By Roberto Pascual

As I sat on my chair just drawing peacefully, a sudden jolt hit my body. I paid no mind and continued drawing. As I decided what clothing this character I'm working on is going to wear, my entire body began to tremble, again, I paid no mind. I started to ask for suggestions from freinds over the internet, but they did not help at all. Pondering what was next, I started to shake my legs violently and uncontrolably. I started to get worried and got up and walked around my appartment for a bit. Sitting back on my chair, I turned on some music, Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Black Sabath, etc.

While thinking of what kind of leg wear this character was going to have, I got the urge to hit something, and hard. The urge to fight was strong, and I could barely contain it. I started to talk to a friend of mine over the internet about what was happening to me at the time, when all of a sudden, I couldn't hold back, I just stood up straight and let out a scream. Breathing and panting heavily, and insane giggle escaped me. I quickly sat back down and tried to sort out all my thoughts. Death, killing, massacre, mayhem, total annyaltion, many evil thoughts entered my mind all at once.

I could berely hold back, I grabbed my head and tried with all my might to surpress some insane giggling. I got up from my chair since my friend wasn't replying to my messages anymore began to pace around my appartment. Anger, pain, evil, sin, all spinning around my head begging me to go out and do something EVIL! I held back as long as I could till I finally dropped to one knee and punched the ground hard. I stayed there with my fist imbedded on the carpet for a few seconds, and I got up. My fist throbing form the pain. I had punched the ground so hard, that even though there was a carpet, it hurt like hell.

I went into the bathroom and splashed a lot of water on my face, and went back to my chair. I was calmer, too calm. I was actually scared that I might explode with a furry of rage and go on some kind of evil rampage. I opened up my wirting program and started writing. I calmed down a little more. Finally, I was calm enough to relax. I leaned back on my chair and laughed, maybe I shouldn't have had that chocolate egg earlier.

The end...