Shower Bondage Fun

By Roscael Nadaron

It was a typical day at Fur Dome 3. The sky was clear and sunny, the birds were singing, it's citizens were out doing their daily chores. This was one of Roscael and Athus's day's off from training, so they decided they'd go spend their time at the local gym. They helped each other with the weights and anything else they did at the gym, eyeing each other very carefully, in love. The day quickly turned to night, all of the gym's inhabitants had left for their respective houses but Roscael and Athus were still there. "It's getting late," began Roscael, "We should shower and go home." Athus nodded in agreement and they both walked over to the gym's showers.

Roscael as usual went in first and to the usual spot, the deepest, darkest corner of the showers, Athus soon followed and joined him. Roscael turned on the shower and began to wash his sweaty self. Athus was walking towards Roscael rather strangely, "What's up Athus?" asked Roscael as he lathered up his chest but Athus just kept silent, looking over Roscael's wet naked body with his hands behind his back, "Huh? What ya got there?" asked Roscael trying to catch a peek behind Athus who just licked his lips and smiled hungrily at Roscael, "Uh, why are you looking at me like that?" he asked taking a small step back, "You look so delicious..." said Athus under his breath, still licking his draconic lips, "...and I want to eat you."

Roscael's eyes grew wide, and he quickly began to blush, "B, Athus, um, now's not the time to do this..." Athus quickly dashed over to Roscael, pinning him against the wall. Athus looked at Roscael deep into his green eyes, reaching down with his hand towards Roscael's crotch. Roscael gulps hard, his belly and crotch quickly turning a light pinkish color, "B, Athus?" Athus smiles at Roscael and slides a finger over Rocael's genital slit, making it swell up quickly and producing a slight moan from Roscael. "Give me your hands." asked Athus and Roscael quickly obliged. Athus takes out a small peice of rope and ties it around Roscael's wrists, "W, What are you doing Athus?" asked Roscael, but Athus stayed quiet, a hungry grin on his face. He raised Roscael's hands and ties the slack from the rope around the shower head, leaving Roscael very vulnerable.

Athus looks into Roscael's eyes again and opens his mouth slightly. Roscael looks back wondering what Athus is thinking. Athus sticks his long forked tounge out and begins to lick soflty at Roscael's neck, making him moan softly. Roscael cannot keep his member in it's hiding place any longer as it begins to exit, Athus sees this and gently begins to massage Roscael's hardeing shaft. Roscael slowly throws his head back and lets out a long moan of pleasure while Brain continues to lick at his neck, slowly moving down to Roscael's chest. Roscael raises his tail up high over his head and bring the tip down close to his mouth and begins to suckle on it, maoning with every one of Athus's touches and licks.

Athus feels Roscael begin to tense up and hump his hand lightly, "Ahh, already about to cum huh?" he said seductively and incresing the force of his masaging a little, "Well, I'm gonna make you cum more than you've ever cum in your life!" Roscael moans loudly, his eyes shut tight, drowning in extasy. Athus continues to lick at Roscael's chest and moves down slowly. Athus's free hand moves behind Roscael's body and under his tail, he quickly begins to probe with his finger and finds Roscael's tight anus. He softly begins to rub around the outside making Roscael moan even louder. Athus continues to move his mouth closer and closer to Roscael's throbing member and he gently places the tip of his tounge around the tip, forcing Roscael to let out another loud moan and shoot a small jet of precum out. "Mmm, delicious!" says Athus as he licks up the precum off Roscael's rod. Roscael thrusts his waist softly upwards at Athus's muzzle, shooting even more precum out.

Athus looks up at Roscael who was stopped suckling on the tip of his tail and is now observing the action from above, a slightly desperate look on his face. Athus smiles knowing imiediatly what Roscael wants and his lowers his gaze unto the throbing pink shaft. He opens his mouth and takes him in quickly and begins to suckle on Roscael's penis. Roscael throws his head back quickly and arches his back letting out a loud moan of pleasure, Athus continues to feels around Roscael's asshole and suckling at his tool. Roscael slowly brings his tail down and passes it between his legs and begins to search for Athus's crotch, it's search quickly ends when he touches Athus's hardened shaft. Slowly and gently, Roscael's tail coils around Athus's cock and tightens. It begins to gently massage Athus's member and produces some light moans out of Athus. He continues to suckle at Roscael's cock and gently begins to insert a finger inside his tight hole, again making Roscael moan loudly.

