Black Knight in Shining Armour

                The soft breeze cooled off the hot traveller as it carried the various floral scents of the forest.  He slowly bent down and took a handful of cool water and drank it.  It easily cut through his thirst and it revived his energy.  After a few gulps, he slowly stood up and admired the scenery. 

                How easily he forgot the beauty this world offers only an hour away from the city.  He took a deep breath, inhaling the fresh air and smiled.  Various trees and evergreens surrounded him while the flowers added a splash of blue, red, yellow and purple on the ground.  To finish the scenery, a rushing stream at his feet played its music.  The dragon could not help but close his eyes and simply enjoy the surrounding nature.

                Finally, he felt rejuvenated and happy for the first time in a long time.  The dragon sat down on a rock and slowly placed his aching feet in the cool water.  He moaned in relief as it carried the sweat and pain away.  This was better than any medicine he could have taken.  Again, the soft breeze cooled off his sweating body.  He removed his shirt and let it dropped to the ground.  The sun warmed his smooth hide, scaleless hide, while the breeze kept him comfortably cool.  He was in paradise.

                His mind wondered back to his busy city life.  He guessed he had everything he needed in life.  He found a good job and made many good friends.  His job and friends kept him very busy and had little time for himself.  His boss almost refused his request for this vacation.  However, since he worked for over a year without any vacation, his boss had little choice.  The only thing he missed in his life, so far, was someone to share it with.  Though his friends and work offered enough of a diversion that he had little time to worry about it.  It mattered even less now that he was on vacation.  It was time to enjoy camping again, this time, without his dad.

                He laid back on the rock as he stretched out and closed his eyes.  He let the sounds and smells wash away his body and mind as it slowly eroded away all his worries again and left behind a very content and happy dragon.  He remained on the rock for an hour or so, and then decided it was time to return to his hike.

                He put on his shirt again and picked up his backpack.  He forgot how heavy those things could be even with just a week’s worth of supplies.  Good thing he kept himself in top condition.  He was not heavily muscled, but he was well defined.  He hefted the heavy load on his back and continued on his way.  He did not know where he was going, nor did he care.  He simply followed a long forgotten path.  He did not know why he decided to try this path instead of sticking to the main one.  Something in him just told him to take it.  Who was he to argue?  So far, this path took him to the most beautiful spots he ever saw in his life.

                He followed the path for hours as it slowly wound its ways up the mountain.  The higher he moved up the mountain, the more he could see the vastness of forest.  At one point, he decided to stop on the ledge of a cliff that overlooked the forest below.  In the far distance, he could barely make out the tallest buildings of the city.  They seemed so small and insignificant from this distance, as did the city.  It made his problem look even smaller.   He turned and continued on his way, following the path.

                In mid-afternoon, he decided to take another break and a little something to eat.  After his small snack, he re-shouldered his backpack and headed off again.  However, after a few steps, he heard rustling in the nearby foliage.  Slowly, he looked around, trying to find the source of the noise.  He saw nothing, so he cautiously made his way forwards again.  He heard the rustling again and this time he heard a growl behind him.  He slowly turned around only to face a huge grizzly bear that stood on its hind legs.   Krahnos heart sank as the large bruin stared straight at him, growling and baring its sharp yellow fangs.  It took a few steps forward and the dragon averted the bruin's eyes and took a few steps back. It growled furiously and the dragon froze on the spot and started to panic.  The bruin continued to step forward and it now only stood about ten feet from him.  Obviously it had no intention on turning around and leaving peacefully.

                Krahnos took a deep breath and did the only thing he could.  RUN!  To his great horror, the bear chased after him, only a few paces behind him.  He out-stretched his wings hoping to take flight.  Damn.  My backpack is too heavy.  He glided for a few feet, only to be running again.  The backpack also prevented him from running as fast as he could.  Krahnos heard the bruin slowly close the gap between them.  The grey dragon tried to run faster only to be slowed by tripping over exposed roots and low branches.  He took a quick look back and saw the gaping maw of the growling grizzly.  Before he could look forward again, his feet left the ground and his body flew. 

Instinctively, he outstretched his wings and tried to manoeuvre between the dense trees; but he reacted too slowly.  Agonizing pain shot through his body as his left wing shattered on a tree.  Unable to keep gliding, he landed roughly onto the ground and knocked the wind out of him.  Dazed, he tried to get up, but felt a heavy weight press down on his back.  The growling bruin pinned him down with its paws as its fangs ripped through his backpack.  Its claws dug into his tough hide and he screamed in pain.  The bruin responded by drowning the scream with his own growl.  The bear pressed down further, feeling close to breaking his arms, followed by a sharp pain as its fangs dug into his shoulder.  He tried to move his arms to protect his head, but the strong paws kept him painfully pinned.  The bruin tried to rip the flesh from his shoulder, but his strong hide resisted.  It released his shoulders and bit down again.  Krahnos hollered in agony as the pain seared in his mind.  His screams aggravated the bruin further.  Try as he might to struggle out of the bear's grasp, he could find no way out.

