The day I found out I was a dragon.
By Roberto Pascual

The sun was shining, the wind was warm, birds chirping, flowers blooming. It was beautiful summer morning. Children were playing out in the streets, laughing, giggling cheerfully. I hated it! The sun was too bright and hot, the air wasn't cooling anyone, the birds were annoying, the flowers, well, they're flowers. The streets were so crowded with kids that it was basically impossible to drive without hitting someone, and I was tempted too! I had just arrived home from school, and I did not have a good day, as usual. The apartment was steaming since our air conditioner was broken, and my fan sucked ass. I sat at my desk and began to ponder about the day, and slowly drifted off into a deep sleep.

The phone begins to ring loudly, waking me from a most wonderful dream I was having. I answer and it's someone calling for some person who apparently used to have my phone number, AGAIN! I finally snapped and told the person on the line that person had died and hung up. A sly smirk came across my face and I laughed. I got up from my chair and walked over to the kitchen to find something to eat, nothing as usual so I just grabbed some ice and went back to my room. My bed felt cool, despite being so hot in the room, if it weren't because my box spring were broken, I would've been more comfortable. I munched on some ice as I turned on the TV and checked to see if there was anything on.

I took my drawing pad out of the drawer next to my bed and I kept practicing my dragon drawing, being the only thing I can't really draw at that moment. I go through 7 pages, all full of crappy dragon heads until... I have it! At least, almost! I've drawn something close to what I want to draw. I keep practicing until I get the result I wanted. It was good enough for the moment, thus I cheered and celebrated for a few minutes. After a brief celebration, I put the drawing pad down and tuck myself in, happy about what had just happened. I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

That night, I tossed and turned, punching, kicking at the air. I knocked down the cup were I had the ice in, which was now melted, and then I sat upright on my bed, just waking from a nightmare. I rubbed my forehead and wiped the sweat off of it. I got up and walked to the bathroom and turned on the light. After a quick rubbing of my eyes, I look in the mirror and notice my face is longer. I figured I was still half asleep and was seeing things, so I paid no mind. I decided to splash some water in my face, so I reached to turn on the sink when I noticed I had claws. I couldn't believe it, this must've been a dream. I rubbed my eyes some more and looked back at my hands, still claws. A smile cam across my face, could it be? Could I actually be transforming into a dragon. I giggled a little bit and layed back in my bed. I was so exited that I just couldn't get back to sleep, I was thinking too much, will I have wings? Will I have super strength? Will I be good looking? After about 3 hours of thinking, I fell back asleep.

The next morning, I ran to the bathroom and looked at myself, face was back to normal, and my hands were back. I felt sad, it was all a dream after all. I walked out of the bathroom and took my clothes off, tossing them in the hamper. I walked back into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I got in and started to clean my stinky self. I finished my morning routine, shower, brush teeth, get dressed, eat brakefast, and headed off to school. In school, classes were the same, boring, so I decided to draw a little bit. I started to doodle in my notebook and surprisingly, my dragons were coming out much better than yesterday.

After school, I drove home. I put my stuff in the apartment and decided to go for a walk. A few minutes later, I got tired and decided to come back home, just then I laid eyes on someone very familiar. As I approached the person, our eyes met and a sudden shock hit me, it was David! My arch enemy from back home. He saw me and began to speed up towards me. The first thing that entered my mind was he remembered me and was going to attack, so I quickly got into a defensive stance, and soon enough, he attempted to tackle me but I dodged his tackle. "I've finally found you Robert!" he snarled at me, "You didn't honestly think you would hide from me for long did ya?" I was shocked, he actually was hunting me down, I thought that once I broke his neck he wouldn't come back, "What the hell do you want David? I thought we ended this!" I said to him as he straightened himself and got into an offensive stance, "Like I said when we fought last time, unless one of us dies, it will never be over!" He attacked, but I blocked his attack. David attempted to kick me, but he failed and I countered with a punch to his gut. He bent down in pain, then started to laugh, "What's so funny David?" I asked his, getting mad, "You're getting weak Rob," he started saying turning his head towards me, "VERY WEAK!" He threw a punch at me and connected on my chest knocking the wind out of me, "Damn you..." I coughed as I held back the pain.

The battle had been going on for about an hour, and I wasn't looking too good, "C'mon Roberto! I know you can do better than than," David began mockingly, "at least try to show me a better time!" I stood on one knee, holding my ribs, in pain and weak, "You bastard, I wont loose so easily..." I struggled to get back on my feet and stood as straight as I could, still holding my ribs, "bring it on..." A white aura began to soround my body and it slowly changed to red, my eyes began to change color from hazel to a dark green. David laughed and began to charge up with power as well, "At least now you're putting more effort into it, but I'm sorry to tell you, you die here today!" He threatened me and he began to slowly walk towards me, "The only person who's going to die here is you David!" I yelled at him s I began an attack. I connected the punch on his chest, and the hit caught David my surprise, and knocked him back a little. My arm grew in size as my punch connected and my t-shirt sleeve ripped. "You bastard!" coughed David as he threw a punch at my face, I dodged but he countered with a knee to my gut, which I luckily blocked with my hands.

