"Imagination can result in some crazy things... Like this..."

Curiosity Yiffed the Cat

Kaelin couldn’t take his eyes off the beautiful vixen. She was perfect in every way. Large brown eyes twinkled beneath locks of long flowing hair, which gently brushed against cream coloured cheek fur. Her shapely muzzle was tipped with a shiny black nose of just the right size. His eyes unwillingly travelled down to the neckline of the short blue top she wore, where the fluffy cleavage exhibited but a hint of two exquisite breasts beneath. His gaze quickly dropped past her navel and lingered on the matching blue skirt, its folds swaying with each step she took. He watched her powerful legs pace forth, finally letting his eyes drop to where her feet softly touched the carpet. Remembering himself, he shot his gaze back to her smiling eyes, and swallowed.

Shaya took the last few steps toward the couch and sat down beside - close enough for him to feel her thighs brush against his. Kaelin nearly jumped. Unsure of how to interpret the vixen’s gesture, his muscles tensed and he edged his legs away a bit. She smiled in reply, “I won’t bite.” She rested a paw comfortingly on the feline’s shoulder but made no move toward him. He felt she had no ill intent, but was tense nevertheless. He closed his eyes momentarily and took a deep breath. Kaelin noted to his surprise that he wasn’t shaking. He guessed the vixen’s hand had a soothing effect on him. Shaya sensed his calm and gently lay her head on his shoulder. He now felt somewhat uncomfortable - so rigid, with his hands clasped in his lap and knees tightly together. With a conscious effort he relaxed his legs. Shaya lifted her chin briefly - supposedly to adjust her hair. In either case it allowed Kaelin to place one arm on the back of the couch and reach across to her shoulder.

She kissed Kaelin just behind the whiskers and pressed her cheek against his neck, “Thank you.”

He honestly didn’t understand. He would never understand - he thought. That’s why he was sure he had passed up so many chances. Yet something had changed inside him, and he didn’t want to think about the past anymore. “I could sit like this forever,” he finally uttered.

“Mmm,” he felt her voice on his body. Shaya closed her eyes and relaxed, slipping her paw off his shoulder, down his chest and onto his abdomen.

The feline’s chest heaved. He stared wildly at the vixen’s shut eyes, her paw, and back again. He just wanted to be there for her, but the stirring in his loins betrayed his thoughts. He saw her eyes open slowly - at first staring into nothingness, then focusing on the growing bulge beneath his shorts. Kaelin had no doubt that she heard his heart race, as he watched her eyes fixed on the stretching fabric. Shaya muffled a giggle and lifted her chin to look right up at Kaelin. He was mesmerised by her eyes, and did not at first realise she began to stroke her paw across his tummy. He became perfectly still, aside from the occasional involuntary twitch in his shorts. Shaya brought her knees up onto the couch and closed her eyes again. Murring softly, she wrapped both arms tightly around Kaelin, and buried her cheek in his chest fur.

All Kaelin could do was blink. He sat there, fighting with his thoughts. Positively the most attractive vixen he had ever seen was right there - clutching to him - and there he was, contemplating whether to take her or to bolt. Kaelin felt as though no amount of reasoning could ever resolve the question at hand. Thus he decided to tackle the problem the way he usually did. He spoke his mind, “You’re so beautiful, that...” his voice faltered, “That I can’t decide whether to hold you, or to run from you.” Experience had taught him that whenever he spoke, it never came out quite the way he thought it would.

Shaya released her grip on the feline, and leaned on him to sit up with her legs curled beside her. She propped her paws on his chest and looked right into his eyes, “I can’t decide for you, but I know which I would prefer.” She tilted her head and planted a soft kiss on his lips. He didn’t budge.

“You are a strange kitty aren’t you?” she smiled. “It’s as if you’ve never...” she let it hang feeling Kaelin stare at her silently. It was Shaya’s turn to falter, “I’m sorry. I didn’t...”

Kaelin smiled and hushed her, placing a gentle paw on her lips. He leaned forward and lightly tasted the vixen’s muzzle. Their lips met briefly. Kaelin hesitantly withdrew his tongue as Shaya smiled gratefully. He put his paws on the vixen’s hips to pull her closer. Shaya carefully shifted to sit across his lap and kissed Kaelin on the cheek. With his hands clasped loosely around the vixen, she threw her arms around his neck and rested her cheek on his shoulder again.

“You know,” Shaya lifted her nose to whisper in his ear, “You can do more than just hold me.”

“I’m working on it,” Kaelin felt a hot rush, “Just give me some time.”

He let one hand rise to her muzzle and slip between her cheek-fur and hair. Shaya closed her eyes and leaned her cheek into his caress - parting her lips in a smile. Stroking the back of her neck, Kaelin kissed her again - his short rough tongue meeting the tip of her long soft one. He gently probed and explored - noting the pointy canines that constantly got in the way. Retracting his tongue he leaned back to admire the lovely vixen. However he had little time to take his fill of the wonderful sight as Shaya hugged him tightly, placing her chin on his shoulder.

