body you killed?”

“He’s in the river swimming with the fishes,” I answered

Fu-Young sighed in relief, “That’s a relief” he said, “At least it gives me a chance to remove the body and hide it before they get the divers out the next morning”

Fu-Young then walked up to me and stood next to me, beside the table “Bladewolf, you better get cleaned up” Fu-Young then pointed his finger at the door on the other side of the hallway “You can use that shower over there, and please do be careful. You only been a werewolf for four months and you hardly been in your wolf form and I don’t want to loose your balance and slip on water”

“O.k.” I acknowledged letting him know that I heard him. I then gave a big yawn opening my mouth wide before closing.  I was getting a little tired. 

“Feeling tired Adam?” She asked

I nodded in reply “Yeah” I said, as I got of the table.

“You better stay here for a while,” Fu-Young advised “You need to be with someone right now until things settle down”

“What are you going to do?” Claire asked

“I’m going to sort out that dead body in the river” Fu-Young then gently grabbed me on my shoulders just as I was limping towards the bathroom “Then I’ll look for your brother, to see if he is alive”

“What are you going to do with him when you do find him” I asked in great concern.  Worried that Fu-Young might end up killing Daniel only to keep the secret about the existence of werewolves.

“Depends” he replied, “I may bring him back here, or I’ll leave him, hoping that the police won’t believe him, otherwise I may have to take extreme action”

 Fu-Young then left the room and went out through caravan door.

“I hope he doesn’t take the extreme action,” Said Claire who’s a little worried about Fu-Young.

“I hope not as well.  I don’t really want another death in my family” I grumbled as I went into the bathroom to have a shower to clean of some blood and muck of my Fur.



Chapter 7.

            I woke up after having a sunlight shining at my eyes through the only window that wasn’t boarded up, which is at the roof of the caravan. I felt a little dazed at first because of that I had reverted back into my human form.  Thanks to the sunlight.

            I was lying on the settee, which has been converted to a single bed with thin sheet on top of me.  I started to shiver as the cold breeze brushed across my bare skin.  The only clothes I was wearing is the spare short jeans that Dr Claire Wright gave me after I had a shower.   However they are a bit baggy, but that can’t really be helped as I was still in my wolf form when I put these on in the first place.

            I sat up from the bed feeling a bit of pain across my chest and back.  Emotionally I fell grotty and ill.  I could feel the bandage, slipping down my right arm as it came loose from when I changed back into my human form revelling three big long scabs where my skin healing up quite quickly, thanks for that us Weres can regenerate.  Within a day or so all my wounds would completely heel, apart from my knee as it is very weak and will take a couple of days longer to heel. 

I look down at my body where I could see a lot of bruises that are slightly faded.  Also I had three long scars across my chest, not related to last night attack.  They had been there since the Yokely trip, four months ago, where I had been attack by that very werewolf who infected me with the virus responsible for making humans into werewolves.  The reason that hadn’t heeled is quite complicated.  You see if you have been injured before your First transformation it won’t recover as fast and if it’s bad enough, it will remained scared.

I covered my battered and bruised physique body with the thin quilt to try to keep myself warm.  It didn’t really help much as I could still feel that cold breeze.

Dr Claire Wright walked into the room from her bedroom wearing the same clothes she worn last night.  She looked up at me looking very tired “Morning Adam, did you have a nice sleep,” She said putting down an empty cup on the side nest to the Kettle.

“Yeah” I said unenthusiastically, still feeling a little grotty.

Claire went to sit down on the seat by the table “You look a little pale this morning” She notice “are you feeling alright?”

I shook my head in response “Not really” I replied

Claire looks down at her hands, fidgeting with her fingers “I’m sorry for what happen to you last night” She quietly said to me “if only I a strength to stop him…then this would never happen”

I got up from the seat and limped my way towards Claire “There’s nothing you could have done to prevent this” I said in support “He’s just too demented and Insane to be stopped”

I sat down on the stool opposite Claire “If you tried to stop him back then, you’ll probably be killed, there’s note you can do about it.  You are not to blame for my parent’s Death”

The cool air manages to penetrate the warmth of the thin sheet, which then started biting at my skin “Is the window open? Because I’m freezing to death here,” I asked

Claire laughed a little seeing me shivering “You should have kept your fur on” She joked, trying to liven the mood a bit.

“Hey, I can’t be in my wolf form all the time!”

Claire stood up from her the chair “I better get you some warm clothes to put on for now, at least until you get home.  We don’t really want to make you a full, going around the village in that”

“Thanks” I politely said.


Chapter 8.

            The New clothes that Claire gave me to get changed into, is the dark green combat trousers, stretchable yellow t-shirt and a black jumper all are a bit oversized.  The good thing about the clothes that I was given is that they wouldn’t get destroyed when I transform into my werewolf form.  In fact the combat trousers have been modified to specially suit the werewolves, thanks to Claire.  Not only its allows room for muscles to expand during the transformation, also at the back, there is a hole that has been sealed by the Velcro, where when you transform into your werewolf form, the tail will grow out with no problem. And when we revert back into our human form, all we have to do is seal in back up.  Finally I was given some black trainers which was slightly big on me, but it’ll do for now.

            After I got change I went back into the main room where a coffee has been made for me, placed on the coffee table, just behind the Claire’s laptop, which she is currently using. 

I grabbed a stool and dragged it to towards the coffee table, as I did, I had a quick look around to see where Fu-Young is, hoping to see his what he looks like in his human form.  But he wasn’t in.  To be honest I never seen his human form before, every time I see him he is always in werewolf form.

Just thinking about Fu-young, I wonder what happened to him “Claire Have you heard from anything from Fu-young since he went out last night?” I asked Claire

Claire looked up from her laptop “Yes, he phone me early in the morning” she answered, “He managed to get rid of that body you dumped in the river”

“And what about my brother? Is he still alive?” I asked, taking a sip of my coffee.

“He’s definitely alive,” She confirmed “But the Bad news is that your brother has been taking in for questioning”

I sighed with mixed reaction, the good news for me is that my brother is alive, but the bad news is that the police are holding him in.  I just hope that he doesn’t say anything about werewolves and Winged Creatures; otherwise it could put us all in danger, nationally.  What happened last night is bad enough for me and I don’t really want more hassle?  I just hope that the police don’t believe his story.

“At least he’s alive” I spoke out

“Fu-Young’s heavily worried about your brother as he may…”

“I know Claire, I know, about that he may go telling the police about Were-creatures who killed our family which then could cause major problems” I interrupted Claire and taken another sip of my coffee.  “To be honest Claire, I don’t care about the damn police getting involved and probably knowing about or existence and all that shit.  I’m more worried about Amy.  Especially that she had been kidnap and that I have no Idea where she is or what they are doing to her.  For I know, they could torture her, infect her or even they’d probably kill her by now!”

“Adam please! Calm down!” Claire shouted, “I know its been hard for you because what you been through last night.”  Claire shook her head and calmed down a little.   “Look I’m sorry for shouting at you but I’m heavily worried about you Adam.  I don’t want you to go out there and do something stupid.  For a werewolf you are still young and you yet to control your anger in your werewolf form.  I don’t want you to lose it again like what you did last night and make maters worse for yourself”

I sighed again and then rested my forehead on my hands “I’m sorry I’ve raised my voice but I…I don’t want to lose Amy as well or my other members of my family” I then covered my face hiding the tears that was slowly coming out my eyes.  “I really what to kill Vang for what he did”

“Don’t let your anger of your wolf side get to you, Otherwise you could end up bringing yourself down to his level”

Claire was right; my anger from my wolf side is getting to me.  I was still burning in hatred for when Vang killing my parents.  That hatred only makes me just as monstrous as he is.  I realise that I was could slip my self into rage again and lose control of myself.  But then again, how can I control my anger?  It’s been hard for me since Vang killed my parents…  I need to go out to clear a few things out of my head.

            I got up from my seat and tipped what left of the coffee into the sink and then place the cup to the side. I was just about to open the door when Claire called me.

            “Where are you going Adam?” she asked in great concern.

            “I’m just going to have a walk to clear my mind of a few things” I replied opening the door

            “That’s O.K as long as you come back here before nightfall,” she advised

            “Hey? Why’s that?” I asked, not happy by the fact that I have to back there before nightfall

            “Vang could still be around this area, knowing him he’ll be after you, as you killed on of his freaks” Claire Explained

            “O.k.” I said opening the door.

Then just as I was about to step out, I froze. I just reminded myself about Vang…about him having wings on his back…Does Claire know?

“Claire there’s something that I forgot to tell you about Vang” I said, closing the door.

Claire sat up from her seat and closed her Laptop computer “What is it?”

“He looked different last night from when I first met him”

“How do you mean?”

I turned around to face Claire to give out the description of the new-look Vang “He seemed to grown some bat-like wings on his back”

“He has wings now?”

“Yes” I confirmed, “He also has some use of it as well”

Claire opened her laptop and then had a quick look on the resources she’s collected about werewolf “Odd” she said “Werewolf with wings don’t exist.  He must have added them himself.  I better ask Fu-Young when he gets back”

Claire then looked back up at me “I’m going to hack into W.I.G.E.R. (World International Genetic Engineering Research) Files, to see what they are up to.”

Claire then put her hand in the pocket and pulled out a roll of notes “You better take this” She said handing the money to me

I looked down at hand with a roll of twenty-pound notes shocked of the amount of money I was given “Are you sure?” I asked holding the roll of notes.

“Yes,” Claire nodded “You’ll probably need it.  And please be back before nightfall”

“I will,” I said.


Chapter 9.

            With the money I was given by Dr Claire Wright, I was now able to buy new clothes and shoes, as I urgently need them as half of my clothes back at home had already been destroyed by my transformations.  Also I decided to go on a pub-crawl alone to ease my depression after the death and kidnapping of my family. 

            It’s hard for me at the moment especially with a lot of things on my mind.  In my mind I’m thinking Why me?  I just couldn’t understand why these things have to happen to me? Why I have to end up being a werewolf? I didn’t ask or wanted to become one.  And why does he have my Family? What have they done to him? 

I then remembered my past life where I was always picked on, get bullied, getting a lot of injuries, and being Dyslexic (and I’m still am).  I’m thinking to my self Why I’m the one has to have all the bad luck?

These are not the only things on my mind; also I’m worried heavily about Amy, Daniel and myself.  Amy has been kidnapped and I have no Idea where she is of how she’s doing?  Daniel is being held by the police for questioning. (Did he see me and the others as werewolves? If so will he tell the police about that?).  And I’m worried about myself because of last night where I went into an uncontrollable rage.  I was so upset and angry for what Vang did, I allowed my wolf side to take over me, becoming an ultimate killing machine.   I’m worried about what may happen if I lose it again. What if end up killing my friends because of me allowing my werewolf rage to take over?

All these things are swirling in my head slowly bringing me down further into depression.  I wanted to be alone away form my friends for now.  Even decided at this present time, not to take Claire’s advice of returning back to her caravan before dark. 

After twenty minutes ride on the train I got of at the Station in Lincoln, The perfect place to doss around, especially when you are down.  Because it was on the school day, it was fairly quiet and it’s not really that many walking around.  You just get quite a few Old biddies, people who are not at work or going to work and a few university and College students taking time off (Oh shit that reminds me, I got homework to do). 

The first thing I’ve done in Lincoln is to buy some clothes.  The clothes I bought are not sporty brand names.  They are just cheap casual clothing, which would do for now until Claire makes some more special clothing that is built to cope for transformation.  However, I do compromise by buying shirts, which would normally be too big in my Human form, but would normally fit me (just) in my wolf form, or I would buy clothing that would stretch and could fit into any size.  The problem would be trousers, as they would most definitely get ripped at the back because of the tail as it always bust through the trousers.  But luckily, once I’ve brought them to Claire, she’ll sort them out so that I don’t have to worry as much about my tail growing out through the trousers.

Once I’ve done the shopping, I’ve gone to a fast food restaurant to get something to eat before having a walk around the entire city centre.  I’ve walk around for most of the after-noon dealing with depression stopping at various pubs to have a pint of beer before setting of again.

As I walk along the path next to the canal heading towards the small alleyway I hear a loud crash of the dustbin.  Coming out of the Alleyway was the Scared looking Jamul, running out of the alleyway. 

By the looks of it the ‘Sincil Bank Gang’ was up to no good and once again bullying Jamul.  Jamul ran towards me with fear in his eye.  He then stopped next to me as he just recognised me.

“What the hell’s going on?” I asked him, as I put my bags on the floor.

“They’re after me again, and this time and they got knives on them” he said pointing towards the alley.

“You mean the Sincil Bank Gang?”

“No the Nazis, Of course it’s the Sincil Bank Gang” He shouted sarcastically becoming more panicky “They are Trying to kill me!”

I looked at the dark alley and saw four of the five members of the Gang walking out heading towards us.

“Well, well, look who Jamul went crying to” Said Jason the Ring Leader of the group.

“Oh why don’t you just piss of else where and leave him alone!” I shouted back at Jason.

            The entire group reacted to my comments and making noised sarcastically pretending to be scared.  The Ring Leader then walked up towards me and went to confront me face to face.

            “What are you going to do? Bitch slap me, pull my hair or go crying to your mommy” All of them laughed loudly.

            Unfortunately for Jason, he got me in a bad mood and he said a bad comment, which made me angry.  I then swung for him hard with my right fists and smashed him right in his nose.  He went straight to the floor crying in pain holding his nose with blood pouring out fast covering his hands.  I then went into his pocket and pulled out a penknife, Confiscating from him.  Since it might be useful I put the penknife in my right pocket.  

            The rest of the group went up to check how Jason is.  They helped to pick him up revealing his blooded face. 

            “You fucking creep! I’ll kill you for this, ahhh my nose, my fucking nose” said Jason holding onto his nose.

            Then I picked up my stuff and started walking away in the other direction from them, avoiding more trouble

“Hey Adam, Wait up!” Jamul called trying to keep up with me “Jesus Adam, that was one big punch you got there I never knew you where that strong”

I look down towards the floor not facing Jamul “Please Jamul, just leave me alone, I’m not in my best mood”

“Come on man! What with you at the moment? You nailed Jason.  And I never seen you done that sort of thing before not even to anyone”

I stopped and turned around to face Jamul.  “Look Jamul, I didn’t have a good time last night so just leave me alone”

Jamul looked at me in shock “Man, what the hell happened to you? You got these scratch marks, and your attitude stinks just tell me what the hell happened?”

I sighed and leaned over the railing of the canal becoming a little upset.  I decided to let the cat out of the bag “My parents been murdered” I said quietly.

Jamul then went silent and relaxed for a brief moment realising and understanding what happened “Holy Shit, I’m sorry to hear about that”

“That is why I’m in a bad mood Jamul, that’s why I wanted to be alone, to clear a few things out of my head” I explained

“What about Your brother and your sister?” He asked

“They are still alive”

“Have you told the police about it?”

“They where on the scene” I got of the rails and started walking towards the Cinema.

“Hey where are you going now?” Jamul asked

“Somewhere I can drink in peace”


Chapter 10.

            It was about midnight and I’ve already gone through five pints of beer.  Feeling moody and depressed.  I was suppose to be back at Dr Claire Wright’s caravan by now, but I turned against my word and decided to stay at the Pub in Lincoln trying to get over the loss of my Parents and the kidnapping of my step sister by resorting to alcohol.

            You may think Alcohol is not the best solution, but when you are feeling down like me, alcohol is your only last best friend who won’t bother you with questions.

Thanks to the new rule, the pubs in England are allowed to be open for whole twenty-four hours.  That means I could stay in here as much as I want.  Drinking beer and watching Late Night Wrestling.

Just as I was enjoying some peace and quiet.  I was given a surprise visit.

“We though we might find you in here” Someone said to me.

I slowly turned to see who it was.  To my surprise, I could not believe who it was.  It was my old Friends, Chi-Wai and Stuart who for some reason decided to visit me rather than to stay at their universities, studying.

