The night was cool and the wind was blowing. Not a cloud was in the sky as the moon was full and bright. She walked across the lawn in search of her car. The party inside wasn’t quite what she expected it to be. “Sure come on and have a good time.” she thought to herself. “If you call being hit on and grabbed by every drunk and pot head around a good time.” After the first few hours she said enough was enough. It’s a little after midnight and now all she wanted was to go home and take a shower and call it a night. “And why didn’t I bring my jacket?” she asked herself. The cool breeze is cutting through her silk blouse. Her short skirt isn’t helping matters either. With the large mansion behind her she finds her car parked in the front lawn. The only light is from the moon and the lights inside the house. “Jay, the next time some one says ‘Trust me you’ll love it.’ run for the hills. And speaking of which, I’ll be glad to get out of these heels.”

He watched in silence from high in the trees. Watching and waiting. For just the right moment. Like a true predator he is invisible in the shadows. His hungry eyes watching the goings on in the large bay windows of the house. “Why do humans always use such large points of view when all they can talk about is home security and privacy?” It’s one of the questions that puzzles him. He looks to the sky at the bright moon. Oh how the full moon casts such beautiful light on the earth. He continues his spying. All the humans in their false security. How they think nothing could touch them. “look at them in their so called glory. How they fill their blood with such liquor and drugs.” he hisses to himself. He licks his lips watching the females in their various forms of nakedness. “I can show them a real good time.” he thinks. “Even if it’s one they won’t survive.” His eye catch’s some movement from below. Out in the open is a woman heading towards the area where the vehicles are parked. She’s not all that tall. Just over 5 feet tall by the looks. But with her slim figure and long hair she is quite the looker. She’s in a blue blouse and black skirt and heeled sandals. “Hum, ask and ye shall receive.” he smiles. He leaves his perch in the tree and moves through the wood line silent as a ghost. Darting from shadow to shadow like a cat on the prowl, he circles around the vast property.

“Come one.” she says to no one as she hunts for her keys in her purse. “Here they go.” the sports car makes a little beep beep as she turns off the alarm. “It’s not a good night to be all alone.” She spins around at the sound of the voice. “It’s not safe.” it hissed again. She saw a person of around six feet standing there. He was very thin and had long jet, black hair hanging over his face. He had on ripped jeans and a leather jacket with is hands in the pockets. “Who are you?” she said trying to get her heart to slow down from the shock. “No one of importance.” he hissed. The sound of his voice sending chills up her spine. “Listen. What ever you’re up to the answer’s no. So you go your way and I’ll go mine.” she said reaching for the car door behind her. “Now that’s harsh. I was hoping to be friends.” he said as he raised his head. His hair feel to the side of his face and her heart froze. His face looked bleach white and his eyes were glowing bright red. Long fangs were growing from his upper jaw. She spun to open her car door. Before she had a chance to, he was on her and had her pinned against it. One arm had her in tight bear hug and one hand firmly over her mouth. She tried to scream but no use. She kicked her heels and racked them down his sheens and on his feet. It was as if he felt no pain. His strength felt inhuman. He was about to squeeze the breath out of her. “That’s it. Fight, my sweet.” he said as she felt his tongue across the side of her neck. His hot breath smelling like death itself. “It makes it all that much sweeter.” he hissed. “If it’s sweets you want, try the local doughnut shop down the road.”

With her still in a vice like hold, he spun to the new voice. She looked up to see a dark form crouched in the shadows. It was impossible to tell his height because of his posture. But he looked to have large shoulders and what she noticed the most was his eyes glowing a bright blue. Like ice crystals with lights behind them. “Who are you to disturb my meal.” snarled her attacker. Her blood froze at the words. “You vamps are all the same.” growled the new comer in a demonic tone. “The only thing you’re able to prey on is women.” He stated. “But of course I have seen old bag ladies that are more your speed.”

“Vamp?” thought Jay “as in vampire?” It’s impossible. There’s no such thing. Is there? “You have some brass.” hissed her attacker. “Just who do you think you’re talking to, runt?” venom in his throat.

“The result of two cousins marrying? Something that came out the south end of a north bound mule?” said the stranger. “How can he talk in such a calm tone in a situation like this?” thought Jay “I’ll rip that tongue out and where it for a necklace!” snarled her attacker. “Show yourself from those shadows so I can see your face before I rip it off!” The stranger stood to his full height and was at least seven feet tall. When he stepped into the moon light to be seen, she would have screamed if not for the hand clamped over her mouth. This new comer had the largest build she had ever seen. Arms with muscles that would put the largest steroid freaks on television to shame. Clawed hands larger than her head. He only had on ripped pants. Every where there was expose flesh was covered in light brown fur. What sent her heart into another gear was the fact the where there should have been a man’s head, there was one of a snarling wolf with long saber like fangs. “Out of the frying pan into the fire.” was all she could think. “You?!” hissed her attacker. “That right, Blackheart. Me.” growled the wolf. “The underworld has a nice price on your hide.” said the vampire. “Master would be pleased when I deliver it to him.”

“You’re welcome to try. “

He threw her to the side. She could do nothing but back away from the two. She was too frightened to scream or do anything else. The vampire charged at the wolf creature. He just simply side stepped the attack and drove his massive right hand to the back of the vampires head, driving him face first into the closest oak tree. He returned to his feet and snarled his blood soaked face in rage. “You’ll pay dearly for that, Werewolf.” Jay’s eyes went wide at the words. “Coming from a vampire, that’s no real threat.” said the wolf. The vampire made another attack, making attempt after attempt with punches, chops and kicks like something out of a Bruce Lee movie. The Werewolf blocked and dodged each move with surprising ease. He delivered a spinning kick that the wolf caught in mid air, driving his elbow straight down on the vampire’s knee, the loud crack as the bones snapped. In the same motion with lightning speed he drove the back of his fist into the vampire’s throat as he tried to scream in pain. The loud crack of the wind pipe being crush was sickening. The wolf grabbed him with one hand under the chin and the other to the back of the head and with a quick snap, twisted the vampire’s head in a full 180 degrees in the wrong direction. Jay almost threw up at the sight. He dropped the corps and watched as the body went through a series of decay that should take weeks or months. But in a matter of seconds the vampire’s corps went to a stage of rot to bones and then to nothing but raged clothes. Jay doubled over on hands and knees and started to throw up. When the coughing and gagging ended she realized the werewolf was looking over at her. She looked up to see those shining blue eyes staring down at her. She backed away trying to put some distance between them. “Please no!” she begged. She didn’t know if it would attack her or what. It just stood there for a moment. She had no idea what was going threw it’s head and wasn’t sure if she wanted to know. It bent down and she backed away further. It just picked up her purse and sat it on the roof of her car. “Go home.” was all he said as it walked of into the shadows it came from. She watched as the creature slowly vanished into the dark. There was no sound as it walked. No crickets or anything.

As she sat in her car with the headlights shining on the spot the creature came from, all she saw was empty woods in the bright lights. She put her car in reverse, backed out of the yard and pulled onto the street and headed home. She had no idea of how to explain to herself what just happened. All she knew was that one creature tried to kill her and another had the chance to but chose not to.