"Schizophrenia at work."

The Duality of Desire

His eyes flickered open. Despite the darkness, Kort saw a feminine buttock seated on the edge of his bed. As the last moment of sleep escaped him, he had felt the springs of the mattress shift under weight - the reason he was now awake. He wondered who this intruder was - the owner of the immaculately groomed tail partly obscuring a strong thigh. Looking up, his gaze passed over the moonlit curves of two exposed breasts. He recognised the smile on the shapely muzzle and the large sparkling eyes framed by long flowing hair.

“Jita?” he swallowed the dryness in his throat, “What are you doing here?”

“I couldn’t sleep,” she replied softly. “Are you angry I woke you up?” she reached out to run a paw through his head fur.

“No,” Kort kept his eyes glued to hers despite his comprehension of the two bare breasts just inches from his nose.

Resigned, she withdrew her hand with a sigh and placed it on her lap.

“What time is it?” Kort frowned.

“A few minutes past midnight,” Jita replied offhandedly. She smiled into his eyes and glanced down at her chest teasingly, “I know you want to look.”

“Yes I do,” he narrowed his eyes. “Did you come here in the middle of the night, and wake me up just to flirt with me?”

“Yes,” the smile remained on her face.

“Then go away and let me sleep.” Kort turned to face wall, and rested his head on the pillow.

“Let me stay a while,” she pleaded.

Though he didn’t look, he was sure her smile had disappeared. “If you must,” he pulled himself closer to the wall.

“Thank you.”

Kort felt the vixen lay down close to him - her soft breasts pressed under his shoulder blades. He pulled himself right up against the wall on the narrow, single bed. Jita didn’t let up and closed the gap Kort had just created.

“Would you rather I go sleep in your bed?”

She backed off, “Okay, I’ll let you sleep if you answer me one question. Why aren’t you interested in me?”

Kort sighed, “I am, but I’m not your sex toy. I have feelings.”

He felt her paw on his shoulder.

“I just want you to take me. I’m not looking for commitment,” Jita explained.

Kort turned to face her - his back against the wall. “But I am. I want commitment, and I know you have none to offer.”

“But what does it hurt to have a little fun?” she teased.

“You wouldn’t understand,” he lay back down, facing the wall.

“You’re right. I wouldn’t, but couldn’t you do it for me. I want you to.”

It was Kort’s turn to ask the question, “Why?”

“I’m in the mood for a good yiff.”

“But why choose me?”

“I think you’re cute,” Jita giggled.

“Is everything is a joke to you?” he shot over his shoulder.

Her laughter faded, “I didn’t mean... I’m sorry.”

Feeling the sincerity in her voice, Kort faced her. He slid a paw over her furry cheek, “You’re young and beautiful - you could have any male,” he spoke softly. “Why did you come to me? I need to know.”

Jita looked into his eyes, “I can’t quite put my finger on it, but you’re not like the other guys. And you haven’t tried to get into my pants yet.”

“I don’t think I’d fit,” he joked.

Jita smiled, more relaxed than when she teased by trying to look innocent.

Kort sat up cross-legged on the bed, keeping his crotch covered with the bedcover, “Is there something else you want to tell me?”

Jita shook her head as she sat up, the sheet sliding off her shoulder, “But I could use a hug.”

“That I can manage,” he held his arms out to her and she leaped into them.

Jita wrapped her arms around him tightly, pushing her plump breasts into his chest. “Thank you,” she whispered into his ear, “You’re nice. I mean here we are, both naked in bed, and you still haven’t taken advantage of me.”

“I must admit the thought crossed my mind.”

Jita let him go and looked into his eyes with a broad smile, “Really?”

“Yes,” Kort nodded solemnly. “I would have to be crazy not to want you.”

The vixen’s face lit up and she promptly kissed Kort full on the lips.

“Then take me. I want you to.”

“I don’t know...” his expression became grave.

Jita tilted her head, trying to understand, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Well I am,” she spoke sternly, “So I’ll make the first move.” She reached down through the sheet to grab hold of his already hardening penis.

“Maybe you’re right,” Kort managed to blurt out as Jita began stroking it.

Feeling it rise to its full length, she pulled the cover off Kort’s crotch and leaned over to take the moist pink shaft into her mouth. She sucked, sliding her muzzle down to admit its entire length.

