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Paw-Prints in Time

Chap. 2 : Sibling Rivalry


"Letakka, leave me alone…" Grumbled the ebony she pup as she placed both front paws up and over her short blunted muzzle, closing those icy eyes as she curls tighter into the ball she was already in. Sleeping. Atleast, ‘trying’ to sleep.

"Come on Tracker! Theres somthin I really wanna show ya!" Shouted the gray pelted puppy before her, leaping back and forth over the laying black.

"Takk, I swear, im warning you…"

"What ya gonna do? Pounce me?" Laughs Letakka.

"No…" Suddenly whipping herself about, agility that would strike any adult with jelously, NightTracker snarls and pivots on large paws athleticly. Shoulders bunching and surgeing forwards as the ebony wolf pup charges, she stops just as Letakka braces himself and instead of pouncing, she shoves hard into his left shoulder. As bunched as the grey puppy was, with the shove of shoulder against shoulder, the grey toppled and fell to the never-ending force of gravity. Standing proudly once again, NightTracker held her head and posture high. Tail flagging out behind.

"Im gonna check ya." She finished with a wry grin, as Letakka rose to his paws with a growl, he shrugged it off with a meak smile.

"Yeah, that was fair sis…"

"Who said life was fair?" Tracker giggled, placing a paw on the shoulder she had shoved into before suddenly slideing back and sharply turning, dashing just out of reach.

"Tag! Your it!" racing away, she left a rather dumbfounded Letakka behind as he grumbled..

"She ALWAYS does that!"

"Does what?"

"Yatos! Your bad about scareing one’s fuzz off ya know?" Mumbles Letakka as the black male puppy appears seemingly out of no where.

"Its NightTracker’s stupid game of tag, I think it’s a waste of energy."

"Waste of energy..tag? That has to be the ‘funnest’ game ever!" Yatos squeeled.

"Good greif..."

"Hey, don’t diss tag Takk." Yatos warned, although playfully, before shaking his head, giving up, Letakka looks to Yatos before glancing back in the direction his sister just ran off to.

"Well, where do ya suppose she’s at?"

"I can help find ‘er!"

"HUH!?" Both Letakka and Yatos exclaimed in unison.

"I can I can!" Shouted a very excited Jika as he came bounding towards the two slightly bigger males.

"What makes you think ‘you’ can find her?" Asked Yatos, Letakka with the same questionable look, eye brow quirked.

" know I have the best nose!" Complained Jika as he sat with haunches splayed outwards, his usual comical sit. Light amber eyes flashing in yearning. Begging with those, pleading irises of golden.

"Oooooooohhhhhhh…" Yatos and Tak both, again at the same time groaned. Glancing up however with a wag of their tails and grins upon their muzzles, their mother appeared over them within the den.

"Let Jika guide you, children, find Kita as well, while your out. Please? Im worried about her."

"Ahh, alright mom. We won’t be long!" Letakka replied as he, and the others nuzzle into the muddy brown female’s front limbs, Sikut in return, nudging them all forwards and out of the den entrance.

"Man, why do we have to find Kita?" Snarled Letakka.

"Because mom told us to, that’s why."

"I KNOW that Jika, you…" Letting his anger slide as his amber orbs met up with the smaller Jika’s, Letakka just growled softly. Letting it end in an exagerated sigh before looking to Yatos, who looked passive and unphased, although he was just as torn as the other two were about the other female puppy. Why did they have to have such a nasty sister? The complete oppositte of NightTracker…

"Im sorry, im just a bit..agrivated, at the momment is all. Where could NightTracker even BE?" Grumbled the light grey, ears flittering back as his tail lashed about limply, glancing about, whilst the others sniffed the wind. Jika moving to the front, the smallest buff pelted puppy traveled a set path worn into the ground long ago.

"She’s takin one of the anciant path ways guys! I can smell her!" Shouted Jika excitedly, finding his bigger sister’s scent when he knew he would. "I told ya!" He yips again, dancing about with tail wagging in furious, happy circles, before Yatos and Letakka trot over to investigate for them selves. Sniffing about the pathway Jika had lead them to, they stopped, stood tall and looked to one another, before faces suddenly turn, very, grim.

