"The Transfer"

(c) Agro Antirrhopus '04


It was a cool day on the plains of Fort Brook, a peaceful time in warless era. The Great War had ended not long ago, and a string of Forts remained, dotting the nation. Also left behind in the wake of war was an army of restless soldiers, their purpose taken from them. Agro Antirrhopus, a 6 foot tall Deinonychus was a draftee. Drafted and trained just before the war ended, he never made it to combat. He was seen by many to be a draft dodger. He kept mostly to himself, not talking much to the other soldiers. Aside from being a soldier, he didn’t have much in common with them, but that never stopped him from doing what he was asked, even though he may –


            Agro, CO wants to see you.”


            Agro looked up from his notes; a vulpine officer named Tug was standing at the foot his cot. He must have been so into his notes that he didn’t notice him come in.


            “Yes sir.” Agro responded with a dead tone.


He put his notes down and grabbed his top and put it on over his undershirt, buttoned his snaps and started to the CO’s office.


The walk across the complex was a short but peaceful one, the skies were blue, the air was crisp and fresh, but he couldn’t help catching a sniff of unpleasantness in the air. He had learned long ago in his childhood never to ignore his nose, and his gut.


“You requested to see me, sir?” Agro asked, peeking his head in the door.


“Yes I did Private.” Responded CO Stanton. He was a Canine, but he wasn’t familiar with what section of the continent his species came from.


“Now that we’re all here,” Stanton continued, pausing and giving a glare at Agro, who shifted his eyes to look at the other figure in the office. It was a rather well built and masculine equine. His name tag said LC Pedalis. He was adorned with a number of campaign ribbons, though Agro wasn’t sure what theater he earned them in, he felt a little small when he looked at his own barren uniform. “The reason I’ve sent for you both is simple, you’re being transferred to Fort Nimati, about 120 miles from here. Unfortunately, with our national oil reserves as low as they are, and the restriction on all non-essential use of vehicles, you’ll have to make the transfer by foot.”


“On foot?” questioned Agro.


“Yes, Private. On foot.” Stanton glared at Agro once again. He could tell that the CO didn’t like him. Probably for the same reason the others didn’t like him. “Lance Corporal Pedalis will be in charge for the trip, so don’t give him any problems. Right?”


“Yes sir.” Agro replied.


“I want you two moving before sundown, so get moving.”


They both snapped to attention, “Yes sir!”


Agro left the CO’s office and jogged back to his barracks to pack his belongings. It didn’t take him long; he packed his clothes, his books, his notes, and was soon waiting at the entrance to the Fort. The sun was at its highest, but the heat wasn’t unbearable. He squinted in the sun and saw LC Pedalis walking towards the entrance with his pack on his back.


            “You ready?” Asked Pedalis. His voice was kind, something he wasn’t expecting from such an imposing and powerful person.


            “Yes sir.” Agro replied timidly.


            Pedalis walked outside the entrance, looked around apparently getting his bearings, and began to walk to the west. The day was half over... the sun down a little from earlier, but was probably hours from setting. The fields of the country were the most beautiful anywhere. And being one of the few places that was never under direct attack, was also still pristine. The grass was as green as could be, and glimmered from the sunshine, and waved with each breeze.


            Agro began to trail behind a little, and ever so often caught himself staring at Pedalis’ firm butt, squeezed into the seemingly tight BDU’s. Every time he did he would trot a little faster to catch up. After hours of walking the sun was setting, and Devon slowed and then stopped, turning around to Agro.


            “We’ll stop here for the night.” Devon said as he set his pack down. “Go ahead and gather some small twigs, we’ll start a fire to cook some of our rations.”


Agro went off and gathered some twigs, and some slightly larger logs to put on the fire. He brought them back and set them next to Devon, who searched though his pack and found a box of matches. He withdrew them and set them down on the grass, built a little teepee of sticks and then lit it. They took their rations and began to heat them.


Agro looked up at Devon, sitting across from him, “Permission to speak freely sir?” he asked timidly.


            “You don’t have to ask permission with me...” he turned his head and glanced at Agros name. “Agro.”


            “Thank you sir.”