His vision slowly blurred and darkened, and his body grew numb, as he no longer felt the bear rip his flesh.  Along with his body, his mind started to slip as he found himself having difficulty thinking.  He saw images of times spent with his parents, his first love kissing him and good times spent with his friends.  The only thing he regretted was not finding true love.  Now, he was going to die and leave behind a grieving mother and friends, and an unfound love.  Again, the bruin released him and this time dug his fangs into his sides, sending another wave of searing pain to his mind.  He no longer felt his body, nor could he remain conscious.  His last thought was on his unfound love.


The equine heard two noises not too far away.  One he recognized as a bruin’s growl.  The other he guessed was somefur being attacked by that bruin.  He ran towards the source of the noises.  Fortunately, the furry kept screaming, which meant he or she was still alive.  However, the bruin's growl quickly swallowed the fur's.  He no longer doubted that the bruin was attacking the furry.

                He ran faster, hoping to get there before it was too late.  A few seconds later he no longer heard the fur's scream.  He looked around for any sign of a struggle but found none.  He continued to look around as the bear's growls quickly became inaudible.  Finally, he reached the source of the noise and his fears were realized.  A large bruin tried to rip the flesh off an unconscious dragon, who no longer moved.

                The bruin growled furiously at the stallion for interrupting his meal.  It let go of the dragon’s back as blood dripped from its fangs.  The horse quickly examined the dragon as he drew his shotgun.  Various fangs and puncture wounds marked the grey dragon’s back and shoulders as blood flowed out of them. The stallion realized that the bruin had yet been able to rip out any flesh from the dragon.

                The bruin charged the stallion as it growled.  It took no time for the bruin to close the gap between them and jumped onto the horse.  He barely had the time to aim and fire.  The twelve gauge solid slug ripped through the bear's shoulder.  It reeled in pain as it landed onto the horse, knocking the wind and shotgun from him.  Instinctively, the stallion used its hind hooves to kick the bruin’s body off of him.  He quickly stood up and searched for his weapon, finding it five feet to his left.  The bruin was already up and turning, his wound barely slowing him down.  The stallion dove for his gun and nimbly stood up and aimed at the charging bear.  The horse fired, this time, the slug going between its eyes.  The bruin’s growl instantly stopped, its body collapsed on the ground, and it slid to a stop at his hooves.  It let out its last gasp of air, as the bruin finally stopped moving.

                The horse took a deep breath as he turned and clopped towards the wounded dragon.  He kneeled down and listened at the dragon.  He still breathed, though barely.  He gently lifted an arm and found a faint pulse.  He sighed softly, relieved to have arrived in time.  He took off his shirt and tore it into long strands and he bandaged up the puncture wounds.  It would stop the bleeding until he could take them to his cabin.

                After he bandaged up all the wounds, he carefully hefted the dragon over his shoulders.  “Your heavier than you look kid.”  He mumbled to the unconscious dragon.  “And lucky.”  He sadly turned to the dead bruin.  “And you will not kill any more furs.”  He wished he had another way of stopping the bruin, but there was none.  It had the taste of fur blood and had to be destroyed.  He made a mental note of the bruin’s location so the park rangers could dispose of the body later and he headed off to his cabin.


                Krahnos’ nightmares were filled of large bruins chasing him and tearing him apart.  No matter how fast he ran, how hard he tried to fly or how hard he fought, they always caught him.  Krahnos awoke screaming as the last bruin ate him alive.

                Sweating and shaking, Krahnos sat up, too quickly.   The room spun and all his muscles shot fire in his mind.  His body failed him and he fell back in bed.  He closed his eyes and waited for the pain to subside.  It only increased and Krahnos moaned in pain.  He tried to move, in hopes to relieve the pain in his body, but again, it made it worst.  Krahnos could not take the pain as he lay there, crying and moaning in pain.  The pain filled his mind and gave him no hope of falling asleep or unconscious. 

                He felt a hand slide behind his head and lift it up.  “Drink this.”  Krahnos felt something press against his lips.  Krahnos did as he was told, the pain too much for him to do otherwise.  He felt a cold liquid against his lips, he opened his mouth and the cool liquid flowed down his throat.  Krahnos’s pain still flared in his mind, but the cool sensation slowly spread throughout his body and made its way up to his mind.  The liquid cooled the searing pain like ice.

The pain gone, Krahnos feel asleep, not realizing there was somefur with him.


Krahnos awoke, his eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness.  Slowly, he realized something was wrong.  He sat up and looked at his surrounding and discovered this was not his apartment.

He found himself in a barely furnished room.  He sat on a bed, which faced a door on the far wall.  In the wall on his left side was a small wooden closet; while on his right was a small dresser.  Above the dresser was a window, with the white blinds shut.  Sitting besides the dresser was a large oak chair with his clothing on it.  Krahnos could see rays of sunlight seeped behind the blinds.  The bed he sat on was very comfortable, more than his own.  Looking himself over, he found his body, especially his back, covered in bandages, some stained with blood.  Then, it all came back to him.  The bear chasing him as he tried to run away, then falling and then bear trying to rip him apart.

