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Early fall


Miera has found what she believes is a reference to a lost village, and she and Kerr have set out to find it. They are walking along a dusty road when she suddenly turns to him and asks, "Wasn't it somewhere near here Leeta and I found you?"

"Abducted you mean, but yes," he replies, thinking back to that terror-filled day when his life changed so completely. "I believe that if we take the left branch at the crossroad up ahead we would end up near the village."

"You think so?" she asks, not expecting a reply.

When they reach the crossroads, Kerr starts down the lane going north and towards their distant goal, not noticing that she has stopped until she calls, "Kerr! Where do you think you're you going?"

Belatedly he turns to look at her, standing in the intersection and looking at him, before replying, "Weren't we to head north, towards those ruins you read about?"

"It's almost dusk, I'm tired and I want to sleep in a bed for once!" she exlaims, then turns and heads down the western road.

"B-but... you can't!" Kerr stutters as he runs to catch up with her. "They'll never let you into the village!"

Turning towards the rabbit she puts her slender black paws on his shoulders and states, "I want to take a warm bath and sleep in a soft bed." Then, letting her right paw slip down to rub his chest and belly, she whispers, "And I want to make love to you in that bed..."

Kerr -- knowing that when the panther has made up her mind, nothing can make her change it -- sighs, grabs her paw in his and begins to walk down the road.


Knock! Knock!
It's fully dark when Kerr knocks on the thick door of his old home.

For a long while nothing happens, then a voice can be heard, "Who's out there?!"

Recognising the voice, Kerr's heart makes a jump, then he gathers his wits to reply, "Travelers seeking shelter for the night!"

"The public house is further down the road!" the one on the inside yells gruffily. Then, recognising the traveler's voice the door swings open and a brown-furred head with long ears pokes through the opening. "That voice... Is that you, Kerr?" Seeing the white-furred rabbit standing there, dressed in tunic and traveler's cape, sword in his belt and pack on his back, the older male grabs the youngster in a tight hug. "We thought you were dead! Where have you been all this time?"

"A long story, Dad," Kerr manages to utter, pushing against his father with his paws so that he can breathe again. "Can my mate and I come in?"

"Your... Of course, son!" the older male exclaims. Then he notices the figure walking silently up the path. With a strength and speed that belies his age the old rabbit spins around and first pushes Kerr inside, then slams shut the door and slides the bar into place.

"Uncle, what's wrong?" a thin voice squeals. When Kerr looks around he sees Reanna; his mother, Rhi; his younger brother and a small, tawny coloured female gathered in the common room.

"Keene, you're not old enough to remember Kerr, our long lost son," his father states, obviously adressing the female child, "and there's a predator outside! I barely managed to drag him inside in time!"

"My mate," Kerr mumbles, "she is..."

"Lets hope she managed to find a place to hide, son," his father responds, patting him on his back. "If a predator is bold enough to get into the village, there's surely more of them. There's nothing we can do now."

There's a scratch on the door and Miera's voice can be heard, "Kerr, is something wrong? Please let me in, I'm tired."

Before his father can stop him, Kerr pushes the bar aside and swings open the door, letting the panther inside.

Kerr's mother screams, then faints, dropping bonelessly to the floor while his father draws his knife and approaches, intent to sell himself as dearly as possible.

"Stop!" Kerr yells, interposing himself between his father and the panther. When his father stops, surprised at the authority of Kerr's voice, he turns toward Miera, and states, "I told you to wait until I had explained everything! What were you thinking?"

"Sorry, Kerr," she mumbles, then throws her arms around him and squeezes his head against her bosom for a moment. "Aren't you going to introduce me?"

Sighing Kerr pulls away from her embrace and turns towards the apprehensive rabbits gathered in the room. "Mother," he states, nodding towards the elderly female just now sitting up. "Dad, Rhi, this is my mate, Miera. Miera, this is Kam, my father," he continues, pointing at the older rabbit, then at his mother, "Reanna, my mother, Rhi my younger brother, and lastly; Keene, whom I don't know."

"She's my sister's youngest," his mother interjects, her mouth going on automatic while her brain works on coping, "she's staying here because my sister wasn't feeling to well."

"I hope it's nothing serious, " Miera states. "I have gold and we know a very good doctor."

"Who is many days travel away," Kerr retorts. "Besides, if a wolverine showed up she'd probably die of fright!"

"Kerr, is that really you?" his mother asks, squinting as she walks unsteadily towards him.

"Yes, it's me," he whispers as he hugs her.

"I've missed you so much, son," she mumbles through the sobs as she cries of joy."

"What about me?" Miera asks, pouting as she goes down on her knees next to Kerr, "don't I get a hug, too?"

Ignoring the panther, the elderly female takes a good look at her son. "What's that around your neck?"

"I've seen one of those before," Kerr's father interjects, "it's a slave collar!"