            “You can call me Devon.” Pedalis replied, he was becoming more and more informal.


            “Well, I was just curious to learn a little about you. You know, to kill some time.”


            “Alright, but you’ll have to do the same when I’m done.”


            “Alright.” Agro replied.


            “Well Agro, my name is Devon Pedalis. I was born in the village of Lupia, to a poor family. My childhood was rather unpleasant. I was abused at home, and teased in school. The other little ones always picked on me, for a number of reasons. I was the only equine in the village, so they’d pick on me for that. I was scrawny; my legs were too long, just a number of things. I went through schooling as a scrawny thing, with no confidence in himself. I never had a girlfriend, nothing to really love.


When the War started, I saw it as a chance to show everyone that I had a purpose and a worth. So I joined the Army, and I fought for 3 years in several theaters. I earned my war ribbons, and more importantly I earned my respect. I made myself anew, and here I am. Now... it’s your turn.” Devon finished, looking up at Agro expectantly.


            Agro sighed a little and began. “I was born in Nemar, to a loving family. They clothed me and cared for me. I went to school, and like they feared, I wasn’t accepted. I was timid, and trusted people too much. Eventually one day I broke down. I was being constantly beaten and crushed by negativity, and berating. So I had to find some help. I was treated for depression, and sent back. One day was all it took for me to crack again. So we moved to a different village, where the school was much better. I found my strength in a fellow student, and fellow saurian. I eventually began to develop an interest in him, but the feelings were not mutual.


Then the war started, and I spent each day in fear of being drafted. I suppose it was because of my instability that they didn’t draft me until they got desperate. Once I was trained and ready for deployment, the war ended. Fort Brook was my first posting, and I was branded a draft dodger, and they wouldn’t let it go, they wouldn’t listen to the truth. After a few months as a peacetime recon officer, I suppose they thought they’d transfer me. And here I am.”


            “It would seem that you and I share an unfortunate history of neglect and ridicule.” Devon observed. He seemed to be hanging his head...


            “It would seem that way.” Agro replied.


            They both went back to their rations. It was not long till the sun had fully set, and their rations were eaten. They left their gear lying in the grass and leaned up on a tree to catch some sleep. The night was long, and Agro stirred a little uneasily, but the stars put his mind to ease, and eventually they were both sound asleep.


            Agro woke up first... his eyes opened slowly, as the sky was filled with an orange hue. He leaned up slowly, and rubbed his eyes. He glanced around, having forgotten his situation in his dreams. He looked over to Devon, who seemed to be asleep, and quite engorged. Devon’s cock had become semi erect, and was now a snake-like bulge in his pants, the tip of it poking out of the top. He also must have removed his shirt during the night... he was quite an attractive sight. This beautiful horse, leaning up against a tree, in the glistening dew covered grass, it was gorgeous--


            “You seem to be staring...” Devon replied, seemingly awake.


            “What?! Uh, no no no. Absolutely not, I would never.” Agro refused profusely, obviously nervous.


            “Don’t be embarrassed, it’s alright, I must confess I was catching a few glimpses of you earlier this morning. Actually, you’re the first one I’ve met that I’ve had so much in common with. I can tell from your voice that you’re caring, and loving. You see, I’ve never felt love, and well, to be honest, I’ve been eyeballing you since you got to Fort Brooks.” Devon replied.


            “Really? Wow... I didn’t think anyone’s ever found me worthy of a few glimpses. Well, you’re pretty attractive yourself.” Agro replied, almost blushing.


            “Here...” Devon raised his hips and undid his belt and his pants button, and slid them off. His horse cock was massive and beautiful. It too was almost glistening in the sun. He had a beautiful pair of perfectly round very light beige balls. The lower part of his shaft was a veiny dark grey color and emerged from his retracted sheath. The upper part of his cock was a light grey, the tip of it flaring to about an extra inch larger. It was about 10-12 inches long, and lay across his hip and hung a little limp.


            “Wow... that’s a very nice piece you have there.” Agro replied slowly, still staring at the beautiful cock that lay before him.