Roscael begins to hump into Athus's mouth a little faster and more aggressively, Athus takes this as he is about ready to cum so he begins to suckle harder and faster, Roscael still massaging Athus with his tail. "Oh goood!" Roscael says out loudly as he feels his climax approaching, thrusting harder into Athus's muzzle who has been sucking harder and faster than before. Not long after that, Roscael climaxes and shoots his load into Athus's eagerly waiting mouth. Athus tries hard to drink it all, but Roscael shoots his seed with such force and amount that most of it get's washed down the drain. Roscael relaxes his body as his orgasm ends, Athus continues to suck and squeeze Roscael of all of his seed. After drinking of all that Roscael had to offer, he looked up at Roscael, who's tail was still latched onto Athus's cock and was panting loudly. Athus began to think about what he had told him about kissing, but he wanted to let Roscael taste himself in him. Athus nodded and decided to put his fear aside and stood up on his feet. Roscael weakly raised his head and looked into Athus's eyes, a slight smile appearing on his face, "That was great..." he said weakly, still panting out loud.

Athus smiled back and stared deeply into Roscael's eyes, then without warning opened his mouth and approached Roscael quickly, locking into a deep kiss with him. Roscael's eyes open wide with surprise, his tail tightens around Athus's still hardened member, which seemed to grow a bit larger. Athus continued the deep kiss playing with Roscael's tounge with his own. Roscael soon loosens up and enjoys the deep kiss, tasting his own cum inside of Athus's mouth and moaning softly. The kiss ends and their mouths sepparate, both of them breathing deeply and smiling at each other. "That was great," began Roscael still smiling, "Now it seems you have to be released, cut me loose." Athus smiled back and shook his head slowly, waving a finger in front of Roscael's face, "I'm not done with you yet," grins Athus, "no by a long shot!" Roscael's eyes widen a little confused, "What?"

Athus smiles sweetly at Roscael as he lowers himself down to Roscael's crotch again. "I told you, I'm gonna make you cum more than you ever have in you life!" He grins as he moves his face closer to Roscael's genital slit. Roscael grins widely and continues to masturbate Athus with his tail. Roscael's member had already retreated back into it's chamber, but not completely as the head was still poking out. Athus takes a few licks at it making it start to grow once more. He looks up at Roscael, "Let go..." says Athus softly, Roscael looks back confused, "...let go of me and I'll be able to continue." Roscael closes his eyes and nods soflty, he slowly loosens his grip on Athus's throbbing member. Roscael nods lightly and closes his eyes. Athus smiles and takes another lick at Roscael's cock, which is already semi hard again. He begins to lick around the slit and slowly moves his licks around Roscael's waist and continues to the top part of Roscael's tail.

Roscael grins and moans softly, knowing what is coming next. Athus continues to move his tounge around Roscael's tail base, slowly moving it under it. Roscael moans softly and raises his tail to give Athus easier access to his anus. Athus finds what he was searching for and begins to tickle the outside of Roscael's anus with his tounge. As Athus's teasing continues, Roscael slowly raises his tail over his head and begins suckling the tip once more, moaning soflty and quivering with utter delight. Athus slowly begins to press his tounge on Roscael's tight hole, gently inserting it. At this point, Roscael's penis has become fully erect again and is dripping with precum.

As Athus probes deeper with his tounge, Roscael tightens his anus around his lover's wet, warm tounge. Athus withdraws his tounge and gets on his feet behind Roscael. "W, What?" Roscael stops suckling on his tail, "Don't stop!" Athus smiles sweetly and moves his waist closer, his precum dripping cock presses against Roscael's wet hole. "YES!" moans Roscael as Athus's throbbing member slowly enters him, "I love you." moans Athus into Roscael's ears, "I love you too!" replies Roscael arching his neck back, taking his tail into his mouth again, moaning softly. Athus softly nuzzles Roscael's neck, "Now, brace yourself." He says softly, and Roscael nods. Athus wraps his hands around Roscael tightly and thrusts hard into him, sending Roscael into an immidiate orgasm, his anus clasping tightly around Athus's cock, which forces him a strong splurt of precum out. "You came again already?" Athus asks surprised, Roscael just nods and lets go of his tail which now has some deep bite marks at the tip, "I'm not done either." says Roscael grinning evilly, tightening his anus around Athus's thrusting member, "Heh heh, you naughty dragon!" laughs Athus, "That is why I love you." Athus continues to nuzzle at Roscael's neck, thrusting hard.

The gym's shower is flooded with moans and gasps from Athus and Roscael's love making. Roscael slowly moves his tail downwards and slides it under Athus's tail, "Now what are you doing?" asked Athus as if he didn't know, suddenly he arches his back, thrusting deeper into his partner's hole, as Roscael thrusts his tail into Athus's own hole. "Now we're both being filled!" Grins Roscael, his hands still tied to the showerhead, thrusting deeper into Athus, as Athus thrusts deeper into him. They both continue their little romp, and it's not long before Athus's climax reaches him, as well as Roscael's third cumming.