Though a little disappointed at first, he looked down her back for new areas to explore. He placed a paw at the base of her spine, just above the skirt she was wearing. Then he let his fingers glide through her fur, scratching softly. Shaya exhaled audibly as she arched her back and lifted her chin. This gave Kaelin the opportunity to nuzzle her neck - the fragrance of Shaya’s head-fur filling his nostrils. She giggled and pulled away from him to straddle his lap. With a wide grin on her snout, she shifted Kaelin’s hands down to her hips and sat back. He complied - entirely unprepared for what she was about to do. In a single fluid motion, Shaya crossed her arms, gripped the bottom of her blue top, and tugged it right off. Kaelin never noticed the scattered fur as the fabric went over her head with an audible crackle of static. Nor did he realise his jaw had dropped at the sight of the two perfect breasts - still shaking from their recent agitation.

He came to his senses when Shaya gently shut his mouth with her paw. He looked into her eyes - stunned. She smiled and slanted her head, letting her hair fall to one side. With her elbows up and paws behind her neck, Shaya abruptly shook her chest from side to side - setting her bust in motion again. Before he could control himself, Kaelin’s eyes quickly darted downward. After a brief moment, he blinked and looked back up to Shaya apologetically, “Sorry...”

Shaya just laughed, ruffling his head-fur, “Big dumb male.”

Kaelin grinned impishly. This wasn’t the time for trivial arguments. He looked into Shaya’s eyes expectantly, unsure of her next move. The vixen returned the gaze and took his wrists in her hands. She placed his open paws on her breasts and pushed them upward, ruffling fur. Releasing her grip, she leaned gently into his clutches.

“I like that,” she encouraged, playfully lifting her hair with her paws.

Kaelin twisted his paws, watching the soft fur spill out between his fingers. Shaya moaned quietly, but somehow Kaelin wasn’t entirely convinced his hands were the cause. He rubbed the breasts methodically, following their contours with his fingers. Up and down at first, and then in circular motions. Then he tightened his grip and waited for the vixen’s reaction - a sigh of approval. He relaxed his grasp and playfully fondled the breasts, barely touching the soft fur with his palms. He slid his paws outward to reveal the previously covered nipples. Lightly cupping the outside of either breast, the feline found the two tips with his thumbs. At that moment Shaya whimpered and he felt her tighten up. Instinctively he lifted his thumbs off the sensitive nipples. Shaya said nothing, but her breath quickened noticeably. Kaelin lightly brushed his thumbs across the nipple tips again. He earnestly watched the breasts shake as Shaya shuddered. Despite being a little breathless, she kissed Kaelin full on the lips, “Don’t stop.”

He rested his thumbs beside the nipples, and began brushing aside the soft surrounding fur with round strokes. Shaya breathed heavily and tightened her grip on Kaelin’s shoulders. After a few strokes he paused, feeling Shaya relax a bit. He then brought together his thumb and forefinger and gently squeezed the small lump. Shaya tensed up momentarily. He began to carefully twirl the nipple in each direction, hoping not to cause the vixen any pain. Kaelin suddenly felt her straddled legs tighten around his, adding to his own arousal. He moistened his lips, and leaned forward to close them loosely around the other nipple. The vixen’s yelp startled Kaelin, sending a shiver though him. With the nipple still in his mouth, he tenderly sucked and tugged at it.

Shaya ran her open paws through Kaelin’s hair and casually pulled his head away from her breast. Kaelin didn’t resist - eager to satisfy the vixen’s desires and more than a little interested in what she intended to do with him next. Shaya shifted her weight to sit on one side and held his head as she kissed him deeply. Kaelin closed his eyes, enjoying the attention he was getting in return. Meanwhile the vixen’s paw reached Kaelin’s abdomen and slid down into his shorts. Shaya lifted her eyelids enough to see the feline’s eyes shoot open and his pupils narrow to slits. He mumbled something but Shaya held his head in place. She reached deeper, finding a testicle to toy with. Kaelin became completely rigid, now gripping the edge of the couch with both hands. Shaya withdrew her hand and released Kaelin from the kiss.