“What are you two doing here?” I asked slowly, feeling a bit tired.

Both Chi-Wai and Stuart sat next to me, at the bar sandwiching me between them “We came to see how you are” said Stuart who looks a bit pale, tired and drained from all the university work he did.

“We both heard about you parents, and we’re sorry to hear about it” Chi-Wai said.

I’ve picked up my beer glass and had a quick sip of it “Who told you about my parents deaths?” I asked them

“Claire did” Stuart answered, “She asked us to come down here in the first place.  She told us that you need someone to be with someone who you know well”

            “Thanks but I’d rather be alone” I said being ungrateful that they are here and once again taken another sip of my beer.

Chi-Wai shook his head “Look at your-self Adam.  You brought yourself down to depression and resorting yourself to alcohol.  You really need us right now, just give us a chance.  Lets have a walk around town and talk things out O.k.”

I sat from my seat and turned away from the bar.  Stuart and Chi-Wai did the same.  “O.K I will, but on one condition”

“And what is that?” said Stuart who was a little curios.

“Don’t do any of your traditional sick minded jokes otherwise I’ll shift into my werewolf form and beat the crap out of both of you.  And I really mean it.” I warned them

We all then went out of the Pub and started walking down south heading towards the city centre.  The town is now deserted, just one or two cars flying past on the roads and that’s about it.  Unfortunately it was cold and I haven’t brought a coat with me

“Oh yeah I just remembered something” Stuart broke the silence.  “Dr Claire Wright got a bone to pick with you Adam”

I broke a smile on my face, as I knew instantly what he was on about “Let me guess…oh yeah it’s about me not returning back at Metheringham before nightfall, isn’t it?”

Stuart nodded “Yeah.  But neither her nor Fu-Young is happy about it.”

“I don’t really care” I shrugged.  “I just wanted to be left alone, just to get over a few things.”

“The state you’re in after the hell you went through, you really need to be kept an eye on.  Especially if Vang’s around this district” Chi-Wai said in great concern.

“Whys that?” I asked “I can look after myself you know.  Don’t forget that I’m a werewolf you know.  If he wants to mess with me again, I’ll make sure he will not see the light of day”

“Yeah but what happen last Night? You got yourself in the right mess.  In fact you nearly got yourself killed.” Chi-Wai strongly pointed “But that’s not our main concern.  It’s mainly about you!”

“Me?” I said being a bit puzzled

“Yes you” Chi-Wai Snapped “You put yourself into depression and into a lot of stress, you could end up being suicidal, or even Lose control of yourself again like happened last night”

We all went silent for a short while, as Chi-Wai had proved his point. Reminding what I actually brought myself down to last night.

“So you heard about my first kill?” I spoke out

“Yeah we did hear about it” Stuart answered, “We both couldn’t believe it as we know personally that you wouldn’t do such a thing”

“Yeah, I thought they both where bullshitting us at first” Stuart said

“Unfortunately I did, all because I aloud myself to get into a werewolf rage” I said putting my back against the wall next to the local shop and slid down to sit and rest.

“Do you remember what actually happened or what it felt like when you went into a werewolf rage?” Asked Tang

I looked at my feet “I remember quite well.  It felt weird though, at the time I went into my rage; I actually enjoyed killing at the time.  Ripping him to shreds and…”

I paused.  Realising that I said too much about what happened.  I never really want to tell them how much of the monster I’ve became, the other night.  Stuart and Chi-Wai both looked surprised, as they knew for sure that I’m not a killer-type Person

“It’s not like you,” said Stuart “I never knew you would enjoy killing someone or something, you wouldn’t even kill a rabbit when you went hunting with your uncle, because you never like killing.”

“I think you being a werewolf must have affected your personality,” Said Chi-Wai who then sat down beside me, laying his back on the wall.

I looked slightly to my right, just seeing Chi-Wai in the corner of my eye “I wouldn’t be surprised if it had.  I hardly notice until what happened last night.” I then looked up at the night sky.  “Sometimes I ask my-self, is the real me is dead? Had I actually died at Yokely?

“I don’t like it when you put it that way, because that really scares the hell out of me” Chi-Wai said in great concern. 

He then stood up and went up to stand next to Stuart and whispered in his hear loudly enough for me to hear “Do you think he’s loosing it?” he asked

Probably” Stuart replied

Same here

I looked up at both at them, annoyed of their whispering about me “Hey! I heard that!” I shouted at them.  Making them jump.

Chi-Wai looked puzzled “What you mean you heard us? There’s no way you could here us.”

I picked myself back up from the floor “Hey I am a werewolf you know.  Even in my human form I could still pick up sounds better than what the ‘normal’ human can.”

Both Chi-Wai and Stuart looked at each other “I think the wolf of him is taking over his body for definitely” Said Chi-Wai.

Stuart then looked up as he spotted something in the sky “What the bloody hell is that?” he shouted and stepped back a little

Both Chi-Wai and me looked up at the sky.  Circling above us was this large catlike creature with bat-like wings slowly coming down towards us.

“OH Shit” I swore, as I knew it was one of the creatures that were created by Vang.   The same type of creature that kidnapped my sister and helped Vang to kill my parents.


Chapter 11.

            The creature then positioned his wings where he could glide downwards without hurting himself when he hit the ground.  It didn’t take him long before he landed in front of us.  He was an 8ft black were-panther with bat-like wings on his back only wearing Blue pants with a yellow strap belt around his waist.

            Me, Stuart and Chi-Wai all move back away from him fearing that he may attack us.  “Who the hell are you?” I shouted angrily at him, not forgetting about what happened last night.

            The winged panther then stood up straight “My name’s Python and I came looking for you Bladewolf,” He said, folding his wings back.

            I stepped slightly towards him cautiously, ready to change into my werewolf if needed. “What do you what from me?” I asked in an unfriendly way.

            Python folded his arm “Actually its what you want from me” he said, remaining calm “You want to know where your sister is being held captive, don’t you?”

            I then went up him and grabbed him by his throat,  “Where is She?” I shouted at him, almost reaching the point where I’ll start shifting into my werewolf form.

            My threats where useless, especially that I’m still in my human form.  Python just grabbed my arm and squeezed it hard and then pushed it away from his throat.  He then kicked me hard on my chest, which knocked me onto the ground and winding me.  I grabbed my chest in pain and trying to get some wind back into me.  Stuart and Chi-Wai helped back onto me feet.

“You Fucking Bastard” I murmured

“Are you O.K?” Chi-Wai asked.

            “Yeah, Its just that I got a wind taken out of me” I replied.  Still catching my breath.

            Python walked closer towards us “Stay back, or I’ll rip you to shreds like that other Guy last night” I threatened

            “Adam, you are letting your wolf side to get over you again,” Stuart warned me.

            Python growled loudly at us “Look, I’m not here to fight you Blade.  I’m here to help you to get your sister back!”

            “Help me, my ass! You are just like Vang’s other Freaks to me!”

            “Adam! Just chill!” Said Chi-Wai, holding me back, stopping me going for Python.

            Python grown more angry and frustrated “Look! I never wanted to be this.  Vang took away my humanity, trapping me in this, like a curse.”

            His words shut us all up realising his anger towards Vang, “How I ended up is happened after I agreed to escape death sentence only to be used as an experiment in the OMEGA PROJECT”

            “Omega Project? You mean you are one of those convicts from America who was brought here to be used as an experiment to create Super Soldiers?”

            Python nodded in reply “I thought it was just something basic that would help me to escape to freedom, but instead it made me into a monster which force me to become a prisoner in my own body.  Vang decided to team up with us convicts to create his own army to terrorise the humans.  But first he wanted to get rid of you and the others who became werewolves back at Yokely as you all were considered a threat.  Unfortunately for you Bladewolf, you were his first target.”

            “Why was Adam the first target?” Said Chi-Wai who was a little curious.

            “As far as I heard.  It was because he stabbed him four months ago,” He answered

            “Well if I didn’t I could have been killed.  What else could I have done?” I clearly pointed out.  Reminding Both Chi-Wai and Stuart about what happened back at Yokely, Four months ago.  “Anyway if he wanted to get rid of me that badly, why didn’t he go kill me himself”

            “For some reason he didn’t, I had no idea why.  I decided to betray him after I heard what he is doing.  The last thing I heard about your sister is that she’s being held captive, somewhere is Paris, France.”

            France!” I exclaimed “Why the Bloody hell, is he holding my sister over there across the Channel?”

            Python raised his voice “I don’t know! All I know is that he had been acting a little strange since he met you last night.  Its like he’s got more plans for you.”

            I shrugged off both Stuart and Chi-Wai “Thanks for the Information Python, but I gotta go”

            I then turned around and started to walk away.  I then had a quick look back at Python and gave him a warning “oh, If that crap is a load of Bullshit or its going to be some sort of a trap.  I will promise you that I’ll hunt you down”

            “Hey wait up!” Chi-Wai Called as both he and Stuart ran to catch me up.

            “You can’t this alone Blade, You’ll need my help” Python shouted

            But I just ignored him.  Walking away, treating it as nothing.


Chapter 12.

            Me, Stuart and Chi-Wai had taken the taxi back to Metheringham.  Ignoring their Advice, I went straight back to my house rather than going to Blankney Woods.  The Reason I did this, is because I’m not wasting any time.  I must get ready and set of for France to find my stepsister.

            “Adam! What the hell are you thinking? You can’t just go there by yourself!” Stuart shouted, trying to stop me going to France alone.  “You are going to get yourself killed!”

            I’ve just packed some of the spare clothes into my sports bag “I don’t want you to get involved in this.  I don’t want another death on my head because of me”

            “We’re more worried about you.  Adam!  You are in no condition to do this!” Chi-Wai said in concern.

            “I’m fine,” I protested, “My wounds had nearly completely healed up and my knee should be fine by the time I get there”

            I open the wardrobe and pulled out from the back a bastard sword in its brown leather casing.  I then stuffed in the bag, just managing to fit in. 

            “Look what happens if you go into you rage again? Who’s going to be there to stop you?” Said Stuart

            “If you go into a rage again, you could put your own life at risk.  You may accidentally exposed your Werewolf form in front of humans because of your rage” Chi-Wai added. 

            I then sat down on the lower bed of the Bed Bunk to rest to have a think about my situation.  I then looked up at both Stuart and Chi-Wai who stood at the other side of the room.  Both looking very worried. 

            I decided to explain my reasons “I know you two are worried about me doing this, but I am willing to take that risk.  I rather allow exposing my werewolf form to humans than letting my stepsister to get killed.  Other than my brother, she’s the only thing I have left.”

I then open my arms out slightly “As for you two.  You’re both humans, what can you do?” I put my hands back down on my legs.  “Besides you two got university work to do.”

Chi-Wai shook his head “I’ve got a week off just so that I could help you through your problems.  Not to get shunned, and allow you to go to France just so you can deal with your problems”

“You’re human! You are no way near as strong as us Weres.  You will get yourself killed!”

Chi-Wai leaned over me “and you are no way near fit enough to face them off”

“I’ll be fine,” I protested.

Then got up from my seat and walked out of my bedroom and then picked up a framed picture of the family photo from the top of the fire place.  Before I went back into my Bedroom to put it in my bag. 

I paused for a while to look at the Family photo.  I remember that this picture was taken nearly a year ago on Christmas day where me, Amy and Daniel sat down on the settee with mum and John stood behind us.   John (My stepfather) was showing of with his new camera at the time where he set it on timer to try and get it all in. 

It worked and this is a resulting picture.  I then started to have a quick flashbacks on that day when we all where enjoying ourselves on that day Opening presents and showing them off to each other.

Then my Flashback was cut off after hearing Stuart’s voice “Are you alright Adam”

I looked back to see that both Stuart and Chi-Wai standing by my bedroom door.  I then Barged passed them to get into my bedroom.

“I’m fine,” I said coldly

“Sorry I asked” Stuart said sarcastically, annoyed that I’m making the ass of myself.

I put the picture in my bag and zipped it up, ready to go.  All I need now is the car keys for my small grey car that was parked on the grass. 

“Hey Adam, are you going to tell Fu-Young about this?” Stuart asked as he sat down one of the chairs in my bedroom.

“I don’t think its wise” I sat down on my bed and picked up the keys from my table and placed them into my pocket.  “Knowing him, he will stop me going there, which is not what I want considering it means whether or not I’ll be able to save Amy in time”

            “I don’t blame him since what happened to you last night.  He’s concerned about your safety.  Why don’t you let him to find your step sister?” Chi-Wai suggested.

            “That is because Fu-Young doesn’t know what Amy looks like and Amy doesn’t know him and that would be a problem.” I pointed out.

            “Then why won’t let him come with you?”

            “Its none of his business, he hasn’t really got anything to do with this personal matter”

Slowly I got up from my seat and picked up my bad.  I then dug deep into my pockets to pull out a small roll of notes and gave it to both Stuart and Chi-Wai for them to be able get back to the university.

“You’ll need this to pay for travel expenses” I said to them and headed to the front door.  “I’ll probably be away for a week so I need one of you to contact Loraine to tell her that that I won’t be able to work for a week”

“Yes we will,” They both said being unenthusiastic about it.

“And please be careful when go out at nights around this area, as there may be some of Vang’s pack still around here trying to hunt me down.”

“O.k.” Said Chi-Wai.


Chapter 13.

            It hadn’t been a very good journey to France.  I nearly fell a sleep at the wheel of my car as I hardly slept for over twenty-four hours.  Having a car crash is the last thing I want, especially the recent run of bad luck.  I was force to stop off on the side of the road in the quiet countryside to get some sleep. Before I set off again.  Even though the sun is rising brighten up the car, I’ve still mage to get some decent sleep

            After having and eight hour sleep, I was rudely awaken by a police officer who thought that I was a drunk who ended up in the wrong place.  After taking a breathalyser test I was cleared and was allowed to continue on.

            Later in that day, I manage to get to Dover dock to get on a ferry to Calais in France.  Before I got on the Ferry, I went into the cafés to get some breakfast that I’ve missed.  All I had is a few Croissants and coffee to wake me up.

            Just as went into the Ferry and parked my car in the lower deck.  I went upstairs and onto the main deck looking through one of the main windows on the starboard side in the Café area of the boat.  I could see a typical autumn sunset as the sunrays makes the clouds appear orangey red as the sun slowly sunk into the horizon.

            I sat down on one of the seats having a few thoughts.  I’m thinking to myself: Am I doing a right thing?  I began to worry about the consequences I may face when I do attempt to rescue Amy.  I’m Worried that they may end up killing her or trying to make her one of them.  Just having me as a werewolf is bad.  Just thinking about it.  I remembered what Python said:

            “But first he wanted to get rid of you and the others who became werewolves back at Yokely as you all were considered a threat.  Unfortunately for you Bladewolf, you were his first target”

            I began to think that it is because of me as a werewolf is the reason why my family where put in danger.  But on the over hand, it was Vang who made me a werewolf in the first place.  He attacked me and I stabbed him in self-defence and the next night, I’ve experianced my first transformation into a werewolf.

            Looking back on that day.  I began to come to the reasoning of why he chose me first.  I assume it was because of when I’ve stabbed him, which only made him angrier making me a number one target.

            I started to feel a little guilt from it, blaming myself for the hassle, which is probably caused by me stabbing Vang with the sword I found.  I didn’t just put my family in danger but nineteen others like me, cursed as a werewolf forever.

            As those thoughts slowly swallowing me up, I tried to think about something else.  Holding onto the St Christopher necklace that was in my pocket, I prayed to God. “God please give me strength,” I said.

            I then went into my pocket and pulled out my wallet.  As I opened it, a piece of paper fell out of it.  I put the wallet back into my pocket and picked up the folded up paper.  I slowly opened it to see what it is.  To my surprised it was a letter with a picture on it.  On it was a family photos with me, Daniel, Amy, mum and step-dad John on then on separate pictures.  Underneath my mum’s the photo it says:


To my son,

With love,




I smiled a little as the message on the back of the photo that my mum wrote cheered me up a little.  It started to remind me my good times I had with her and the rest of my family.  Especially the time I had my eighteenth birthday, where me, Mum and John went on our own to have dinner at my favourite Cantonese restaurant.  As I remembered my happy times the ship headed off to France so I could find my Step Sister.