Roscael's seed shoots high into the air, while Athus empties his own into Roscael's love tunnel. Roscael's body tenses up, and he pulls down his tied arms, breaking the shower head, sending both dragons to the ground. Athus exits Roscael as they hit the tiled floor, the last of his seed going down the drain. "Ow!" Yelped roscael laughing, "Yah, ow." laughed Athus. They both roll over, facing the ceiling of the showers, water gushing out from where the shower head broke off from. "That... was... fucking... great!" pants Athus, his cock slowly retracting into it's sheath, "Yea, better than the dolphin thing!" replied Roscael, "Now, I wouldn't say that... Um, yea I would." They both laugh out loud. "Well, I guess we better go home now." Says Athus as he get's up on his feet, Rocael stays quiet, a mischievous grin on his face. "C'mon, let's go, soul mate." Says Athus as he extends his hand down towards Roscael to help him up. Roscael's grin widen and he ties what's left of the rope Athus used around his wrist, "Heh heh heh, now it's my turn!" Roscael pulls Athus over him and quickly get's on his back, "What!? You still have some left!?" Asked Athus very surprised as Roscael draws boths his hands behind him and ties them, "I have at least one more good game left," grins Roscael as he moves closer to Athus's head, "and I'm won't foreplay as much either!" Roscael cackles with hungry glee while Athus kicks the ground exitedly and eagerly, "YES!"

Roscael slides down Athus's back and begins to lick at Athus's love tunnel. Athus squeals with glee as Roscael's tounge tickles his anus. "Damn! You taste fucking sweet!" Roscael says as he licks his lips and raises Athus's tail, "Let's see how tight you are!" He slowly moves his throbbing shaft which hasn't shrunken since the last ordeal and presses it against Athus's cave, some precum forming at the tip. Athus arches his back in extasy as Roscael's tip touches his sensitive tunnel, "In... Me... NOW!" Athus gasps loudly slowly humping the tiled floor as his erection came back with full force, "Heh, impatient aren't we?" Roscael laughs as he begins to enter Athus, who arches his back further and pushes down taking Roscael in deep quickly.

They both yell out in pleasure as they begin their love making once more. Roscael thrusts hard and fast into Athus's anus, who is clasping tightly around his partner's hard cock. Athus raises his ass up so Roscael is more comfortable in this possition. "Oh god!" moaned Roscael as he thrust deeper and deeper into Athus. Roscael leans over Athus's back, continuing his thrusting, Athus clenches his eyes tight, engulfed by pleasure. They both pant and gasp loudly together, enjoying each other's warmth, water gushing on top of them. Roscael slowly slides one of his hands down and grabs Athus's hardened member, Athus gasps outloud. Athus begins to hump Roscael's hand, splurt after splurt of precum shooting out onto the tiled floor, and washing away down the drain.

Roscael tightens his grip on Athus's cock and begins to masturbate him hard and fast, still thrusting inside Athus. "Oh god! Was I this good to you?" asked Athus panting and gasping, "Better!" replied Roscael as he tightens his grip on Athus's peach colored rod, "Oh my!" Athus's begins to tense up and Roscael senses Athus's climax approaching, and his own as well. "Here we go!" yells Roscael loudly as he increases the force of his thrusts, Athus pants and moans loudly as his orgasm quickly approaches. The intensity of the two dragon's love making increses as both of them reach a massive orgasm together. Athus shoots his load unto the tiled floor which quickly goes down the drain and Roscael empties what is left in his sac into Athus. They both tense and arch their backs emptying the rest of their seeds.

The two dragons slowly relax their sore muscles, Roscael falls to the side next to Athus, the rest of his load falling on the floor, and down the drain. Athus's body falls limp besides Roscael, who is panting out loudly. "That was awsome..." said Athus weakly, "Heh, yea it was," began Roscael, sitting up and untying Athus's hands, "imagine what It's going to be like when females join the party." Athus laughs and grins widely sighing in agreeance. Roscael falls limp again on the floor, exausted. "Wonder how long it'll take us to find them?" asked Roscael, "I don't know," said Athus placing an arm around Roscael's chest, "All I know is, it's going to be a fun adventure finding them!" They both laugh weakly, water still gushing out from the hole left on the wall.

"Can you move?" Asked Roscael as he sits up slowly, "Barely." laughs Athus, "Heh, c'mon, I'll help ya." Roscael get's on his feet and helps Athus up. They both walk to their stuff laying on a bench. Roscael grabs their stuff and chants a few words, "Well, any energy I have left will be wasted on this last trip." Black and Red mist begins to swirl around them, "But it's well worth it, right?" Roscael looks at Athus who is fast asleep in his arms, Roscael smiles. The mist becomes thicker around them both and suddenly disperses, both dragons gone.

The end...