This is the series im slowly working on starting with NightTracker’s history, her life beginning from puppyhood, her hardships with her siblings, surviving pack life and living through disaster after disaster, can she along with her siblings, live through the turmoil of a hunted pack of wolves? If interested, read on!

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Paw-Prints in Time

Chap. 1: Harsh Reality



"No fair sis!"

"You big babies, take it like grownups!"

"We ARE babies!"

"Well you don’t have to ACT like it Yatos.." Sneered the ebony pup towards the smaller male.

Groaning, the two males gained their footing, standing with a firm, irritated twitch of their ears and tails.

"Your nothin but a bully Tracker."

"Yeah, a big..big bully."

"Oooooooh, thats a good come back there Letakka." Snarled NightTracker, standing proudly before two of her brothers, ears pressed forwards atop her massive head, tail at a firm, ‘alpha’ stance.

"Wanna go again then?" Threatened Letakka.

"I beat you both with no energy what so ever, and you wanna go again? Pathetic, just admit it, your weaker than me." Tracker grinned afterwards, chest expanding proudly and protruding outwards in a show of high athority, she was the alpha among the puppies, although her siblings never liked to admit it.

"When I get bigger NightTracker, when I get bigger…"

"Oooooh, im scared, really scared.."

"Aight, that’s it!"

Lunging forwards, NightTracker swirved as Letakka flew into nothing, landing muzzle first into the dirt. Puppish snarls echo forth as the burly grey puppy again stood, spitting and growling, such a pathetic imitating sound coming from puppies as young as 6 weeks old.

"Letakka, Letakka stop! She can really hurt you!"

"Stay outa this Jika!" Snarled the grey.

"Oh common then Letakka, im getting old!" Sharp femenine voice from the ebony puppy.

"Alright then!"


Stopping, skidding to a stop, Letakka hit the ground hard, tail tucked firmly between thin legs, ears fall into a hard pin as paws emidiately stiffin and he rolls onto his stomach. NightTracker also yeilds, rolling onto her side, but never submitting fully, tail wags for forgiveness, ears flicker forth whilst icy eyes flash and sparkle, whimpering softly, soft sound erupting from a small puppish throat, shining ebony fur stands out beautifully as she lays against the filthy earth beneath. Muscles tighten as the booming footsteps of her father, the alpha male counters, twists, and furls forth. Eyes close, and blinks rapidly as if dust has been thrown into them, whimpers still burst through young throat, as the big burly black wolf lumbers forth, muscles coil and contract, showing underneath a thick, wonderful coat of black. The alpha male was in his prime, and an unusualy big for his breed. Large head raises forth as tail wags highly, flagging about, showing his proud dominance.

NightTracker continues to whine, as that massive forhead lowers and pushes that smaller ebon muzzle hard into the ground, sharp whines are heard as he suddenly releases, and NightTracker rises, nipping and licking her father’s blunt scarred muzzle. Forgiveness excepted. Glancing towards her brother, and as her father began to slowly make his way over, NightTracker’s ears continued to pin flat against her skull, she knew Letakka would recieve harsher punishment, that’s the way the pack was run. She didn’t wish to see her brother slashed, so she hurried over to find her mother and sister.

"Baby?" A soft, lovable voice as the muddy brown female made her way into full view from the den, taking NightTracker’s loving effection towards her like any mother would.

"He’s gonna get it mom."

"Which one?"


"Its alright duaghter, he will grow up strong, here, come." Taking NightTracker’s scruff, she pushed her into her chest, lowering her body to lie down and cover the young female puppy with her muzzle as a sharp whine was heard no more than 20 feet away. Tail tucks, as NightTracker knows what has just happened, she had only been slashed once, and that was for interupting a conversation with her father and an elder, and would carry the scar for life…

It wasn’t to bad, it only bled for a few momments before healing over, it was punishment, he never meant anything cruel by it, atleast, not that NightTracker new of, and Sikut didn’t seem to bother much about it.

"Im gonna find Letakka." Moving away from the carressing muzzle of her mother, Tracker moved about only to find Kita with a mouse held firmly onto the ground by one of her front paws.

"What in the world…why do you find it wonderful to torture things?"

"Not everything, just things smaller than me." Laughed Kita. Sighing, NightTracker walked up to the earth brown female and nudged her shoulder hard, showing she held a higher rank and to let the mouse go. As she was shoved, Kita lost her hold and the furry rodent surried away in one hell of a rush.

"Eh! Tracker, that was my lunch ya know."

"I don’t care right now, ya seen Letakka?"

"Why should I care about him?"

"If you wanna continue to live to be seven weeks, you’ll tell me Kita…" Snarled the older puppy, being the oldest of the group did have its advantages, hackles rise as tail lashes about, thin whip like apendage.

"Oh, you and your show of dominance, it wont work, stuff it, if ya wanna know so bad, hes hiding."

"Hiding WHERE Kita…"

"Behind the brush there." Kita pointed with a paw and a sharp snarl was heard from the small group of shrubs.

"Thanks." Huffed the black pup.

