Nigh time brawl.
By Roberto Pascual

It was late, around 2am. The night was dark, some of the street lights were out making the street darker than it usually is, but it didn't matter much to me, my dark draconic vision let's me see what a lot of other people cannot. I was walking home after seeing a lady friend home after a night of heavy drinking and partying, and I was enjoying this cold night, reminded me of the times I went for walks back in my home town. "Hey, Pal!" a stranger calls out and begins to walk next to me, but I ignore him. This man, who was dressed like a street gang member walks next to me trying to get my attention, "Kinda late fer a walk, don'cha think?" I ignore his words and keep walking, looking straight ahead the whole time. "H-Hey! I'm talking to you punk!" He moves in front of me and places his hand firmly on my right shoulder, stopping me on my tracks. "Don't, touch me..." I said slapping his hand away and walking right past him. The man is surprised by my actions and gets mad. "HEY!" he shouts out to me, and when I don't react he whistles loudly. Some dark figures make their way from the dark alleys and corners of the street and begin to surround me. I sigh loudly and let my arms drop next to me, fists clenched. "Hey man, we don' want no trouble! We just wan some bus cash." I roll my eyes at the man's lousy line, like I haven't heard that one before, "I don't want any trouble either sir," I begin, turning towards him, "I just want to get home and rest for what is left of this night."

I look at his lackeys surrounding me and notice some of them have weapons, but none of them look too serious to me, so I don't even worry, not that I would anyway. "Yea, I also wan' to get home to sleep, but I ain't got no money to do that," He began, playing with a small butterfly knife, "and my friends here wan' to come with me too. So if you would be so kind as to give us some bus money." I shake my head, not impressed by his choice of words, "How long have you been practicing that over used line?" I say turning my back towards him, "I don't have anything, at least anything for you, so if you'll excuse me, I'll be on my way." The man looks annoyed now, "Hey pal! Don'cha know this is a muggin'?" He yells out to me, I just shrug and begin to walk forward, but some of his goons get in front of me and block my way. "Now give us your cash, or you'll get hurt!" yells one of the goons, "I told you, I don't have anything to give you." I take one step back just to give myself some breathing room, given that the stench these guys are producing barely lets any oxygen through, "Oh really?" Said the leader as he walked in front of me, "Well thas a mighty fine lookin' thing you have around your neck, we'll take that instead!" I just shake my head and laugh, "Well, come and get it then, if you can..." An evil grin escapes me. The man begins to reach for my medallion and before he touches it I grab his arm quickly and twist it hard, breaking it in an instant. The man lets out a scream in agony as his arm breaks under my hold, "Now you will suffer the consequences of messing with me!" My eyes begin to glow green, some black and red mist begins to form at my feet, the man's face quickly turns from that of pain to one of pure fear and quickly back into agony.

I pull back and rip his left arm straight out of it's socket and blood gushes everywhere. He falls to the ground on his knees and quickly crawls away from me, his hand over the gushing hole and yelling out in pain. "Boss!" Yelled one of his goons, "GET 'IM!" yelled another, I smirked evilly, "Yes, that's it, come meet your demise!" I say quietly as they begin to rush towards me. I leap into the air just before they reach me and land behind them, one turns and throws a knife at me, which I catch with 2 fingers and throw back quickly, striking at his forehead. One down, 6 to go. 2 more rush at me, one with a bat, the other with a chain whip. The one with the bat swings at me, I duck down, avoiding being hit and roll away from him, Suddenly I feel something grab me as the chained whip wraps around me neck. I grin and grab the chain and pull him towards me, as he stumbles towards me I punch directly at his stomach, hard, so hard my fist goes right through him, the guy with the bat swing his weapon down on my head, and it break on contact, but it doesn't phase me. I look back at him, my eyes narrow, glowing green with anger and evil. I press my hand on his chest, suddenly a bright beam of light goes through him, leaving a hole in his chest and He falls limp on the ground. I stand up and look at the rest of the goons standing there scared shitless at what they are seeing, "2 more down, 4 to go..." I say mockingly, which seems to piss one of the guys off and he dashes at me. Yelling at the top of his lungs, he runs towards me with what seems to be a machete. I stand my ground, he lounges forward and I dodge his attack, I grab and pull on my medallion quickly as he is tumbling to the ground. Squeezing tightly on the medallion, a dark gray mist forms quickly into a shape of a large sword and right before he hits the ground I kick him so hard that he raises back up into a standing position and I slash with my weapon, slicing his head off.

His body falls to the ground, blood splatters everywhere and I stand there, looking at the remaining members. "Who's next?" I growl at them. One of the guys tries to run away, I spot him and quickly leap into the air, "Oh no you don't!" I come down on top of him and insert my blade into his back, coming out the other side. Quickly before the other one can react, I turn around and dash towards him and stab him in the neck. He hangs there for a few seconds then grabs the blade of the sword, gagging and choking. I look into his eyes which ask 'why' and I twist the blade before removing it from him and he falls on his knees, trying to utter some words before falling the rest of the way onto the ground, blood pouring everywhere. I look around for a second and see the gang's leader cowering in fear in a corner of an alley and slowly make my way towards him. "I bet I know what you're thinking," I slowly walk closer and closer to him, "You're thinking 'I should've just stayed home.' Yeah, I feel the same way." I tower over him, casting a dark shadow over him, the dark red and black mist continues to swirl around my body, "You, I should kill you now, end your misery..." I raise my sword and point it at him, "...but I won't. It's not worth it. I do not want to do you any favors." A dark mist surrounds the sword then disperses and it becomes the medallion again. I hang the medallion around my neck and kneel down in from on the quivering man, "If I let you live, well, you'll know." I turn and begin to walk away. Noticing the massacre I had caused, I quickly decide to just teleport out of there. The mist that was slowly dancing around me begins to swirl faster and begins to cover me. I continue walking out the alley as the mist gathers, "I have returned the pain you have caused others ten fold, now deal with it." Those are my final words to the man as the mist suddenly disperses and I am no where to be seen. The man collapses and falls unconscious just as the police arrive.

The end...