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††††††††††† Arlo was walking through the woods like he did every day.But today was different.Today the young fox would begin his training for the World Martial Arts Tournament three years from now...




The Beginning


Written By: Matt Prower




Arlo had been trained in the martial arts since he was a kit, his skill was unmatched by anyone in his class.Once when he was seven years old, he defeated an opponent nearly three times his age, and almost ten times his size.He continued training vigorously through high school, honing his skills to seemed perfection, the year after he graduated, was the World Martial Arts Tournament, held only every four years.He had decided to enter and test his skills against the best fighters in the world.It took all his skill to defeat his first opponent, only to be blown away be his second.Taken aback by his catastrophic loss, Arlo was determined to train himself harder, longer and more vigorously than ever before.Now he was traveling to a sacred training ground deep in the wilderness.He was told of it when he was still a kit.He was told that a great martial arts master lived there and would train anyone who could prove themselves worthy by completing three tests of his choosing.Keeping this in mind, Arlo pressed on until he came upon a clearing.


††††††††††† Th was roughly 50 meters square and in the center laid a white ring of about 2 meters.He knew in his heart that this was the place he was searching for.Off to the corner, laid a cozy looking cottage set a few meters into the woods.He figured this was there the master lived and silently approached the cottage and climbed the stepped onto the porch.Just as was about to knock on the door, it flew open, knocking him flat on his tail.An old wolf came flying of the doorway yelling, "I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU PEOPLE TO GO AWAY!I..." he paused as he saw Arlo lying on the ground, "oh, itís you.I thought you were a salesman." he smiled, "Sorry about that."

††††††††††† "No harm done." Arlo replied.

††††††††††† "Okay.Now how did that go?" he paused in thought, "Ah yes." he cleared his throat and assumed a deep, booming voice, "I am the great Master Hama, teacher of the martial arts.Why have you disturbed me?"

††††††††††† "I have come to seek your training and guidance, sir."

††††††††††† "Very well.You must complete three tests to prove your worth before I will train you.Follow me."

††††††††††† "As you wish." Arlo bowed and followed the old wolf into the cottage.


To Be Continued