            Devon developed a smile on his face, his big blue eyes staring at Agros face. He could tell that he was in shock. “You can touch it if you’d like, that is... if you are interested.” A small friendly smirk on his face.


            “Oh, I’m interested....” Agro leaned forward a little and extended his hand, and took a light hold of the base of it. It was warm and kind of clammy, just what he expected a semi-limp cock to fee like, but this one was huge. It had to be 2 to 3 inches across. His mouth was slightly open, obviously in awe.


            “Don’t be timid, if you wanna fiddle with it be my guest, please.” His voice tender and caring.


            Agro’s hand went down to Devon’s balls, and he could only hold one of them in his hand at a time. He played with the loose skin holding them; he juggled them slightly, kneading them. Sliding his hand upward to the tip of Devon’s cock, he fingered around the tip of the massive member. He felt the massive canal that his no doubt quart or two of cum would flow through. He began to catch scents of its musky odor, and they began to mess with his senses. Agro began to become aroused, and grew harder and harder.


            Agro bent his head down and stuck out his tongue, and holding the cock up, he ran his tongue from the bottom of Devon’s cock, to the very tip, ending in a kiss. Devon’s eyes closed and he let out a gasp. Agro sat up and removed his shirt, and then removed his pants, exposing his hide. He rearranged himself to lay next to Devon, on his belly, and began to lick up and down the massive cock, which was beginning to become harder. His long tongue coiled around the base and his saliva coated the base of it, and he began to move it up to the tip, where he used the tip of his tongue to tease the engorged head of Devon’s cock. Then, he angled his head and placed his lips over the tip and slid his muzzle over the end of the black shaft before him. His mouth kept sliding down and down over the cock, taking in more than 7 inches thanks to his long neck. His warm muzzle coating the big grey horse dick in saliva, using his tongue to continually coil around it.


            The sensation was driving Devon wild, and he placed his right arm on Agros ass and squeezed it. The raptor let out a yelp from around Devon’s cock and began to sway his tail from side to side very elegantly... he was enjoying this. He then withdrew the cock from his mouth and cupped one of Devon’s huge balls in his right hand and began to fondle it, then he began sucking on them intently, still massaging Devon’s dick with his left hand. The fully erect member began to ooze precum, which Agro licked up immediately, then returned to Devon’s balls.


            Devon took Agro by the arms and helped him up, and positioned the raptors legs on either side of his hips. Then with a caring glance at Agros face, he started to ease his new lover down onto his throbbing member. Agro could feel the giant shaft’s warm tip come to rest on his tail hole. Devon tensed his butt and pushed his hips up, ever so gently. The head of his penis began to slip inside of the tight tail hole, spreading for the extremely thick flare. Agros face grimaced for a split second, torn between pleasure and pain. But slick from the muzzle job, the flare popped inside with a satisfying slurp. The Raptors face turned to relief as he let out a satisfying gasp as his eyes went wide open. For moments the two just sat there, intertwined, and finally, Agro began to relax his legs, and let his weight pull himself down on the ever widening horse cock. He loved it, to feel this warmth filling him up inside, it was a new sensation to him, and all around a quite pleasing one.



            Eventually, Agro had taken in all of Devon’s cock. The two once again stopped to catch their senses. Agro could feel Devon’s perfect balls touching his tail, and he stared into Devon’s eyes. Devon then began to rock his hips slightly, and his gigantic dick began to slide out of Agros ass, but when the flare of his cock reached his tail hole, he stopped, and pushed himself deep inside of the raptor once again. Agro then began to help by rocking his body back and forth, kneeling over the horse. Devon grabbed Agro’s ass and began to help push and pull, kneading the scaly hide he was penetrating. He leaned forward to the raptors face and kissed him right on the lips, and their tongues met one another and began to run over each other. Both had their eyes closed tight in ecstasy. The rocking began to become more violent and hard, and with each thrust, Devon’s massive grey cock began to ooze more and more precum, and the slurping noises got louder and louder. Agro began to emit low rumbling noises from his chest, his own member fully engorged and dripping, his balls rubbing on the horse’s fine belly.