"It was a slave collar," Miera counters, "but no matter what I do, I can't get him to take it off. And if I remove it, he only puts it back on!"

"It was the first thing you gave me..." Kerr mumbles.

"No, silly rabbit," Miera interjects, throwing her arms around him and licking him in the face, "the first thing I gave you was a bump on the head while you were digging in that field, and the second thing I gave you..."

"Shouldn't be mentioned in the presence of minors," he hastily adds.

"Was a bath," she finishes. "Speaking of which, I'm dusty and tired..." Then she lets go of him, stands up, drops her pack in a corner and relieves herself of her cape.

"Is my old room..." Kerr starts.

"Just like you left it," his mother responds, "and it's about time you cleaned up in there!"

Wincing at his mother's remark, Kerr hurries to discard his cape and sword, then pick up Miera's pack, snag a lighted candle and lead her down the corridor to his old room.


"Pwaugh! It's dusty in here!" Miera exclaims as soon as the door closes behind them. "Isn't there a cleaner room we could use?"

"Only the guest room," Kerr mutters, "ununsed rooms are often left like they were when the last occupants moved out. And after the scare you gave her we're lucky my mother didn't throw us out!"

"I'm sorry," she mutters, "please don't be mad at me."

"No, you're not," he retorts, "you're never sorry about causing trouble." Opening the packs and taking out clean clothes he adds, "Why don't you change while I fix the bed?"

"No bath?" she asks, disappointed.

"I doubt that my mother will let you use ours," he replies, shaking his head. Then he disappears out the door and down the corridor.

When he returns with a straw-filled mattress a few minutes later he finds her sitting on one of their blankets, brushing the dust out of her soft black fur. Dropping the mattress into the empty bed-frame and smoothing it down somewhat he leans over and gives her a lick on the back of her head. "I'll give you a decent brushing later," he states, "but now we must face my mother again." Then he quickly discards his travel-clothes and dons his clean tunic.



When they enter the common room they find the walls lined with rabbit males -- cousins and uncles, Kerr realises -- and that two chairs have been placed next to each other, some distance away from the others. Miera sits down in one and, when Kerr makes as if to sit down in the other, grabs him around his waist and pulls him down onto her lap.

At first he struggles against the undignified seating arraignment, then surrenders to it as he knows she is stronger than him.

"Why don't you tell us what happened that day and where you've been since?" his mother asks.

"Well, I..." Kerr begins only to be silenced as Miera wraps her arms around his head.

"It's like this," she interjects, "a friend and I were transporting a horseless wagon we had spent the spring digging out of a ruin when we decided to stop, take a rest and stretch our legs a little, maybe even scare up some fresh meat. Then I spotted a really tasty-looking rabbit working in a field, completely oblivious to what was happening around him. I bopped him on the head and brought him back to the wagon to play with."

"Play?" his mother asks darkly.

Looking around and noticing that the small child is absent and ignoring Kerr's muffled complaints, Miera replies, "Hunting makes me tingly, and here we had a male; just what I needed to do something about it. He even made me purr. Then there was that tail; it was so cute the way it bobbed up and down that I just couldn't let him go..."

"Pulling her paws away from his muzzle, Kerr mutters, "You and that maniacal friend used me as a mattress all the way to your home. I had bruises for days afterwards."

"I didn't hear you complain a single time during the trip," Miera retorts, pouting, then licking his long ears. "Besides, you wouldn't want to let me sleep on that hard floor, would you?"

"What about the collar?" his father asks.

"And the sword!" his brother exclaims, "is it steel? I've never seen a steel sword before!"

"Yes, it is steel," Kerr replies.

"Where did you get it?" the young male asks.

"From the paws of a dead wolf!" Miera announces, clasping her paws around Kerr's muzzle before he can utter a sound. "He was so brave, saving me from them!"

"Kerr, the daydreaming goof?" his brother asks, incredulous.

"And what about the collar?" his father again asks.

"I put the collar on him so that no one would steal my cuddle-bunny away from me," Miera replies, while fighting with a groaning Kerr. "Then one day a pair of wolves did just that; they took him while I was out. I followed and found them just as they were about to kill him. One of them attacked me, broke my arms and was about to rape me when I passed out from the pain. I don't know what happened after that, but the next thing I remember is waking up in my bed, my arms bandaged and a red-and-white rabbit sitting next to me. The villagers told me that they found the two wolves with their throats ripped open, and that the poor doctor -- a wolverine -- had been hesitant to come near me until a couple of bears held Kerr down. Since that incident he's been known as Kerr the Wolf-eater. A friend visited, and I told her to remove Kerr's collar and see to it that he got home safely. When she removed it, he grabbed it and put it back on, then begged me not to send him away."

"I don't believe it!" his mother exclaims. "My sweet Kerr could never hurt anyone!"

"I don't always believe it myself," Miera admits, "mostly he's just my cute little cuddle-bunny and that's just how I like him to be."