Chapter 14.

            It taken me few more hours before I’ve manage to reach Paris.  Already its dark (as I slept in the car the most of the day).  Unfortunately due to the lack of money, I could only get a small apartment with my window facing the brick wall of the other building.

I couldn’t really be bothered to unpack my stuff.  All I wanted at the moment is to rest before I’ll search for Amy in this large City.  While I was lying on my bed, I picked up my mobile from the bedside cabinet.  I then dialled Claire’s number to give her a call.

After a Few minutes waiting for an answer, all I got is this message:

“I’m sorry, the person you’re calling is not available, please try again”

“Shit” I said as I flung the phone down onto my bed.  For some reason Dr Claire Wright didn’t answer the phone as I expect her to do so as she always have it with her in case there was an Emergency. 

I then picked up the phone from the bed and tried ringing Fu-Young’s number:

“I’m sorry, the person you are calling is not available”

Fu-Young had his mobile switched off.  By the sound of it, something must be going on back in England and I don’t think its any good.  I began to wonder whether I was on a wild goose chase that for me to go here was just to divert me away.  The only way to find out if to search first, then ask questions later.  I gave myself a week in France to search for Amy before I must return back to England.  Even though my chances to find Amy are slim, but I’m still going to search for her no matter what my chances.

Just as I was about to have snooze I heard a woman crying for help “Somebody help me please” she shouted.

I couldn’t help but to be nosey of what is going on outside.  I got from the bed and had a quick peek down my window.  To my surprised I could not believe it.

“What the Fuck?” I swore as I realised that there are seven werewolves pulling hard on a human girl who was wearing a black top and beige trousers.  The Girl in was screaming in pain as punches were thrown at her.

Without bother to think twice I ran quickly towards my bag and ripping it open to get my sword out.  I wanted to help the poor lass to save her from the werewolves attacking her. 

Once I’ve got my sword I went toward the window and sliding it up. I had a quick look down to see how high I was.  I was three flours high which would probably hurt me if I decided to jump straight down.  I’ll have to climb down.

Strapping the case on my back with the sword in it, I climbed through the window and slowly climbed down using the other windows for steps to help me down.

humain de merde!” Shouted one of the werewolves.  I looked to see a brown and white werewolf pointing directly at me.

Humain vers le haut!” he shouted again and all the werewolves attracted their attention towards me.

“Oh Fuck!” I said as I realized that I have put my self in a tricky situation.

The all black werewolf then pointed directly at me “Obtenez-le!” he shouted and five werewolves then surrounded me and started climbing up to try and get me.  However two werewolves was still holding a human girl slowly moving away towards the dead end of the alley.

As one the werewolves grabbed my ankle I then pulled out my sword from my back and swung it down slicing his hand off spewing out some blood and wailing in pain.  I then jumped the rest of my way down and tried to stab one of them in the head.  But I missed and ending up hitting the sword on solid concrete.

While they had their chance they all grabbed me trying to pin me down to the floor.  Somehow I manage to stay on my feet and tried to wrestle them off. But as I was still in my human form I was no match against them, I had to change.  I closed my eyes trying to force myself to transform into a werewolf. But I couldn’t concentrate as other werewolves were constantly pushing me about. 

Suddenly I felt a sharp pain on my left arm.  I looked to see that a grey and white werewolf had bit me in my arm.  That pains the spread across my body, and felt my skin and bones starting to stretch as my transformation has just been triggered.  I felt my organs churning inside and my muscles expanding into size.  I could see my palms of the hands forming into paw-like pads.  I felt a sudden sharp pain as the bush tail splits the Velcro and growing through the hole (man, these new trousers work well).  I tilt my head back and roared loudly as my mouth slowly forms into a wolf muzzle and ears moving further up my head.  The Fur covered my body completely.  All my clothes where still intact thanks to Claire for designing and making these clothes, Apart from my new trainers as they got ripped apart as my feet formed into hind legs.

All of them where stunned to realise that I too is a werewolf.  As some let go as they were surprised for what they had seen, I used the advantage by launching my sword at them.  Most of them backed away just managing to dodge my attacks.

Then one of them went on all fours and pounced at me.  It was a big mistake as I position my sword perfectly and he got impaled on to it and roared in pain.  I then quickly pulled the sword out of his chest and turned around as I spotted another grey werewolf who was quite close behind me.  I then swung my sword downwards and sliced of his head.  The body fell straight to the ground spraying some blood all over me and some other werewolves.

Some then back away leaving me room to get out of the way from them heading toward where two werewolves was holding the girl.  The all black werewolf (Who I assume is the ringleader) pulled out his hand held radio from his torn denim Trousers and placed it in front of his mouth.

Nous avons besoin d'un certain support!” He shouted down at his radio.

Despite being grabbed on my right arm by a reddish brown and white werewolf, I manage to stretch out my left leg to kick the black werewolf on his hand where he was holding the radio, which dropped onto the floor.  I then turned on the werewolf holding me back and snapped at face forcing him to let go before going back to kick hard with my right foot at the other grey coloured werewolf who was holding onto the girl.  That forced him to let go of her as he got knocked onto the floor.  

The Reddish brown werewolf then roared in anger and charged at me.  However he left himself wide open for me to drive my sword directly at his stomach.  I did so without any effort and he just basically ran into the blooded sword and got himself impaled.  As he wailed in pain with more blood spraying on to me, I just pulled my sword out of his stomach and kicked him to the ground.

As more werewolves came closer to me, I swung my sword left to right forcing them to move back.  One of them tripped over his own feet stumbling downwards.  I lift my sword up and drive my blade into his skull, slicing vertically downwards and stopped just above his muzzle before he just when into a fit.  He was still alive but I’m sure he’s brain dead after that.

Then in absolute fear with all their ears pointing downwards, the rest of the werewolves who was unhurt ran away in terror as they realized that they where no match against me considering they are unarmed.  Just as the last of them when I put my sword back in its case on my back.  I panted heavily as all that fighting had left me out of breath.

I turned around to see the girl still on her hand and knees with her bleached white hair with one arm wrap across her stomach I’m not sure whether she is in pain or traumatised.  I went over to her to try and help “Are you OK” I said to her.

She then looked up at me with hair flung to her back revealing her face.  To my surprise I saw a muzzle slowly forming and ears moving upwards on her head and her eyes are currently golden.  She was a werewolf too.  Currently but very slowly transforming into her werewolf form.  The Dark Red fur then started to grow on her face.

“What? You’re a werewolf too?” I said, slowly stepping back away from her.

Her facial expressions change from creased, snarling face to shock looking “Behind you!” She pointed above me.

I quickly pulled out my sword and position the blade like I’m going to stab myself, but instead I went to stab someone behind my by driving the sword to the side of me.  I then lift my sword up and pushed it downwards past me and felt the slight extra force on the sword as it went through someone who by the sounds of it was just behind.

I heard a loud roar of pain from the werewolf behind me.  Slowly I turned around to see who exactly was behind me.  It was an all black werewolf who was still here (how the hell he got around me without being seen?).  He then collapses to the ground clutching in pain.

Suddenly, someone behind me barged into me, knocking me over forwards, onto the floor and dropping my sword.  At first I thought that girl backstabbed me after I saved her.  But when I looked up it was that grey werewolf who only just managed to get back up after I kicked him hard earlier in the fight.  He just snarled and then kicked right under my jaw.  I rolled onto my back grabbing hold of jaws as that blow be did really did fucking hurt. 

The grey werewolf then jumped on top of me, which knock out a lot of air out of me. He grabbed hold of my jumper and started throwing strong right punches.  I felt a lot of pain from each punch he gave me.  I couldn’t fight back not only because I was badly winded it was also because he pinned me down well, making it hard for me to move about.

Suddenly just as the grey werewolf about to throw another strong right as he lifted his this in the air.  I saw a blade swoop past above me and cleanly cut of his hand and he roared loudly in pain.  I looked up to see that it was a red and white Wolf/Fox crossbreed.  I realised who it was.  It was that girl I helped who just finished transforming.  She slowly stepped back nervously as the grey werewolf turned his attention towards her.

As the grey werewolf got distracted I reached into my right pocket to get the penknife that I’ve confiscated from Jason the other day.  I opened up the blade and then stabbed the grey werewolf on the side and pulled it downwards creating a large deep cut, which started o pour out a lot of blood.

He howled loudly as I rolled him off to the side before going on top of him to slit his throat to shut him up.  His life was starting to fade away as he rolled to one side holding his throat.


Chapter 15.

I Got of him and stepped back away from him leaving him to suffer.  I dropped the penknife on the floor and collapsed onto my knees as I had killed a few werewolves.  I killed four of them just to save one life.  That was more or less pointless but why did I do it the first place?  Looking at my right hand that was slightly covered in blood, I slowly clenched it.

“Shit” I swore as slowly looked away from what I did.

The Dark Red werewolf walked up to me “Are you feeling alright?” She spoke out.

I looked at her in surprise that she spoke English her clothes were torn from her transformation.  Her beige trousers are now like shabby shorts with some bloodstains on them and her black top now looks like a tank top as the clothes are to small for werewolf form.  Unlike my clothing that was given to me by Dr Claire Wright, which was design specially to cope with the increasing size during transformations.

The girl’s werewolf form isn’t as physique as me, in fact for a werewolf she is quite thin/Average build.  Her eyes was bright golden yellow, circled around the eyes was white fur.  On her forehead there was a diamond shape white fur surrounded by fiery red fur.   She has long hair that blends into her fur so well that it is unnoticeable until a slight wind bows on it and fluttering slightly revealing her long hair.  She is mostly red in fur with white going down from her lower jaw and neck and down to her breast (Nice melons) and into her shirt.  Her legs and arms are also red but at her hind legs downwards, it is creamy white, darkened by dirt on the floor.

“I’m alright” I replied shaking some loose blood of my hand. I then looked up at her with a smile expression on my wolf face. “Thanks for helping me out with that guy” I said to her, nodding towards that grey werewolf

She smiled back at me. She then handed back the my sword that she borrowed “I should be thanking you for saving me from them” She said

I put slotted the sword back in its case “Who where those guys anyway?” I asked

She tilted her head slightly to the side with one ear pointer up and the other pointed across “Your not from around here aren’t you?”

I shook my head “Nah, I come from the other side of the channel in England

England?” She echoed, “I know that there are werewolves in Wales but never knew that there are werewolves in England,”

Wales? Yokely the small village where I became werewolf is in Wales.  Did she know about it? Or is it some coincidence?

Wales” I murmured to myself looking down to the floor.

“What did you say?” Said the Red and White where.

I looked back up at her “Oh its nothing” I lied as I don’t really want to say anything about what happened there…yet. 

“Anyway” she said, “what is your name?” She asked, changing the subject.

I folded my arms, making myself to look big “My name’s Bladewolf” I answered using my were-name “And what is your name? And where do you come from” I asked.

“I’m Crystal Wright I’m come from Yokely in Wales, currently living in Forêt Le-Roi on the outskirts of Paris” She replied

I stepped back in shock, not only her surname is recognisable but also she’s from Yokely in Wales.

“Are you in any relation to Dr Claire Wright?” I asked her.

She straightened up and look very surprised “Yeah she’s my step mother” She said and taken one step back “How did you know about her?”

“She’s my watcher, she looks out for me in case anything happens”

Her ears then started to twitch around trying to pick up sounds; she then looked down at the floor where a grey werewolf was next to the drains. 

“We need to get out here before they come here to clear this up” she said nervously

“They?” I said a bit puzzled about it.

“The hunters.  The special group who dedicate themselves to kill us werewolves and clean up the evidence of our existence”

“Is that what they are?” I asked pointing at the dead werewolves.

Crystal shook her head “No they are the ‘Skin heads’ who gives us werewolves a bad name.  I’m glad that you killed some of them, as they are a bunch of assholes.  It will at least lift a load for us lot.”  Crystal knelt down and opened up the drains revelling a large dark sewer.

“I suppose we have to go into the sewers to get out of here, right?” I moaned as a foul smell embraced me.

“It’s the only way of travailing around without being seen by humans in this form that we are in now.  It’s too crowded to try and risk walking through the city” She then started to climb down the ladder “You could stay here if you want but you really to come with me to the safe place where no-one can find us”

“O.K I’ll come with you” I said and started to follow her down into the French sewers.


Chapter 16.

Taking a trip down the sewers is probably the worst way of travelling around Paris.  But then again, since I’m in my werewolf form.  I don’t really have a choice considering it is a large popular city, which is crowded with humans.  If I got spotted in this form, it could spark a major problem.

We’ve been travelling for at least half on hour going through various routes like we are in a giant maze.  I’m relying on Crystal to find our way around the sewers as she probably used them a lot before.

But there’s something that bothers me about Crystal.  She is Dr Claire Wright’s stepdaughter, which I never knew about until today.  Neither Dr Claire Wright nor Fu-Young mentioned about Crystal.  If Crystal is related to Claire then that means that she could be relate to Dr James Wright who also known as Vang, The bastard who murdered my parents and kidnapped my stepsister.

Crystal stopped next to the turning of the sewer tunnel, she then knelt down and sniffed up, and around the corner “We are nearly there” Said Crystal who then stood up.

“How can you tell?” I asked her walking into the tunnel that she sniffed.

“We leave a strong scent to help us to find our way round in this place.  The stronger the scent the closer you are to that place.  By the smell of that scent we are only about a few hundred meters away from the hide out”

I looked curiously around the tunnel were I could see some faint light along either side of the tunnel “How many werewolves live down here?” Anyway I asked

Crystal looked up at the ceiling “I don’t know, Probably thousand, ten thousand”

“Ten Thousand!” I exclaimed, as I couldn’t believe the high numbers here.

Crystal laughed a little “Yeah it does seem a lot and amazing thing around here is that everyone seems to know each other well” she then looked down onto the wet floor. “How many werewolves live in your place” she asked

I took a while before I replied to that answer, as I’m not sure whether it was wise to say about how many werewolves live in my area. “In my Village there are only three of us, however, if you include the whole district, there’s only twelve of us”

She then turned her head looking towards me “Anyway, why exactly you came to France? Is it that you are on holiday or something?”

I shook my head and went into a short deep silence “No” I quietly said, “I came here to find my sister who was kidnapped a few days ago”

We both stop as Crystal stood still in shock about me situation “Your sister been kidnapped? By whom?” She said walking up to me.

I then sat down one the side of the wall to take a rest “The same guy who gave me living hell” I replied.

I bent my head and rubbed my eyes with my fingers as I was deeply become upset, remembering what happened a few days ago. I then lifted my head up slightly and looked at my hand that looks a bit like a dogs paw “He’s the same guy who made who made me into this”

“You mean to say that you weren’t born as a werewolf?” She softly said.

“I’ve only become a werewolf four months ago after he attacked me.  I survived but it came with a cost.  That I have been cursed as a werewolf.  That wasn’t the end of my nightmare.  A few days ago, I was celebrating my brother’s birthday.  It went fine until he came along.  He murdered my parents right in front of my eyes and taken away my stepsister, I felt so week and helpless, I could not forgive my self for not doing anything to save them.  Luckily for me someone gave me a lead that they had taken my sister, here in Paris.  I want to kill that bastard for what he did”

            Crystal looked down in with her ears folded back, sympathising the run of bad luck I had.  “I’m sorry to here about that” she said.

            I looked up at crystal “You weren’t to know” I said.

            “Do you know his name?” she asked with curiosity.

            I fell silent for a while thinking whether it was wise to say the name she is probably related to him.  I had taken deep breaths before I say anything about his name.  “He called himself Vang” I eventually replied

            “Vang? He did this?”

