Dragon Lovers

By Roberto Pascual

"Man! I'm bored!" yawned Snapper as he got up from his couch, "I wanna do something!" It was a gorgeous day in the mountain, birds were chirping, the wind was blowing, the grass was green, Snaps hated it. It was WAY too peaceful for his likes. "Hmm, I wonder what Liz is doing..." Snaps walked out of his small log cabin and began the short walk to his best friend, Liz's house. "Heh-heh, wonder if she's up for a little bit of Wraslin'" he thought to himself, grinning from ear to ear as he strutted up the narrow dirt trail leading to her house. "Maybe we'll get, 'dirty.' One can only hope." He snickered.

Over at Liz's house, Liz was trying to clean up her bed room, "Dammit Snaps, you know we can't play around like that in my room," She thought to herself then grinned, "It was sure a lot of fun though!" Giggling, she continued cleaning up the mess She and Snapper had made the night before. As Liz began to flash back to last night's little ordeal, her hand began to slowly slide down her belly, "Ooh, Snaps, you were so nice last night!" Her hand travels further down until it finds her crotch. Slowly and gently she begins to rub at her vagina, which was slowly turning pink as she got more and more aroused. The she heard a knock at the door, "Liz! It's me! Snapper! You home?" Liz gasped and quickly stumbled over to her front door to greet Snaps. The door opens and she sees Snaps standing there with a bouquet of flowers he picked on the way to her house. "Some flowers, for a flower." Snaps said blushing a little, "Oh that is so old, and yet it always gets me!" Liz takes the flowers, smiling sweetly at Snapper, then she remembers she was getting pink and before Snaps notices she quickly wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug, "So, what brings you around here?" She asked casually, "Oh, I was just wondering what you were doing." He began, trying to pry loose from her tight grip, "Heh, a little tight there aren't you Liz?" Liz laughs and lets go, after she was sure her Pink belly had died down, "Hah, Gomen! You know how I love to hug!" She smiled a little bit nervously, Snaps smiled back and nodded, "Yea, yea, I know. You want to go for a walk?" She nodded.

Snaps and Liz walked over to their favorite spot near Crystal Lake. They talked and talked, never getting bored of each other, great friends indeed. "So, you got anything to do later today?" Asked Snapper hoping she didn't, "Not really, why do you ask?" Replied Liz latching on to his arm lovingly, "Oh, no reason." He grins. Walking further along the road, Snaps suddenly stops as Liz keeps walking. She notices and asks Snaps what's wrong. Snapper examines Liz up and down, licking his lips, grinning from ear to ear. "Um, Snaps?" Suddenly Snapper pounces at Liz, both of them falling to the ground, Snaps on top, "Care to Wrastle?" He asked her, holding her shoulders to the ground. Liz grins and nods, rolling Snapper to his side, her being the stronger one, "Just don't cry to me when I whoop you!" She gets up and gets into an attacking pose, Snaps does the same. Liz leaps out at Snaps, her hands in front of her, Snaps side steps and grabs her arms, pulling them behind her, "I've gotten better you know?" He says taunting her, "Oh yea?" she grins and trips Snapper with her tail, but he regains balance and stays on his feet, "Well, since you've gotten better, I'm going to have to play a little rougher." She grinned and they went off. The two young dragons just playing and roughhousing with each other, being the best of friends.

A few minutes pass, and it seems neither of them is winning, nor losing. "Give up?" Snaps asked Liz, "Not a chance!" She yelled back. Snaps looks down towards Liz's crotch and noticed her belly beginning to turn pink. This pleases Snaps as he knows what will come next. Liz leaps out at Snaps who was caught off guard, but he recovers and dodges her attack. He runs up behind her and wraps his arms around her waist, "Hah! Now I've got you!" Snapper quickly raised her up and over, performing a powerful suplex on her. Liz is too good though and actually manages to get out from landing on her head, Snaps doesn't let go though and rolls her onto her side on the ground. "Heh-heh, I said I have you now." Snaps says grinning as he presses his semi erect member under her tail. This makes Liz gasp aloud, "Snaps!" Snapper loosens his grip on her and his right hand travels down her belly. Liz moans softly, enjoying Snapper's touch, She position herself in a more comfortable position for both her and Snaps. He quickly notices this and shifts his body a little bit, moving his member right over her vagina. Liz looks back at snapper and smiles, He smiles back and kisses the back of her neck softly, his hand begins to massage her vagina as he presses his tool firmly against it. "Oh, Snapper..." She moans, beckoning him to enter her, "Liz..." He says softly into her ear, his hand moving from her vagina and letting his penis slide in.

As Snapper penetrates Liz, they both let out a gasping moan of pleasure, arching their backs together. Snapper slides his complete length into her, filling her with all his glory. Once he reaches her limit, Snapper begins to thrust in and out of her, slowly at first. Every little movement Snaps makes sends marvelous chills up and down Liz's spine. Liz, not wanting to let Snapper have all the fun, decided to pleasure him in a different way. She slowly begins to move her tail under Snapper's and the tip starts searching around for something, "What are you doing my love?" asked Snapper, she didn't answer, a look of determination and ecstacy on her face, "Liz? What are you... OH!" Snaps gasps out loud as Liz's tail suddenly begins to slide inside his anus. Snaps falls limp over Liz's body for a split second as the immense jolt of pleasure he suddenly received subsides, and he continues his thrusting into her.

The sky turns orange as the sun sets over the horizon, Snapper and Liz still making love to each other, holding each other close. "Liz..." said Snapper, moaning gently, "Yes my love?" "I love you." Liz, now on top of Snapper, smiles sweetly and moves in close to kiss him. Their mouths lock in place as they kiss deeply, Snaps still thrusting into her, Liz's tail still inside his anus. They unlock, Liz sits up on top of Snaps, Her face turns into that of pure ecstacy as she begins to orgasm. Her body bobs up and down, her tail thrusting into Snapper's anus deep and fast, Her vaginal muscles squeezing hard on his member. She begins to gush out her juices all over Snapper, who quickly follows by going into an orgasm himself. He thrusts harder and faster, deeper into her, his anus contracting hard on her tail. He then arches his back up, thrusting into her as deep as her can, and he explodes inside her. Snapper empties his seed into her, as she gushes out her juices onto him. She falls limp over him, sweating and panting out loud together. Liz raises herself a little and looks into Snapper's Blue eyes, and he looks into her green ones. They part lips, and their mouths lock, kissing deeply.

Snapper's member softens and slides out of her, some of his and her juice spilling out. They unlock and smile at each other. They hug tightly. "That was wonderful." Liz says quietly into Snapper's ear, "It was better Liz, better than that." She rolls off of Him and begins to stand up, he follows. Holding each other in their arms, they both walk back to Liz's house. The whole way, they hold each other close, smiling and looking at each other, then they arrive at Liz's. "Do you want to come in?" Asked Liz, and Snapper shakes his head sadly, "I wish I could, but the Dragon Council wants me to go after my brother again who's causing trouble once more." Liz looks down sadly and He cups her chin up, "Hey, don't worry, I'll come back, and when I do, we'll play around again." He smiles sweetly at her and she does the same, nodding happily. "Hai! I'll wait for you then!" She says jumping happily, "I'll see you when you get back!" She kisses Snapper then runs into her house. Snapper smiles and begins to walk back his place, happy and satisfied with how the day turned out. "Heh-heh, didn't stay boring for long!" He grins and continues on home.

The End...