Life and Death
By Roberto Pascual

Life, and death, two things humans take for granted. Humans have never taken things seriously in their lives, the only times they start thinking of what they did or did not do wrong is when they are being confronted by the end, or death as a lot of ppl like to call it. I am not a human, but a dragon. I may use human skin on the outside, but looks are not everything. Being a dragon, I take life and death very seriously, who knows, my death might be in the next couple of second, or in the next couple of years, no one knows, not even I. Humans will never take things seriously, and in the end, they will be forgoten, but not I, I will live on forever, even when my body rots away, my memory will always live on, while humans will just be forgoten and you know what? I don't care.