By Roberto Pascual

A few weeks pass after I learned the truth about me and I'm enjoying it. One day coming as I was driving home from school, I saw a giant flash of light in front of me. Temporarily blinded, I swerve all over the road untill I stop in the emergency lane. Stumbling out of my truck, I rubbed my eyes and tried to re-adjust. Once my eyes focused again, I saw a very familiar figure hovering in front of me. "David..." I said quietly as he just hovered in the air in front of me, grinning like a mad clown, "Hello Robert! We meet again!" he said as he hovered slowly down to the ground, "As you can see, I have a few new moves now." I just stood there staring at him straight into his eyes, "I'm not impressed..." I said annoyed, "What do you want David?" "Me? Oh, I just want to kill you!" and with those words, he got into his fighting stance and flew up to the air and shot an energy sphere at me, which I just deflected like it was a mere fly. "What?" he asked surprised, "I'll explain," I began, "Since out last fight, I've been training more often than I was before, thus I've gotten stronger. I now can transform between my dragon form or my human form at will." David raised an inquiring eyebrow, "I have become stronger than what you can ever imagine, all thanks to my friends, which I will not tell you who they are since ther\y have nothins to do with OUR fight." I stopped for a second, "So you think you're really that strong?" He asked with a careful look on his face, "Yes, way more powerful, faster and way better skilled than before. I'm not saying that you don't stand a chance at all against me, because you never know, I might make a mistake, and you might capitalize on it, although, it is very unlikely." I grinned evily at him.

David looked like he was getting a little frustrated and annoyed, "Well, we will never know until we try wont we?" He said with his traditional smirk, "I guess not." I responded crossing my arms in defiance, which seemed to only make him madder. "Die!" he yelled at me as he threw a punch at me, which I dodged easily, but it did strike my truck, leaving a hole in the door, which made me mad. "No one touches my truck, NO ONE!" My eyes turned light green in an instant and I threw a barrage of punches at him, most of which conected. He fell back a few steps and coughed out some blood. He growled and a battle began. Punches, kicks, energy balls were flying all over the place, tons of cars had stoped on the side of the road to watch the battle. David was fighting rather well, and I wanted to end the fight early, and to do that I needed to transform, but I couldn't do it in front of all the people that had gathered, so I continued to fight with David. David flew up to the sky out of my reach and threw his arms back over his head and began to charge an energy ball, "Eat thi..." his little taunt was interrupted as I had jumped and grabbed one of his feet and tossed him back to the earth. David hit the ground hard, leaving a small crater in the ground.

"Had enough David?" I asked as I stood over his limp body, "Not even close..." he quickly tripped me, pinned me to the ground and began to throw punches at my face. I kicked him off me and pinned HIM to the ground and began to throw punches, mine were must stronger than his, thus he got hurt more than I did. I decided to end it all once and for all and powered up my fist, and as I was bringing it down towards his face, I stopped. "It's not worth it..." I got up and walked a few paces back, "Get up!" I ordered him, "Get the hell out of here, and don't come back unless you're ready to fight!" David slowly got in his feet, barely able to stay up, "It's not over, not by a long shot!" he said as he limped a few steps back, "You damned right it's not over..." I said quietly under my breath as I wiped some blood off my face, David slowly began to rise to the air and flew away.

I walked over to my truck and looked at the hole that David left on the driver side door. "Damn! This will cost a fortune to repair!" I said quietly then I heard some murmoring behind me. I remembered about the audience we had attracted. Turning around slowly and swallowing hard, I looked at everyone that was there, all staring at me strangely, "Uh, heh, hi?" I asked nervously, "W,What are you?" someone in the crowd asked and everyone else began to ask questions. I froze up, I didn't know what to say, what to do. I opened my truck's door, got in, turned on the truck and sped off. A few hours later, when I was sure I wasn't being followed anymore, I turned and went home. A few minutes later, I see police lights behind me, "Oh great, now what?" I cursed a little as I pulled over, only a few feet from my appartment complex. I rolled down the window and handed my license to the police officer, "You have any idea how fast you were going?" he asked, I swallowed hard, "I think I was going 55, why?" I answered nervously, "Yea, just 55. I'm talking about a few minutes ago!" I remembered about when I was being chased by all those people that wanted to know what had happened back there, "Officer, I can explain..." I paused to see what he would say, "Go on, explain!" he ordered me to explain my situation, and I did. After my long ass story, we decided that he was going to let me go with only a warning, but next time he wouldn't be so easy on me, typical of what every cop says when they let you go. "Thank you officer. You do believe me right?" I thanked him and asked inquiringly, "Nope." he said with a smile, "But you seem like a nice person, so I'll let you go." I thanked him again and just watched him get in his car, "Aren't you leaving?" he asked, "Naw, not yet anyway, it's a nice night, I think I'll enjoy it for a while!" I said looking a the night's sky, full of stars, "Alright, just be careful." I nodded and got on the back of my truck and just sat there, thinking.

I got home after a bit of thinking and just went to bed, wondering what would the next day bring.

The End...