"Uh, Jika, an anciant pathway indeed but, it’s a bear trail!"

"Its alright Tak, its an older trail, look at the tracks, probably a whole season old, atleast." Coaxed Yatos, sure of himself and nudging into his overly tense brother.

"I don’t care, it’s still a bear trail to me. We really need to find Night!" Letakka snaps, Yatos and Jika both submitting by letting their ears slip back along their heads and lowering their tails. Tak had made it clear long ago, that he was beta of puppies, and Jika and Yatos werent far from omega at times..

"Jika, lead the way, and hurry." Nodding to the gray, Jika pushed with tensed motion, movement forced, as he made his way acrossed the trail and into the thickening grass of summer to come. Tracker sure likes to make things.. hard, to say the least. Huffing as the grass tickled his leathered nostrils, the light buff pelted puppy lead the two bigger males silently, Jika felt the static, the emotion of his worried brothers, and that only made his own thoughts whirl. NightTracker, sister, where are you…?


"I.. gotcha!" Squeeled NightTracker as she prounced upon a large beetle, holding it between her two paws and feeling it walk about in several circles, trying to get free of its sudden imprisonment. "Yer not getting away that easeh! Hey! You tickle!" Feeling the little bug roll about underneath large padded shock absorbers, Tracker giggled and continued to watch what was happening untill a shadow past over her. Huh? Glancing up for no more than a second as the hawk flew over, it happened. "OUCH!" The shrill cry could probably be heard for a mile or so. As the ebon furred puppy writhed in agony over her paw, she looked down to watch the bug scitter off. "Yeah.. good ridance.. stupid bug…" Grumbling over her hurting foot, her attention was cought by a soft snort and rustle within the brush behind her. "Hmm? Wassat eh?" Curious, as always, she stood and placed that wounded paw down upon the hard terra firma. Good, it didn’t hurt that badly now. Stupid bugs, all they were good for was to bite or sting you. Murr. But whats that rustleing?

Oh the youthfullness of pup’s, If only they knew what to ‘not’ get into…

As the muscled she-puppy stalked forth into the thick brumble bush, she cursed as a few scratches sliced into her sensative face. Being low to the ground wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Just.. a little.. further, she thought as she pressed the sharp sonars back upon the skull as soft hues of freshly frozen water flicker and flash with interest. Pushing the small skull through a small hole in the shrubery, what she saw was something she had only heard her mother tell stories of. A bear cub.

"Hey.. cool…" Whispered to herself however, she ‘thought’ it wouldn’t be heard. That small, innocent bear cub perks the rounded ears, and glances upwards from its fumbling about and drops the rather large stick it was carrying to eye the mysterious new creature who had just found him. Hmm. Alright.

Cought in the middle of a comical stare down, Tracker neither moved, nor breathed, as the bigger bear cub twitched the thick tufted radar’s and blundered forth in an instant, breaking the silence with a squeel and thrush forwards, tossing his head. Whoa! What the heck?? The wolf pup blundered, and tripped trying to back up, and fell right on the brambles, wincing and holding her breath to keep from squeeling herself, the stories finally came to her. Dang.. stupid Tracker. Where there was a baby bear, there was a momma bear. Rats… Uh, gotta get outa here…

As if reading her mind completely, the little bear disapeared out of sight when she turned her head to glance about. Okay, hey, where did ya go to? Rising to all four paws, she was getting sick of sitting on sharp nettles and sticks that liked to stab you every time you made a move. Sighing with relief as she made her way into the clearing where the cub was playing, the ebon coated Tracker drops her head to sniff, inhailing the moist air of springtime as she wondered where the bear had up and gone, atleast, untill she raises her head and..