"But you're a big, strong predator," his father states, "and he's... well... prey to you. Why?"

"Most of us never eat two-legged prey and normally I'd just leave the area," she explains, "you see, four-legged prey never organise search parties or come after you with swords. I was only planning to play with him that evening, and maybe a little bit in the morning, but... he was rather... enthusiastic. So I decided to keep him."

"And now you've decided to bring him back home to us?" his mother asks.

"Oh no," she replies, "we were just passing by when I decided that I didn't want to spend another night outdoors. We'll be heading north again tomorrow or the day after at the very latest." Then, releasing Kerr from her embrace she whispers inn his ear, "Could you get me something to drink please?"

"Of course," he responds, getting up and heading for the kitchen, returning a minute later with a mug of clear water which he hands her.

"Thank you Kerr," she states, "all that road-dust was making my throat sore."

"You know," his mother states, "Kerr's old room must be awfully dusty and not at all good for your throat. Why don't you two use the guestroom tonight. Kerr can clean up his mess tomorrow." Then she pulls herself up from her chair and walks down the corridor.

"I guess we've been pardoned," Kerr mutters under his breath.

"But still no bath?" Miera asks.

"No," he replies, "letting us sleep in the guestroom just means she acknowledges that you exist, not that she likes you. There's a stream nearby. We could go there tomorrow."


"Kerr," the panther whispers into the darkness, "are you awake?"

"Yes..." he responds.

"I wanted to do three things today..."


"The bed is soft, but I didn't get a bath." Then her paw begins to caress his chest.

I get it. Grasping her paw in both of his he begins to lick it. Then he tries to roll over to reach her breasts, only to be stopped by her other paw.

"Lie still," she whispers, "I want to make up for all the trouble I caused you today."

"You don't have to..." he begins, only to be stopped by a paw held across his muzzle.

Then she rolls over, rubbing her breasts against his belly as she begins to lick his chest.

Once he tries to reciprocate by stroking her head, only to have her grab his paw and move it away.

"Lie still," she again whispers, before continuing to lick. She slowly works her way down, taking great care to explore his navel with her tongue while tracing patterns in his fur with her claws.

Giggle! "S-stop, please," he begs between fits of giggling.

"No, this is too much fun." Then she slowly drags her tongue from his navel, down towards his groin. When her chin bumps into something smooth and hard she stops and lets her paws slide down, claws extended just enough to dig through his fur and send tingles of fear-filled pleasure through his body. Slipping her right paw down below her body to grip his already stiff member and stroke it slowly. "Feels good?"

"Y-yes!" he pants, "but please let me touch you!"

"No," she states with finality.

"B-but..." he begins, but is quickly left unable to protest as she bends down and runs her agile tongue across the head of his cock.

"Something wrong?" she asks, grinning, but only getting heavy panting as response. Then she engulfs his member, rubbing the head against the ridges at the roof of her mouth before letting out slowly, dragging her rough tongue against the underside. Hearing his ragged breath she decides that he's ready and moves to straddle him.

"Please let me..." he begs, trying to reach for her breasts with his paws.

"No," she whispers, catching his paws in hers and licking them. "Maybe later, but for now, just enjoy." Then she slips one paw down to steady his member and slowly lowers herself onto him. A couple of wiggles with her hips and her tail snakes around his left leg, then she begins to slowly move up and down on him; only an inch or so at first, but gradually she increases the distance to about three inches.

Feeling his frustration she lifts his paws to her breasts and whispers, "Can you hold theese for me?"

She can almost see him light up as he finally gets a chance to pleasure her. Then it's her turn to moan wordlessly as nimble fingers roams her chest, stroking, queezing and caressing her nipples.

When he finally slows down she increases her own pace, bouncing up and down faster and faster until the bed starts creaking. Then she backs off slightly -- no need to wake everone in the house -- and slips a paw down to play with her clit.

"A-are you?" he gasps.

"Quiet," she whispers. Then she slows down further and leans forward until her breasts rubs against his chest and she can lick his face and muzzle.

Kerr happily returns the favour and while licking, also slips his paws around to scratch and stroke her back.

"Did I give you permission to touch my back?" she purrs, still licking his face.

Hearing the playful tone of her voice, Kerr ignores her question and instead moves his right paw down to scratch at the base of her tail.

Purring even louder the panther slows her movement further to make it easier for him to reach the good spots. "Harder!" she gasps.

Grinning to himself, the rabbit wraps the fingers of his right paw around her tail and begins to squeeze rhythmically while still scritching with his thumb.

When the fingers of his left paw begins to rub her cunt lips she gasps, sit up straight again and slams down on him, trapping his fingers between them. "No... fair!" she moans, then groans, shakes and collapses on top of him.

Panting hard, the rabbit pushes up, into her hot, pulsing warmth and fires his own load into her. "Didn't want to come before you, love," he whispers, then passes out, still trapped underneath her.