His muscles flared in pain again as he recalled the images.  He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.  He was safe now, from the bear; but who was his saviour?

As an answer, somefur knocked at the door.  Krahnos’ heart jumped.  His mind raced and wondered who it could be.  Most of his thoughts ended where his saviour was a killer.  He heard many stories about furs that go missing for a long time and turn up dead years later.  He now wondered if he would be one of those furs, a victim of the fur knocking at the door.

The door slowly opened and Krahnos’ jaw drooped as a huge black stallion stepped in.  He never saw any stallion so large, in all respect.  He stood easily two feet taller than he and looked like a walking wall of muscles.  He watched many times those bodybuilding contests on TV, but they had nothing on this stallion.  He wore brown camouflage pants and green tank top, which clung to him like an extra layer of skin.  They did little to camouflage any of his muscles.  Around his neck hung two military dog tags.  His fur was the blackest he has ever seen, which oddly contrasted to his bright, and deep blue eyes.  He saw an equally black tail swing behind him, thick and as lustrous as the rest of the fur.  Only then he realized that the stallion's mane stood straight up, military brush-cut style, and leaned forward slightly at the front.  It gave the stallion a good rugged look.  Oddly, his heart skipped when his eyes landed in those deep blue pools.

“Well, glad to see you’re finally up.”  The stallion's deep voice resonated in Krahnos’ chest.  He could barely keep himself from shaking.  The stallion gave a sigh of relief and his ears perked up.  Most killers look like everyday furs and tend to be handsome, a voice warned in his mind.  This instantly killed his awe, and wary quickly took over. 

Krahnos simply nodded thanks and gave him a smile.  I hope it looks genuine.  

The black stallion took the smile as genuine.  “I was afraid that Kodiak did some permanent damage.”  He lumbered into the room and closed the door behind him.  Krahnos watched him carefully and expected him to lunge on him at any moment.  Towering besides him, the stallion leaned forward and examined the bandages on his back.

Krahnos flinched at the stallion’s touch.  To his surprise, the fingers were strong yet gentle.  Krahnos could not help but look at the stallion’s chest in front of his muzzle.  The bulging muscles looked even larger from his vantage point.  His eyes followed the deep and prominent muscular lines and landed on the nipples that were quite visible even behind the tank top.  Unable to help himself, the dragon inhaled deeply and got a strong smell of stallion musk, sweat, and something else he could not put his finger on.  Whatever it was, it smelled wonderful.  Awe quickly replaced his fear again.

The stallion stood back up.  “Well, some of these need to be changed again.  At least you’ve stopped bleedin’.”

Krahnos took a deep breath.  “Where am I?”

The stallion took on a serious look, his brow deepening slightly, as he looked at a bandage on his left arm.  “You’re at my home.  When I found you, you were so beaten up I couldn’t take you to the hospital.  So I took ya home instead.  I gotta say you healed up quite good.  I though I’d have to bring you to the hospital after I stabilized ya.”  Krahnos heard him mumble something about changing his arm bandage as well.

Krahnos wished he were at the hospital at this moment, knowing he would be safe.  He wondered if the stallion made up that too hurt story so he brings him here.  All those slasher movies he saw now flashed in his mind, each showing the different ways innocent victims are lulled in security and then killed by their host.  He looked over the horse again.  He surely did not seem to be hiding anything.  The horse meticulously examined him, not leaving a single bandage go unchecked.  Krahnos looked into those deep blue eyes and saw a stern and serious look, as he felt the skilled fingers gently lift each bandage.  It was plainly obvious that this stallion had military training.  Making him an even more efficient killer, the same voice cautioned.

The stallion finished examining him, stood up and extended a hand.  “Let me help you up and to the kitchen where I can change yer bandages.”  Krahnos flinched away at the hand and his heart raced.  “Don’t worry, I don’t bite.”  The stallion gave him a warm smile, but tilted his head sideways, Krahnos guessing that the stallion is wondering why he is acting like this.

The dragon looked at the hand and remembered how gentle the fingers were.  Taking a deep breath, he took the stallion’s hand.  Again, it was strong, yet gentle.  His host easily helped him to his feet.

As Krahnos took his first step, pain assailed his body and it collapsed under the strain.  The stallion quickly caught him, stopping Krahnos short of hitting the ground.  “Careful.  Take it easy, you still haven’t fully recovered yet.  Here, let me help you.”  The stallion moved behind him and wrapped his arms around his chest and under his arms.  Krahnos closed his eyes as he felt the strong arms easily lift him up to his feet.  His mind wandered to the feeling of the strong chest on his back.  Suddenly, he realized that his fear and suspicion vanished.  Now, he felt safe and secure in the stallion's’ arms.  He took another deep breath and inhaled his host's scent.  As before he picked up the smell of something he did not quite recognized mixed with his intoxicating musk.