"Oh shit…" There was no where to go, as she glanced up to a massive black bear, standing probably a good four feet or so taller on all fours. Muzzle unhinging to hang open, saliva drips from the deadly fang as six inch claws are only too visable within the dusty earth. NightTracker was in some real bad trouble here… Where had she come from so fast!? NightTracker’s mind whirled, wait.. that must be it, when the cub had seen her, and lifted his shrill call into the wind, mustave been a call for mom. Great… Shaking her head, the she-pup backs slowly up, only to be swatted at by the massive mammal. "Watch it!" Night shouts as a savage snarl replies to the young wolf. Uh-oh.. bad move maybe? As the bear lumbers forth, a few more paw swings in the pups direction, while the protected cub watches from a ‘very’ safe distance, he was litteraly, up a tree. Yeah, sure, you lay safe while your mum attacks me.. I didn’t even DO anything to you! Thinks the puppy, grumbling and swearing in her mind’s eye, something learned from dear ol Dad. If she got out of this alive, she may never leave the densite again. And so, the little puppy did the only thing she could think of for the momment. Twisting the small frame upwards, head pushes skywards as snout parts, and vocals ring out. Voice sent high into the sky, please, my brothers, my sisters, my pack, hear thy cry, save me!



"I hear it!"

"Both of you, lets go!" The three brothers wasted no time, as they, in unison, rank forgottin, ran side by side, foot fall by foot fall, the three male pups twisted and twirled upon the pathways and by ways, following in their troubled sister’s paw prints. Sheesh, cant stay outa trouble can ya sis? Jika, worried most of all, fleet footed and light as he was, began to pull forwards, and Yatos and Letakka watched as the little male pressed on ahead of them, wonder if he even noticed he was leaving them two behind? Who cares, as long as they reached their sister, nothing mattered…

Within the densite, Sikut worried, fret over the condition of her puppies being gone, they had been gone a while now, atleast two hours, and the mother shewolf was growing uneasy. At that shrill plea however, earthen features tremble and tighten as the frame pivots and shes out of the den, standing by her mate, Sundar, and the three other adults of the packland. Gathered round, they talk amongst themselves whilst Sikut can only whimper, distress. Sundar’s gentle touch was enouph to soothe her temporaraly as she listened to the gatherment, before the big alpha male moves forwards and away from his gentle mate’s loving caresses.

"Stay." Simple enouph, Sikut however, didn’t want to stay. Sundar growled, lips peel back and over the sharp ivory, as he watches his beautiful mate back down and avoid his eyes, that’s better. Its safer here, he seemed to say within the glowing iris’ of golden hue. Pouting like a spoilt child, Sikut settles at the base of the densite, and releases a soft sigh. Watching helplessly as her bond travelled out of view, with three other pack members, all male themselves. All good wolves, however, glancing about, soft hues of blue catch the omega, as Ash enters from the brush, savage snarl erupts from mother’s jaws as view of the scapegoat is seen. She didn’t want to be bothered by this one. Ash, slithering nearly like a serpent in the grass, withered again out of sight, as his gray pelage ruffles and mingled with the mottled black about his muzzle, ears, back and tail. Sorry? He seemed to say with the soft silver eyes, brushing away all sympathy towards the lowest ranking wolf, Sikut retreats to the privacy of the den, leaving the poor omega to lay near the edge of the small clearing, alone, unsure, and confused. Afterall, he was just trying to help…..

"They better be safe.." Thundered Sundar as he places heavy paws upon harsh earthen realm beneath his massive form. The three individuals nod their heads, but remain quiet, as they follow in toll behind the leader of the pack. Towards the direction where the distress call was sent heaven bound. Don’t worry children, daddy’s coming…

Verlin, the older, almost black male, elder of the pack, traveled almost side by side with the alpha male, trusting and loved, Verlin, father of Sundar. White strip began at the tip of his muzzle and travelled upwards and into a V shape upon the forhead, the elder marched truly like Sundar had, former leader of the pack. Sabaan and Keesu followed side by side, Saaban, also a big black, with a whitened muzzle with age, and a small tatoo of white fur in the form of a twisted raindrop upon each shoulderblade, the beta of the pack, his old ragged appearance was nothing but a shell, deception. Upon facing death, the great wolf transformed into something rarely seen, a savage, bloodthirsty killer. Protector for the puppies, gentle touches shift into stealthy blows. Yes Sabaan the Warrior, fighter till the end. Keesu however, Gamma male and peacemaker most of the time when it came to adult squables when little Ash couldn’t handle any more, the golden hued male’s strength came with words of wisdom and guidance, also an older wolf of the pack. A snort sent forth as he sighs.