            I nodded gently “Yeah he’s that bastard who did this to me and killed my family, he is the reason why I met your step mother who help me to get out of Yokely”

            Crystal looked down and looked like she’s ashamed about it “Vang, he’s my Father”

            “I feel sorry for you” I sighed

            Crystal nodded in agreement “He was the reason I left Yokely”

            She then turned around away from me and looked up at the ceiling “I thought I was the one who had all the bad luck in the last five months” She said “But after hearing about what happened to your family.  I understand that you too had a lot of bad”

            “Looks like we have something in common”

            Crystal turned looked back over her shoulder, just seeing me with a corner of her eye.  “Like you Blade, I haven’t been a werewolf that long myself”

            Crystal looked back down onto the floor “Five month ago, I wanted to go out with my friends to go clubbing at Cardiff.  My Father wouldn’t let me go and wanted me to stay at home.  However I went anyway to enjoy myself.  But when I got back My Father had a row with my mother about me going out.  He then turned into a monster and attacked me”

            “That bastard, that not way you should be treated especially for a nice girl like you”

            Crystal put a small smile expression on her wolf face “Thanks” she said before she continued on with her story. “After that fight, he injected me a virus, he said that was a punishment for not doing as I was told.  At first I thought it was just a bluff until the next night on the full moon.  I turned into a werewolf.  I hated my father for what he did to me and my mother became deeply upset about it.

            Luckily for us, we got a friend who help us out his name was Fu-Young, he is a real werewolf who wanted to help us out as he also got treated badly.  He helped me to get out of that area.  He was the one who told me to go to France where I would find safety.”

            “How come your mother didn’t come with you?” I asked

            Crystal turned around to face me “Unfortunately the whole area was blocked of by My Father’s clan, it was unsafe for her to make an attempt to go through, as she was a human and was well know.  Even in daylight that they would hunt her down while they are in their human form.  So she decided to stay and wait until they let slip a suitable gap to go through.”

            Crystal then sat down beside me on my right side “So what’s your story? How did you become a werewolf?”

            Enjoying Crystal’s accompany I gave a little smile before telling her my story. “Four moths Ago, I went on a school trip to Yokely for a week end stay to do activities like Wall climbing. 

On the first night of staying there, we decided to go on the night hike through the woodland area.  But then as we went further into the woods, we unwillingly went into their territory and paid the price for it.  We got ambushed by at least ninety werewolves from Vang’s Clan and chased through the woods and attacking each student they manage to get hold of”

            “So you are saying that its not just you that became infected and became a werewolf on that night?” Crystal asked, interrupting me.

            I nodded in reply, “That is why we have at least twelve werewolves living in the district, including myself.  We may escape death but we were cursed, the lucky ones are ones who manage to get away without being attack and cursed”

            “Well that explained why there are so many werewolves in such a small area in England,” She said, rubbing the back of her head. “Well anyway what happened to you back then?”

            “As for me I had a bit of hard luck.  I ended up taking refuge in a building along with a couple of my friends.  However the building happened to be the W.I.G.E.R Labs, the company responsible for making so many werewolves.

            However it was dark in there and the light switch happened to be on the other side of the pile of boxes, so my friends decided to send be over the boxes only to switch on the lights.  However when I did, I ended up seeing an eight-foot werewolf who then attacked me.” 

I paused for a moment as I pulled out my sword from my case “Luckily I found this sword, and used it to defend my self, and drive that werewolf away from me, before passing out from a severe lost of blood.

I woke up in the late afternoon, and finding my self in the cabin, thought that what had just happened was just a dream, until I realised I had bandages all over me and met Fu-young who also happen to be a werewolf himself.”

I then put the sword back it in its case “Your mother was the one who told me that I had been infected by the virus which made me into the werewolf at first it sounded unbelievable, but after I transformed later in the night, I began to realise how real it is.”

I then stood up and walked across the sewers “I wasn’t the only that became a werewolf and that night, eighteen others had also change and now live with curse. That is my story”

Crystal stood up and walked up towards me “I see you had taken the tough end of being a werewolf”

“Aye, I really haven’t had any good times of being a werewolf…yet”

Crystal then started to walk down the sewer, she then had a quick look to see me, “Come on Blade.  Lets go to the hideout before the hunters start hunting us”

“O.k.” I smile a little


Chapter 17.

            “Here it is” Said Crystal who leant on the right side of the circular gauze door which appeared to be locked from the inside as the bolt was on the other side.

            I wasn’t too sure whether she brought me to the right place, at the same time, I felt a little edgy about it.  I felt my ears going slightly down.

            Crystal went to the side realising that I felt a little uneasy “What’s up?” She asked

            I turned to face Crystal “Nothing much really” I said quietly before looking down at the pad lock bolting down the door “apart from that it is locked and the pad lock is on the other side”

            Crystal looked down, shaking her head and giving that wolfish sniggering.  She then looked up at me with a smile on her wolf face and pressed hard on the brick, pushing it right in the wall “This is how we get into here” she said still pushing the brick into the wall.

            I looked curiously at her pressing hard on the brick, which got pushed in by her.

            “Who are you?” Said a voice that sounded like it was coming from a speaker.  It made me jump and I stumbled backwards tripping over my hind legs, which I haven’t quite got the use yet and fell into the small stream in the middle of the sewer pipe (I really do now wished I transformed more often to get the use of this form).

            Crystal moved closer to the wall “Its Crystal Wright” She replied.

            “What’s the password?”

            “Moon shadow Apollo”

            “Ok hang on a sec”

            While Crystal waited patiently. I manage to pick my self up, with my clothes slightly wet from the sewers water.

            “I thought you said you’ve been a werewolf for four months?” she said being slightly concerned about me not fully have the use of my hind legs in my wolf.

            “I have,” I said “Its just that I rarely change into my wolf form, except at full moon of course.”

            Then I heard a noise, and coming out of the darkness was a tall Brown and white werewolf wearing torn dark brown trousers holding some keys in his paw (Jesus He was big) “You alright Crystal?” He asked her.

            “I’m O.k. despite the when those ‘Skin heads’ are causing trouble again” She replied.

            “Those guys again?”

Crystal nodded in reply.

“Damn them, they always cause a lot of trouble! I sure hope that the hunters get them.” He then paused as he spotted me almost hiding behind Crystal.  He folded his arms and Straighten his back. “Well who’s that guy?” He asked with a lower tone of his voice.  By the looks of it he doesn’t seemed all that pleased that I’m around.  His ears turned towards the back of his head.

Crystal turned around to look at me “Oh him? He is just my new friend I met?” she replied and looked back at him.

“You know you are not suppose to bring any strangers down here, werewolf or not”

Crystal sighed a little “I know but he’s different, if it wasn’t for him, I could have been raped or even killed by those ‘Skin heads’”

The brown and white werewolf raised his eyelid and tiled his head side wards with his ears pointed to the sides “You’re saying that he saved you? How?”

“I killed some of them, that’s how” I interjected and folded my arms

The Tall werewolf went quiet for a while shocked that I actually killed some of the ‘Skins heads’ e than looked at Crystal “Is this true?” he asked as he doesn’t seemed to be quite convinced about it.

“Yes it was true,” she confirmed “I thought he would deserve a credit of being accepted here as a pack” She then went up to him and whispered in his ear (which I mange to pick up thanks to my sensitive hearing) “Besides he’s had a hard time in the last couple of days his parents had recently been murdered and his sister has been kidnapped, I don’t think he has any safe place to go other than here

The Brown and white werewolf nodded in reply “Oh I see” he said and then looked at me “In that case he can come in, but you must have a word with high”

Crystal bowed at him “Thank you” she said and then turned around to face me “Ok Blade you can come in”

“Thanks” I said politely.

The Brown and White werewolf then opened the door to let us in.  Crystal went in first, and then I followed after.  But just as I went through the door, that werewolf grabbed me in the arm, I turned to face him “I’m glad you killed some of the Skin heads” he complimented “it will lift some strain of our colony and will sure to please the high Alpha”

            “High Alpha?” I echoed, as I have no idea about the ‘High Alpha’. 

            The Werewolf then looked down and sniggered “I see, I suppose you haven’t been a werewolf that long either.” He then looked up at me and let go of my arm “Off you go then, your bitch is waiting for you.”

            I just shrugged, as I don’t really care much about high alpha and just walked away from him, walking down the short dark tunnel. Before turning left towards the light of the doorway, which was left ajar.

            Crystal was standing by the door waiting patiently for me “Here we are” she said opening the door.  She looked at me and smiled “This is our home”

            She then opened the door wide open to reveal what is behind the door.


Chapter 18.

            I froze in shock of what I am seeing.  The scent of this place smells like a where in the dog kennels (No surprises there).  We stood along the balcony of the top floor, as there are two floors.  It is relatively large cave with tunnels leading to more rooms.  The main section we are is about the size of the old Wembley Stadium.  Down below on the floor lower Floor I can see a lot of werewolves about, half of them are in their wolf forms while the others stayed in human form.

            Opposite us lower down on the other side of the room is a stage, probably used for some meetings or even some entertainment.  The floor was just a light brown, yellowy floor with tables and chairs spread right across the room.  To the right was another room that I could see.  By the looks of it, It looks like some sort of a Bar and next to it, I could see another stall where a lightly coloured werewolf was being served some food, which probably suggests that it is some sort of canteen.  I looked across the entire room to see more tunnels, both top and bottom flour, probably leading to other rooms.

            “Its big isn’t it?” Said Crystal who managed to make a big smile on her wolf face.

            “Aye” I agreed, still overwhelmed by the whole place (So this is the place where the werewolves has been hiding the whole time).

            Crystal looked down looking at the bunch of tables “Hey there’s a spare table down there” She said as she moves slightly away from the balcony “Do you want to sit down with me?” she asked politely

            “Sure” I said looking down over the balcony, looking around the whole place.

            Crystal put her foot on the rail readying to jump “Follow me” She said as jumped of the balcony and did a single forward summersault before landing on all fours and the loose hair-like fur went over her head and covered her head.  She than got up and flicked her head up, throwing back the loose hair-fur to the back of her head.

            I was stunned that she actually done that.  But she not the only one that seemed to have that habit, As I looked around I notice quite a few other werewolves in human and wolf form are doing the same (well they could at least use the stairs or the ladders provided).

            I looked back at Crystal who was looking up at me with a smile “Hey, don’t be shy blade. Just jump!” She shouted

            I felt bit nervous about it at first, but then once my wolf side is slowly grasping me (again), it was telling me to jump.  Eventually I jumped onto the rails before jumping down.  I didn’t do any fancy stuff, as I don’t really have the guts to do so. 

I landed on the floor on all fours as my own weight threw me forward.  I slowly got up and faced Crystal. 

“Our table is over there,” said Crystal pointing towards the wooden table near the entrance of the bar.

We walked across room towards that table.  But as we did I looked around of this place.  It seems unbelievable that this is the underground home and hiding place for werewolves.  For some reason I felt like was dreaming, in some sort of fantasy world.  It is hard about it.  I did know that there are more werewolves as Fu-Young told me, but I didn’t know it was THAT many in one little place. 

My life seems to get weirder and weirder each day.  It felt so weird, I questioned myself about Yokely, Did I actually die back there and this is some sort of after life?  The reason I asked myself this is that, exactly a year ago.  I never knew that werewolves exist in real life until four months ago when I got attacked by a werewolf and became cursed as one for the rest of my life.

“Bladewolf, are you O.K?” asked Crystal who caught me daydreaming.

“Yeah, I’m o.k.” I said un-enthusiastically.

We sat down at the table, sitting opposite each other.  Crystal looked at me, increasingly becoming concerned about me.  Her expressions on her wolf face went from smile to standard plane wolf face.

“What’s up?” she spoke up in concern “Is there something bothering you?”

I taken the case containing the sword of my back and laid it across the table, looking at it. “A little” I spoke out in honesty

Crystal folded her arms and rested them on the table.  She then slowly leaned forward, moving closer to me. “What’s bothering you?” She asked

I slouched down and folded my arms “Its just that so much happened to me in the last four months, first finding about that werewolves actually exists before being attack and became one.  Then I had a little incident the other night, and then finding this place.” I laid my muzzles on my folded arms “It’s just seem a lot to take in at the moment, I still think I’m dreaming”

“Hi Crystal!” Said someone, who stood behind me.

I lifted my head and ears before turning around to see whom it was.  It was just a male werewolf who by the sound of it is a friend of Crystal.  He is a grey and white werewolf who has a lot of resemblance to Fu-Young apart from that his arms are more grey in colour and his face has less white on it. Weird thing about this werewolf, he has dyed his loose hair-fur Bright electric green that spread down along his shoulders and down his back.  He also has styled it slightly allowing some of the loose hair/fur to dangle in front forehead near his eyes. 

He wore Bright Green tracksuit bottoms that almost matched the colour of his dyed hair-fur with two white lines that run down the side of them.  By the looks of it, his trousers were also specially made.  Nothing appeared to have been torn during transformations between human and wolf forms.  Even his tail hole seems to be added for his grey and white bushy tail to go through nicely.

Crystal looked up at him with a smile “Hi Forest, How are you?”

Forest laughed a little “I’m fine thank you” he said, rubbing the back of his head.

Forest then looked down at me, he blinked as he realise that I don’ t come from here “I see you met a new friend” He smiled.

Crystal smiled back at him “Yeah, this is Bladewolf, a werewolf from England” She then looked back at me “Bladewolf, this is Forest

“Nice to meet you” I said politely to Forest

Forest nodded in reply, the British street way of saying of saying ‘hi’. He then pointed at the empty seat next to me “Is it Ok for me to sit down with you?” he said in an American accent

“Sure, if it is ok with Bladewolf” Said Crystal who then smiled at me (Does she have a crush on me or something?)

“I don’t mind If you do” I Invited him.

Forest then sat down next to me.  When he sat down, he let his tail dangle behind him, unlike mine and Crystal’s where we curl our tails around to the side.

            “Anyway what an English Werewolf doing down here?” asked Forest.

            “The reason I’m down here in France is because I am looking for my sister who has been kidnap and to get my revenge on those who murdered my parents”

            Forest moved slightly away.  By the looks of it, and emotional bombshell had been dropped on him as he realised that I’m going through hard time at the moment.  He looked down, rubbing the back of his head.

“Oh man,” He said

“Yeah I haven’t had a good last few days,” I explained “And ended up getting in a fight against the Skin heads didn’t really help either”

 “You fought against the skin heads?” Said Forest who looked very surprised.

“Yeah, He killed four of them and got the rest them running scared” Crystal interjected.


Crystal nodded “yeah, seriously”

“It wasn’t that spectacular” I said, “All I did was to get my sword out and stab them.  They weren’t even armed,” I pointed out.

“Yeah but you still got rid of some.  We don’t worry about getting us exposed and giving us a bad name by killing innocent humans” Said Forest.

“Another words it is because of them that werewolf hunters are around here?”

Forest nodded, “Exactly, it was because of them that we ended up hiding here in caves in the first place. After that beast of Gavaudan incident”

“Beast of Gavaudan?” I echoed

“Beast of Gavaudan is the worst mass murder and attack done by an werewolf,” Crystal explained, which attracted my attention towards her.

“Two and a half centuries ago, the skin heads was formed as a group who hated humanity.  They terrorised many people, torture them and even killing them.  At the time the tensions between humans and were creatures was great as humans accuse us of working with the devil and just little thing that went wrong sparked a major confrontation.  The aggressive present of the skinheads made us greatly concerned, considering we tried to create peace with humans.  However the skinhead hatred made the peace process difficult. 

Then one day, just as the tension went low.  The skinheads launched their own war against humans, Causing destruction and terrorism.  They gave the humans no mercy.  During that time, the innocent werewolf that was known to the humans was hunted and killed, giving instant death sentences without trial.”

“Those Tight Bastards” I swore, interrupting the story.

“We know, but problem with humans, they over react too much,” said Forest

Crystal continued on with story “Then one day, a Celtic Werewolf came to France to stop the skin heads and other werewolf terrorist groups.  He succeeded, and the numbers was reduced heavily, crippling each group.  The only thing left to do was to kill the ringleader.  However it wasn’t him that killed the ringleader.  It was a human military soldier, who killed the ring leader with a single shot of the silver bullet.”

