She awoke on an abandoned stretch of street, her head pounding like so many discordant drums. Her ears dropped low almost immediately as she sat up. Confusion filled her mind with questions but no answers. She looked down at herself as if to take stock of who she was. Holding her arms out before her she took note of hand-like paws, each finger ending in a small divide that when she flexed her fingers revealed tiny claws. Very soft, fine, black fur covered all but her palms, and as she looked down, the bottoms of her feet. She felt a blush rise to her cheeks as she also realizes she is wearing nothing but the fur. Her small, rounded breasts perk as she feels every shift of the breeze blowing gently by her. From the corner of her eyes she catches a movement and half-turns to discover her own tail curling and swaying slowly behind her.

Her mind slowly grasps that she is feline, and black furred, but gives her nothing else to fill the gaping hole in her memory. One paw drops into the grass behind her as she leans back to look around. The paw comes back up quickly when she feels the bite of a thorn in the center of her palm. ~Well~, she thinks to herself, ~if I cannot remember my name~, her fingers deftly pulling the thorn from her black skin, ~I will give myself one. I am Blackthorn.~ She then sits up and smiles, feeling quite pleased with the sound of the name.

Her eyes then scan the area for any other clues to her identity, finding nothing but grass and the bare road. She does however notice down the street a building with several gathered in front of it. ~Maybe someone there knows who I am~, she hopes and sighs. Feeling very self conscious she stands and walks closer to the building, noticing several coming and going out the door. Her lack of clothing made more obvious in the fact that everyone else seems to be regularly clothed, all forms and styles appearing. As she reaches the edge of the crowd she searches the eyes of those lounging around the door for any signs of recognition. She catches looks from a few, all males, that make her heart beat fast with fear, but nothing that shows they know her. She very quickly and quietly slips past them to push through the doors, going inside.

Once inside she is instantly bombarded by the noise of many voices speaking all at once. More than a few eyes in the room turn her way but none displaying the spark of knowing who she is. Here again she is looked over by the males, and even one or two females, with the predatory hunger that makes her want to run and hide. Soon that feeling building in her mind combines with the noise to send her eyes searching for a quieter place to curl up and rest. Her tongue slips out over her muzzle as she eyes the drinks most seem to have. Her nose twitches from the smells as she slips into a quieter back room.

As she enters the smaller lounge room she sighs in relief, her ears no longer vibrating from the noise. Her entrance and sigh catching the attention of the only other occupant of the room, a large one-eyed wolf. He smiles to her and she wonders to herself why his smile makes her nervous. He motions to a seat beside his own gently. "Hello there little one. Would you like something to drink? I am Sabre." His words put her a little more at ease so she nods and curls down into the offered seat. "I'm Blackthorn... I think.. I don't really remember." She sighs again and rests her forehead against her raised paws.

"If you are in need of help, with anything, may I offer my help?" The wolf's smile gentle looking, his more human hand reaching out to her.

She sighs with a shake of her head. "No thanks, I.... want to look around some more, maybe find who I am." She slowly rises to her feet and he stands as well, his six plus height making her four foot frame seem tiny. She turns and slips out quietly, not noticing the intense look the wolf gives her as she leaves.

She exits the busy building and heads off towards the end of the street and the forest she sees beyond its end. Her mind still reaching and questioning as she reaches the trees and wanders beneath them. The calm whisper of the breeze in the upper tops of the trees easing her mind and body somewhat. Her paws brush over the rugged bark and soft ferns at the side of the path. A turn in the path and the trees give way to a bright clearing, a large flat boulder resting in its center. She moves closer then myrrs quietly at the comforting heat radiating from its sun-baked surface. After a cursory brushing to remove stray leaves she slips to its surface onto her belly, the warmth seeping into her body and her eyes closing in weary exhaustion.

What seems to her to be several hours, actually less than one, she wakes suddenly from the feeling of pressure at the center of her back. Her eyes open and she turns her head, gasping as the large wolf from the lounge looks down on her.

"Hello again little one," the growl in his voice not as kind sounding as before. His hand holding her small form down easily as he kneels beside her.

She shoves at the stone surface under her, her paws only skidding a bit over it. "What do you think you are doing? Let me up _NOW_!" Her tail begins to lash over the back of her legs in frustration, her eyes glaring up at Sabre in confusion.

"Perhaps I will, if you promise me to stay put." His fingers tap over her back fur.

She nods, thinking to herself that the trees are not too distant and she is quick and rested. She lowers her eyes to hide her intentions, her body tensing as she prepares to launch at her first chance. His hand moves back and she leaps off the rock, her feet running before they reach the ground. Her eyes focus on the closest stand of trees as her feet pound over the ground. Suddenly she finds herself falling as the wolf hits her from behind. The wolf passes her sprawling form from behind, easily turning to stop before her, one arm behind his back as he looks down.