“I don’t see how this can be fun for you,” Kort stuttered.

She ignored him and pulled up, evacuating more air. She rubbed the hard tip with her soft tongue bringing Kort rapidly toward orgasm.

Kort felt helpless against her delicious licking. There was no way back, and now he wanted to please her equally in return. He reached out for a breast and rubbed it vigorously. Jita’s breath quickened, she released the shaft from her lips briefly, only to wrap her tongue around it once again. Kort shuddered and leaned over sideways. The vixen too adjusted her position and lay on her side, giving Kort access to her crotch. He eagerly nuzzled her tummy, lapping at the soft pubic fur in earnest. She willingly parted her legs and Kort licked hungrily at the moist folds. Jita gasped, her lips parting from his hard organ. He toyed with Jita, tasting her with the entire length of his tongue.

“Oh, you’re good,” she moaned in encouragement as he pressed his tongue against her clitoris.

Kort lifted his head and shifted on the bed. They kissed passionately, letting the two intimate tastes mingle on their tongues. At the same time, Kort stuffed his hard organ into Jita’s vagina. She parted their kiss with a whimper as Kort began to thrust his shaft into her rhythmically.

“Faster!” she breathed, her breasts shaking with each plunge.

Kort slowed his pumping.

“No, no! Go faster!” she begged.

He sped up several-fold, ramming his abdomen against hers - but Kort soon reverted to his slow, deliberate strokes. Jita squirmed, her breath coming in fits and starts. As Kort felt her muscles tighten around his penis he sped up once more. He felt himself explode inside, his intermittent spurts driven in by his thrusting. He continued to pump till he shook with the last of his strength. Dropping to the bed, he lay down beside Jita - still within her.

She opened her eyes and smiled, still catching her breath, “Thank you.”

“Thank you too,” he kissed her fleetingly.

Together they drifted off to sleep, still bound.


Kort woke up to a feeling of great discomfort. The warmth beside him was gone. Jita had got up from the bed and started for the door. He reached out and gently tugged at her tail - ruffled during their romp.

“Please don’t go.”

Jita turned around, her round eyes penetrating, “I can’t stay.”

“And I won’t let you go.”

She sat down on the edge of the bed, not unlike how she had done when she first came.

“At least let go of my tail.”

“No,” Kort stroked his hand through it.

“Why not?” she folded her arms across her chest.

Kort thought carefully, “Because I’m afraid you won’t come back.”

“I’m the one who came to you, remember?” she frowned slightly.

“And I accepted,” he sighed, sitting up beside her. “But don’t you share what I feel?” he rested his paw on her cheek as gently as possible.

Jita blinked, feeling a wave of electricity emanate from his touch. He softly stroked the fur on her neck. Unable to resist, she succumbed - closing her eyes and tilting her head into his gentle caress. She exhaled through parted lips, on which she felt his moist tongue ever so briefly.

She leaned forward to him, a whispered word barely escaping her lips, “More.”

Kort jerked his hand away, “Exactly.”

Her eyes flew open, startled at the sudden motion. She trembled.

“If you leave now, don’t bother coming back,” Kort lay back down and pulled the thin sheet about him. He closed his eyes and concentrated on his breathing. She didn’t get up, but he could feel her weight shift on the bed.

“So how does it feel to play the part of the slave?” Kort asked calmly.

“Confusing,” Jita spoke quietly.

Kort smiled, his eyes still shut, “I don’t mind playing your games, but I don’t want to chase after you while you run off with every guy that takes your fancy.”

“I see.”

He shifted to make some room, “So what is your decision?”

Jita thought briefly and eased herself onto the bed. With one paw, Kort wrapped the thin cover over them and held the vixen. She took his paw in both of her own and held it close.

Kort nuzzled her shoulder and neck from behind, breathing into her ear, “I’m glad you stayed. Even if it doesn’t work out in the end.”

They listened to each other breathe.

“I’ve never been touched like that before,” Jita finally broke the silence.

“And I’ve never been with a female,” Kort spoke with a smile.

Silence fell again.

“You’re serious?” Jita’s voice wavered.

“Yes,” he replied simply. “You were my first. That’s why I hesitated.”

The vixen spun around on the bed and looked into his eyes, her expression almost apologetic, “I didn’t know.”

