The Room mates



Part 2


By: Juliette Eliz. Peterson
All characters © Juliette Peterson 2001
Do not steal or reproduce!
All rights reserved

[Screaming is heard form C-36. The girls have a sinking feeling that Potekii was right.]

"NO, NO, NO! STOP IT NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" [After a minute it ended, but the silence from the friends continued.]

[Motaru goes to say something when applause is heard accompanied by evil laughter. The laughing dies down. Again it is silent.]

[The girls don't know what to do. They stand there staring at the wall that divides the apartments. This couldn't be what they think it is. Or… could it?]

Naziu: [Sinks down to the floor and sits there shaking her head.]

Potekii: "This is not happening, this is so not happening, tell me it's not…" [She looks into her friend's frightened faces.] "Come on guys!" [She starts hyperventilating.]

Motaru: [Goes over to Potekii.] "It's all right! Nothing's wrong. We just have to be imagining things."

Keyanna: "Yeah! That's it! We're jumping to conclusions. We don't even know anything about that suitcase."

Potekii: "Suitcase?"

Okina: "Suitcase? Oh man, you know what that means!"

Keyanna: "Did I say that?"

Naziu: "Oh Okina! How could you even think of that?!" [She shivers and shakes.]

Potekii: "What? What does that mean?"

Motaru: [Holds Potekii close to her.] "Nothing dear, it's okay. Just forget about it"

Okina: [Puts her ear to the wall.] "I hear… I hear… faint mumbling."

Keyanna: "Naziu? Oh Naziu! You're shaking like a leaf!" [She darts over to her and holds her close.] "This is my fault! I should have kept my big mouth shut! Oh I'm so sorry!"

Okina: "It's not any of our faults! Well maybe Naziu for telling them the right room number."

Naziu: [Her eyes swell up with burning tears and her lip quivers uncontrollably. She suddenly bursts into hysterical crying.]

Motaru: "Oh great job! Okina! Blame it on Naziu!"

Naziu: [Cries into Keyanna's shoulder.] "I'm s-s-s-soo-sorry!"

Okina: "You know what? One of us has to go over there."

Motaru: [In a slow steady voice] "What?"

Potekii: "Have you lost your mind? What ever could have possessed you to-to even think that!"

Keyanna: "Okina this is no time for jokes!"

Okina: "Did I stutter? I'm not joking, and I'm not going over there."

[The girls look around at each other.]

Naziu: [Has calmed down by now.] "Motaru. You go, I'll be right behind you!"

Okina: [Smiles.] "Me too, but 5 feet behind you."

Keyanna: "Yeah, this is stupid just sitting around and not taking some action."

[They get up and head for the door. Motaru's hand touches the door when the sound of C-36's door resounds through the long hall. She quickly draws her hand back. They have to think fast, Motaru has to think fast. The suspected criminals were getting away, and the group stood motionless. What was there to do? What could five girls do to the big panthers that walked past their door, Laughing and snickering to each other? There was only one thing to do. They looked at each other briefly. All of them knew exactly what the other was thinking. Motaru opened the door with the force of a tidal wave, and like a typhoon the rest followed, knocking the three panther males down. The suitcase popped open as the girls tripped over themselves. Papers flew every which way in the hall. The girls scramble to get up. The shocked panthers try to get up as well.]


Panther 1: "Uhhh, sorry? Here let me help you up."

Panther 2: "What, what? What happened? Did we just die?"

Panther 3: [Slowly getting up with help from Okina.] "We must be, I'm surrounded by beautiful women! Do I know you?"

Naziu: [Gasps] "I just fell all over the murderers!" [She backs up to the wall with her hand covering her mouth]

[They all stand up. The panthers try to gather their papers and put them back into the suitcase. Rokya comes out of her apartment. Her bright yellow eyes dance about their faces, surveying the situation.]

Rokya: "I have to lay off the caffeine at night."

[The girls all just stare in complete disbelief at the sight of Rokya… alive!]

Rokya: "Are you peoples all okay? Wait, oh. I woke you guys up didn't I? Oh I'm so sorry!" [She chuckles a little.] "Let me introduce you to my future directors."

[The panthers smile at each other.]

Rokya: "The Yamakabuki brothers of the Grand Jouai theater! I'm auditioning for the main part."