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Mushussu1cm.jpg Styxx (01/24/2017) Mushussu1cm.jpg 1294x1006 (275375 bytes)


Fantasy art commission of a storm dragon with a mesocyclone in the background.\r\n\r\nArt Parker (Styx) 2014
Tags: Mushussu storm dragon lightning tornado mesocyclone painting traditional black  

Eisen-AdlerCM.jpg Styxx (01/24/2017) Eisen-AdlerCM.jpg 1073x1400 (216392 bytes)

Eisen Adler

OC commission of a demon hunter griffen / gryphon, Eisen Adler.\r\n\r\nArt Parker (Styx) 2014
Tags: Eisen Adler demon hunter griffen griffin griffon gryphon cougar puma blue  

FujiCM.jpg Styxx (01/24/2017) FujiCM.jpg 777x3978 (996421 bytes)


Wistful wisteria.\r\n\r\n Parker / Styx / Duelism 2016
Tags: black poodle Morgan dog canine yukata Wistful wisteria fuji  

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