"No problem…sis." Hissed Kita, sitting just as proudly as NightTracker stalked off towards the brush, her own hackles risin to full hight. The same color as her mother, Kita was a bit different, she had a black face, black legs, and top half of her tail that ended into a black dip. Icy blue eyes flash as she continues to watch the ebony female…a coldness running through the female pup’s heart and soul…

"Letakka, how bad did you get it this time?"

"Leave me alone, you’re the cause of this."

"Heh now…you started it, I merely defended myself, you are the one who let it get out of hand…"

"Did not…"

"Don’t argue with me Letakka, answer me, please?"

"Left side, near the base of my ear, its stopped bleeding, but it hurts, he snipped off a small bit of the base."

"Clipped your ear? Hes never done that before…"

"We are getting older, that’s why he is getting toupher, he hates us…"

"He dosnt hate us Letakka, hes just…not much on father figurein, but he is loving, and you know it."

"Yeah, guess so but..NightTracker? Will he ever leave us alone? Will we ever not have to fear a lashing for doing something?"

"That, im not so sure about Takk, im sure he will stop once we are old enouph. Come on out huh?"

"T..Ta..Takk?" Came the soft shudder of the youngest of the group, the runt.

"Jika, I was wondering when you would find us." NightTracker grinned, licking the smaller buff pelted puppy. Stick of a tail wagging lightly, Jika smiles brightly and looks towards Letakka who was emerging from the gatherment of small trees.

"Oh Takk, im sorry."

"’ll be fine in a few days, thanks for caring, where is Yatos?"


"Yatos! No sneeking alright?" Whimpered Jika.

"Eh, sorry lil bro, its my strength, im fast and good at hiding…"

"Its because your black, black is the best color." Replied NightTracker with a shake of her head.

"Yeah, it is, isnt it…" Grinning, Yatos regained his composure he had before the scuffle had broken out and glanced towards Letakka, who was trying to lick his wounded face.

"Here…" Tracker whispered, walking forwards and settling onto her haunches, cleansing the deep scratch marks with her thick tongue. Whimpering softly, Letakka just let her whilst the others just set huddled together quietly, this always silenced them for a bit untill the momment was forgottin.

"Letting it get to ya? Jeez, you’re all weaker than I thought you all were."

"Shut your trap Kita…" Snarled NightTracker, as Yatos and Jika automaticly hid behind of her. Letakka also gave his two scents worth of a growl as he stood, tail lashing about, and inline with his older sister’s. The two puppies stood infront of Yatos and Jika. Yatos acted touph, but in reality, was as frightened as Jika was most of the time…

"Ahh, the big alpha NightTracker gonna tell me to hush, my my my…"

"Don’t make me show you.." Now lips were parted, reveiling sharp puppy canines, fangs, teeth which someday could rip through flesh several inches thick, and chew bones like thay were candy canes.

"You’ll lose." Ears flicker forth atop the females muddy brown forhead, black ears pressed firmly forwards. NightTracker’s own ears flitter forth as hackles rise. Tail lashes about as the two females begin to square off.

"Not another fight! Common you two! Your sisters!" Shouts Jika behind Yatos and Letakka.

"Yeah you two, look at yourselves!" Snarls Letakka, own fangs bared slightly.

"No going to fight…" Deep savage snarl echoes forth from a great barrled chest as a rumble continues…tail of thick massive blackness, like a blade, slowly waves. Arched, body stands proudly, the large black frame of Sundar, and his beautiful mate, Sikut. Both wolves stand proudly, although Sundar more so than Sikut. Both puppies halt their display of dominace as Kita submits and rolls over onto her belly, NightTracker, as before, does not submit and instead, walks over towards her three brothers, Yatos, Letakka, and Jika. All three stand proudly about her, in a show of loving siblingship as they watch Kita be repremanded with a slash to one of her ears, the right, shredding it. Sharp cries are heard as Sikut flinches with the blow, and as Kita runs, she wishes to follow, but her better judgement stops her mother instinct. Head lowers as ears flicker forth and then slick backwards against her great head. Tail hangs as the four puppies also watch, but do not follow. Looking back to Sundar, the big male gently taps his mate on the shoulder with his muzzle, so soft, so…loving, rubbing that massive head into her shoulder blades and up to nibble towards the base of her ears. Sharp snap, lashing of fang and Sikut lets her mood be known, as Sundar seems to slither back and become a puppy himself as his beautiful mate repremands him. Following after her, the two disapear, leaving the four puppies again, alone to themselves…

"Maybe…we should head back to the den?"

"Good idea Jika. Mother will be waiting for us."

"Tracker? Will Kita always wanna fight you?" Asks Jika.

"Knowing her, yes Jika, always. Why I don’t understand, she just needs to be the higher ranking wolf I suppose."

"She’ll never be the pup leader, not while you’re here."

"Thanks Letakka, im..flattered you would say such a thing…" Replied the ebony female. If wolves could blush, the grey letakka would have.. Rising to her paws, the others followed, under the gravitasional pull of their leader, all three in toll towards the den…