            Devon began to neigh in pleasure as the raptors tail hole began to tighten and grip his member tighter with each thrust. He was getting close, the pressure in his balls already unbearable. The thrusting reached its climax, and his rod was slipping in and out so fast, he couldn’t control himself any longer. He craned his head back and let go. Rope after rope of his warm horse seed blasted forth into Agros tail hole, and he too craned his head in pleasure. Devon held himself in the raptor for a minute or two, until his climax had receded, and then he helped the raptor off of him. As Agro stood up, a satisfying slurp came as the cock plopped out of his ass, trailing a string of cum.


            “That was my first time you know...” Agro said gasping for air.


            “It was mine too... you’re a tight one. I suppose turnabout is fair play, eh?” Devon said as he spread his legs, revealing his asshole.


            “Well, I am still rather hard... you mind lubing me up?” Agro replied with a nice grin on his face.


            “Not at all, my lovely little raptor.”


            Agro stood over Devon’s chest and sat down on it, his black cock right in Devon’s face. Devon nudged it with his nose and stuck his tongue out begin to lick at it, first taking all the precum that had oozed out of it. He then opened his muzzle and took it all in his mouth. He began to suck quite hard, while letting his tongue dance around the black dick he had taken in. Agro got a grimace of pleasure on his face and could not help but take his hands and help thrust Devon’s mouth onto his shaft.


            Agro leaned back, and Devon began to suck and lick his balls. He would take one then the other into his mouth, sucking hard and then licking between the two. As Agro layed on his back on top of Devon’s lap, Devon began to lick Agros tail hole, still oozing the horse’s massive load. After a moment or two, Agro was squirming from the pleasure and had to stand up, for fear of losing his load too soon.


            He got up and strutted around to Devon’s ass and knelt just behind him. Devon spread his legs wide, and took Agros hands and tugged him in. Agro knelt with his cock’s tip just nudging at Devon’s asshole. He then gently grabbed the raptors rump and began to pull him into him. As the head of the cock slid in, Devon gasped a little, and then began to tug more, and the black cock slid in all 7 ½ inches. Agro began to emit clicking noises as his eyes rolled back; his member throbbed once in pleasure. The raptor took his hands and put one on Devon’s hip and the other on his thigh, and began to withdraw his member. He removed it all the way, and then re-entered the hot equines ass. He began to thrust his hips back and forth, each time a little faster and a little harder. His balls began to slap up against Devon’s rump, giving a satisfying smacking sound each time.


            Devon reached behind him and grabbed the tree trunk, and his head began to flail gently back and forth, he was whimpering ever so slightly in pleasure. Agro withdrew his cock from the horse’s asshole and grabbed the horse’s hips and helped turn him on his back. Agro knelt down behind his rump again, and spreading his legs, gently placed his tip on the horse’s asshole and slipped it in once more. He then layed down on top of Devon’s back and with their heads side to side, he began to thrust again. His balls slapping Devon’s with each thrust. He began to hump him faster and faster, each time harder. Devon was breathing heavily while Agro was beginning to rumble again, his chest cavity providing a nice vibration to Devon’s back. He could feel the equines nice ass against his hips, and they were firm, providing a nice bounce to each thrust.


            After a minute or two, Agro took held of the equines sides again, and rolled over on their sides, putting his arm around Devon’s belly, and grabbing the equines semi limp cock, and began to jerk it slightly, the other arm holding up Devon’s left leg. Agro continued to slide his shaft in and out of the equines ever tightening asshole. The warmth and constant tugging bringing him close to climax. A few more thrusts, faster and faster and his cock couldn’t stand much more. He gave one final hard thrust and he let his seed explode inside Devon’s ass, his head craning back and roaring a loud roar that echoed through the valleys. Devon’s hands grasped Agros rump, holding him in for as long as he could. After several moments, he was emptied, and Agro pulled his slick black member out of Devon’s ass with a slurp, and they both collapsed.


Devon rolled over on top of Agro, and gave him a deep kiss.


“I think I’m in love.” Devon said


“I think I am too.” Replied Agro, putting his arms around Devon’s back and head and pulling him back in for another kiss. They would lay side by side, in each others arms, naked and covered in the morning dew, staring at the sunrise, for the rest of the morning.