"I was hoping you would behave, but did not expect it. Your body betrayed you Kitten." He kneels down with his head shaking at her. She gasps for breath and looks up with blinking blue eyes, scrambling to rise again and run. "I do what I wish! Not what you or anyone else says!" Her mind reels as she tries to understand why the wolf would be interested in her, a small black feline with nothing to show but an assumed name.

Before she can move away from him again there is a darting movement and his hand twists one of her arms behind her. The hand he had hidden now showing with a small length of strong chain and a thick leather collar. "That has now changed Kitten. The laws of this place allow ones who are strong to own weaker ones, especially ones without families to fight or bribe the officials to keep them free. As one without family you are fair game to the first one to claim you. It seems the officials wish to keep strays down that way." Holding her one arm wrenched up behindher back he deftly encircles her neck with the thick leather, the catch at the back locking with a small 'click'. "As one who deals in such as you I believe I have made a splendid catch today."

He finally releases her arm, the end of the chain wound around his fist, the other to her dismay locked securely to a ring on the collar. "All I have to do now is registeryour ownership with the appropriate town offive, and you need not even be there."

She finds herself being tugged to her feet by the chain. Her mind despirately searching for an escape but seeing none. Her paws go to the collar but find no way to remove it's weight from her neck. Her feet stumbling as she is led from the clearing down another trail. This one finally ends at a hidden dock beside the ocean, a large ship as dark as the wolf is black moored to it. She is given no chance to study the beautiful lines of the ship however, instead being led on board and quickly below decks through a weather-beaten door.

She blinks in the dimmer light and is horrified to see one whole wall of the large room line with animal kennels. All built right into the wall itself with heavy iron bars, straw thrown on the floor of each. Inside two she catches a sight that makes her tremble even further. One holds another feline like herself, naked except for the leather about her neck, her age not more than mid-teens. The other a young wolf fem of about the same age, her plump body showing signs of becoming a curvacous adult. Both sleep exhausted, not even hardly twitching as she is led into the room.

Sabre moves to the other side of the room and locks the end of the chain to a ring, then turns and begins to study her closely. He only disappears from her sight long enough to return with a clip-board and a measuring tape. She pulls back to the end of the chain and snarl-spits at him in fear. "Let me go! I am a free furson!! Not something you can collar like an animal!!" She starts to swing her claws at him, her tail lashing hard behind her in what she hopes is a menacing movement. The next she knows however his hand meets the side of her face and muzzle, sending her to the floor with her mind reeling again. She looks up to see Sabre standing over her quietly, as if waiting for her to stand once more. She snarls again in defiance and he shakes his head. She sees him reach to one side to pick up a whip. Its stiffened length then whistles through the air to land on her exposed back, a deep welt forming beneath her fur. She screams out and tries to back away as the whip lands again and again in a punishing rhythm. Her mind finally and mercifully going black as she passes out.


She wakes on the wooden floor, her back stiff but somehow not as bad as she expected, the scent of a healing salve reaching her still waking mind. She chancesopening her eyes and half raises on her paws with a small moan. The pressure of the collar and sound of chain letting her know she was still stuck in the nightmare of before. Her eyes scan around but she sees only the kenneled fems sleeping and the things of the day before. ~Was it the day before??~ She wonders at how long she was out. She swallows and feels the dryness in her throat like sandpaper rasping at her. Another glance around and she catches sight of a tub of water, its depths clear and beconning. She shakily crawls to it, the chain just long enough to let her paw dip into the water. Her paw makes the trip from the tub to her muzzle several times before the feeling of dryness disappears.

With a sigh she sits back to take stock of things. Her ears swivel to listen but only catch the sounds of the others sleeping in the room and some unrecognized sounds from the door leading up. The only other doors from the room seem quiet behind them. An exam of the collar on her neck by her fingers makes her position even more certian. "Well, I still don't know who I was, but seems I am stuck here for now," she myrrs quietly to herself. A movement then catches her eyes and she looks up to see the one-eyed wolf coming back down from above.

"So you are awake Kitten. Maybe more cooperative now?" He growls to her softly and stops just outside her reach. His eyes move up and down over her body, making her squirm self consciously. He kneels on one knee and reaches out easily to touch her cheek, caressing down to the collar on her neck. "The sooner you accept things the sooner training can start."

"Cooperate??... Training??... I dont understand. I am a free fur!" Her tail lashes with her frustration as her paw bats his hand away. Then her head is whipped to the side by the force of Sabre's slap. He then stands and smiles, a paper appearing in his hand from his pocket. "As of earlier today you are no longer free. As a vagrant fur with no family or money I claimed rights to you. This paper here gives your statistics and says your are my property now Kitten, so live with that fact. As soon as your are trained properly and accept your new status you may be allowed the freedom of the ship, maybe even be allowed to go back into town." He folds the paper carefully and tucks it back away. "I believe I will start your training now. Kneel in proper position and offer your services to me. Beg me to use you Kitten."