Suddenly, he realized his hands were holding the stallion’s arms, almost rubbing them gently.  He felt his face heat up as he let go of the arms.  “Don’t worry kid.  Nothing to be ashamed off." Krahnos held his breath and felt his entire body burn.  Am I that obvious?  "Being attacked by a grizzly like you did and recuperating in three days is impressive enough.”

The dragon let a breath of relief escape him.  He didn't notice me rubbing his arms.  A few seconds later he realized what his host just said.  "Three days?”

The stallion started to lead him out of the room. “Yeah.  I thought you’d be resting for at least a week.”

Krahnos looked around as the horse led his out of the room.  The hallway, like his room, was made of tree trunk, stacked on top of another.  He felt as if he travelled back to colonial times.  His room was in a narrow hall with two other doors, one facing his and the other to his left.  The stairs descended a few paces on the right.  Slowly, he walked down the stairs, concentrating on every step, so as to not fall again.

As he reached the bottom step, he looked up and his eyes widened.  All around him were windows that give him a full view of the surrounding forest.  The house rested north of a rock cliff that gave a breathtaking view of the forest bellow.  Krahnos stopped and gazed in awe.

The stallion laughed gently.  Krahnos forgot that he held him up.  “I see you noticed the view.  Gorgeous, isn’t it.”  Krahnos nodded in quiet awe.  When he finally recovered, he found himself holding onto the stallion’s arms and gently rubbing them again.  His face burned even more as he let go again.  Somehow, seeing the view and being held by this horse felt so good, so right. 

He brought himself back to reality.  Ya, the perfect place to be killed and never be found.  He looked around the cabin and found it better furnished than the room he awoke in.  On the far wall to the left sat a large screen TV, with a large sofa facing it some ten feet away.  A small coffee table made of un-sanded wood rested between the sofa and TV.  Behind the sofa stood a simple wooden table, this one sanded and varnished.  Krahnos guessed the wood was oak.  Around the table sat four chairs made of the same wood.  In front of him was an opening in the wall leading to the kitchen.  He could see a serving counter to right wall of the kitchen, giving view of the TV.  A wall lined both sides of the stairs and he noticed a door just to the right of the stairs, most likely a closet, as the door to the house was on his left.   On the walls hung various pictures of the stallion with other furs, all in full army uniform.  On all of them, he was the largest fur there.  Only he and a few others furs in the picture were common.  The scenery and some of the other furs changed.

The stallion led him to the kitchen and made him sit on a bar stool besides the serving counter.  Taking a first aid kit from a cabinet under the sink, he moved behind him and started working on his bandages.  Krahnos closed his eyes and tried to calm himself down; but, more importantly, he tried to figure out why he was so fascinated by him.  He felt the large strong hands gently pull away at his bandages and he fought the urge to lean back.  What's wrong with me?  He could be a killer and here I am making a pass at him.  The bear must have screwed me up more than I thought.

As he took a third bandage off, he said, “By the way, I’m called Stud.”

Krahnos opened his eyes and looked back.  “What?”

Those deep blue eyes looked in his as he gave a warm smile.  “My name is Stud.” 

Krahnos simply looked at him for a moment, not able to speak.  “Umm… I’m… ummm…”

“Forgot your name?”  The stallion smiled as he started working on the next bandage.

“I’m Krahnos.”

“Nice to meet you Krahnos.”  The dragon closed his eyes again and let himself enjoy the strong sensitive touch of the stallion. “What were you doing in the forest?”

Krahnos sighed to himself as he felt the hands work on his arms.  “Trying to enjoy a good vacation.  I haven’t had one in ages.  My dad and I used to go camping almost every weekend.”

“All done.”  Krahnos turned around and watched Stud put away the bandages in the kit.  “You hungry?”  At the mention of the word food, Krahnos’ stomach grumbled loudly.  He smiled weakly and felt his whole body warm up.   “I’ll take that as a yes.  Bacon and eggs sounds good?”  Krahnos simply nodded in amazement.  Not only did he look amazing and knew first aid, he could cook.  “Feel free to look around.”

Krahnos stood up and looked around the living area.  He decided to take a closer look at the pictures.  Again, Stud was the largest in his troop.  “Your in the army?”

Stud spoke over the sizzling bacon.  “Marines actually, special units.”

This impressed him even more.  Krahnos had a weakness for furs in uniform, and for muscular furs.  Stud was both.  “These others are in your unit too?”

“Yeah.  Though the one to the left is the most recent.”

Krahnos looked at that one, and found another just below it.  Stud was with a much shorter female equine.  His heart sank.  Great he's taken. Still, he had to find out.  “Who’s the female equine in the picture with you?  A girlfriend?”

“No, ex.”