“If that Celtic wolf had really stopped the skinheads, how come they are still around today?” I pointed out

“You see the Celtic wolf has succeeded stopping their reign of absolute terror, but some managed to escape and tried to regroup.” Forest explained  “They are still active today as you can see, but are hidden enough not to become suspicious from the humans”

“But they are causing enough trouble for us to get worried” Said Crystal “thanks to you, for killing some of them.  They will have to be on their back foot for now”

I look down at my sword “first the werewolves, then the scientists, now the skinheads? How many more surprises I’m going to get?”

Forest laughed a little “Well since… well by the sounds of it, you haven’t been a werewolf that long, I’m sure to tell you there are more surprises to be known about us Weres.”

“Don’t worry about it Bladewolf, you’ll get use to it” Said Crystal “to be honest, this whole thing surprised me myself”

While Crystal was talking I thought I seen someone I recognised.  He was going into the bar opposite me.  I looked up to get a better look.  I saw A grey and white werewolf in yellow trousers.  It can only be one person I know. Fu-Young.  I wonder what’s he doing here? Is he trying to look for me?

“What’s up Bladewolf?” asked Crystal

I looked down at Crystal “Speaking of surprises, I think Fu-Young is here”

Crystal turned around to see who it is as well as Forest who was stretching out to get a better view.

“Oh, yeah” Said Crystal “It is him”

“I can’t believe it, My Brother’s here!” Said Forest who looked surprised.

I turned my head towards Forest “He’s your brother?” I said, as I could not believe that he is Fu-Young’s brother.

Forest nodded in reply “Well actually he’s my half-Brother, but we have the same Fathers but different mothers, it’s a long story if you want to know the reason”

Weird? I never knew Fu-Young had a half-brother.  But then again he doesn’t talk much about his past either. All he says is how much Vang tortured him at Yokely. 

“Hey shall we go up and talk to him?” Crystal suggested

“Yeah” I said looking at Fu-Young “But I got a bad feeling that he won’t be that pleased seeing me here.”

“How come”

I looked at Crystal with a smile “Lets say, I buggered off to France without consulting him first.”

“Well” Said Forest “Lets go and see him anyway”


Chapter 19.

            Fu-young sat at the bar waiting to get served, while my two new friends, and me Crystal and Forest are walking up to him.  Fu-Young was slouching down a little, with his ears down and Tail moving very slowly, side to side.  He looked very tired (I’m not surprised as he rarely gets any sleep, constantly watching over us werewolves in the Kesteven District.  But seeing him here is a bit of a surprise to me.  I never thought that he would come down and search for me.  I would have thought that he would stay there to watch out for others.

            I deliberately sat on the stool next to him on the right, with crystal and Forest just behind.

            “I didn’t expect to see you here” I said to him.

            Fu-Young lifted his head up with his ears erected upwards.  Fu-Young turned to face me.  I waved in front of him to say hello.  I heard Crystal sniggering behind me as I gave Fu-Young a bit of a shock as he just recognised.

            “What the hell?” he said, still very surprised of seeing me here. “I can not believe you.” Fu-shook his head not exactly happy of seeing me here.  “I’ve been looking for you all over Paris, and you where here all the time.”

            Fu-Young then looked up at me “How the hell you managed to find this place?” he asked.

            Crystal rubbed my shoulders, giving them a little massage “I led him into here” She said before gently wrapping my arms around my neck.  I looked up at her in surprise as she is starting to flirt around me. 

            Fu-young looked up at Crystal “Oh I see, by the looks of it you also found a mate.”

            I felt slightly embarrassed From Fu-Young’s comments as Crystal wrapped her arms around me.  I only met her today and all ready she’s starting to get all over me (or is she just playing around).  Well it sort have amused Fu-Young though.  However I just remained quiet and didn’t say anything about.

            “Well looks like we got a perfect couple” Forest joked. 

Fu-Young laughed a little, while Crystal moved her hands back onto my shoulders looking slightly embarrassed.

“Anyway, jokes aside.” Said Fu-Young changing the subject “Its nice to see you again brother” He said to Forest

“Its nice to see you too” Said Forest who managed to make a smile expression “Anyway what happened to you in the last couple of years?”

“It’s a long story Forest, but I’ll tell you about it later...Privately” Fu-Young then looked at me “For now”

Fu-Young then Grabbed the scruff of my neck quite hard “Hey” I Snarled as Fu-Young pulled my neck tightly.

“You shouldn’t have left without telling me first!” Fu-Young snapped

I grabbed his arm trying to get him off “Hey I didn’t want you to stop me going to find my sister and those bastards who killed my parents”

Fu-Young let go of my neck and pushed me slightly.  I rubbed the back of my neck a little to brush down my fur. “Asshole” I said quietly. Annoyed with Fu-young.

“Anyway why are you down here and not looking for her now?” He asked

I sighed and turned around on the stool to face Fu-Young “Because I ran into some trouble and I ended up getting invited down here”

“Trouble?” Fu-Young echoed and crossed his arms “Whom did you have trouble with?”

“The Group know as Skin Heads,” I answered

“The skin heads!” Fu-young snapped again, growling very loudly.

Crystal Interjected into our conversation “He saved me from them” She said running my shoulders again “He managed to kill four of them and got them running scared.”

“Shit” Fu-Young swore shocked about it.  He then went to pick up his glass, half filled with blood.  “Sometimes you surprise me Bladewolf,” he said drinking some blood before putting the glass back onto the table “But then again, you probably used that sword to kill them while they’re un-armed.”

“Yes, exactly” I confirmed.

Fu-Young had taken another sip of his drink, which stained his fur slightly, around his mouth. “Well then that doesn’t exactly count in my books.”

“Oh come on he deserves some credit” Said Forest, giving me some support.

“Not in my books” said Fu-young “He needs to do better than that to get credit of me”

“Thanks” I said Sarcastically.

Fu-Young put his glass back on the bar stands “Enough of that chit chat” He said trying to change the subject “I think I know where your sister may be.”

“You do? Where?”

Fu-young turned his seat around slightly towards me “Lets put it this way.  Vang had grown some wings on him right? And apparently he’s somewhere in Paris, right?”

I nodded in agreement about the current information we got “Yeah that’s right, that’s what I got told by that Winged-Panther guy”

Fu-Young then folded his arms and sat up straight “So where would someone with wings mostly likely to go.  Just think about it”

We all fell silent for a short while.  Only the voices of other Weres could be heard.  Eventually I just thought were Vang may be along with my sister, “Somewhere high.” I spoke out

Fu-young nodded gently “Exactly” He said “And what high places are known here?”

Eiffel Tower?” I whispered, wasn’t sure whether it was the right answer.  But then again it was the only high place I know of in France other than the Stad de France Football stadium. I wasn’t sure about any of them, because why would they go there considering it is highly populated and used quite a lot.

“Well I think it’s an Eiffel Tower as a guess, but it is used quite a lot by humans as a tourist attraction.” I Explained

“Not exactly” Crystal interjected “Eiffel Tower has been closed for repairs and restoration on the Lower leg of the Tower.  It won’t be open for another month as the builders here are Lazy.”

“So another words, you are saying it’s highly likely?”

“Well the only way to find out is to have look” Forest Suggested

Fu-Young stood up from his stool “that’s why we go now and find out, before they fly off to another location.  I have a bad feeling that they will not stay in the same place all the time.”

“Yeah but how are we suppose to get there without being seen in our wolf form?” I pointed out.

Crystal looked at me with a smile “Simple really, we just use the sewers to get there.  The sewage system spreads out the whole of France, even leading up to the Eiffel Tower” She explained

“Do you know the way to get to there?”

Crystal shook her head.  “No I don’t sadly.  I having been here long enough to know this from the back of my hand” She then opened her hand and pointed to Forest “Forest however, lived here for most of his life.  He knows the whole place.  Don’t you Forest?”

Forest nodded in reply “I sure do, I’ll have no problem navigating the sewers to get to the Tower.”

I then smiled an then and nodded at Forest “Right, we better be of, before they do move location” I looked back at Crystal “Do you want to come as Crystal? Or are you staying here for now?”

“Sure I will” Crystal smiled and wagged her tail, eager to come with me.

Fu-young Picked up my sword from the table and passed it to me “Don’t forget this, because you’ll need it”

I grabbed the sword of him “How come?” I said

“I don’t expect that there will be access especially that he’s a werewolf himself, well sort of, and I’m sure that he will have his personal security as he probably know that you are coming”

“So another words, it could be a trap?”

Fu-young nodded “We have to be extremely careful”

“By the sounds of, I’ll have to take my wrist Blades,” said Forest

“Ok forest get your wrist blades and please be careful with them this time” Fu-Young warned

Forest brushed some his green hair-fur of his face “Hey I’m a lot better with them now, don’t worry about it”

Forest then dashed across the room and headed to one of the tunnels on the far end of this main section of the cave, to go and get his Wrist Blades

Fu-Young shook his head “Yeah I really believe you” He said to himself

“What happened last time he used those wrist blades?” I asked with curiosity, wondering what happened the last time Forest used them.

Fu-Young closed his eyes and looked down with his arms folded “Last time I saw him using those things, he accidentally sliced his knee and pierced his own hand”

“How can he pierce his own hand?”

“They are retractable, Forest stupidly hit the button with his wrist up, and since it was a high powered spring with acid edge blade, it was enough to pierce his hand complete”

I looked back at the Tunnel that Forest went through “Man I thought I was a major accident prone, but he is just as bad”

Fu-young smiled as we waited for Forest to come back with his weapon.


Chapter 20.

            Forest managed to get his weapons so we could head off back into the sewers and head towards the Eiffel Tower.  Unfortunately this time the sewers smelt twice as bad as before, like all in the sudden, the French people all decided to have a shit in the toilet at the same time.  Well at least we don’t walk on it as we could take a small path built specially to travel around in these sewers.

            Forest is just ahead of us wearing that wrist-blades with covers his forearm.  You could see that blade through the metal frame, ready to spring out when needed.  Crystal however always remained close to me, like I was her personal bodyguard.  As for Fu-young, he decided to walk on the other side of the sewer for some reason, and just using his spear like a walking stick.

            Crystal” I broke the silence “I like to ask you a something”

            Crystal turned her had to face me “Yeah What is it?” she said softly

            “It’s just that you mentioned earlier that the beast of Gavaudan was killed by a silver bullet.  Is it true that silver can affect us?” I asked

            Crystal looked straight ahead “I’m not sure to be honest, all I know that quite a few Weres has been killed with a silver bullets, but also I know that werewolves could be killed by an ordinary bullet if shot at point blank range”

            Fu-young interjected into our conversation “silver is very lethal to us werewolves”

            Both me and Crystal turned our heads towards Fu-young who was slightly looking over his shoulders at us. “Silvers doesn’t exactly kill us straight away its just Hollywood crap.  However it can slowly burn your skin when come in contact like acid.  Also if you been stabbed, impales or shot with a material made out with silver.  It will cause a severer injury, which will leave you in agony for a while. Not only that, the wounds you sustain will take longer to heel.”

            “So basically silver is like poison to us?” I suggested

            Fu-Young nodded “exactly, if not treated quick enough, you will most likely to meet your death.”

            Crystal looked at Fu-Young in shock “I didn’t know that” she said rubbing her neck slightly “it explained why my silver necklace kept giving me a nasty rash and making it hard for me to breath”

            “You mean that one your mother gave to you?” Forest butted in

            “Yes, why?” She said, “Did you think it was a fake, cheap and tacky necklace?” Crystal growled slightly.

            Forest rubbed the back of his head and smiled “Well yeah, because I couldn’t imagine any other werewolves that would were a silver necklace considering what it does to us”

            Crystal huffed at Forest’s comments, which slightly annoyed her.  I just smiled finding it quite amusing.  “I understand what he means, but their no need to get annoyed about it, of course you only found out about that silver is bad for us today”

            I then looked up ahead at Forest “hey forest” I shouted, “How far are we to the Eiffel tower?” I asked

            Forest turned his head towards me. “I’m not sure exactly, but I think we are getting close.  I just hope that there isn’t any humans working down here”

            “Aye that’s the last thing we want”

* * * * *

             For a moment we all went quiet for a while as we all went quiet for a while as we headed down the narrow tunnel heading away from the sewage system.  I decided to pull out my wallet to have a look at my family pictures.  One of the pictures I first pulled out was my young brother.  Just looking at it made me wonder whether he is ok or not.  I haven’t seen or heard from him since when Vang and his pack attacked and killed my parents.

For some reason, but I don’t know why, I feel that he’s safe somewhere.  I know it’s unusual to think that way, but in the back of my mind he’s ok. 

I put my brother’s picture to the back of the pile and then looked at the next picture.  It was Amy my Stepsister.  I sighed at it, feeling a bit more concerned.  I just hope that Vang hasn’t done anything too her.  I just don’t want her to become a beast like I am and had to keep it away from humans and live with it for the rest of our lives.

“Who’s that?” Said Crystal who was looking over my shoulders in curiosity.  I could just see her muzzle to the side of me through the corner of my eye.

My head turned slightly towards her  “That’s my sister Amy” I replied in a lower tone of voice “She’s the one we’re looking for.” 

I passed the photo to her so she could get a better look at it.

“Is that’s what’s she look like?”

I nodded gently “yeah,” I said as I let Crystal catch up a bit to walk beside me.  “I can’t stop worrying about her, who knows what Vang probably to her”

 “I know how you feel Bladewolf, I know it’s been hard for you in the last few days because of what happened.  But you really need to keep your head up and have faith that your sister will be safe.”

I put my paws up and place them behind my head “I wish I could but I’m sick to my stomach about it.” I put my paws back down “I already lost my parents an I don’t want to lose anyone else in my family”

I shook my head slightly “I wished I told them the truth about me then this would probably been avoided” I sighed slightly and felt a lot of nerves getting to me already felt sick.  For some reason I started to think that if Amy is alive and we rescue her, will she reject me for what I am and keeping quiet about it?  But that’s not all I had a bad feeling that she would blame everything on me.

“You can have the picture back” Said Crystal offering it to me

“Thanks” I replied on place the photo back into my wallet and putting it away.

Fu-young walked closer towards us moving from once side of the tunnel to the other “Sometimes we have to face these sacrifices in order to save many more.  If you had told them your secrets, how many more lives will be lost?” He quietly said in a low tone of voice.

I huffed quite loudly “Easy for you to say, you ain’t got human parents, you don’t have to be under a lot of pressure of trying to keep a secret away from them until you are put in tight situation.  To change into werewolf to save your parents, which I feel I should have done, Or to sacrifice their lives to keep the existence of werewolves safe so they don’t get kill even though I think its unlikely they will be killed If my parents found out about it”

Fu-Young places his paw on my shoulder “Look Bladewolf you must understand, the risk is just too great.  You decision to not to change in front of your parents when they where alive was the right decision, I’m happy for you for that.”

“Fu-Young’s right you know” Forest interjected “

“Well what about Amy and Daniel, I’m pretty sure they saw me clearly change into a werewolf, what are you going to do them?”

Fu-Young took his hand off my shoulders and sighed, “We’ll have to consider the options.  Either they become werewolves themselves or will been given blackmail of death threat.”

“Isn’t that a bit harsh Fu-young?” said Crystal who was a little concerned; she knows that those options are not to my liking.

Fed up with the harsh options Fu-young talked about I decided to clear out a few things to Fu-young about my family “Fu-young I doubt that they would like to become werewolves, especially my brother Daniel who is not far away from becoming an international squash player.  As for Amy, she not keens on dogs let alone becoming one.”

Fu-young’s ears flatten and tilted his head to the side slightly, arching back; he looked like I shocked him about my comment.