"Aye my leader, none of them had better be hurt.." Sabaan grumbles.. if anything should happen to any of them.. thinks the big obsidion male, trotting along behind with tail held directly out and as added balance, equilibrium, head held low and inline with the quik moving frame, gait of all four individuals were rushed, tense, and ready…



"HELP!" Yelped NightTracker as she was slashed lightly acrossed the left shoulderblade, bleeding lightly and not liking any of it. Her brothers looked on aimlessly as the threesome wimpered and whined, untill Letakka made up their minds for them, and ran.

"Takk! You coward!" Shouts Yatos nearly in tears.

"Wait, hes not running, look!" Jika points with the small golden snout as the gray pelted puppy makes a sharp twist and tears into the mother bears backside with needled ivories.

"Takka!" Tracker exclaims as the massive she-bear swiftly turns and swats a well armoured foot in her brother’s direction, Letakka dodgeing it just as easily as she had moved it. Ha! Catch me if you can! Teasingly, he would almost morph into the shrubery as the puppy coat of thick gray would sheild him from view superbly, attacking with swift delicacy and disapearing once more, only inrageing the bear more so.

"Cant we run home!?" Yatos questions, rather loudly.

"NO!" Letakka snaps back. "The bohemoth would just follow us to the den!" Blinking some towards Takk’s sharp tone, Yatos and Jika look to one another as NightTracker limps over towards her two siblings, as Takk continues to fight the bear single handedly. Drat the luck. Oh yeah Tracker, just go trolluping into a bears snacking grounds.. remind me to kill myself later.. thinks the small she pup as she sighs and settles onto her haunches with a wince, Jika beginning to lick and clean the wounded shoulderblade.

"Ah, im alright Jika, its alright…" Her voice was rather soft, almost inaudible, as a meek smile played across the small blunt muzzle, a smile of guilt. She felt completely, utterly like the fool, and as she dropped her head in shame, a sharp stab was felt slicing into her backside. Shit! With a shrill squeel and snap of jaws, the ebony youth whirled about to face not a bear, not her father or pack but… "KITA!? What the hell are you doin!?" The muddy brown female with mask and burnt personality didn’t reply but boldly moved forwards, small whip like tail carried proudly over her back in fashion.

"Getting rid of a problem…" Kita smirked, NightTracker’s eyes raged with fire. What!? Tracker however said nothing, but instead, growled and turned back towards the bear fight, letakka was still doing well. Staying hidden within the brush and attacking the she-bears backside whenever he could, with her cub safe up a tree, the little coward…

"Come on Takk!" As the obsidion coated youngling cheered her younger beta brother, she felt another blow tear into her already, wounded, shoulder. "Ahh!" Crumpling to the ground, the ebony furrowed her brows and winced, movement now restricted within left shoulder and forleg. Jika and Yatos now move to their sister’s aid, and snarl.

"Get lost you.. you.."

"Wretch!" Jika finsihed with a firm nod, Yatos blinked, before turning back towards Kita, who was.. smiling? Something different shown within those cold eyes of blue, a sinister expression that only shown evil. Kita wasn’t one of the pack as long as the other pup’s were concerned. Kita was something totally different, born the same, a wolf, like everybody else, but a soul of nothing but hatred and jelousy, rage and anger. Ripping up her insides and festering like an old wound. Kita was nothing but darkness in a valley of light. Cobalt blue eyes flicker and flash menacingly as the brown puppy walks a full complete circle about her siblings.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones little wolfies.. but words.. can kill…" Snaksih tongue slithers through unhinging jawline, carressing velvet snout as iris’ glitter with glee, oh what fun the puppy was having.