Krahnos took a deep breath as all his dreams vanished.  Why and I feeling like this?  He still could be a killer.  Still, he could not help but feel somewhat disappointed.  Obviously, Stud preferred females, which meant he had to be careful.  Those military types did not like gays much.  The motto, “Don’t ask.  Don’t tell,” rang in his head.  “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.  We never got close.”

Krahnos sighed and decided to simply look out the windows at the forest.  Krahnos enjoyed the scenery in silence as the cabin quickly filled with the aroma of bacon and eggs.

Stud broke the silence.  “Breakfast ready.”  Krahnos took a deep breath and walked back into the kitchen.  Two plates were sitting on the counter.  “Here.  I hope you like it.”  Stone's expression gave no indication that he was worried he would not like it.

Krahnos tasted the eggs and bacon and raised his eyebrows.  “It’s very good.”  Krahnos never tasted eggs like this before.  Stud ears perked up and gave a faint smile and started to eat himself.

After a few more minutes of silence, Stud said, “You told me that you used to go camping with your father.  How come you don’t anymore?”

Krahnos looked at Stud and he stopped eating.  “He passed away three years ago.”  He looked down on his place and picked at his food.

Stud blinked and lowered his eyebrows, his ears dropped and looked into his plate.  “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s okay.  I’m over it, mostly.”  Again, both remained silent.  Stud's expression never changed and Krahnos felt slightly uncomfortable.  Hoping to smooth things again, Krahnos added, “it’s the first time since then that I’ve gone camping.  It’s the fist time by myself.”  He managed to look at Stud again.  No need to anger a killer.  Though his idea that Stud being a killer seemed more and more unlikely.  He doubted a killer would treat him as Stud has.  Still...

Stud looked up a bit still looking serious, but his ears perking up slightly.  “Not a great start is it.”  Krahnos shook his head.  “You like camping by yourself?”

Krahnos took another bite of his food.  “Not really.  I miss the company.  It’s more fun with someone else… with my dad.  He knew how to camp and we always had fun.  It’s not much fun by myself.  And I’m the only one who likes camping.  My friends don’t like it much.”

Stud hesitated for a moment, and finally asked, “how long you planning to camp for?”

“Two weeks, why?”

“Well, I know a fair bit about camping and these woods and I’m on leave for two weeks myself.  If you’d like the company, I can show you the best sites and keep you company.  I haven’t had company or gone camping myself in ages.”  Stud kept eating his breakfast and still looked serious, but Krahnos could see in those eyes that Stud was hopeful.

Krahnos looked at Stud, thinking for a moment.  “Well, do you have any spare gear?  I know the bear wrecked most of my stuff.”

“Well, except for your sleeping bag and tent, the rest of your stuff is okay.  I could lend you a sleeping bag if you don’t mind sharing a tent?”

Krahnos blinked, as he could not believe what he just heard.  He took a deep breath, trying to cool off his body.  He managed to catch himself and close his maw.  “I don’t mind,” was all he could manage.  At least he would enjoy the company of another on his camping trip, if nothing else.  Look at me.  'As if nothing else'.  As if I'm expecting something more.  Still he felt his heart skip a few beats.

“We’ll leave right after breakfast.  Your wounds healed faster than I thought.  From the looks of it, your ready to go camping again.”

“It’s one advantage of being a dragon.”  He felt his face burn up again.

Both ate their food a little bit quicker, anxious to go camping and all thoughts of Stud being a killer left Krahnos' mind.


During the next two weeks, Stud showed him the forest, and some of its more tranquil and beautiful locations.  They spent a few days fishing at various deep blue and placid lakes and spent another few days enjoying various lagoons, fed by a breath-taking waterfall.  On one particular fall, both jumped from the top of the fall and dove into the lagoon.  It was at one of these lagoons that Krahnos saw Stud naked for the first time.  Now he knew why he was called Stud.  Krahnos knew the stallion was huge, but everything about him was huge, including his black, fur covered ball sack and sheath.  From the bulge at the base, the sheath hid something even larger.  He had to control himself more than once so not to stare too much at it.  Though it was harder to do than he thought as both ‘horse-played’ around several times.  He enjoyed this greatly as he was able to touch Stud’s hard and muscular body.  He felt nothing like it before.  Every part he touched, flexed and bulged under his fingers.  It took all his concentration to prevent himself from getting a hard-on, though his tip poked out many times and he had to stay in the water a bit longer until it vanished.

The nights were even better.  He slept more soundly than he did at his apartment.  He guessed it was a combination of the forest air, lack of stress and having someone sleeping nearby.  A few nights, he stayed awake and simply watched the huge stallion sleep.  For such a huge fur, he barely made a sound when he slept or woke.  Every morning Krahnos found Stud awake and with breakfast ready when he woke.  This left him with cleaning up, but he did not mind.  He preferred it to cooking.

Overall, this camping trip finished on a better note than it started.  Now, it was the last night of his vacation and Krahnos felt rejuvenated.  It has been such a long time where he enjoyed a vacation like this.  He never thought it would be possible again since his father died. 