I continued on “Look Fu-young, My brother had a dream to become a good sports player and considering he’s getting very close, making him into a werewolf would only destroy that dream as he won’t be able play at nights as he could actually risk triggering of the transformation from the stress when he’s losing.  Amy is also a no-no as she is a type of girl who always fights back if provoked and that can be just a risky”

“So you’ll take the second option?” Asked Forest

“Not exactly, threats will probably make them have sleep deprivation for a while and probably most likely to spit it out to clear it out of their system”

Crystal gently holds onto my arm and looked up at me “So what are you going to do?” she asked

Crystal’s eye glitter slightly from the moonlight reflecting on her eyes as the moon shone through the gaze lighting up the sewer.  I closed my eyes and sighed as what I was about to say, my not please them all

“I’m going to have to tell them the truth,” I quietly said.

All three of them turned around and stared at me, surprise that I was willing to tell my brother and sister about me.

“I have to tell them everything werewolves, the Yokely incident and reasons I kept quiet about it.”  I then open my eyes and look directly at Fu-young. “In respect to you I won’t tell them about the secret underground hide out”

Forest stopped walking and then turned around, he looked quite worried about my decision; his ears were also down but not totally flat down like Fu-young. “You saying you are actually going to tell them?” he asked in concern

I nodded gently “It’s the only way to make them understand.  Hopefully they won’t go that far to tell anyone else about.  I have my trust in them.”

Crystal closed her eyes and nodded gently at me “I understand, what you mean. I believe if I were in the same position, I would have done the same thing”

I smiled softly at her and then looked at Fu-young to see his reaction about it.  He doesn’t look that pleased with as he tries to swallow his pride.

He then look down and away and looked towards Forest that stood by the ladder, he then slowly looked back towards me.  “O.k. I’ll let you tell them the truth, but I warn you there is a big risk and if the hunters find out, they will have a massive search party over in Britain trying to wipe out the werewolves even your life may be at risk.”

We all fell silent for a short until forest did a fake cough to attract our attention.

“Well while you guys where talking, I like to point out that we are here” he said looking up the ladder.

“What you serious? We already there at the Eiffel Tower?” said Crystal

Forest nodded “In fact we are right below it”


Chapter 21.

Right below all right, practically underneath it.  Forest was the first to climb out of the sewer followed by Fu-Young who immediately put his guard up and search around seeing if it’s clear.  Clear of any humans and Vang’s winged pack.

“All clear up here” I heard Forest who was helping out his older brother.

Still in the Sewer I looked across to Crystal who was looking up at the hole, as her tail swayed gently from side to side.

“You first” she offered

Crystal then looked at me and gave a smile expression on her wolf face

“Nah its ok you can go first” I declined the offer, trying to be a gentleman (or should I say gentlewolf

“Are you sure?” she asked

I nodded “Yeah I’m sure, you can go up first”

“Ok” she smiled and climbed up and out of the sewer.  I followed after her, and miss out every two steps due the size of my wolf form. 

I managed to get out of the sewer with no problems at all. My feet are soaked heavily in water and slightly muddy from the sewer.  Well at least I’m not the only one especially when Forests tries to shake of some of the mud and water. 

Looking around, I realises that where are just at the foot of the tower, right behind the entrance to the stairway up to the tower.  Looking up at the Eiffel tower, I could not see anything suspicious at all.  It’s so quiet, but perhaps to quiet.  I stepped back slightly to get a better look at the tower. At the time my human side has gained control allowing my fear from my human side to sink down into me.  That fear is heights. 

Just looking up at the tower made me shake in fear.  I really hate the look of it, but to find my sister, climbing up there is the only way.  Somehow I need to shake of my fear, so I can focus on the task ahead.

Forest tapped me on my shoulder realising that there was something wrong with me “hey, are you ok?” he asked quietly in a lower tone of voice

 I looked down at the steps and sighed a little “Yeah I’m fine” I lied, as I’m still worried about climbing up there. It’s so fucking high.

“Are you sure you’re ok? You don’t seem ok”

I sighed a little “Yeah I’ll be fine, as long I keep focus”

Forest just chuckled “Oh come on Blade, I know you are worried about something, your ears are folded down like you are scared of something or something is bothering you anyway”

“Whoa” I said as I grabbed my ears, as I totally forgot about them that they could give away your emotions easily.  Weird though, as I usually notice if they moved about, but I probably got use to them so much now, that I don’t realise when I move them about along with my emotions.

Forest laughed a little, noticing that I forgot that ears in wolf form give away emotions easily “You know it’s not as easy to hide your emotions in your wolf form than human form”

“Yeah I realised that,” I murmured.

I taken my paws of my ears and folded my arms. I felt slightly embarrassed about it.

Fu-Young shook his head and laughed quietly “you still need learn a lot more about being a werewolf Bladewolf.  If you practice more often in your wolf form you’ll probably learned to hide your emotions a lot you better”

He then walked close to me “Besides I already know why you so worried at the moment”

“Don’t you dare tell them!” I snapped at him, as I don’t really want him to tell them my fears

Crystal glanced up at the tower before looking at me.  She then laughed realising what I’m worried “Oh I see” she spoke out “Your scared of heights aren’t ya?”

Sweat started to pour out of my skin and along my fur, as I got found out about my fear of heights.  I felt like a fool about it.  Silently nodded in reply.

“So that’s what’s bothering you,” said Forest who scratched behind his ears “Do you think you are going to be ok going up there?”

“I’ll be fine as long as I don’t look down” I quietly said in a lower tone of voice as the nerves of going up there is trying to get to me.  I could feel it down my stomach as my heart pounds hard on my chest.  I started walking towards the gates ready to go up.  “Besides, my sister is probably up there waiting for me, its better to have someone she knows”

Fu-young nodded “I understand for what you mean, since what happened to her, it will be hard to gain trust from her.  You there will hopefully get her to come down with you from there without any problems” He then looked at Forest and Crystal who stood near each other, but keeping some distance apart.  I want you to stay here and guard this area, and make sure that the humans don’t try and enter here.”

“What!” Forest exclaimed, “Why can’t I join in and trash those bastards up there?” Forest started to throw air punches showing that he is eager to fight”

“You’ll stay down here for now, just in case Vang’s pack try to block of the exit, besides we may need you to remove the dead bodies after they decided to go diving from the top”

While Fu-Young was arguing Forest, I gently opened the gate and then sat on the step. Waiting to go up.  I sighed slightly trying to calm myself down and steady my nerves.  I tried to think myself as a wolf, trying to build my confidence up and blocking my human side. I must try and remain Focus, not letting my fear form my human side to get to me, while at the same time, not to let lose my wild Wolf side completely.

“You Ok?” said Crystal who sat beside me.

“Yeah I’m fine, Just getting ready to go up there”

She edge closer to me “look erm… Bladewolf” She said nervously “there was no need to be ashamed about your fear”

I slowly turned my head sideways, looking at her “Well I just didn’t want to make a fool of my self about it”

Crystal laughed a little “Well everyone fear something, I no it’s going to be difficult for you, but I have faith in you, that you can get up there with no problem.  Learn to control your fears by allowing some of your wolf nature to let loose”

“Yeah but I’m worried I might lose control, like I did before” I’ve pointed

Crystal laid her paws on my shoulder to comfort me “Try not to worry about it ok?” she said trying to reassure me “As long you remain focus, you can control it, and take away your fears.” Crystal then rubbed the back of her head and smiles “Believe or not I used to be scared of rats and spiders.  I absolutely hated taking the sewers at first, until Forest taught me a secret that werewolves can control their fears using the wolf form.  It worked well, and now I’m no longer that bothered about those critters.  At the same time I learnt how to get some control of werewolf my werewolf rage.”

“Really?” I said, while sitting up.

She nodded in reply “Yeah, I also learned that the more you spend time in your wolf form, the more you like it.”

I look down at my paws and turned them around, looking at the palms “The truth is, I hardly spend much time in my wolf form.  In fact I only forced change myself into my wolf form several times outside the full moon in the last four months.  I was too busy trying to get on with my normal life as much as I can, avoiding the fact that I’m a werewolf.” 

I looked up at the Sky at the half-quarter moon, where by the looks of it, there are another four or five days before the next full moon.  Just looking up at it made me feel that I’m was missing out, missing out on transforming into my wolf form and getting the full use of it and having Fun.  Usually at full moon nights, I usually just go to see Dr Claire Wright just for a check up before going home to gets some sleep.  In fact this is a first time I force myself to change into my wolf form two nights in a row since the fist week of being a werewolf.

Then I looked back down at my paws “I’m now beginning to feel that I wished I did transform more often, then I would have prepared myself a lot better, and to save my parents”

Crystal gently rubbed my back “I probably understand why you hardly transform often.  There are many new werewolves who found it hard to accept who they are for a while; some had taken years before they ended up accepting it.  I too struggled to accept it myself, but I was lucky to find a hidden werewolf den and learned to accept who I was from knowing the good points.”

            My right paw moved across and lay gently on her Lap.  The comfort she giving me had slowly taken my mind of a few things.  Crystal then gently moved her left paw of my back and gently hold onto my paw.  We both looked at each and smiled.  We both had something in us that made us feel connected in a way.  We both feel quite close to each other, like we have fallen for each other.

            Then a loud fake cough was heard.  Both Crystal and me turned our heads towards Fu-Young, who was standing there with his arms folded.  “Are you ready, Bladewolf?” He said

            Both me and Crystal let go of each other, I blushed slightly as I stood up form the step. “Yeah, I was ready about five minutes ago”

            Fu-young nodded slightly, and then started climbing the Stairs. “Come on lets go”


Chapter 22.

            We were climbing Upstairs for over10 minutes now.  We weren’t exactly making it the stealthiest way to get up there considering that there could be Vang’s group on the first floor.  Our claws on our foot are making taping noises as we dashed up the metal steps (We could at least switched a power on and take the lift up as it is far quicker and easier to get up their).  One thing I’m surprised about Fu-young is that he didn’t mention anything about me And Crystal holding hands.  He probably was focusing a lot on our mission.

            Eventually we made it to the first floor.  Looking down from the Balcony, it was very high, even though we only gone a quarter of the say up.  Below, I could just see two figures walking around the base of the tower; it would most likely to be Forest and Crystal who are watching out for us on the ground making sure that no one else gets near the tower.  I managed to remain focused enough that my fears still kept at bay, even though I could feel it beginning to surface. 

            Meanwhile Fu-Young was an his all fours, still holding onto his spear sniffing the ground and the wall trying to pick up a scent to check if they are here and to trace down their directions they went.  Fu-young however seamed to be struggling a little, struggling to pick up a scent due to the fact that apparent human workers where here repairing and refurbish the rooms.

            Looking around the building, I noticed something that caught me eye. A damaged pad lock was on the floor; look as if it has been ripped of.  I picked up the pad lock and hold it close to my nose. After a few sniffs, I realised that it has this doggy sweat smell.  I sniffed again, and I could still smell that dog sweat.  I looked up and noticed a gate which was left ajar which led into a dark room which looked there’s a posh restaurant inside which has all the carpets ripped off as the room was getting refurnished.

            “Did you find anything?” Said Fu-young who stood behind me

            “I found this” I said and showed him that busted padlock.

            He then took it of me and had a quick sniff of it, his ears twitched forward as he seemed to recognise the smell.  He then looked up and smiles “Good work Bladewolf” he said “We know they must have been here, not long ago I might add.”

            He then showed me the padlock “This had a distinctive smell that werewolves are here somewhere” He dropped the padlock on the floor and looked towards the dark room.

            “You think they went in there and probably taken a second flight of stairs up to the second floor?”

            Fu-young nodded “Come lets go”

            We both went inside the room.  It taken me a short while for my eyes to adjust to the lighting of the room. When they did I could see that there where wires and tools everywhere.  I could taste some of the dust in my mouth and could smell that fresh new paint on the wall. 

            Fu-Young gently placed down his spear on the floor and went down onto his all fours, and sniffed around the floor, going around quite quickly, picking up different scent.  Meanwhile I was heading towards the bar to check to see if I could find anything there (hopefully some beer). 

            A growl was heard from Fu-Young; I turned around and found him with his back arching up slightly over some Paw prints found on the dust.  He lifted his head up and looked at me.  “They have definitely been here” He confirmed, “I picked up a strong scent of a wolf pack, similar to Yokely along with some unusual feline scent”

            “By the sounds of, he brought his feline freaks here as well” I said, crossing my arms.

            Fu-young nodded “That’s not all, I also picked up Vang’s scent as well, with seems to lead to that black door”

            I looked up at the back door to the left of me “You mean to say he’s probably taken the second flight of stairs to the second floor?”

            “Yes, I’m sure of that” He slowly rose and stood up onto his hind legs and picked up his spear.

            We both went towards the black door.  We both didn’t rush to open just in case that there might me someone behind it.  I quietly turned the handle and pulled open the door. 

            To my surprise, we were lucky that we had opened the door quietly.  A black werewolf with Light blue jeans was seeping on a job.  His head was rested on his arms with his body slightly curled up in a crescent shape.  His dark tail curled up behind his legs like a typical household dog.  It’s weird though, as it made me realise how much of the wolf side can affect you even while you are asleep, especially in the wolf form.

            Both Fu-Young and me went on our all fours and crept past him as quiet as we can before dashing upstairs towards the second floor.  However on our way up, we had seen a couple more werewolves who was also sleeping, one of them was holding a small beer bottle, like there had been some sort of party.  Further up, we had seen our first Feline here, a small Jaguar, with a jacket covering him keeping him warm was snoring slightly.  By the looks of it, he doesn’t seem that old, probably aged around thirteen or fourteen.  I was appalled to see that Vang had Also Turned young kid into were-creatures.  I felt anger burning inside me for what he has done.  I begin to fear that he may have done a same thing to my sister.

            “We’re getting close” I quietly spoke out.

            “Yeah” said Fu-Young who slowed down slightly “At least we know his Clan is around here.”


Chapter 23.

Eventually we both made it to the second floor.  The stairs led us directly indoors in the small room before the second restaurant.  We could here a lot of people talking in the other room next to it.

“Ok how are we going to do this?” I whispered to Fu-Young

He then laid his head on the door to listen out; the then after a short while quickly moved away “This doesn’t sound good” He said


“By the sounds of it we’ll be heading directly into trouble”

I was slightly puzzled, as I don’t know what’s going on there “What do you mean” I asked quietly

“Someone’s coming this way”


Then the door swung open, making me jump. And fell backwards.  My ears twitches back in fear as I was looking directly into the Enemy’s eyes.  A black were-panther started at us in shock.

“Who the hell are you?” He said

Fu-Young just got up from his all fours and snapped directly at his face.  The Black Panther screamed in pain covering his face.  Blood tricked through his fingers as he stumbled backwards. 

“Come on!” Fu-Young Called, as I dived straight into the room surrounded with many types of Weres, including Canines, Felines and Winged Beasts.  At then end of the room, Was a bat-winged white werewolf, in a torn Brown trousers holding onto his beer bottle.  I instantly knew who it was.  It was Vang, a bastard who killed my parents and kidnapped my stepsister.  Just seeing him made me fill with hatred and Anger.  I Growled and snarled at him as I hold onto my sword handle ready to pull it out for a fight.

            I looked around the room seeing that both Fu-Young and me are en-circled by his beasts.  Some are socked and surprised by our appearance, some are poised ready to attack us, bearing their teeth, growling and snarling, like they have been expected us (probably they are a higher ranked of this pack), the others are just too drunk to notice us as they been having one too many bottles.

            Vang pointed his finger at us “Get Them!” he Ordered.

            His pack charged towards us ganging up on us.  I quickly pulled my sword out and swung it dangerously left, to right, forcing them to go back.  Fu-young however, spun his spear around and using the pole to trip over several werewolves before doing a roundhouse kick to the head to a were-cheetah, which knocked him to the ground. 

Vang’s pack then edges back a little to regroup before slowly and cautiously slowly moving towards Fu-Young and me.  We both retreated back towards the centre and went back to back against each other.  Poised ready to launch and attack.  Growls, Snarls and taunts were heard from them.  The more they taunted the more I become very angry the more I became angry, the more of my wolf side is taking over me, The more of my wolf side is taking over me, the more rage is building from within.