Her mind reels in confusion at his words and she shakes her head in silent denial. ~I can't be! What kind of place did I wake up in?!?~ She simply stares up at him and stays as she was, refusing to obey such an idea as what he asked.

"As you wish Kitten, obeying would really have been easier." She watches in annoyance as he quickly unlocks the end of the leash from the wall, then is half dragged, half stumbles behind as he leads to the door at the far end of the room. His strength and grip on the chain greater than anythingshe can muster up.

Once inside the room she stares in horror. Around the room are scattered equipment she can only guess the use of on a body. Her feet stumble more as she is led to one in the shape of a large X. Sabre's hands easily lift her up and strap her arms, legs, and waist to it with solid leather straps. He then bends and she can feel something move up between her thighs and penetrate her soft folds. She then hears a small click and cries out, writhing against the straps as the thing inside her begins to move and vibrate. Her struggles go despirate as she feels the chills of arousal and moans soon tear loose from her throat.

Sabre smiles and steps away, then to her horror simply turns and walks out, chuckling to himself even as her body tenses. Her head goes back as the first of many orgasms crash over her mind and body. The machine between her legs not letting up and sending wave after wave into her until she can only hang weakly in the straps, her voice gone from screaming out to be released, begging to be allowed to rest.


After what seems like an eternity to her the wolf comes back into the room. His fur scented from recent bathing and his attitude seeming brighter after a nights sleep. Wordlessly he turns off the torturous machine and releases her small body from the frame. He then carries her limp form back into the first room and deposits her uncerimoniously into one of the small kennels. Her glazed eyes look up at him only seconds before closing in blessed sleep.


She awakens the next morning hoping everything to have been nothing more than a horrible dream, only to feel the straw beneath her body and the severe ache between her thighs. Rolling over to sit up brings no relief as she finds the kennel too small to properly sit up or stretch out. The other kennels now look to be empty and she whimpers quietly, "what did I do wrong? why doesn't the wolf just let me go?" She sighs as she slumps back. Her head then turns as the door opens and Sabre walks insmiling hugely.

"I believe there is one harder to break than you Kitten. The little she-wolf's uncle mentioned nothing about her stubbornness when he paid me to take her. It matters little however, she will break as the others did, as you soon will." His voice still growls but sounds almost affectionate now as he bends to examine her through the bars. "If you turn out the way I believe you will then I may even keep you a while before finding a buyer for your pretty little body." With those words he reaches in and tugs her from the kennel, smoothly in spite of her small struggles.

"You are going to... to sell me?? I was just a 'thing'??" She stops struggling to stare at him, her body trembling as her position slowly sinks into her mind. "B-but I am a furson... y-you cannot do that!" Her head shakes slowly in denial.

"Oh I can, and will. When I finish your training and tire of playing with your body myself. The law of this land allows for such as you to be owned. Especially when you are found wandering nude and idle around the town. The officials wish to keep things tidy it seems." He smiles down at her then rudely kicks her knees apart. "First lesson is your position. When kneeling you display your body for use. Your thighs should be spread to show yourself ready. Your back straight and your shoulders pulled back. And unless told your eyes stay low." His feet and hands positioning her body as he speaks.

She blushes deeply as she feels so very exposed now. Her teeth biting into her bottom lip as she whimpers, "but this makes me feel so... helpless" her legs start to close then stop as she yelps and looks up, one thigh stinging. A welt raises beneath her fur from the crop in Sabre's hand, his head shaking at her.

"You will not break position unless told do do so. No matter what!" As if to test her body and emphasize his point he begins to run the crop up and down the inside of her thigh. He smiles to see the way her young form trembles as she nods meekly. She whimpers and bows her head, her mind trying to deal with the way her body feels. The slow growing arousal from being so exposed plain as the wolf examines her. Then suddenly his grip jerks her to her feet.

"There is one more thing needed before you start your new life Kitten." He leads her above deck and over to a small braizer that is filled with glowing coals, a long iron protruding out the side. Her eyes go wide and terrified as he easily lashes her paws back around a large mast. Her then procedes to secure a large thick strap around her hips, just where her thighs join her body. She shudders as it holds her helplessly immobile.

He turns with a casual movement and pulls the iron from the coals, the end glowing almost white. He nods to himself and a few of the ship's crew that were slowly gathering to watch. In one swift precise movement he plants the glowing tip into her captive thigh, just at the fleshy part of her flank. The smell of burning fur and flesh fill the air even as her screams do the same. The crew all burst into cheers and cat-calls at their Captian's latest prize. He pulls the iron back to look over the small 'S' now engraved into her body. He smiles big and nods "no touching this one men, at least until she is broken in properly."

All she feels is the burning pain into her thigh, her body collapsing as she is untied and carried back down into the hold, beginning her new life as Sabre's property.