Both sat around the fire pit and full from Stud’s cooking, based on the fish they caught today.  He did not know how Stud did it, but the fish never tasted the same.  He had to admit, Stud was perfect.  He looked amazing, knew how to cook, and above all else, they got along perfectly.  Too bad he enjoyed females.  Stud never gave him more than a passing glace, even when he was naked.  Though it disappointed him, he still had fun.  He made a new great friend who he could now go camping with.

“Penny for your thoughts, Krahnos.”  Stud watched him as Krahnos snapped back to reality.  Krahnos realized the dancing lights from the fire accented Stud's muscular lines on his face, giving him a dangerous look.  Even his eyes took on a darker shade, almost black.  His serious look did not help dilute the dangerous look.  “Oh. Sorry, just thinking.”  The dragon knew full well he had nothing to fear.

“About what?”

Krahnos blushed a bit.  “Oh… just thinking about how much fun I had in the last two weeks, and stuff, with you.  I haven’t had this much fun since my dad died.

Stud smiled, breaking the dangerous look, and he poke the fire, making it blaze brighter.  “Thanks.  I have to admit that I had fun too.  Been living in this forest for years and never took the time to really enjoy it.  I’ve walked around a lot, but this time it was more enjoyable.  Guess it’s the company.”  Stud looked up and gave the dragon a wink.

“Thanks.”  Krahnos smiles back and took a deep breath.  Gawd that stallion looks good.  Both said nothing for a short while as the crickets and frogs sang around them.  “So… what you doing tomorrow?”

Stud shrugged.  “Since my shore leave is over, I’ll be heading back to the base.” 

“What do you do at that base?”

Stud looked up.  “I train.  Keep ready for whatever assignment they need me for.”  Krahnos nodded and was about to say something.  “No, I can’t tell you why.”  Stud interrupted him.  He then smiled, “If I did, I’d have to kill you.” 

Krahnos chuckled but Stud seemed to have a small serious look in him, which made the dragon wonder.  This made the stallion look even more attractive.  There was a dangerous mystery around him.

“What about you?”  Stud now looked at him curiously, which Krahnos found odd.  During the last two weeks, Stud barely asked any personal questions and kept his questions relatively superficial.  “What are you up to this week?”

“Back to work.  Which means, waking, eating, working, eating and sleeping.”  Krahnos chuckled half-heartedly.  “My usual routine.”

Stud nodded.  Krahnos just realized that the stallion looked like he was thinking about something or debating something.  Finally, he spoke.  “Wondering if you’d like to come to my cabin next weekend.”

Krahnos was dumbfounded.  “Ummm… sure ya.  For what?”  He didn’t think that Stud would be interested in just hanging out over a weekend.  The dragon could see them camping again, but a weekend was not enough for camping?

“Hang out, talk and stuff.”  Stud looked back and noticed the dragon’s reaction.  “Why you surprised?”  Krahnos blushes.  “Because you’d think I wouldn’t?”

“Well… ya.”

Stud took on a serious look again, as if he finally came to a conclusion in his internal debate.  The huge stallion stood up and sat closer to the dragon.  Krahnos wondered what Stud was up to.  “Krahnos, I saw how you looked at me during these two weeks.”

Krahnos felt his face burn as he looked at his feet, embarrassed.  He never thought Stud noticed his stares.  He felt his body shake; try as he might to keep it still.  "I... I... I'm sorry."  Krahnos started to worry.  This is the place where he tells me I'm a faggot and beats the shit out of me.  Eyes searched around and found little that could help him at arms reach.

Stud placed a hand on his shoulder and Krahnos winced.  To his great relief, the huge hand remained gentle.  "It's alright."  Krahnos looked up at Stud, who returned a warm smile.  "I admit, I was looking at you when you weren't looking too."  Krahnos gaped in surprise, as he worked his mouth wordlessly.  "Why are you surprised?"

Krahnos managed to get his throat working again.  "Well... didn't think... any fur would... I mean...” Krahnos could not get the right words out.

 "Someone like me?"  Stud worded what Krahnos could not.

"Yeah," the dragon continued, finally finding the proper words.  "Could see me like that, and the picture with your ex..."

Stud interrupted him.  "Well, guess what.  Furs like me can find furs like you quite handsome.  As for my ex, I was lying to her and myself.  This is what I am."  To Krahnos surprise, Stud leaned forward and kissed him.  Krahnos' body burned with fire as he felt the stallion's passion in the kiss.  Krahnos did not dare pull back, as he waited for this moment for over two weeks.  Stud pulled his body closer as Krahnos enjoyed the warmth of the stallion.  Hesitantly, Krahnos wrapped his arm around the muscular body.  Krahnos felt the world around him vanish as he melted into the kiss.  The only thing he felt was himself and the stallion that kissed him.

