Hi, I'm Dave Fox, right now I'm in my second year of college.  My roommate’s Jonas Wolfbane, which is really weird 'cause he's a red fox, like me...  We've got an apartment off campus and we share a bedroom to save money.  Anyhow, sharing an apartment and a bedroom, we had done a lot of stuff together, but there was one thing we hadn’t done yet...

     So anyway, one night I was lying in bed, fondling myself and watching some porn in my head...  (That's something I don't usually forget!)  Regardless, I'm lying there playing with myself when Jonas walked in.  He looked at me and noticed my cock, hard, black as pitch and the eight inches seemed to be too much for my paw to hold.

     "Hey Da--"

     "Hey Jo--"

     We cut each other off in a rather awkward moment.

     "So I was thinking, umm...” I managed to say kind of awkwardly.

     "Lemme guess," Jonas said, "You wanna fuck me."

Surprised, as though he read my mind, I managed to nod.  "Sure, no problem," he replied.

     So I got up on my knees and was waiting for him to get up on the bed.  "One condition though."  He said, as he got on the bed, "Yeah," I replied, "When you're done, I get to fuck you."  By this point, he was up on his paws and knees, his tail held high in the air, ready and waiting.  So there I was weighing things out, than I figured, ‘What the hell...'

     I crawled forward on my knees until could place the tip of my cock at his entrance.  I pushed forward a little bit, letting just the tip of my prick enter him.  I let it sit like that for a minute, than, slowly, I pushed forward, allowing more and more of myself to enter him, until his ass was nicely seated in my lap.  We stayed together like that for a minute or so, before I started a slow and steady rhythm.  In and out of his ass my cock went, me quickening the pace until I got a good speed going.  After a few minutes, I felt an all too familiar feeling build up inside me.  I thrust faster and faster, pounding hard into his ass, until, finally with one last thrust, I shoved my cock deep into his ass, letting loose a flood of my cum, filling his ass with my juices.  After that, I must have collapsed out of sheer pleasure, because the next thing I remember was me lying on my belly, Jonas kneeling behind me, His cock, fully erect, a healthy pink color and almost seven inches in length.  That was when he said two words that I'll never forget, "Your turn."

     So there I was, Jonas kneeling above me, his cock already hard, waiting for me to get ready.  I got up on my paws and knees and held my tail up high, exposing my hole to him.  I could feel him shifting behind me and placing just the tip of his cock inside me, just like I had done.  After a minute or so, he started to push his cock deeper and deeper into me until all seven inches of his member were firmly planted in my ass.  We stayed together like that for a few minutes, than he began a slow and steady pace that started to get me going again.  He reached around and grabbed my already growing dick.  When I was fully erect, he started to jack me while he was still inside my ass.  After a few minutes of this, I felt the same feeling start to build up, his movements becoming more erratic until he slammed himself into me letting loose a flood of his own cum.  I could feel it up my ass, that sent me over the edge, and I let my load go with a groan, my cum getting all over the sheets of my bed.  The next thing I remember was waking up the next morning, my ass sore, and going to get my girlfriend and some coffee.  We still do some stuff together, but that was the first, but not the last time we did that.


The End


"Fun In College"

By Matt Prower

All Characters (C) 2002-2005