She smiled reassuringly, “Trust me,” then slid off the couch and knelt on the floor. She gripped the waistband of the shorts and tugged at them. Kaelin lifted himself up so Shaya could remove them easily. She pulled the shorts to his knees revealing the fully erect penis. The moist pink rod had completely revealed itself from the furry sheath. Shaya pulled the shorts past the ankles then flung them backward recklessly. She parted Kaelin’s knees and looked intently at the furred scrotum. Sliding her muzzle into the feline’s crotch, she extended her long tongue to tickle the base of the sac. Kaelin felt a wave of electricity pulse through him, but he did not move. She played with the tight furry pouch, pressing the testicles inward with her tongue. Mouthing the scrotum, she sucked on it cautiously. Kaelin winced, despite the pleasure he gained from the treatment. Shaya retreated to sit back up on the couch, and kiss Kaelin passionately. He relaxed a bit - but not for long. She bowed down and promptly licked the tip of the erect penis. Kaelin tensed up again, “I wouldn’t do that...”

“Oh?” she licked the moist pink rod teasingly, “Why not?”

Kaelin groaned, struggling to keep himself from erupting. “I can’t hold on,” he blurted.

“That’s my problem,” Shaya replied and with that she closed her eyes and wrapped her mouth around the tip of the penis. She slowly moved down to swallow the entire stiff organ, evacuating the air from her mouth. She felt her nose touch the fuzzy scrotum, and then began to move her tongue around, rubbing it firmly against the hard surface. Kaelin could no longer be held responsible for his impulses. He squealed just before releasing his first eruption, giving Shaya sufficient warning to pull back a ways. She felt Kaelin shudder as the organ locked and spurt forth the warm, sticky substance. She received the outburst on the tip of her tongue, eagerly rubbing the opening on the shaft to receive more. The penis retreated for a split second then resumed its pulsations, becoming taut with each squirt. Shaya found herself smiling as she lapped up the nearly tasteless liquid. As the thrusts weakened, she steadied the shaft at its base and continued to lick the tip of the penis. She was rewarded by an audible moan escaping Kaelin’s lips. He tightened and felt the shuddering return, spreading over his body from the throbbing organ. Shaya sat up and looked at the spent feline’s face. He smiled weakly at the vixen, still licking her muzzle clean. He leaned closer to her and kissed her on the lips, tasting his own ejaculate on the sweet vixen, “Thank you.”

Shaya smiled, “Get some rest. I’m not done with you yet.”

Kaelin laughed weakly, “I’m looking forward to it.”

The vixen turned herself around on the couch and lay along its length, with her head on the feline’s stomach, “You weren’t too bad yourself.”

Kaelin looked down at the vixen - her plump breasts now flatter against her chest but still just as exquisite. “I was inspired by someone,” he grinned.

She smiled back, reaching out a paw to touch his cheek. “Did I mention you’re cute?”

“On a few occasions.”

Shaya folded her arms, covering her breasts, “And you still don’t believe me?”

“Now?” he mocked, “Now, I have to.”

“You are strange.”

“Yeah. You said that too.”

“You don’t like me repeating myself?”

Kaelin raised an eyebrow, “If it’s always this good, you can repeat yourself any time you like.”

“Are you going to stay?” her voice became serious.

His face went grim as he thought carefully.

“What are you afraid of?” Shaya asked carefully, trying not to aggravate him.

Kaelin remained silent for a while longer. “Maybe the question is, what was I afraid of.” He thought some more, “Maybe I was afraid of me.”

“You’ve lost me,” Shaya frowned slightly.

“On the contrary,” Kaelin smiled, “I’ve found you.”

He brushed a few stray hairs from the vixen’s face while his other paw landed on her stomach. He tenderly massaged around Shaya’s navel as her tummy rose and fell. Her frown disappeared and she shut her eyes with a sigh. Kaelin slid his paw under the skirt Shaya wore, and into her panties. He felt Shaya’s stomach recede a little as his fur was forced against the waistband.

“Again?” She murmured with a smile.

“Just trying to find something,” Kaelin cupped the vixen’s crotch and stroked it gently.

“Okay,” Shaya giggled, “I’ll let you know when you do.”

Kaelin probed the delicate pubic fur with his middle finger. Finding a depression in the fluff, he curled it inward till it met with moist skin.

Shaya opened her eyes and noticed the feline’s rising penis, “You’re getting warm.”

Kaelin pretended to mop his brow with his free hand, “Yeah, now that you mention it.”

He ran his finger along the length of the slit, teasing it open with his first and third fingers. Slowly, he inserted the tip of his middle finger. Shaya parted her legs and shivered, but the smile on her face remained. She bit her lower lip as Kaelin probed deeper into the soft, moist opening. He honestly had little idea where to look. He was prepared to do a thorough search, if Shaya didn’t guide him. She gasped, lifting her arms off her chest to grip the couch on either side of her.

“That’s it,” she breathed, arching her back.