Slowly, much to Krahnos' disappointment, Stud broke the kiss and pulled away, leaving Krahnos breathing heavily and wanting more.  Stud slowly stood up and removed his dark green military tank top, revealing a very impressive muscular chest.  Krahnos wanted to reach out and touch, but Stud game him a look to only watch and not touch.  Krahnos simply smiled as he enjoyed the strip show.  Stud turned around, showing the dragon his impressive back.  All this teasing and stripping made Krahnos quite excited and felt his underwear slowly become tighter.

Slowly, Stud undid his belt and opened up his pants.  Slowly, he reached back and undid the button above his tail, which whipped about nervously, to the dragon's surprise.  He never saw Stud act so nervously.  Very slowly, he slid his pants down his hips, down his muscular legs, to his ankles.  This made him bend over and showed a very tight and muscular butt.    To much his enjoyment, Stud still wore no underwear.  Krahnos licked his lips as his underwear strained even more.  Slowly, the black stallion turned around as Krahnos' eyes slid down to the waistline and anticipated the prize.  Finally, Stud stood there, showing everything to him, and more!  Krahnos almost chocked as he saw the sheer size of Stud's member fully erect.  Like the rest of him, it has huge and mainly black with only a few patches of pink at the base and tip.  He saw the sheath before and it was massive, but he never dreamed it hid something lat large.  He never saw a stallion naked and aroused before and only heard rumours on how large they were.  He knew that rumours were always exaggerated, but Stud seemed to come close to them.

"Like what you see?"  Stud smiled as he kneeled in front of the sitting dragon, his muzzle a few inches from his.  Krahnos could only nod slowly.  "Good.  Now let me get a good look at you."  With that, he felt the huge hands slide down his chest and under his shirt.  Slowly, Stud pulled the shirt over the dragon's head.  Throwing the shirt aside, Stud ran his fingers down the dragon's smooth body making his skin crawl and his body shiver.  Krahnos' eyes locked into the stallion's, who looked back with a most handsome smile.  The world around him vanished again; the only two beings in his world now were him and the stallion that slowly undressed him.

Stud leaned forward and kissed him again as his hands feverishly worked on his belt.  Krahnos held himself back from removing his pants and underwear himself, his shaft now demanding release immediately.  Stud seemed to sense this and slowed down, occasionally rubbing his hand on his straining member.  Finally undone, Stud removed his jeans and a few seconds later, his underwear.  At the same time, Stud slowly broke the kiss and pulled back a bit.

He ran a thick finger down the dragon's now exposed shaft and smiled.  "You're impressive too."  This made the dragon’s skin burn again.  Slowly, Stud pushed him on his back.  "Now, let me enjoy you even more personally."  With that, Stud licked under his neck.

Krahnos took a deep breath as the tongue sent shivers throughout his body.  Strong hands gently fingered his sided, adding more pleasure to his already pleased being.  The tongue slowly licked won his long neck and briefly stopped at various spots for a gentle nibble.  To Krahnos' great surprise, Stud managed to find all his sensitive spots on his neck, and wondered how he found them so easily.  With a loud moan, Krahnos pushed the thought aside, no longer caring.

Slowly, the tongue and muzzle mate its way down his chest, more specifically, to his right nipple.  Without warning, lips sucked on the nipple, while the tongue licked at it, making the dragon arch his back and moan loudly in pure pleasure.  Strong hands gently caressed his neck and chest, while the muzzle nursed and sucked on his nipple.  When Krahnos thought he could no longer take the pleasure, Stud licked his way across his thick hide and repeated the ministration to the left nipple.  Krahnos gasped and moaned as the waves of pleasure hit his mind.  His hands wrapped around the back of the stallion and held him tightly as he rubbed his shaft onto the belly.  No fur ever pleased him like this before.

After what seemed like hours, the lips and tongue stopped and moved lower on his chest and licked and kissed every muscle on his stomach and finally reached his loins.  Krahnos looked up at his new lover, who gazed as his now exposed shaft and balls.  With a low rumble, Stud dove onto his balls and swallowed them both at the same time.  Krahnos yipped and groaned in extreme pleasure as the lips and tongue pleased his balls.  He moaned and groaned as his hands tried to hold onto something but only found air.  His tail slammed on the ground, making loud thumping noises.  This only seemed to encourage the stallion as he redoubled his efforts and increased the pleasure.  He felt his shaft fill up with his seed already and he grumbled, as he could no longer take it. The dragon wanted release and soon.  Suddenly, Stud stopped cold.

Krahnos blinked and he looked up, panting heavily with his body full of sweat.  "What the...?"

Stud smiled.  "Now comes the good part."