“Bladewolf” Fu-Young called “Don’t worry if you kill anyone, let your instincts do the work”

I looked behind at Fu-Young “Are you serious?” I snarled

Fu-Young nodded “It’s either that or be killed”

Fu-Young twitched a little as he spotted one of the were made a quick sharp move towards him.  He pointed his blade of his spear towards the wolf to force him to back off. “You must remember this Bladewolf, in this situation, it’s to kill or be killed”

Fu-young was probably right, considering werewolves and other were-creature and kill each over with their teeth and claws, as I found out myself the night before, when I lost completely control of myself and killed a winged Jaguar.  Although I don’t like, I have no choice.  I had to swallow my pride and get on with it.

As the were-creatures came closer towards us again, I once again swung my sword. But this time, it didn’t go quite to plan, as one werewolf dodged out of the way the other charged and whacked me hard on my back forcing me to the ground. Then they all charged mainly towards me as I was brought to the ground.  Then they kicked and punched me hard, pummel me onto the ground.  Some tried to take my sword away from me, but luckily I held on as much as I can.

Fu-young however kept in control as his Kong-Fu fighting style out skilled his opponents as he kick and punches them hard to the ground while mainly using his spear to act as a defence before switching onto the blade side and finished his opponents by stabbing directly at their chest.  Fu-Young roared in joy as the blood from his victims sprayed over him.  He then went to help me, stabbing a winged werewolf in a back.

I tried to get back up as Fu-Young tried help me, but I kept on being brought down.  Fu-Young then moved away as the reinforcements arrived, he had not a lot of choice but to fight them as well.  Left alone, I struggled to break free, moving around trying to get up.  This is becoming a lot more frustrating for me, and slowly my frustration is slowly letting my wolf rage to surface, I could feel it inside me, burning, wanting to take control.

Then I just snapped, my mind has split in frustration. I growled loudly and viscously.  I began to gain a lot of hidden strength, as slowly I rose and eventually was standing, but still slouched over due to the pummelling of fist beating on my back.  My arm that was holding the sword was now free to move.  Then I rammed my sword into the stomach of the Brown and cream coloured wolf.  I heard loud Cries of howl as he fell to the floor clutching his stomach.

Now I’ve got my chance, I then swung my sword to the right of me slicing the chest and stomachs of a few werewolves.  Most of them let go off me beginning to fear as I swung my sword at them, some of them getting caught with a few cuts to there arms and body. 

Those who kept hold of me are now about to pay a heavy price; I drove my sword downwards towards the left of me.  The were-lion that hold onto my arm didn’t see it coming as my sword sliced at its arm.  His paw drops onto the floor spilling blood onto the carpet.  He roared in pain, holding onto his arm, watching the blood pumping out his now amputated paw.  Some of spilled onto but I didn’t care, I felt like I was enjoying it, watching them suffer as my dominance overwhelms some of Vang’s were-creature thanks to my sword.

I then spun around and every two Weres I go past I drive my sword upwards slicing the centre of the chests, cutting deep enough to get to the heart.  The blood pumped out of their chest of each of them.  Spraying everywhere practically painting the walls with red blood.  Half of it sprayed on me soaking my outstretched black jumper and Combat trousers.

When all of the were-creatures that was holding me down had fallen to the ground, I did my own pose, Fist I had my legs spread out a little, bending down over my victims with my sword held high.  I then looked up, clenching my paws while holding my sword; I stretched out and gave a loud victory Howl. 

I felt Good really good that I’ve defeated some of my enemies; I felt free and could do anything I like. I ripped of my black jumper and flung it down onto the floor revealing my t-shirt with had been coloured in red blood as some of the blood on my jumper had soaked through.

Eventually my wolf side slowly subsided, I panted in exhaustion, as my rage turned to calm.  I looked down and found Fu-Young still standing, but covered heavily in blood, I’m not sure whether some of it was his, as his grey and with fur was stained in blood.  Holding onto his spear, he fell down onto one knee.  I rushed across to help him

“Fu-Young are you ok?” I panted, as I was concerned about him.

Fu-Young turned his head towards me “Don’t worry about me” He said “Go after Vang’s and find your sister” He then coughed heavily and blood was oozing out of his mouth.  He looked in pretty bad shape, as he must had that one unlucky blow that must have caught him out that done the damage.

“What about you? What you going to do?”

Fu-Young slowly staggered to his feet, and slowly limped towards me “I’ll guard down here for while and call up Forest and Crystal for some help”

I didn’t like the idea, as I don’t think I have that much confidence of beating Vang and rescuing Amy on my own.  Especially now as I was a little tired as my rage had drained a lot out of me.

Fu-Young slowly pointed his finger towards the door “Bladewolf, I saw Vang going up those flight of stairs, if you are quick enough, you might be able to catch him up before he does anything to Amy”

I looked up at the staircase that was leading up to the top of the tower; I then gave a single nod in acknowledgement “Right” I replied, as I ran towards the staircase, heading up to the top of the tower.


Chapter 24.

            I ran as fast as I could, missing every couple of steps, to try to catch up Vang, before he does anything to my sister, that’s if she’s still alive that is.  I notice that that as I was climbing up the stairs I notice that there were some platforms left by the builders. But that’s not all; I also noticed that one of the platforms was stained in blood.  It looks like an unfortunate builder was there at a wrong time and probably got killed by Vang’s pack only to keep the secrets of the existence of werewolves.  Sad but I had to continue on to find Vang rather than to do my own investigations on it.  

            Continuing on, I couldn’t help noticing that the sky is slowly becoming lighter, over the horizon on the east side.  By the looks of it, it isn’t that long before the sun starts appearing, and once it does and I’m in its light, I will revert back into my human form.

            Suddenly I hear a thud. It was coming up from above.  I looked up and found a wooden platform, vibrating slightly, like there is some struggle up there.  I realised it could be Amy, so I quickly went up to have a look; I stumbled slightly almost tripping over my hind legs.  It not easy trying to run up the stairs in hind legs especially when I hardly had much practice in my wolf form.

            Eventually I hade in to that platform.  What I found had given me a slight relief.  I had finally found Amy. She laid across the floor with her hands and legs tied together, her short ginger hair was slightly messed up from that entire struggle.  Her mouth was taped shut, to only to keep her quiet.  I notice she has a small cut to her head, which looks as if it has just been bleeding for a little while now.

            Slowly she looked up at me, she then had her eyes wide open and was shaking in fear trying to struggle her way, away from me.

            I tried to calm her down, “Amy it’s me, your brother Adam” I said trying to reassure her.

It kinda worked as she stopped struggling.  She looked at me funny, not sure whether I was telling the truth.  I dig my claws to the side the tape and ripped it off, allowing her to be able to talk.

“Ouch!” she said before getting a couple of deep breaths.

I placed my paw on her shoulders “any you alright”

Amy looked up at still puzzled “what’s going on?” She said

I placed my sword back into its case behind me and began to untie the rope that was holding her hands and feet together; “Everything’s going to O.K now” I tried to reassure her.  But Amy seemed to be too disorientated to know what’s happening.  By the looks of it she seems to treat everything like a dream at the moment, as the recent events seemed unreal, especially seeing us werewolves about.  She is slightly confused and doesn’t understand fully what’s going on. I help to bring her back onto her feet.

“A…Adam” she said nervously

“What is it?” I ask wondering what she was about to say.

She slowly looked up at me and slowly stoked the side of my muzzle and around the side of my face, “Is that really you”

I gently took her hand of my face; I gently nodded in reply “yes it is me”

Amy look quite shocked that it really is me, she couldn’t believe that I am a werewolf “Who did this to you?” she asked.

Then suddenly we both hear a thud, coming from behind, Amy screamed in sock, still being a little jumpy.  I slowly turned around to see what it was.

“Oh shit!” I swore realising who it was. 

Vang, He stood there with his arms folded, his wings was slightly spread out stopping us getting away easily. I instantly growled at him, angry of his presents.  He just stood their lighting at us.

“Well, well what we have here? A nice family reunion” he said in an evil low tone voice.

I snarled loudly at him, while at the same time keeping Amy back away from him “Back off you Freak!” shouted at him.

Vang arched up twitching his ears “Freak eh? Why don’t you look in a mirror?”

I growled ever more loudly and moved a quick couple of steps towards him “You Fucking Creep!”  I snarled “I’m gonna get you for what you did! To me and my family!”

Vang just laughed, not caring about anything I said, “You really think you can take me down? You can’t even save your Parents!”

His words hurt me so much, I roared loudly in anger, building up my rage.  I then pulled my sword out. “YOU BASTARD!” I shouted as I charged at him.  But however his quick reactions grabbed my right arm, which was holding the sword, he quickly twisted it forcing me to let go of my sword.  My sword dropped to the platform below us making a thud sound as it landed. 

Vang then kicked my in my stomach hard, knocking the wind out of me.  He grabbed me by the scrub of my neck before pushing me off the first platform.  Luckily the second platform was only a short distance below, as I landed on my back.  I heard Amy screaming my name, fearing that something happened to me.  As I was catching my breath, I noticed my sword that fell down earlier was a short distance away from me.  I tried to reach out for it to use it on Vang. 

Suddenly I saw Vang, landing in front of me, standing on my sword.  He just smiled and slowly picked me.  But that was a big mistake he left himself wide open.  As he picked me up, face-to-face I then lunge forward and clamped my jaws on his muzzle.

As he wailed in pain, he pushed me off, of him as he staggered backwards.   His muzzle started to bleed from the cut I created.  While he was too busy assessing his cut to the face I ran toward him and tackled him to the ground before landing several hard punches to his head. He wailed in pain at each punch I thrown.  Suddenly, I was caught off guard; he slashed his claws across the side of my face.  I quickly got off him, and was a little stunned at the attack.  I quickly turned and snarled at him, as he slowly staggered to his feet. 

Just as he got onto his knees trying to get back up, I did a quick sharp kick to the face knocking him back to the ground.  He slowly got onto his hands and knees slightly suffering from my kick to the face.  But I enjoyed it, watching him suffering for what he had done to my family and to me.  I picked him up off the ground, grabbing his throat and literately chocking him.  I then, did a quick judo flip over my shoulders, as he crashed onto the floor I howled loudly showing my dominance.  I can beat him, I will beat him.  My wolf instincts took complete control it me, all I wanted now was just to kill, kill for what he did.  I looked at him and snarled at his blooded face.

Then all in a sudden a bright sunlight a shined directly at my face, I could see the sun just rising above the horizon.  As the warm sunshine, beet down on my fur, I started to feel slightly pain.  I was started to change back into human form.  Slowly I could feel my muscles slowly contracting into its original size.  I feel on to my hands and knees as I slowly loose my strength, reverting back to my human form.  I could feel my muzzle slowly reshaping back into a human face, I could see that my fur is slowly melting away into my skin and started to feel that cold French autumn wind beating across my skin.  I closed my eyes and collapsed to the ground to the ground as I could feel my organs and back reshaping.  I could here some crackling sounds from the bones forming back to my human form, especially at my face and my feet.  Finally, my pain has stopped.  I have now completely reverted back to my human form.


Chapter 25.

            My body felt a little heavy as I tried to get myself up.  I managed to get up to my hands, but that is the far I went.  My vision was blurred slightly but in time they started to focus making my vision a little closer.  I looked up at Vang just to see what his human form looked like.  But once my vision became clearer, I had a nasty surprise.

            Stood with his arms folded was white wolf with bat wings on his back, with his arms folded.  There was some blood dripping across his muzzle and part of the face and his hand-like paws was stained in blood.  Vang hasn’t reverted back into his human form; even if the sun was gleaming in his face there was no change in his appearance.  

            “No…it can’t be” I said, to myself, shocked that Vang was still in his winged wolf form.  But how was that possible? How the bloody hell he managed to keep his wolf form in daylight? 

            Than just stood there and laughed, “Well, well, well, now look who reverted back in his human form?”

            Vang then went up towards me, he just grinned evilly.  Then Vang kicked me hard in the face.  I put my hands over my face, as it was so painful. Being in my human form it hurt quite a lot as I whimpered slightly in pain. 

Vang then kicked me again on my chest. However he kicked me so hard, I rolled completely off the platform.  To my horror I was falling from a great height.  I screamed in horror realising that this is could be the end of me.  I heard Amy calling my name, realising what happened.  As I fell backwards everything seemed to slow down as I was realising my fate.

Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain on my back as I crashed through the wooden platform, but it didn’t end there I crashed through a couple more platforms, slowing me down before I eventually landed with a thud onto a metal roof.

I felt a lot of pain across my back and head.  I had a lot of wind knocked out of me and felt a little dazed from the landing.  Somehow…I was still alive.  I’m not sure how far I had fallen, but I do know that those wooden platforms had probably saved my life by breaking my fall.  I slowly rolled to one side checking to see if I could still move my legs.  I felt relieved, as I was still able to move. Talk about luck I though to my self.  Surviving this fall made me feel that someone is watching me, making sure that I stay alive.  However despite that, my left arm and shoulder was in pain, and trying to move it was quite painful, I’m not sure whether I had broken it or not, I couldn’t see any obvious swelling from it.

After lying there for a few minutes, Vang showed up.  He glides his way towards me to see if I was alive.  There was a gentle thud as he landed in front of me.  He went up to me and looked down.  He doesn’t seem that too pleased that I managed to stay alive.  Well its tough luck to him looks like he’ll have to put up with me a bit longer.

“You lucky bastard” He spat and started to circle around me.

I slowly sat up a little, looking at him in slight anger as well as fear.  I wanted to know some answers on him, how he got those wings and he managed to keep in his wolf form at daylight.

“I…want to…. know something? I weakly said “How the fuck you got those wings…and how you managed to keep to your wolf form?”

Vang laughed quietly, he slowly crouched down and looked directly “I thought you might asked about me eventually, especially my new modifications to myself.”

I snorted “You just made yourself a bigger freak than you already where”

Vang laughed again “I’m going to tell a little story about what happened to me in the past four months since I last saw you.” He edged a little closer “you want to know my secret to this right?”

I nodded gently in reply.

After you and your school friends got away, I realise that my plans where in jeopardy, fearing that not only about the existence of werewolves, but about my project.  If anyone found out about my project, the government would instantly pull a plug out of our funding and I won’t get that cash.  I found that the only way to deal with the problems is to eliminate them, by killing you and the rest of your ‘Pack mates’ and school friends.  So I decided to do more research on the Omega Virus to find a way to make me better, stronger and faster. 

As months went bye I notice that something started to happen to happen to me, my shifting abilities started to take a drastic change, for some reason I started to shifter every night without even trying to force my self to change.  After a quick analysis I had found out why.  The virus mutated slightly making itself more active and becoming more resistant to the U V light.  This was a great joy to me considering I always wanted to find a way to staying this wolf form permanently.  It taken a long time for that day to happen”

“What do you mean?” I said as I puzzled why he’s been waiting for it to happen

Vang sat up straight, surprised that I had not known something “Oh he didn’t tell you?” he said

“What do you mean?” I said, still puzzled and not understanding what he meant.

“I’m surprise Fu-young had kept this secret away from you, didn’t he tell you that he is no ordinary werewolf, but and ‘Ancient’ werewolf.”

“Ancient?” I echoed

Yes and ancient, a original werewolf who is lives remaining in wolf form, never to walk as a human in daylight.  Its was because of Fu-young that got me interested, if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t make much more advances in the project of creating the super soldiers that don’t revert to human form, just what the military wanted.  If you are bitten by and ancient werewolf, you become one, just like me and since you got bitten by me, the ancient blood will be passed onto you and within a year you will gradually loose your humanity until its completely gone

I froze in shock of what I am hearing. Fu-young the Ancient? He never told me that? Not only that, Vang even believes that soon I will lose my ability to change back into my human form.  And be trapped in the wolf body forever.

“Slowly within a year or so, the virus slowly takes away your humanity until one morning you will be stuck as what you are, a beast, a monster that shall never walk with the humans again.”

