Jonas was sitting in the bar like he did every Friday after work. He sat there drinking his beer, thinking about his girlfriend. Two weeks ago, they were the perfect couple, ideal in every way, but that had all changed when he found out that she was seeing a young wolf behind his back. Depressed, he sat, and took another sip of his beer, hardly noticing the beautiful vixen that had sat down next to him. He glanced at her and nearly fell off his stool. About five foot seven, she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Her eyes were a deep aqua blue, and her orange fur glimmered like gold in the dim light. She noticed his gaze and said to him rather shyly, "Are you gonna sit there all night, or are you gonna introduce yourself?"

Embarrassed and caught off guard, Jonas replied, "Uhh... Hi." was about all he could say.

"I take it you like what you see..." She said shyly.

Confused for a second, Jonas looked down and noticed the tent that had formed in his jeans. "Uhh... Err... Uhh..." Was all he managed to stammer out.

"Maybe you'd like... a closer look?" she said enticingly, getting up from the stool, putting her muzzle within inches of touching his. She reached up and latched her hand onto Jonas' collar and gave a light tug, silently telling him to follow her. She led him out of the bar and across the street to a large building that looked like an apartment house. They went inside only to be greeted by a large flight of stairs, which she promptly led him up. They eventually came to a door the vixen pulled out a keycard and put it in the slot, unlocking the door and allowing her to lead Jonas inside. Once inside what was apparently the vixen's apartment, she locked the door behind her and promptly led Jonas into her bedroom. Her bed was queen-size, a bit overkill for her, Jonas thought. She released her grip on his collar and walked over to her bed, her tail swishing behind her.

"You wanted a closer look," she said enticingly, unbuttoning her blouse and bra, "Here it is." She said, removing her bra, her furred breasts bouncing with her every movement. Her hands moved down her body to her pants, which she slowly undid, letting them fall off her hips to the floor. Jonas was almost drooling. She stood there wearing only her thong, tied on both sides, which she slowly undid, letting it fall gently to the floor. She stood there nude, her sex hidden by a tuft of blonde hair. Jonas' jaw nearly hit the floor; he was drooling by now. "Your turn." The vixen said, catching Jonas off guard. Confused for a moment, he realized what she meant, and promptly undressed, although considerably less gracefully than the vixen had. He stood in her room nude, his black nine-inch cock glistening and throbbing in anticipation. The warm air felt good on his body, and he suddenly felt much more relaxed with what he was doing. The vixen laid back on her bed, spreading her legs and inviting Jonas in. He crawled up onto her bed and brought his muzzle even with her opening. His tongue lashed out, sampling her juices, and eliciting a soft moan from the vixen. Again it lashed out, along with another moan. He continued tonguing her for quite a while, letting his tongue slip inside her, and getting a louder moan from the vixen. Soon the warmth left her sex, only to be replaced by a familiar pressure on her opening. She felt a muzzle come near hers and opened her mouth, allowing Jonas to lock their muzzles together in a passionate kiss, just as Jonas buried himself deep inside the vixen. They stayed joined together like that for quite some time, than Jonas began a slow steady pace thrusting in and out of the vixen, eliciting a deep throated moan from the vixen. Soon he felt an all too familiar feeling building, his climax approaching. Suddenly the vixen let lose a screech as her climax washed over her, her passage spasming over Jonas' cock, pushing him over the edge. With one final thrust Jonas tied with the vixen, letting loose a flood of his seed deep within her. Soon they collapsed out of sheer pleasure. Eventually, Jonas slid out of the vixen along with a flow of their combined juices.

"By the way," Jonas said, "What's your name?"

The End


By Matt Prower


All characters ©2002-2005 Matt Prower