The battle intensified and had now hit the 4 hour mark. Both David and I were bloodied, Me more than Him, but at least now I was standing a better chance. I never noticed that my body had grown since the fight began, and my eyes were a very pale green at this point. "Heh, I see you haven't lost your touch yet Rob." said David panting out loud, "Neither have you David." The battle continued, until he got one good hit to my stomach and I fell to my knees, coughing out blood. "This is pathetic, you're no match for me anymore." he said annoyed, "Get mad Roberto, Give me something to fight, Get FREAKING MAD!" He kicked me hard and I fell a few feet from him, holding my stomach, David spat on the ground, "You know what, I think I know what will get you mad, I think I'll go play around with your little girlfriend back in Puerto Rico. What do you think?" David had an evil look on his face, "You better not touch Rita..." "Or what? You'll kill me? HAH! You can't even kill me now! You think that you'll be able to do something then?" I started to get up on my feet, my eyes now basically white, "Maybe I'll go play with your mom too! Heh-heh! I bet she'll love my big cock rammed up her ass!" He began laughing. My eyes opened up wide, he had crossed the line, my eyes turned white and my aura began to glow red and black. My skin began to take a dark tone, I screamed out loudly and a bright flash of light flooded the area. David was caught off guard by my sudden burst of energy, and was also temporarily blinded by the light. My body began to change, my face stretched, my arms grew bigger, my legs go longer, a tail appeared behind me, my clothing stretching and ripping.

An explosion occurred and the light got brighter, but then began to lighten, I had transformed into a black dragon. David's Eyes slowly adjusted from and then took a look at me, "What the fuck?" he yelled not knowing what had happened, "Run..." I said softly, "What?" "I said, run..." "Why the hell would I do that?" He asked me with a sly grin on my face. I raised my arm straight at him and open my hand, "Huh?" David looked confused, then I threw a small blast of energy at him knocking him back a few paces, "Ugh, what the hell was that!?" he yelled at me, getting mad, "I'll give you to the count of 3 to get out of here David..." David looked angry, "Fuck you!" He dashed forward and threw a punch at me that hit me right on my chest, "One..." I began to count, not fazed by his attack. "What? How?" David was surprised and confused, "Two..." a shocked expression came across his face and then he began to attack me, kicking, punching, nothing seemed to work, I just stood there. "Three..." David froze in place, right in front of me, I turned my gaze down towards him and aimed my arm at him and the expression on his face changed to pure fear, he turned and began to run. I gathered energy and focused it in front of my palm, a small ball began to form, "Good night David..." I said quietly as an evil grin appeared on my dragon-like face, then I shot the energy ball at him. The ball connected and blew up in a bright flash that covered most of the area we were in. After the smoke cleared, I walked over to were the ball hit, and noticed no remains of David were to be found. "I did not use that much energy, where did he go?" I asked myself quietly, "You may have won this time Roberto," I heard someone yelling at me from afar, "But it's not over yet!" I saw David running off in the distance. I smiled evilly and nodded.

I calmed down a little and my red aura dissapeared. I looked at my hands and noticed they were claws, just like last night, I felt my face and the rest of my body, I was a dragon. I smiled and and tried to look behind me, my eyes grew wide and my mouth dropped open, no wings. "What? What the fuck?" I yelled trying to see if I could spot anything that resembled wings, but no luck, "Why? Why no wings?" i asked quietly, "NOOO!" I screamed and then fell to my knees and punched the ground.

A few minutes later, I made it back home, trying not to be seen by anyone. Luckily, my roommate wasn't in the living room. I quickly dashed off to my room and into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and thought about what had happened. I was a dragon, my life long dream had come true. Then it hit me, I'm a dragon, in a human world. I panicked for a second then it came to me, "Maybe if I concentrate, I can revert back to human!" I sat on my chair and relaxed. I started to concentrate on becoming a human, slowly, my body began to shrink, 'I'm doing it!' I thought to myself, and before long, I was human again. "This is so fucking sweet!" I said out loud to myself, "I wonder if..." I began to concentrate again, and slowly my body began to grow again, after a few second, I was a dragon again! I was extatic, I was so happy for what had just happened. I then decided that I was not going to let me little secret out any time soon, so I reverted back to my human shape and relaxed, a sly grin on my face and I began to giggle. Me, a dragon, a real Dragon!

The end...