Vang then crouched over me.  Casting a mean dark shadow over.   His wings flapped slightly and spread out his wings

“But that’s not all, I also found a way to trigger of the mutation of the virus, which then let me to create more creatures that me. 

During my time, experiencing my first days of being a permanent werewolf, I started gene splicing and creating more new creatures as you could see.  And later started creating my own virus, and ‘add on’ virus, which attaches itself to the original virus so I can add more feature like wings or extra limbs.”

He then step back a little “In theory after having been injected with the add-on virus I should become stronger, even stronger to the typical werewolves like you.  But you however showed me otherwise and by the looks of it I’ll have to do more research.”

Vang then grabbed me by the neck with a single paw and picked me up from the ground.  I struggled to breath as he was choking me slightly.

He just smiled and brought me closer to him “Now you know more about what been happening in the last few months, I’m going to have to kill you.”

He tightened the squeeze around my neck, choking me.  He strangled my so much I was virtually paralysed, unable to move to try and get out of me.  I began to felt dizzy, as the oxygen deprivation had begun to wither me away.


Chapter 26.

Then all in the sudden, a white fur foot went flying across and smacked Vang on the side of his face.  He let go of me and stumbled back few meters, as it was a hard, powerful kick.

I collapsed on the floor gasps heavily to get my breath back.  As I rubbed my neck with my good arm to see whom it was.  It was Fu-Young, poised in a fighting position, holding his spear.  He too was also stuck into his wolf form.  Some of the blood that was on his face was cleaned of leaving some stains on his white and grey fur.

“Fu…Young?” I said, realising that Vang was telling the truth.  Fu-Young is an ancient and doesn’t have a human form.  Since Vang had become an ancient from using Fu-Young’s blood, what does it mean for me? Vang attacked me back in Yokely and infected me with the virus responsible for turning me into a werewolf.

Meanwhile at the battle, Fu-Young went in for an attack again, swinging his spear upwards.  He missed as Vang managed to dodge out of the way.  He jumped very high on one of the support beam of the Eiffel tower.

Vang crouched down and sat down in a canine style sit.  He looked directly at Fu-Young, Snarling at him. 

“You Fucking Twat!” He swore.  Pissed of that Fu-Young stopped him from killing me.

Fu-Young ignored him as he went to help me back onto my feet.  He gently grabbed my arm and brought me back onto my feet.  Still a little daze I stumbled backwards slightly, while at the same time adjusting myself to get the use back into my human form.

“You think you can stop me, Fu-Young?” Vang shouted and growled slightly.

Fu-Young broke a little smile and chuckled slightly “Who said that I was going to stop you?” Both Vang and me was shocked by what Fu-Young had said.  What is he talking about? “Why don’t you just look up, behind you and see why.”

We all looked up to see what Fu-Young was talking about.  Behind some supports I could just see something moving, Heading downwards.

“What the hell?” I said I recognised who it was.  It was that Black Winged Panther who I met back in Lincoln. His name was Python.

He growled loudly at Vang, standing on the metal support just behind and above Vang.  “You made me into Freak, you Bastard!” He snarled “I’m gonna pay back for what you did to me!”

I looked at Fu-Young “Python? What’s he dong here?” I asked

Fu-Young chuckled slightly, “He’s the one who told me the precise location of your sister.” I looked and stared at Fu-young in surprise  “He switched sides because of what Vang did do him”

“Hey isn’t he one of those dangerous convicts who escaped death sentence?”

Fu-Young nodded in reply “He told that he’s been falsely accuse of murder, no-matter how much he protested his innocent, he was found guilty and sentence to death.  He believes that the only reason they put him to death is because he’s black and in Texas, the people there are very racists. ”

“Then he escape death by agreeing to be used as a test subject in the OMEGA project, right?” I interjected.  Fu-young nodded in reply.  “When did he tell you about it?” I asked.

Meanwhile, while Fu-Young and me was in mid-conversation, Python dived off the beam and charged towards Vang.  Vang dodged out of the way as Python, landed on all fours snarling at Vang.  He and Vang then charged towards each other, and then locked together, baring their teeth, trying to throw each other off the tower.

“He found me the other night when I was looking for your brother” Fu-young answered. “After a small misunderstandings, I managed to get trust in him as he was willing to help us.”

Fu-Young moved his head towards me slightly “In fact it was me who told him where you were.  Also I asked him not to tell you where your sister is, so when you try and go away alone, I could track you down more easily.”

I huffed loudly in annoyance “So you actually knew that I actually fuck off to France to find my sister”

“If I was in you position with a lack of experience like you, I probably would have done a same thing”

I looked back at the fighting between Python and Vang.  Both were landing punches from time to time before forcing a grapple lock trying to force each other on the ground or off the building to gain advantage in the fighting.

“Shouldn’t you go…and help him” I asked, very concerned about Python.

However Fu-Young shook his head. “He’ll be fine for now” he said as he has confidence that Python will hold up well against “First we need to get you out of here as you are very venerable, especially that you are in your human form.”

“What about Amy?”

Forest is on his way up here now, you probably went past him without even realised it when you crashed towards the ground”

Surprised that forest had got up here quite quickly I wondered how he did it.  Was he following us on our way up? I just had to asked Fu-Young “How the hell he got up there so quickly?”

Fu-young looked down in annoyance slightly “He had taken the lift up”

“That lazy bastard!” I swore.

            Then just as me and Fu-young turned around we heard a loud roar.  We both turned back to see what just happened.  Python had his paw on his face, which was bleeding slightly.  By the looks it from Vang’s mouth slightly covered in blood, Python was bitten hard on the face.

However instead of Vang going to try and get us he just stood there.  He pointed his finger at the both of us “You may be lucky this time, but the next will not be as fortunate” He snarled and turned his back to us stretching out his wings ready to fly off.  “Oh before I go, I want you to remember this date for next year and that’s a fifth of November.”

When he crouched down and spread his wing wide. He flapped the once before he jumped of the ledge.  I limped towards the edge to have a look where Vang has gone.  Looking down I could see him Gliding away, heading north towards the quiet French countryside.

“Don’t worry Vang, I’ll be waiting for you, waiting to kill you for giving me hell” I murmured to myself.


Chapter 27.

            “Adam!” I heard Amy’s voice as she ran towards me from the stairs.  I hugged Amy gently when she ran straight into me, very glad to see that she’s ok.  Amy began to cry, as she couldn’t believe that what happened especially that I saved her life.

Amy then stopped hugging and pushed me away slightly, she looked up at me with a tear rolling down the cheek “Adam You freak! Why…why didn’t you tell us that you are a bloody werewolf?”

My joy turned into shame, shame that I had never told my family anything about my secret.  The secret that cost their lives.  I looked down away from Amy “I just couldn’t”

“What do you mean ‘you couldn’t?”

I lifted my head slightly to see Amy “I couldn’t tell you about my secret…I couldn’t because I wasn’t sure how you or our parents would react”

Amy sighed in annoyance giving an expression of anger; it wasn’t the answer she liked to hear.

“There are other reasons that we keep our existence a secret” Fu-Young interjected which made Amy jerk a little, still a bit jumpy from werewolves “I will tell you why on the way back into England.”

 I looked back at Python who’s face is bleeding slightly “you ok?” I asked

Python made a smile and folded his arms, “I’ll be okay” He said “Its you that should be worried, considering you fell at least a eighty feet and smashed through a few platforms”

“I’ll be ok,” I said trying to act tough, even though I can feel sharp pains all over my back and chest “Just give me a couple days and I’ll be as good as new”

We all turned around towards the steps as we could hear that some s coming down.  Appearing from up the stairs was Forest who also was still in his wolf form; it’s not really that surprising considering that they are brothers.  He looked surprised realising that I could just managed to stay onto my two feet despite falling from quite a high place.

“What the hell? How the hell you managed to get back onto your feet after falling from that height in your human form?” He asked as his left ear twitched slightly to the side

“Lucky I guess,” I shrugged my shoulders “Its probably those platforms that broke my fall” I then looked down at myself “Well it’s a good job that I am a werewolf, otherwise I would certainly be dead.

There was a short silence from both of the brothers, I looked up realising by the expressions of their faces, that it could be more than luck for the reason I survived from the great height, its either that or I could have a serious internal injury which I haven’t noticed yet.

“Bladewolf! You’re alright!” I heard Crystal shout coming up from the stair from the lower floor.  Crystal was now in her human form as she was just a typical ordinary werewolf.  She has a fairly long frizzy black hair that just goes past her shoulders; she’s naturally has tanned skin and has brown eyes that glitter from the sunrise. Her beige trousers was slightly tatty and outstretch from when she was in her wolf form, only her black top remain perfectly intact as it suited her from when she was in her wolf form.  She went up to me and hugged me tightly around my chest. 

I yelped slightly in pain from her hugging me a bit too tightly.  Realising I was in a pain she quickly let go of me and placed her hands on her mouth “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t…”

“Its ok” I said softly as I nursed my sore ribs.

Amy looked at Crystal oddly “Who is she Adam?” she asked

“Adam? Adam’s your real name?” Crystal exclaimed

“Believe you haven’t met Amy,” I said to Crystal

I open my hands, pointing towards Amy “Crystal this is my step-Sister Amy,” I then swung my hand back towards Crystal “Amy this my new friend Crystal, she’s also a werewolf like me”

“Hi” said Crystal to Amy

“She’s a werewolf too?” she echoed, “How many werewolves are there?”

“A lot” I answered

Suddenly I heard a phone going off, judging by the ring tone, its Fu-Young (who prefers just to have a standard ‘boring’ ringing tone on his phone).  Fu-Young, pulled his phone out of his yellow jogging’s pocked and pulled out his tiny mobile.  He pressed the button to answer the call:

“Hello…What? ...He found him? …Great! …I meet you back down that alley next to that boarded up hotel…what? …Yeah we did get his sister…She still alive…Adam? Well he’s pretty beaten up…I’ll tell you all about later on” Fu-Young switched of his mobile and turned to face me.

“Who was it?” I asked

“It was Chi-Wai” he answered, “He called to tell me that Stuart had found your brother.  He’s a little shaken but ok.”

“Chi-Wai? He’s here in Paris?” I exclaimed

Fu-Young nodded “Yes, he helped me to get down here”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Fu-Young places his mobile back into his pocket “You never asked…besides even if I did tell you, you’ll probably send him back to England

I rubbed the back of my head, feeling slight pain in my chest while doing so. “Well, its kinda true” I said putting my hands down “but that’s only to keep him safe, I didn’t want anyone else close to me ended up getting killed”

We heard a loud grunt from Forest trying to get our attention “Err guys I hate to break up your argument but we better get the hell out of here before workers and hunters get here”

Fu-Young nodded gently at Forest “You try an get rid off as many of those dead bodies as you can.” He then turned and looked at Crystal and Amy “You two better find somewhere safe for now, and err…gets some new clothes while you at it”

Crystal looked down at herself “Yeah I see what you mean,”

“I bet being a werewolf must be expensive for you two” Said Amy putting a little smile on her face

“Very expensive” Crystal smiled

Fu-Young then looked at me with his arms folded “You better come with me down to the Den to get checked out”

“Hey we are werewolves aren’t we? Don’t we just let our natural regeneration to sort out my injuries?”

Fu-Young shook his head “You still need to get checked out, not all injuries can regenerate without help especially after that fall you had”


Chapter 28.

            Back at the Den, Fu-young sent me to a special werewolf Medical Centre.  It is kind of weird to have a mini hospital underground, especially that it is easy to notice that the rocks has been painted white to try and look more like a normal hospital.  Compared to the other rooms in the large underground Den, this doesn’t have that doggy smell.  Instead you can smell strong disinfectant, which indicates how clean this room is (Unlike those hospitals back in England where it always seems to smell of piss!).

            After several X-rays and a scan, I laid on the soft, pale blue bed awaiting my results of my check up on my injuries.  Fu-young was standing at the far corner, opposite me, standing next to the oak Door with his arms folded and eyes closed.  To me, he seems to be sleeping while standing.  I don’t blame him considering he hardly slept for at least a couple of nights.

            Eventually after an hour and a half wait a werewolf Doctor came through the door holding a board with several sheets of paper clipped on to it.  He’s currently in his human form, wearing typical doctor clothing of brown t-shirt and white cloak.

            Fu-young opened his eyes and looked directly towards the doctor “Its about time” he said snottily annoyed from the waiting

            “Sorry but we had to check it several times” said the doctor looking through the sheets.  He then looked up at me with a plain face “I have say Blade, you have been quite lucky, falling from over eighty-feet before smashing through a few wooden platforms in your human form should probably give you serious injuries, however you only suffered a several cracked ribs, sprained shoulder, heavily bruised leg, minor internal injuries and mild concussion all will be healed perfectly around four or five days from regeneration”

            “Does that mean I’ll have to wear bandages around my chest?” I asked

            The doctor nodded in reply “only for a couple days yes”

            The doctor then turned towards Fu-Young “Oh by the way Fu, the high alpha want to speak to you”

            Fu-Young’s ears twitched slightly “what for?”

            The doctor then went quite close to him and whispered into his ear.  I tried to eves drop into their conversation, but they spoke in a different language that I don’t clearly understand.  It sounded like German. Sein ungefähr er, hohe Alpha belives, daß es etwas geben kann, das über dieses Halteseil speziell ist I heard him say.

            “I’ll go and get some bandages for his rips” said the doctor who then walked out of the room.

            Fu-Young then looked down at me “I’m going to see the high alpha, I’ll be back in 20 minutes”

            Just as Fu-Young turned around I Called him back “Wait!” I Called as I wanted to know something, something about what Vang said to me back at the tower. “I wanted to ask you something…why didn’t you tell me that you were an Ancient?”

            Fu-young slowly turned around, his ears was down slightly realising that I wanted to know more about this ‘ancient’ werewolf thing “The reason why I didn’t tell is because I didn’t want you or the others to be worried about it”

            “Why” I asked

            “Because I didn’t want them to think that they may become permanent as a werewolf, stuck in wolf form and then ended up killing themselves because of it”

He then looked away from looking at the black table opposite me “Since a couple of new werewolves committed suicide, back at Yokely, I didn’t want to cause more suffering.  At the time it wasn’t a best time to tell”

I slowly sat up from the bed feeling slight pain as I do so “But is it true, that within the year I too could become permanent trapped into my wolf form?”

“There’s possibility you will, and there’s a possibility there won’t” He looked up at the ceiling “You see its extremely rare humans to be attacked be an ancient.  There are so few of us, so we don’t have hard evidence about it”

He the turned back towards me “For now I don’t want you to worry about it.  Let Claire keep a check up on your blood every couple of weeks then we’ll know for sure whether Vang was telling a truth.”

Fu-Young walked out the room through the door, just as he left Forest came through the door. His fur was slightly covered in blood from the Job he just finished.

“Hey how are you Bladewolf?” He asked in a friend voice

“I’m fine, just nursing my crack ribs and mild concussion”

“Ouch” he said realising the pain I got “It’s a good just that us Weres got the ability to regenerate otherwise that could takes months to heal”

“Aye, but still the doctors are going to give me some bandages to have for a few days”

“Anyway” he said, changing the subject “are you going to stay here for a while or are you going back to England?”

“Well once Fu-young finished chatting with the High Alpha, I’ll be getting home.  I can’t really stay long as I go college homework to do, and to arrange the funeral service for my parents”

“Oh I see” said Forest sounding a little disappointed “Will you ever come back here sometime?”

“Maybe” I said “But it’s really up to Fu-Young,”

The doctor came back into the room carrying. a box full of bandages. “Right, I’m going to put some bandages on you, once I finished putting the on you can go”

“Hey we could meet Fu-Young just outside the High alpha chamber once you are done” Said forest

“Not a bad Idea, It will be better than staying here, I hate staying in hospitals!” I said. “After that we better rush to catch tat lunchtime boat.”



The End


This story and Characters are ã to Adam Colin Carlile 2003.  All names right reserved.