He kissed her in reply, “Just as you chose to come to me, I chose you to keep.” Kort rolled onto his back and stared at the ceiling, “I never chased after vixens like the others, even though I too longed to have one to call my own. I’ve waited a long time for you to come.”

Jita lay on top of him, momentarily forcing the air out of his lungs.

Kort grunted, “Careful.”

She put her arms up on his chest and pressed her nose to his. “Looks like we’re in this together,” her eyes smiling more broadly than her lips.

“I knew we could come to some agreement,” Kort chuckled weakly under the weight, shaking the whole bed.

Jita giggled and rested her cheek on his chest. She felt it heave, punctuated by a regular thudding sound, “I can hear your heart beating.”

“Beating for you, my dear.”

“How poetic,” she continued to listen to the beat.

Kort had other things on his mind than poetry. He closed his eyes and recalled how Jita had taken his manhood into her muzzle.

Jita felt the slippery shaft extend, slithering across her belly. “What are you thinking of?” Jita smiled, keeping her ear glued to his chest

“Our first time. My heart never beat that fast before.”

“Was it good?”

“I wouldn’t know,” Kort teased, “I have nothing to make a comparison against.”

“Well then we’ll have to remedy that, won’t we?” With that Jita, began to slide her tummy over the extended shaft, feeling herself moisten in the crotch. “Shouldn’t be difficult with a naked vixen right on top of you.”

“That’s a good start I think,” Kort gripped the bed, forcing himself to remain still.

Jita lifted her legs to spread her crack. She lifted herself up to admit the slippery tip into her. She stopped, feeling just the tip resting on her clitoris. Kort arched his neck to kiss her longingly, leaving them both breathless.

“This feels so good,” Jita slowly slid down, feeling the hard rod slowly penetrate her.

“I wish it would last forever.”

“To bad it all ends with an orgasm.” They both laughed heartily, their bodies shaking against each other.

Kort stopped with a groan, “Well I’m ready to burst.”

“But we haven’t done anything?”

“You excite me just by being here,” Kort was straining to keep still. He arched and erupted into Jita, “I’m sorry. I’ll have to make it up to you.”

“Maybe not,” she reached down and pressed the twitching tip against her most sensitive spot. Holding the rod in place, she rubbed eagerly even after the spurts had subsided. Kort took two breaths then propped himself up with one hand, reaching for a breast with the other. He extended his long tongue and flicked it across a sensitive nipple.

“Oh!” Jita squealed, “That’s it!”

Kort rubbed the erect tip with the length of his soft tongue and the exhaled on it through his nostrils. Jita murred throatily. Maybe all was not lost. Liberating the plump breast, Kort began licking Jita everywhere he could reach - over her chest, across her shoulder and up the neck to her chin. He slid his hand to where she held his penis and began probing around carefully. She released her grip and held still in anticipation.

Kort followed his shaft to its tip, feeling the a lump it rested against, “This?”

“Yes,” Jita hissed as Kort rubbed the clitoris equally with his fingers as with his slippery penis.

Jita fondled a breast with the freed hand, her moist fingers slipping on the nipple. Kort reached it with his tongue, another moan escaping from Jita’s mouth.

“Damn, I wish I had more paws,” he fervently licked again.

The vixen giggled and resumed breathing heavily. Kort withdrew his hand from the vagina and cradled Jita down onto the bed to get into a better position. As she lay on her back he restrained her hands with his and began to thrust his still firm penis into her.

She struggled while he held her down. He leaned down and slurped at each nipple, the catalyst that finally set her off. Jita arched her back and exhaled sharply. As he felt her muscles tighten, he slowed his pace - pushing in fully and withdrawing almost completely. When Jita finally relaxed, Kort sped up again. He watched the vixen breathe steadily as her breasts shook with his each thrust. Kort continued, feeling the urgency mount once more. He was already tired but wanted to feel the rush of orgasm one more time. He sped up in earnest, suddenly feeling a tightening in his loins. With a grateful grunt Kort peaked once more, shaking like a leaf from the exertion. He felt his sex organ tighten, spilling more ejaculate. Suddenly Jita moaned softly, encouraging him to continue. With clenched teeth Kort drove into her erratically, urged on by her quickening breath. Jita met his strokes as best as she could, her tummy tensing and relaxing. She yipped quietly, shuddering with her own second orgasm.

Entirely spent, Kort fell on top of her, panting heavily in her ear. “I’m so glad you came.”