"You wont get past Kita…" Growled Yatos, probably for the first time in his life, being brave. Jika stood at his side just as proudly, although runtish in size, the puppy held a certain dignity no one else held. Kita continued to circle, as NightTracker struggled to stand on all four paws. Oh she hurt… Damnit.. she didn’t need this right now!

"Kita…" Tracker sighed, "Why, are you being so.. mean?" Mean.. ha, understatement of the year. And as expected, the earthen female woudnt reply, but merely cought her sister’s gaze, and held it, seemingly for hours, but merely seconds, as Yatos took this chance, and lept. Springing forwards, Jika gasped as Kita reacted with cat like reflexes, and slammed into Yatos’ airborn effort, the puppy losing balance and plumeting onto his belly with a huff. Twisting, the other female lept and landed hard onto the black male, and pinned him, holding her position high and rolling back her muzzle to reveil the sharp teeth, puppish fang thrown downwards as she grips hold of Yatos’ scruff, and shakes.


"Yatos!" Screamed Jika in reply to Tracker. NightTracker, off balance and in pain, sprung to her brother’s rescue and, thinking before leaping, landed to the left, her wounded shoulder out of reach as she snapped the jaws of dominance.

"Stand down Kita, or else you WILL die by my fang!" Snarls the alpha youth as she watches Kita’s reaction, she rleases Yatos, who whines and crawls away, Tracker watches as Kita’s eyes move with Yatos’. "You mongrel wretch, you’ve always hated us…" Night continued, as Kita merely glanced over, and traced Trackers words with lip sinking, only pissing the obsidion furred wolf even more so. By now both female’s hackles rise to their full extent, appearing adult, in miniature fashion. Both tails, still stick thin, pull upwards and twirl about in dominant instinct. Youthful jaws snap shut and slide open once more as saliva begins to drench their muzzles, icy hues glow with a growing hatred, as the electric fires of Kita merely shine and brightly flash. The two females seemed.. unworldly when they clashed. Jika and Yatos merely stared. Stood, and stared, side by side and settled upon their haunches as the stand off between the two began.

Letakka had been watching the whole thing between deversions and sparked a plan within his mind. Nodding to himself, the beta puppy stood in plain view of the she-bear, who was beginning to show signs of tireing, as both parties panted, chests heaving to provide oxygen for starving lungs. Yapping to gain her full attention, Letakka took the chance and ran, full speed towards Kita’s back side, the mother bear followed, as expected, and as she swat outwards. Catching Letakka’s back right foot, a sharp yip was heard as he tumbled past a surprized Kita, and the four puppies limped and ran towards the forest paths once more, leaving Kita to howl out in pain. She had been cought completely by surprize, being so focused upon her enemy, she didn’t see it... Yatos snickered as silence insued, they sould see the bear retreat, calling her offspring from the branches of the tall oak, and lumbering back into the forest, all puppies fell silent, that is, all except for Yatos.

"That was great, we don’t have to worry about Kita anymore!" Yatos’ happy tone went unnoticed as NightTracker merely glared, and looked to the ground in a sigh. Letakka snorts and furrows his brows, ignoreing Yatos as well. Jika, unsure of what to do, just looked to his white tipped toes, and fell silent as well. "Whats wrong with you guys? She tried to kill us back there and you are all mourning!?" In a heave of reserved inergy, Letakka sprang forth and pinned the over confidant puppy, Yatos gruvled and whined in opology, asking forgiveness by licking and tapping up at his older brother’s snout. A firm growl issued forth as the puppy removes himself and walks over to sit silently by NightTracker.

"Thankyou, you’ve read my mind Takk…" Night spoke softly, as she turned towards Yatos, still hunkered safely on his belly. "She may have been the terror of our litter Yatos, but she was.. family." Ending it there, the black she-wolf groans in agony as she rises to stand once more, Letakka rising his brows in worry as Jika comes to stand at her side as well, Yatos stood, and glanced towards the forest pathways. The pack should be here soon… One thing was for sure, that, was one hard core case of.. Sibling Rivalry…

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