Shaya relaxed a bit as he circled the spot with his finger. The now revealed breasts caught Kaelin’s attention. He reached out with his free hand and brushed it lightly across a nipple. The vixen shuddered and forced her hands under her buttocks. Kaelin stopped rubbing the sensitive clitoris and withdrew his finger. With the first finger of the other hand, he began drawing an inward spiral on Shaya’s breast. Just before he reached the nipple, he spiralled his finger back outwards and around to encircle the other breast. Again he stopped short, but this time he tickled the tip with the fur on his wrist. At the same time he reinserted his middle finger, rubbing Shaya’s clitoris with its full length. She sighed and turned her head sideways. Kaelin extracted his finger gradually, increasing the pressure on the sensitive lump. Reluctantly, he pulled his paw from Shaya’s panties, feeling the soft pubic fur escape his touch. The feline licked his moist finger, curious of how the vixen tasted.

Shaya pulled herself up into a sitting position and stood up on the couch. Standing astride with her paws on her hips, she gazed down at the feline’s face. Kaelin looked up past the outline of Shaya’s breasts, at her serious expression. He nuzzled her navel vigorously and licked her tummy against the grain, making her giggle uncontrollably. He rested his chin on her twitching abdomen and waited for the laughter to subside. Shaya fell silent and made a move to undo her skirt but Kaelin quickly put a paw on hers. She understood and let her hands drop by her sides. Still leaning against her stomach, he worked his paws up the outside of her legs and up to her buttocks. He took hold of her panties and pulled them down to her ankles. She wriggled and stepped out of them willingly. Kaelin tossed the underwear away and began to caress the inside of the Shaya’s calves. He rubbed softly behind the knees, then reached her inner thighs, massaging dangerously close to her soft folds.

He paused to ceremoniously lift her skirt and press his nose against her now moist slit. She saw the black feline ears protruding from beneath her skirt as she giggled at his tickling whiskers. Kaelin exhaled deeply through his nostrils into the opening. The vixen gasped involuntarily and leant forward, propping herself up on the back of the couch. Kaelin continued his assault with a series of short nuzzles - in an attempt to widen the crack surrounded by tender fur that tickled his nose. He snorted into the narrow opening and licked deeply, being careful of his sharp tongue. The vixen yelped and buckled at the knees. The feline’s arms tensed against the weight of the limp vixen. He found the clitoris with the soft tip of his tongue and stimulated it with a few short strokes. Shaya leaned on her arms, breathing heavily. She lowered her head - her flowing hair cascading over her shoulders and down to meet Kaelin’s ear tips, causing him to flick them. He gradually extended his rough tongue, pressing as hard as he could against the sensitive lump. The vixen’s body shuddered spasmodically and slumped.

Kaelin moved toward the edge of the couch and helped Shaya slide down. She reached down with one hand and guided the feline’s erect penis in between her soft folds. Kaelin inhaled sharply at the touch of the vixen’s paw. She exhaled a long moan as the erect rod easily slipped past the opening and deep into her. Feeling the unfamiliar pressure on his loin, the feline grunted. Shaya clutched his shoulders, resting her head on his chest to regain her breath. Kaelin decided he enjoyed having his penis inside the warm pocket. He stirred slightly, wanting to settle the vixen’s full weight on his lap comfortably, yet she found the strength to pull herself up. His buttocks tensed as he tried to thrust his hips up to stop his shaft slipping out. Shaya laughed weakly and began methodically riding the hard penis. Kaelin froze and moaned at the subtle changes in tension. He felt Shaya’s ample breasts roll over his chest as she shifted her weight from her knees to the balls of her feet and spread her legs maximally. Kaelin felt the opening change shape - accompanied by a rapidly growing sense of urgency. He started swaying back and forth, thrusting out his pelvis in time to meet with the vixen’s sweet pumping. Kaelin placed his paws on the swaying hips of the vixen to better feel her steady, round strokes.

The now tiring vixen shortened her thrusts and threw her arms tightly around Kaelin’s neck, breathing into his ear. He slid closer to the edge of the couch to get better leverage from his legs. Feeling the shift she clutched him tighter still, clamping her legs around his back. She quivered slightly, her muscles tensing and relaxing periodically. Kaelin mustered the last of his strength and with a muffled roar, heaved himself and Shaya up on his feet. He stumbled the few steps up to the wall, and pressed her hard against it. The vixen yelped as he jerked up from bent knees, forcing her full weight down on him. She trembled in an attempt to scramble back up. Kaelin withdrew slightly and thrust forward with all his strength, ramming his penis in as deep as his physique would allow it.

Shaya still held on when he dropped to his knees, spent. Kaelin held his breath, feeling himself explode inside her. Shaya moaned quietly into his ear with each breath, her breasts forcing themselves onto his chest. They sat perfectly still, both feeling the powerful twitch of the feline’s organ. Suddenly, Shaya yelped, her muscles tensing up. Kaelin smiled as he felt her tightening around him between the dying bursts of his own organ. The vixen finally squeezed the last drop out of him and he kissed her trembling lips, “Now I believe you.”