Krahnos looked back, confused.  The good part?  Before Krahnos could voice his question, Stud moved up and straddled his hips.  Slowly, he lowered himself as his tail lifted up.  Krahnos felt his shaft slide between the stallion's rump and his tip touching the hole.  The dragon groaned as his shaft pulsed, as being teased like that and he finally understood.  Without any warning, the stallion impaled himself on his shaft.  Krahnos whined as the tight hole wrapped itself tightly around his throbbing shaft and a pleasing warm and moist sensation formed around it.  Krahnos could not help himself as he arched his back and placed his hands over Stud's massive chest.  Slowly, the warm sensation lowered itself on his shaft until it reached the base.  Stud remained there for a moment while Krahnos recovered form the amazing pleasure.  It was then that the dragon realized his body shook and more sweat covered his body.

Before Krahnos could recover completely, Stud lifted himself up, leaving on the tip of his shaft inside of him.  This sent tidal wave of ecstasy that made him shiver and groan loudly in pleasure.  Krahnos managed to get some control back only to see the stallion's huge member bobbing up and down a foot away from his muzzle, with Stud’s hug hand around it.  Krahnos took hold of Stud's hand and pulled it away as he moved his head and wrapped his lips around the tip.  He heard Stud whiney softly as he lowered himself on his shaft again.  Encouraged, Krahnos sucked the entire shaft, the head going deep in his throat.  By the time he reached the base, he felt Stud's body now shiver and smelled a heavy scent of sweat in his fur.

Krahnos quickly picked up the pace as did Stud.  Both new lovers lost themselves in the lust they felt for each other.  Krahnos felt his shaft fill up more quickly with his seed as he felt globs of pre already escape the tip of his shaft.  At the same time, Stud's own shaft released large globs of pre, which he lapped up expertly.  Krahnos decided to try something he always wanted to do.  He wrapped his forked tongue around the huge member and jerked it as he nursed on it at the same time.  When he released all but the tip, he licked inside the pee slit, feeling the forked part slide in.  He could taste even more pre from inside.  When he swallowed the member to the base, he managed to let his tongue slide out of his muzzle and wrap it around the soft furry balls, and licked and massaged them.  He tasted his lover's wonderful sweat as his nose inhaled the intoxicating musk.  This drove the dragon even wilder and made him redouble his efforts as he nursed on the shaft like a thirsty hatchling.  His trick seemed to have worked as Stud continuously whinnied and panted heavily.  He could see the pink tongue lolled out of the side of his maw as he kept his eyes shut in pleasure.

Krahnos did his best to please Stud, but found it hard to focus as Stud expertly pleased him back.  He tried his best to hold back his climax, as he wanted this amazing feeling to never end.  However, Stud made this close to impossible.  Suddenly, something snapped in him.  All at the same time, his body tensed up, he let out a muffled groan and thrust his shaft deep into the stallion as his shaft erupted.  Explosion after explosion, he unloaded his seed as a tidal wave of pure pleasure flooded in his already oversensitive body.  Krahnos could barely focus on Stud's male hood, making him nurse on it sporadically.  It took all his will to get a steady rhythm again.

The dragon's climax seemed to have set off something inside Stud because he felt the huge horse tense up around his won shaft and thrust his massive shaft deep in the dragon's throat.  Throwing his head back and whinnying loudly, he felt load after massive load of hot and thick seed fill his muzzle and throat.  Krahnos murred in pleasure as a few drops slid down his tongue, giving him a good taste of the sweet, salty and milky juices.  Krahnos looked up at Stud's torso and saw every muscles perfectly tensed and defined.  From his vantage point, Stud seemed twice as large.

Both emptied themselves in one another.  Krahnos groaned and murred while Stud whinnied grunted.  After what seemed like an eternity of pleasure, Krahnos felt his orgasm subside as his body finally relaxed.  Stud slowly followed suit as his hole relaxed its tight hold on his shaft.  After a few more minutes, both lovers panted heavily as their shaft unloaded their last load.

Krahnos slowly removed his muzzle and throat from the now shrinking horse shaft and took a deep breath.  Stud on the other hand let the dragon's shaft naturally pull itself back inside of him.  Krahnos finally realized that Stud's huge hands had swallowed his own and gently held them.  Krahnos moved his eyes slowly up, enjoying the Adonis body that straddled him.  He examined every bulging muscle and followed a few drops of sweat roll down Stud's handsome face, huge neck and arms, and tense torso.  His eyes finally landed on the stallion's eyes, which smiled warmly.

"So, was it good for you as it was for me?"  Stud gave a hearty chuckle.

"You were amazing," was all Krahnos could say, not able to find any other words to express his feeling.

"So were you."  Stud leaned down and kissed him back with passion once more.

Slowly, Stud broke the kiss and laid on his back, pulling the dragon to his side.  Krahnos got the idea as he rested his head on the huge chest and his hands stroked the stomach.  "So, you want to come over to my place next weekend?"

Krahnos looked up and nodded.  With that, Stud gently held the dragon close to him and stroked his back as sleep slowly washed over them.  The crackling fire kept them both warm and cozy in the cool night air.  Before the dragon fell asleep, he took another look at the stallion and made a mental note to thank his boss for allowing him to take this vacation.  Something inside of him told him that his life would never be the same again, and that this stallion would be a big part of it.

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